Spied! 2014 Silverado, Sierra Premium Packages

SierraDenali Doane 1 II

Photos by Chris Doane Automotive

We shouldn't be surprised that General Motors is holding a few models back for a later release. In fact, it would not surprise us if they were holding back more cool technology that could push the half-ton pickups into a more advantageous position against the competition.

Gone are the days when manufacturers could invest all their time and money into one big bang and then sit back for five or six years. Nowadays they have to do something fairly dramatic every two or three years, like coming out with an all-new model, new powertrains or some other envelope-pushing technology. That certainly seems to be the pace Ford has set and others, if they're smart, will follow. Thankfully, it looks like both Chevy and GMC will doing something similar.

Our spy shooters have seen these two GM half-tons doing quite a bit of testing; they could make their debut later this year. Our first drive with the rest of the media will be in mid-May, so we'll know more then. For now, here's what spy shooter Chris Doane tells us:

GM is planning a pair of high-end luxury pickup trucks for the 2014 model year, and we've just spied both of them on their first test run.

The exterior design changes appear to be limited to the front end, with the Chevy Silverado High Country receiving a new front end. The High Country is also wearing large 20-inch chrome wheels wrapped in Goodyear Wrangler SR-A tires.

Additionally, the Chevy looks to have a badge above the Silverado badge; it's suspiciously similar to the shape of a mountain range, leaving little doubt that this is the High Country model.

It's much the same story with the Sierra Denali prototypes, with the traditional Denali-style grille easily seen. It is also wearing large wheels, with one featuring 20-inch chrome and the other sporting 21-inch gun-metal-gray wheels.

Another detail we can see on the Denali are the white-and-red Rancho shocks peeking out from under the truck. Not surprisingly, the Denali badges on the door and tailgate are covered with black tape.

Both GM trucks will feature upgraded interior materials and luxury appointments, and most likely be powered by the 5.3-liter V-8 engine that gets 23 mpg highway.

We'll expect these trucks to debut later this summer, possibly at the Texas State Fair.

SierraDenali Doane 2 II

SierraDenali Doane 3 II

HighCountry Doane 1 II

HighCountry Doane 2 II

HighCountry Doane 3 II


Best just getting better.

GM has the Cadillac Escalade...So its about time to have a top end GMC and Chevrolet Truck !

The GMC Yukon Denali is very close to the Escalade,actually have to look pretty close to tell its not a Caddy....Especially the Hybrid Yukon decked out in black,has a load of chrome and a hybrid badge where Caddy has some chrome vents or such..At 20 feet away and 20 mph you really got to look to tell them apart !

Just doesn't do it for me.

Not a bad looking truck but I personally find the exteriors of some of the others more appealing. Now they have squared off body lines to match the square wheel wells, looks like the terrain morphed into a truck. Was hoping it would be more revolutionary than evolutionary. Not looking to start a war, jmo.

I actually like the look of the new Silverado on the outside (yeah the square wheelhouse/fenders are a bit fussy) but the inside still needs some more.....spunk..... They may have quality materials but they look bland still. I hope the high country model has more than just some different colors; I'd like to see some different design elements.

I did want to make a comment that actually bothered me. I read in some other article that the GM engineer said that the new trucks are by in large the same weight as the predecessor. So was the Corvette (heavier in that case). Why do a completely new design and not make the substantial changes that need to be made by 2016 anyway? I am sure they will introduce some new frame and panels that will magically shed 400 lbs. at the next refresh but why not just step up to the plate? I hope it works for GM in the long run but as a consumer I get hosed at the fuel pump.

Boxy, but good.

Where are the premium trims? Looks like it caught up, then dropped the ball. GM SUX!!

I'll never understand why GM didn't make a more dramatic change than what it did? To me, this is more of a mid-cycle "refresh" that should have been done back in 2010-2011. The Chevrolet designers are WAY TOO conservative and there just isn't enough of a change on the exterior to make me want one. Ford will once again lead the way in a couple of years with their redesigned truck and of course, GM will follow 5 years later and it will be 5 years too late. These upscale trucks are about 5 years late and I have a feeling GM will still get it wrong. They just don't understand the market, sadly. What's worst is that trucks are their bread and butter and they're just not dedicating the resources needed to keep up with Ford and even Dodge now. The same ugly front end, square wheel wells, and overdone body bulges on their trucks isn't going to cut it, especially when Dodge is knocking on your door (sales) and Ford is widening the gap with simply making refreshes to their trucks every couple of years.

And for the LOVE OF GOD why did GM use the exact same tailights on their "redesigned" trucks as they have for the last 7 years!!!! Really? You couldn't pay an engineer or even the janitor at GM to come up with something different?!!!! Something original?!!! This newer generation of truck buyers is going to look at the Chevrolet truck and think "boring" and move on to the Ford or Dodge. I think they picked the design submitted by a retirement community and went with it. Sheesh!! I have a hard time looking at the new trucks and getting excited and I'm a long-time Chevy Truck buyer/owner. I currently have a 2007 Silverado and I don't think I'll be buying the new model until they do something more dramatic in terms of appearance. In the meantime I'll be visiting a Ford and Dodge dealership and pick up one of those.....for the 1st time in my life. Until GM makes some much needed changes to their trucks, I'm moving on to greener pastures. Sorry GM, you screwed the pooch with this boring and un-exciting design. There's absolutely nothing to be excited about. 40 hp more, OOOHHH I'm so excited. Yeah right. Anyway, hope GM can right this ship but until they use some of the Cadillac engineers to help design their trucks, they're done for me. Next.

And the GM trucks just keep getting better!

You are worthless!

Should have had this 5 years ago honestly.

I don't understand the power complaints, every new model has more power then the one before. How much power do you need in a half ton truck? If you need more power, buy a 3/4 ton although it's more the torque then actual HP compared to a half ton, I mean 350 HP isn't enough?

If you mad about the GM changes trust me when I say they did more than others.

What matters is how it performs. The numbers game is designed for guys that don't actually need a truck but want "big numbers".

Rumble in the Rockies proved a lot of things. While I'm inclined to always choose a Cummins truck the GM vs. Ford thing was pretty telling. I'd be more than happy with either but it proves big numbers on paper mean sh!t.

Real life is all that matters and while I really like my 2012 Ram 1500 there's no way I'll not check out a 2014 GM when I replace it.

If the 5.3 can perform within a 5.7 and get better mileage there's a good chance I'll take it.

I'm looking forward to checking out 2014 GM/Chev high end models.

Chris: you said tha GM has not made enough changes in the past few yrs, and then go and compare them to Ford, BUT there are many more diff. between the new GM's and the last gen. in just from 2007, than F-5-150's from 2004! if you doubt me, just look at the body panels, and interiors, there are many more on the F-150 from 2004, that are about the same today as then, as copared to the GM's!! just the glass in the Fords have not changed in the 1/2t truck! at all since 2004,where as in the GM's there are no glass panels that are the same in the GM's, the glass in the 2004-now in the F-150 are the same, but in the GM's the glass WAS only the same from 2007-2013, as now they are totaly diff., not to mention the tailgates, roofs, bedfloors, wheel wells, even the frames on the F-150, has not changed all that much, compared to the GM's, the GM twins had torsion bars in the from till 2007 (classic), before they went to coil overs, but the F-150 had coilovers from 2003?, so you can not say the GM's have not changed less than the F-150's have, they have changed more and sooner! It is Ford that has been making more refresh designs than big changes, than GM! the biggest design changes Ford has done to their truck, are under the Hoods, but the hood have stayed the same the longest! exspecialy the SD's!!! there glass and tailgates and beds have been the same since 1998!!!!

People where crying for this useless trim (to me any way), now they are on crying bout something else. I don't think of half you people even know what you really do want.

Ford and RAM are best.

Ford gets the nod for work. RAM looks best.

GM twins... OMG it's pathetic. Lacks ruggedness, lacks technology, boring appearance... I could go on. I think they should have left them go bankrupt.

50K truck and bear metal in the real wheel wells, its ridiculous.

The new GM pickups are the greatest machine ever built by the hand of man.

I will take one each Silverado and Sierra.

Wow! So exciting that I am about to fall off my chair!

these trucks are junk they will be the same on fuel, as any other truck, or worse, we all know these new chevys cant do work like a ford, chevy just copys ford, want a truck that will last buy a Ford.

The Silverado doesn't look very good without wheel liners in the rear. That looks pretty poor Chevy. I try to back Chevrolet whenever I can but I can't back this. It looks cheap without liners. I can't really say I'm overly impressed by the body design either. It's better than the 900 Silverado's but that's not saying much. The interior shots likewise haven't looked all that promising. I'm still shocked there's no wheelwell liners in the rear on a High Country of all things. Those should be standard fare on every Chevy truck since they have those massive wheel openings. Is there a Platinum Chevrolet I wonder? As an old Chevrolet guy and even though I'm an ex Chevrolet guy, I still root for Chevy as an underdog. They just aren't doing anything to garner support anymore though. Why the massive squares around the tires? Where's the liners in the rear openings? Where's the Platinum? Where's the rust protection moldings around the tires? And we're just talking about the 1500's here, not the 2500's and off road specialty trucks. Chevrolet isn't getting it done against Ford and Dodge. I hate to say it but it's true.

Maybe they build a 2000 Sierra little biger maybe. :)

LOL listen to these jokers cry to funny

Boy, I just fell off my chair in excitement. These new gm twins really rock. Its ashame they can't be like that again.

What a dumb ass comment!

You really are a winner, as my American father would call you, a dingaling and a little bit under cooked up top.

You're in shock? That poor child.
He's shocked over wheelhouse liners. Did you all hear it?!
Get a life Troll.

@TRX4 Tom, Luentenslager (including Tom Lemon)
"Did I just read ANCAP said safest truck in the world?"

Reading most of your posts I can see why you make so many errors.

You really are a fool. I would have thought people choosen for marketing would be smarter.

TRX4 Tom and your other aliases, you are dumber than dog s.................wow, try and add quality and truth in your statements. But from what I've read truth and guerilla marketing have nothing to do with each other.

Oh, by the way have you heard from Tom Terrific lately :)

I just wanted the site to become more welcoming without the marketing I saw

Reading most of your posts I can see why you make so many errors.

You really are a fool. I would have thought people choosen for marketing would be smarter.

TRX4 Tom and your other aliases, you are dumber than dog s.................wow, try and add quality and truth in your statements. But from what I've read truth and guerilla marketing have nothing to do with each other.

Now, I'm becoming one of them, sorry again.

It's sort of like Star Wars and the dark side.................... :)

This site is becoming a Ford-trucks.com site. look at the comments...paid bloggers everywhere....

^Yep, selective reading! You only see the positives people write about Fords and filter out the positives people write about other brands and the negatives people write about Fords.

All brands have positive and negative attributes. The minor difference between brands is what the manufacturers target. They target the personal preferences.

All pickups are competitive against each other.

@Numpty the multi-poster
Spontaneous multi posting now!

Or are you sore about the post on TTAC to Niky?

Remember what a numpty is.

Is it something to do with Greg Baird? This is really getting interesting. Who is Greg Baird DDA?

Am I playing with your mind :-) Like I said I can get under your skin anytime I want.

Greg Baird? Greg Baird? Greg Baird? Greg Baird? Greg Baird?

I see some Ram styling in the new GM twins.
Looking at the truck from the rear, it looks like a RAM.
Cab configuirations as well.


Wheel liners are standard on all LT up trim levels. So the work truck trim level will be only trim level that won't come with them as standard. This has been stated many times.

I hope the article is right and the 5.3 is the standard engine with the 6.2 optional. On paper the 5.3 is shaping up to be a real winner. When compared to both Ford V-8s it makes a significant amount of more low speed torque (150 more ft-lbs at 1500 rpm vs 5.0 and about 115 more thanthe 6.2). It out torques the 5.0 throughout the entire rev range and out hps it everywhere but around its peak and out torques the 6.2 all the way to about 4000 rpm. Looks real promising

Matt: thanks for telling them about the wheel well liners, and I have compared the power curves also, and was supprised at the lower end power! I can't wait to see someone that realy knows, go and do something with the aftermarket, like what can be doen with todays 5.3-6.2 engines, there are some running around out there with well over 600hp!, and are reliable, and clean, and are not gas hogs to boot! we shall see!

Being an Engineer, I am not a brand loyalist. I purchase which ever truck seems to best fit my needs at the time of purchase.
I am interested in the following updates:
Dodge - Direct Injected Hemi, and/or a Multi-Air Hemi
Chevy - I see no ENTIRELY new engine blocks in the near future, so I am waiting for the 10 spd auto transmission.
Ford - Can make automotive history with it's ethanol injected (Bobcat) engines. Increased power, efficiency, and clean emissions, at a modest price increase. Bobcat could severely damage the future of diesel engines in trucks because it's cheaper to produce and cleaner environmentally. Also include the 10 spd transmission co-developed with GM.

I agree. The 5.3 looks pretty good on paper. It could possibly be the best all around standard engine in a pickup. I'd still say Ecoboost is best all round but the 5.3 as standard in most models is a pretty good balance of power and efficiency.

If the 6.2 can make some big numbers and hit 20mpg or close to GM will have a very decent line up. It seems likely they'll offer up something else in the future. I'd prefer to see another small diesel option but a trick turbo model would be fine.

It's nice to have a lot of choice in the marketplace.

@Matt, so this High Country model shown above without rear liners is just a work trim truck? I'm generally pretty Chevrolet positive on here and many can attest to that by the way. Even to go as far as say I'd like one of those new Chevrolet Smallblocks in my new Ford Platinum Atlas. And honestly, if Chevrolet made a truck like that they may even get me into the showroom again. I don't buy Chevy's anymore but I still have love for their old models. I just don't see why they half ass their new stuff and expect to sell anywhere in Ford numbers. Particularly when Dodge is coming on so strong. So if you can point out that this High Country model above has wheel liners, that's great. All I see is metal on the Silverado. After that all I see are unprotected lips around the edges of the tires on the Silverado. Even the 800's had body colored wheel lip moldings for protection. Will there be a Limited edition of the Country model to tone down the country flair? Chevrolet just isn't paying attention to the details in my view. There's more to trucks than a HP number. Nobody ever had a problem with Chevrolet powertrains that I know. It was the trucks themselves.


I am not trying to argue with you. Just stating facts that GM has released in ordering guides. I am sure this truck is preproduction and that is why the wheel liners are absent.

As for the wheel well trim, they can keep it. All that will do is trap water/sand/dirt/etc and cause what it is meant to protect to rust.

I don't really see where GM is just half doing anything with these trucks. They are leaps and bounds better than the 900s and with the base V-8 they can claim best in class towing and V-8/turbo 6 fuel economy.

The styling is pure subjective. I love the look. Looks like a modern GMT-400 with some 73-87 threw in. You know, you don't always have to try and reinvent the wheel.

Fordtrucksone: If all you can find wrong with the Chevy is wheel well liners you realy are splitting hairs here! but you do need to go back to one of the first stories here, and see for yourself what Matt and I are telling you, and that is wheelwell liners ARE STANDARD on all GM trucks from the LT (Chevy) and SLE (GMC) truck lines, and are going to be a low price OPTION on all WT's, ok? and if you will not buy a truck because of no wheel well liners, I have never even seen a Ford with them! MINE has none! and I could not get them! at all! maybe in the next gen. Ford? but they are available in the newer GM's

From the side it looks like Ridgeline with those square wheel houses and matching square bulged fenders, actually the front end has a square generic look like the Honda Ridgeline as well. Looks like GM is copying Honda now.

Why do they have a 2012 covered up?

@Sandman, relax. I only asked because GM knows full well these would be photographed. So why does the GM truck have the wheel liners and the High Country Chevrolet does not? And no, Ford does not have them but they will next model just like Dodge. The thing is, Ford doesn't need them and really neither does Dodge. It's Chevrolet that has those masssive wheelwell openings. Chevrolet's without liners have looked just awful from 2007 on. Almost ghetto looking. I remember when Dodge used those ridiculous square wheel openings in 94-01 and jacked up their bodies, at least Dodge had the good sense to put wheel liners in All of their models. The Chevrolet's look terrible now since the 800 model ended. I'd really like to see Chevrolet do well but these guys keep aiming their gun at their foot. Do you think they'll even paint their frames this time? Ford learned the hard way, wax is a poor substitute. It may be cheap but that's the problem, it's cheap. My taxpayer money went to save GM or better yet Chevrolet too you know.

Tell me, what is so wrong with the 'square' wheelwells? if you look at most of the vehicles made today, you would notice that if not square, most of the wheel openings today are at least ftal at the top, and have some sort of taer drop design to it, but mostly it boils down to indevigual tastes, I like the design of the GM twins, myself, and there are many hundreds of thousands of us out here, and if used with aftermarket style "mud flaps" or wheel extenders ad a "tough off road look" to them, and you have to admit mostly all off road racers have those!

@Sandman, sorry man. I just have to disagree. I don't care for square wheel openings unless it's the 73-87 square body Chevy's. And those were only cool because of the time period. I much prefer round wheel openings like Ford and Dodge offer now. I think most would agree. The 40's-late 60's Chevrolet's with round wheel openings and in particular the 67-72's look so far superior to anything Chevrolet has done since it's not even funny. I'd pay big money for a reproduction of that truck. Square wheelwells are for Jeep's at best. The GMT-400 was the closest thing Chevy came to the 67-72's. After that, Ehh.

Blah. Ford's are far better built truck's then Chevies are now. Body durability is world's better, interior durability is worlds better, looks are worlds better, over quality period is worlds better. Chevies were the truck to have for about 50 years up until the end of the 1990's. These days Ford's are where it's at if you want good build quality and luxury. Plus Chevy is part of Gm-Gmc. Not good unless your an Obama nut.

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