April 2013 Top 15 Pickup Truck Sales

  Fords Pair 2013 II

Full-size pickup truck sales for the first quarter of 2013, at least for the Detroit Three, have been strong and steady. In fact, for the first time in two decades, all three big truck makers have increased (although ever so slightly) their overall market share, largely on the backs of their half-ton and heavy-duty truck sales.

Automotive News is reporting Ford has increased its share by 0.7 percent, GM 0.5 by percent and Chrysler 0.2 by percent. Not surprisingly, we're seeing even more impressive numbers when you focus on pickup truck sales. Ram Trucks has the biggest monthly gain when compared to last year, with an almost 50 percent jump in April and well more than a 20 percent jump for the year. Ford continues to lead the segment, while General Motors is also doing well with incentives and a two-year free maintenance deal to help clear out its 2013 half-ton stock, making room for the all-new 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and 2014 GMC Sierra 1500. 

In small-truck news, Nissan's Frontier continues to make small strides as the No. 2 player behind the surging Toyota Tacoma. In fact, at this pace, the Tacoma has the statistical possibility to surpass the full-size GMC Sierra before the end of the year, but keep in mind the 2014 GM pickups will make it to dealerships before the end of summer. 


Rank YTD Sales YTD vs. 2012
Year-Over-Year Monthly Sales vs. Month 2012
1 Ford F-Series +19.1% April 2013 59,030 +24.4%
227,873 April 2012 47,453

2 Chevrolet Silverado +23,5% April 2013 39,395 +28.1%
156,044 April 2012 30,749

3 Ram Trucks +23.0% April 2013 31,409 +48.7%
109,003 April 2012 21,126

4 GMC Sierra +16.4% April 2013 14,208 +12.8%
55,004 April 2012 12,598

5 Toyota Tacoma
+21.9% April 2013 12,971 +19.0%
52,438 April 2012 10,901

6 Toyota Tundra +15.2% April 2013 8,276 +14.6%
31,856 April 2012 7,219

7 Nissan Frontier -5.0% April 2013 5,155 +24.3%
17,333 April 2012 4,148

8 Chevrolet Avalanche*
+14.2% April 2013 1,927 +15.0%
8,186 April 2012 1,676

9 Nissan Titan
-0.5% April 2013 1,038 -33.8%
6,150 April 2012


10 Honda Ridgeline +19.2% April 2013 1,557 +47.6%
5,822 April 2012


11 Chevy Colorado* -80.6% April 2013 425 -87.9%
2,635 April 2012 3,499

12 Caddy Escalade EXT* +44.5% April 2013 199 +41.1%
773 April 2012



GMC Canyon*

-81.2% April 2013 88 -88.8%
724 April 2012


14 Suzuki Equator** -20.9% April 2013 0 -100%
448 April 2012


15 Ford Ranger* -100% April 2013 0 -100%
0 April 2012


* No longer in production but still being sold.

** No longer produced by American Suzuki (effectively a clone of the Nissan Frontier) because that company declared bankruptcy. The new company, Suzuki Motors of America Inc., does not produce pickups. 


Go Ford!!! Still got my excellent 11 Supercrew FX-4 Ecoboost and love it. 53,000 miles so far. Just replaced four tires and all four rotors and pads!!

Think most of you will be supprised on the sales for April, and some of you Chevy boys will be crying in your beer in the next few monthes.

Posted by: TRX-4 Tom | May 1, 2013 8:12:10 AM

Nope we aint crying in beer, we're still out selling new Rams with a 7 year old Chevy LOL!

Glad everyone is doing well hopefully this trend will continue!

211,048 GM Truck sales
84,294 Toyota Truck sales.
23,483 Nissan Truck sales.

The Ridgeline is taking out the Titan next month.

@johnny doe TRX-4 Tom will give some excuse about Ram trucks have some X problem, and can't get the products to the dealers.

New redesigned Dodge trucks are sure selling like hot cakes.

I do not understand why the ridgeline is on the list it`s not suppose to be a pick up truck sales.

And Toyorust number 5 and 6 that`s funny Ford will sell more pick up in 4 to 5 years when Toyorust will be badly rust out.

I can't even find a Titan on a Nissan lot near me, none of the dealers have had any this year at all.

Again, it's good to see a pickup in pickup sales. This means more jobs.

As I've stated in the past I hope this is an indication of future improvements in commerce and industry. You guys need more jobs.

It would be nice if the trucks were broken down into specific truck segements. I think it's a bit misleading just saying F Series, when the HDs are completely different to 1/2 ton F-150s.

I think it is sort of like car numbers being quoted, but placing all cars in the same basket across one manufacturer.

Plus it would give more material for some of you guys to troll over.

Im really upset you cant get an 8ft bed with doublecab or crewcab on the 2014 silverado. It really sucks and its all you peoples fault for buying your trucks to compensate for your manhood. Buying your stupid trucks with 5 and 6ft beds and you cant haul even a mattress or a sofa without having half of it hanging off your tailgate.

My options in trading my 2006 silverado extended with 8ft bed is either a tundra or ford now.

Matthew S, you've already replaced all rotors and pads after only 53k miles?? That's bad, I had a '11 Silverado work truck that we abused the brakes and we didn't replace them until 150k. That's pathetic your brakes wore out that early. I didn't like my '11 Silverado, the truck was a pile of garbage but the breaks wouldn't wear out.....and the tranny was ok, other than that, it was a pile of a truck!

Although I do not like Ford or Chevy's.... especially Chevy's, it's good to see the big three doing well. Does that make me a hypocrite? LOL

@Leutenslager aka TRX4 Tom, zveria etc.

Are you angry?

Having trouble getting your 'message" across?

Has Fiat/Chrysler stopped paying you:)

What you are is a low life troll of the worst kind.

You are prepared destroy other peoples' work (this site) because your ineptness.

If that is what guerilla marketing is about and you consider it the American way I think you are deluded.

Like I've stated in the past get off of this site.

I just made a post and it is no longer on the site.

@Matthew S

Sorry to hear your Ford brakes aren't that good. I just replaced the fornt pads rotors on my 05 Chevy 1500 crew cab @ 172,000 miles. Replaced just the pads @ 88,000 miles and turned the rotors. The rear shoes and drums are still original and shoud be good to 200,000.

Congratulations on your brakes.... Bragging about how long your brakes lasted is the stupidest thing ever. Did it ever cross your mind that a stop and go with lower mileage vehicle will wear brakes faster than your high mileage hwy cruiser that you barely tap the brakes.

You don't get a ford because is better because is cheaper...

LMAO!! Ford is #1 again!!! I would like to buy all of the RAM and GM fanbois a big tall glass off STFU!!

MatthewS: 53K and pads and rotors already!!! I have 50K on my Chevy Silverado and have over 50% left, with those inferior drums in back! and I tow a 7K trailer regularly, and my Dakota has over 70K! on the reg pads and 4 rotors!, and tow with that and haul! what are you doing? racing? seems to me you should be getting more than that! and I hope you did not use OEM parts, as the aftermarket parts like EBC, Hawk and stuff is much better!

@johnny doe,

Wow! Ford is still selling strong with a 9 year old F150 and 14 year old F250 Superduty.

Add all GM appliances together and still can't outsell FORD!!



Stop perpetrating me, I'll only buy one truck.....SVT RAPTOR!!!

Guys seriously the brakes are more dependant on type of driving done if hes towing traillers on grades etc. i have driven accross this country and in large portions of the midwest and south you dont use your breaks all that much, maybe this guy was towing or haulling alot. On my 05 z71 i had my brakes over heat coming down a moutnain road didn't think i needed to down shift. every other time i take that drive even in my ford i drop it into lower gears.

Raptor is the best and most fun truck I have ever driven.

Just becaues one replaces the brakes/rotors doesn't mean they all "needed" to be done. Some people change or upgrade the pads and rotors early for improved performance. Others replace their rotors instead of turning them. Others just let them go.

Anyone stop to think that maybe MatthewS made that comment as a form of "reverse trolling"?

Im with you Bob. Just like the Raptor guys with their 6600lb trucks sucking 10mpg to go to the mall, trucks are no longer what they used to be. I myself would love a 4 door with a longbed but my choices are either go fullton trucks or get a ford or tundra.
I drive a 2001 Ram quadcab with an 8ft bed, but it is no longer in production.

And the F150 has suicide doors, only the tundra has door handles on the outside.
I use my truck for work and I cant live with one of these small beds.

@Bob, Mike81 - the 2014 GMC/Chev trucks will have a 6.5 bed in a crewcab. Ram is also going to offer a 6.3 bed in a crew.
Unless you are old school and feel that a long bed is 8 feet and not 6.5/6.3.

Wow, people must be buying a sh-t load of regular cab pickups to get those kind of sales numbers since I can't seem to find many sitting on the car lots.
Fleet sales maybe?

Who the F##K is using my name?? Probably one of those GM or RAM trolls.

I just wondering why the Ranger is listed here. Ford no longer sells this truck and sales were 0.

@bAFo - In case you didn't know, GM and Ram "sales totals" also include HDs and not just 1/2 tons. Come to think of it, you already know this. The question come up the 1st of every month. Often by you..

Big Al is an anti-American troll.

Frank is just a plain old mindless Ford troll.

Congrats to GM still outselling the ford 1/2, 1/4, and 1 ton with a 7 year old pick up. I wonder how far ahead the figures would show if GM counted semi's and 5 ton trucks as pick ups like ford does? When the GM 2014 comes out ford will start counting the fusion, fiesta and tauras as pick up trucks!

Lou, you smelly pirate hooker!

Michigan Bob is a troll also. He does not wear panties like Frank though.


I owned a 2010 ram 1500, got rid of it after 5 months. Interior was a cheap plastic nightmare, paint blistered under the doors and 10 recalls for brakes. Traded it for a f150 stx extended cab. Strike 3,4 and 5. the 1st five months of ownership, spent 4 months at the dealer. Driver door hinge kept breaking and they couldnt figure why. Paint was blistering all around the doors and tailgate and the dealer kept screwing up the paint. Very bad experience. Got rid of it for a 2012......... drum roll please...... Sierra extended cab 1500. Love the interior, ride is quite and pulls my camper without feeling like its holding back. Yes, i know about all the "problems" and crap people call them, but the looks of the truck are sweet in my opinion. and before the ford people chime in, really the ford titan prototype..... lol.... and still laughing and tearing up..... looks like they copied a gmc idea to me!!! lol

Happy Camper...sounds like you have a real problem taking care of your trucks.

The only thing blistering are those hemorrhoids of yours.

Maybe the dealer can fix those for ya!

Wow, GM sales are that high with an old truck and so close to a new refresh being released. Got to hand it to GM, they do have a good product. I suspect the next couple of months GM will see a bigger drop in sales as buyers wait for the new refresh. Good to see trucks are selling well, shows economy may be on the rise.

@TJ - math not your strong suite? That explains why you use 2 initials. Must be too hard for you to spell your entire name.

Ford = 227,873
GMC/Chev combined = 211,048

GMC/Chev + Colorado/Canyon + Avalanche/EXT = 223,366

Ford outsold 6 product lines by 4,507 units.

BTW - Ford counts everything up to F450, Ram counts everything up to 4500. GMC/Chev doesn't make anything bigger than a 3500.

I would suggest you use google. How many times did I make a post asking that question?

By the way, I here there is a suburb in LA that has lots of cheapskate pickups. Apparently they are all single cab strippers.

There's another suburb in LA with retired Minitruckers living in a trailerpark talking about the old days when minitrucks ruled.

FORD #1 again!!


tj: Lou is correct, GMC/Chevy has not made a "semi" for decades, (1988 last yr) and anything larger than a 4500 for a few yrs now, (2009) but what your post sounded like to me was sarcasm, and I can only wait till the new truck comes out, and order a reg cab 4x4, with the 5.3/6spd with the lowest gears, and only the options related to work, (tow, plow and hauling as much as I can with the short bed, and skid plates, in all black.

RAM # 1
GM #2

Ford on a downhill slide. It is time for me to switch.

@John: You can call it an excuse or whatever, (just stating some facts) but now Ram dealerships still don't have many 8 speed choices out there. (meaning if you want the exact color, model...they haven't even brought out the 4x2 Hemi 8 spee. When you use one engine in almost half your vehicles, it takes awhile to ramp up. Now that they have people building 3.6s where they once built 4.7s, which were a low seller. When you use alot of 8 speeds, and they sell well, well, you need alot more 8 speeds. They will get it ramped up. But the 8 speed trucks are selling fairly good.

No idea why the 3500s took long, but it does take some retooling, do you not agree? Anyway, they are in transit, and people like Johny will be bitch'n come the next shootout.

@Johny duh! I also said in the near future you will be be crying in your beer (Is it Pabst Blue Ribbon?)

Whatever the deal, the GMs, esp the Chevy, are freak'n ugly, and over rated. Can the same truck have truck of the year two years in a row, if they made a major change? Like can that diesel v-6 Ram get it? (another combo that when hooked to an 8 speed will purely out tow and out work GMs over rated 5.3.) In addition to the Ecoboost, Hemi 8 speed, Tundra 5.7.

GM sells mileage. Millage that goes to crap when it has to downshift instantly cause it is overgeared. And the most in rebates. Recently the local Chivy dealer sent me some junk in the mail, they are having a push, pull, or drag it in event. Yup. That's how they work.

Like I say, GM gives those trucks away. Happy Camper, yeah right.....

I seen the specs for the new Impala, wow, needs a direct injected 3.6 v-6 to get 2 less mpg highway then the Charger 8 speed. Or a 4 cylinder to match the highway mileage of the 8 speed, and 2 more mpg in town. Yeah, it's stout for a four banger, 185 ft pounds, but 4000 pounds? YUCK!

Oh BTW MR profit, I mean John, hows that Tundra/Tacoma doing? Looks like the margin between the Ram and those two got bigger? Hmmmm. That's without the new 3500 bed on frame barely being out. Heck, Ram didn't have 8 speed hemis everywhere in early April. Wonder how wide that margin would be if they had? Wonder how much profit there is in those highly marked down Tundra Crew Maxs? Because that seems how those sell. I see alot of them advertised that way.

You didn't come on this site under another name, did you? You aren't from Ohio?

Good thing for you that Tacoma barely has any competition since Ford, Ram, and GM pulled out to concentrate of full sizeers. Let's see, Ridgeline? Ha ha. Frontier? So so. Tacoma needs some competition.

Aint seen your buddy Oxi in awhile.

@johnny doe, wonder if GM is still in 3rd and 4th in Canada? They would have to sell alot, since there were more Rams sold then GM and Chivy combined!

IF ONE MORE IDIOT POSTS A STUPID UNFOUNDED POST UNDER MY NAME AGAIN THERE WILL BE TROUBLE. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO TRY ME FEEL FREE! I have your IP addresses and will be contacting you in the very near future. This is not a game and WILL be dealt with accordingly. I do not have any time to be dealing with your juvenile BS.

Something is wrong when a site has continuing problems with posters using multiple names and posting under other user's names. This isn't 1998, there is no excuse to still be using web technology that went away with Windows 3.1. Time for a major upgrade.

Joblow, I bought my 2002 Toyorust Tundra specifically because I couldn't find a big three pickup of the same age that wasn't rusted through in multiple places. In spite of your ignorant characterization, it has survived 13 years of Minneapolis road salt with intact doors, rocker panels and bed.

Toyota took my truck in, pulled the bed, cleaned the frame from one end to the other, applied rustproofing, and gave me a free rental car while they did it. I'm not quite understanding how that makes it a negative to buy Toyota. Especially when our parking is sprinkled with 2005 and up RAM vehicles with gaping holes rusted in their doors.

RE; Bob and Mike 81-you can still get a 2013 gm/chev extended cab long boxand another "alternative" (its more of an SUV than a true truck for hauling payload in the box) is the Avalanche. With its folding midgate you can open up to an 8ft by 4ft bed for hauling plywood, gyproc, 2x4's or perhaps even that mattress you were talking about, yet still have comfortable seating for 5 adults whne you don't need the bed area. Just an idea.


Any brand will rust given some time but when you mention Toyota remove the bed and did some rustproofing job on your truck give some credit to what I mention.
You are probably aware of Toyota truck rust problem and it`s real do not try to exonerate Toyota on this. Back in the 70s Ford had the same problem and they fixed it. Now it`s Toyota.

But I can say Toyota gives you a good service by fixing rusty area on the truck after so many years.

I`m a Ford man like some are Toyota fan others Dodge etc...

The closest I can come to being a fan of any brand would be Chevrolet, for reasons of nostalgia more than logic. But I haven't owned a Chevrolet for almost 30 years. I have owned five Fords and five Toyotas and so far my best Ford gave about the same amount of mechanical headaches as my worst Toyota. Maybe my sixth Toyota will tip the balance toward Ford. In the meantime, I'll continue to base my decisions on my experience.

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