First Drive: 2013 Ram HD 2500/3500

RM013_019TF II

By Mark Williams

Bringing a new truck to the heavy-duty segment (three-quarter and one-ton trucks) is not what it used to be. Not long ago, it was simply about making small, incremental changes that nudged you ahead of your two competitors. As long as you offered loyal truck buyers a fair number of reasons to buy your truck (usually in the form of a slightly higher payload, larger towing number or higher gross combined vehicle weight rating), all would be fine.

But that was before Ford made a huge push to offer its own Super Duty turbo-diesel and transmission, and before GM completely revamped its suspensions and frames, not to mention upgrading its Duramax engines and Allison transmissions.

With the race to claim class-leading payloads and maximum towing capacities, the heavy-duty truck war has become as fierce as a clash of the the half-tons. It should come as no surprise that Ram is hoping to make a huge splash in the marketplace with its new 2500 and 3500 HD pickup trucks, the follow-ups to the highly successful Ram 1500 that came out late last year. Ram is coming off one of the biggest sales months ever just as the economy looks like it’s getting some color back in its cheeks. The timing couldn’t be better.

Our first look at the new Ram HDs came during last year’s State Fair of Texas, but now we’ve had the chance to get behind the wheel and finally see what this truck can do, specifically from a maximum towing and payload point of view. And we can say the efforts must have been gargantuan, because the results are that impressive.

More backbone

Ram HD 3500 2 II

All 2013 Ram HDs start with a completely new, much stronger foundation that uses eight reinforced cross-members sitting between roll-formed and fully boxed frame rails. The frame is stronger and wider up front, and stronger and stiffer in the back third of the platform. A massive new 12-inch-wide cross-member directly underneath the bed can be used as the support bracket for a fifth-wheel or gooseneck hitch when ordered from the factory. This is the first time Ram has offered this bed-hitch from the factory. The vastly improved and strengthened ladder frame allowed engineers to rethink the front and rear suspensions in order to improve ride quality and capacity as much as possible.

Specifically, the front suspension on all one-ton pickups will switch to a more controlled and laterally sophisticated three-link/coilover suspension with two gigantic trailering arms locating the live axle. The 2500s will continue with the existing five-link/coilover setup, but we’d guess most of the models (but not the Power Wagon) will also switch to the three-link strategy by 2014. Although there has been no announcement of any kind of air-bag suspension (so no load-leveling) coming, Ram engineers have tuned the rear leaf springs with a surprising amount of comfort when both loaded and empty. New spring rates and progressive multistage overload springs make the ride on most 2013 models dramatically different from the previous generation.

Additionally, there is a new, more massive rear axle to help accommodate the special max towing package that includes, among other things, an 11.8-inch ring-and-pinion gear housed in a wonderfully efficient, finned aluminum differential cover. But pulling heat from the axles isn’t the only place (or even the most important place) from which to pull heat.

More power choices

New Cummins II

Ram engineers knew that if they wanted to get more horsepower and torque out of the stout Cummins ISB motor, they would have to be smarter about pulling heat from the block. They’ve done that in several ways. Not only do the new Ram HDs have the biggest radiator fan you’ll find in an HD pickup, but they have twin radiators to extract tons of extra heat from the engine block. On the intake side, the new HD also tries to get the coolest air possible into the engine (for more power efficiency) by offering a segment-only dual air intake that decides where to pull air from, depending on load and need. There’s an intake cool air charger as well. It’s worth noting the intake system is smart enough to know when to pull warmer air during snow, heavy rain (or water fording) or extreme altitude climbing too, with intakes at the top of the front grille or behind the front passenger fender.  

As noted, the 6.7-liter inline-six Cummins will come in three different flavors: Those optioned with the six-speed manual transmission will get the 350-horsepower engine with 660 pounds-feet of torque; the regular Chrysler 68RFE six-speed automatic transmission will be paired with the 370-hp Cummins offering 800 pounds-feet of torque; and the maximum towing package gets a brand-new six-speed automatic Aisin AS69RC matched with the high-output Cummins that is rated at 385 hp and a class-leading 850 pounds-feet of torque. Finally, it will now be possible to order a 3500 Ram HD with single rear wheels with the Hemi gas engine, something never possible before.

Dual Radiators & fan II

There’s more big news: All three Cummins engine are paired with a new diesel exhaust fluid injection system, rather than the expensive catalytic reduction processes used last year. This simpler way of dealing with emissions (a strategy also used with the chassis cab 4500/5500 models) improves fuel economy by as much as 15 percent and helps keep overall costs down. 

Carrying the load

But the really big news for the segment comes in the form of the maximum payload and towing capacities of the 2013 Ram HDs. According to Ram charts and calculations (see links below), a regular-cab long-bed Ram 3500 HD with all the right options will be able to carry more than 6,700 pounds of payload and tow a fifth-wheel or gooseneck trailer weighing just a hair more than 30,000 pounds. Oddly, the maximum payload number is rated with the middle Cummins and 68RFE transmission, while the maximum towing number is rated with the high-output Cummins and the stouter Aisin six-speed.

We had the chance to tow several trailers weighing more than 28,000 pounds at Chrysler’s Proving Grounds in Chelsea, Mich. (it’s illegal to tow that kind of weight on public roads without a commercial driver’s license), and found it to be much easier than we expected. The newly tuned Tow/Haul setting helps a lot with more confident takeoffs; both transmissions (the 68RFE and AS69RC) were quick to downshift and keep the engine within 1,800 to 2,900 rpm, where it seemed to have the most pulling strength. Of course, with this kind of weight all things are relative, so don’t expect Superman-like pulling strength as the computers try to make the ramp-up smooth and gentle on the important axle, transmission and driveshaft parts. At higher speeds, the front end felt vastly more controlled; in manual mode, we found the shifts quick and assured without a hint of excessive force during gear changes. However, getting a trailer this big moving at freeway speeds is only half the battle.

Quite possibly the most impressive piece of technology on the truck is the new smart exhaust brake system that allows the driver to determine how aggressively he or she wants the exhaust brake to kick in. Whether in Off, On or Auto mode, the new exhaust brake will activate to help slow the vehicle down as long as the various sensors determine the conditions are right.

DEF Guage II

The On setting is the most aggressive and delivers the most impressive jake-brake-style rumble we’ve heard from any heavy-duty; it sounds exactly like a big-rig throttling down on the interstate every time you lift off the throttle.

The Auto mode is a softer setting for the exhaust brake that considers more parameters when changing the angles of the veins on the turbocharger to slow the truck and trailer combo. The result here is quite literally a leap forward for the 2013 Ram HDs over their competition, all in the name of safer, more controlled and better-sounding towing. We like that.


With all the mechanical and structural upgrades made to the 2013 Ram HDs, it would be easy to gloss over the interior changes, mostly because they look so similar to the huge changes we saw in the light-duty Ram 1500 that debuted last year. Ram is clearly taking the same interior trim package and styling cues that made the Ram 1500 a 2013 winner in WardsAuto’s 10 Best Interiors competition. It’s an attempt to redefine what a heavy-duty truck interior should and can look like. All the same trim packages, including the impressive high-zoot Laramie Longhorn, essentially carry over to the HD lineup, giving customers many different work-truck and luxury-cruiser options. But the beauty is not just skin deep here.

Just as in the 1500, Ram engineers replaced the entire electrical guts of the HDs to accommodate a vastly improved connectivity capability. The new 8.4-inch touch-screen UConnect system, newly available in Ram HDs, offers incredible access to detailed navigation, local and national weather, customizable music, info about your favorite sport teams, movie listings and real-time fuel prices right at your fingertips. Additional information screens in the center of the gauge cluster offer info on the engine, filter life, turbocharger, exhaust brake, preferred trailers and many other details. With all these features you begin to see that these new trucks are not just better than the ones they replace, they’re trying to set a new standard. And from our first look, these are the first HD pickups we’ve driven in a long time that literally add up to something greater than the sum of their parts. We like that too.


Dual backup cameras II

It’s almost an impossible task to try to list or filter all the significant details about the Ram 2500/3500 from the meaningless ones — or at least the ones you don’t need to know about — because there is so much meat here. The 2013 Ram HDs are clearly better trucks than the ones they replaces, and in many areas they offer some of the best features in the segment, but they aren’t necessarily the perfect truck either. As noted, we still don’t have a load-leveling suspension; we still don’t have a way to see what gear our transmission is in unless we shift manually; and we still don’t have a Ram Long-Hauler ready to create a new breed of tow king.

However (fingers crossed), we’re told that there will be even more important changes for the Ram HDs coming in the 2014 model year. Normally, we’d think this was just an attempt to blow smoke up our backsides about new paint colors and trim packages, but from what we’re hearing from several industry sources, we think Ram may be holding a few big surprises for next year. What exactly that means we’re not sure, but we hope it looks something like the new Ram HDs, just more of them. We know the Ram 1500 will get the little diesel engine option soon; the Ram ProMaster full-size van is just around the corner; and now we can expect some added upgrades for the Ram HDs for the 2014 model year. We’re guessing we’ll hear more by the time we get to Chrysler’s What’s New event later next month.

For now, this is what we know, but it seems like we need to put together another Heavy-Duty Hurt Locker test with new Ford and GM offerings. We’ll keep you posted.

New Crossmember II

Dual Air Intake box II

RM013_020TF II

To download the most up-to-date specifications for the Ram 2500 and 3500, click here.

To download the most up-to-date tow ratings for all Ram HD configurations, click here.

To download the most up-to-date overview of the 2013 Ram HD 2500/3500 pickup trucks, click here.

To download the most up-to-date Ram HD order guide, click here.




Does anyone know if the 13.6MPG on that dash pic was towing thos big trialers in the test? If so that is big! I know there are many 2013's out on some forums I read the MPG on those new trucks are yielding a 2mpg positive from the previous models, many guys are in the 16-17mpg range unloaded with city and highway mix. Not bad at all, then again, most of who buy these trucks buy them for the workload and not fuel economy

There’s more big news: All three Cummins engine are paired with a new diesel exhaust fluid injection system, rather than the expensive catalytic reduction processes used last year. This simpler way of dealing with emissions (a strategy also used with the chassis cab 4500/5500 models) improves fuel economy by as much as 15 percent and helps keep overall costs down.


Hmmmm. DEF is: Simplier. Better. Keeps costs down. Improves fuel economy. That wasn't what Ram was saying in 2010.

@ TRX 4
It is a little bit of wishful thinking to get the ZF 8 speed with the Cummins, seeing as there is already 3 different transmissions connected to that engine.
More than likely the 5.7 Hemi V8 would get the ZF 8hp70 or maybe 8hp90 (if the case is stronger for greater parking loads)
, and then commonize axle ratios 3.42/3.73/4.1 with the diesels.

Not everyone needs a diesel. Much more thermal mass in the engine, substantially more oil, and WAY more coolant.
That is great for long haul highway driving.

No, it is very unlikely that they would add another ratio. This 6 speed has 8:1 ratio spread. With the current gearing meant for doing work, the only place for an extra ratio would be an extra tall overdrive meant for unloaded highway cruising. Very little incentive to make this change, because the automatic has that covered.

cant wait to see if they make a regular cab 1 ton with a big gas motor and aisin! that's what all manufacturers have been lacking ever since ford only sells its v10 in f450 cc, and chevy got rixd of the 8.1. I hope they have a gear position indicator for automatic mode as well. those things will push me to grab a new truck

No suprise on the DEF issue.
Marketing rode it for all it was worth as an advantage over the other manufactures. Wouldn't you?
Now that it has it DEF, the marketing dept. will cite fuel milage for using it.
You always sell what you have, not what you don't.

Check out this Ram ad from 2012. Not even a year old:

RAM 3500 "No DEF" - No Diesel Exhaust Fluid

"When you're a small business owner, getting the job done right while saving costs doing it is essential to your bottom line. RAM 3500's proven Cummins® engine was developed with the bottom line in mind. It doesn't need Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), so you can stay on the road longer while the other guys have to stop to maintain and refill their DEF system."

Fast foward to today, the ads will be "we got DEF, too."

These are the kinds of marketing tactics I hate. When one truck doesn't have something the other trucks do they have to lie about it and say it's not needed. Kind of like the man step ads Chevy was running a couple years ago.

Devo, Do what you have to do to market the truck's true strengths, but in this case it makes the Ram ads look deceptive. You weren't keep costs down nor were you staying on the road longer with the worst fuel eeconomy. It makes Ram look foolish. Just like Chevy was with heated wheel and man step ads. They shouldn't have mentioned it.

Very nice trucks. Has the 3500 started shipping yet? There were some major issues and word was there might not be a 2013 3500.

"All three Cummins engine are paired with a new diesel exhaust fluid injection system, rather than the expensive catalytic reduction processes used last year"

Not exactly. It still contains all of those systems, including DPF and EGR. It adds the SCR system, which tunes the EGR to be used less often, and create less soot, therefore reducing the use of the DPF. The DEF portion of SCR takes over post-DPF and converts harmful gases into nearly harmless, putting emissions near 0.

@ big bob
Ive seen several 13 ram 3500 around Austin tx and in dealers.

Also That fan looks like the size of my n14 Cummins kenworth t600!
Ram is getting serious about their trucks!!
Like how they are the only pickup trucks with real truck diesels!

Yes, this site is at it again and has gone down hill, especially with jealous dolts who always mock Mopar/Chrysler/RAM non stop! Such as the people posting on this thread on the new 3500 Rams which carry more than 6,700 pounds of payload and tow a fifth-wheel or gooseneck trailer weighing more than 30,000 pounds!

For many many years on this site people put down Dodge RAM trucks. Then some people started to stand up for RAM and the jealous Ford/GM/Toyota people could NOT stand it because the facts are RAM has a better residual than GM or Ford, better brand reliability,, and in Canada RAM is the most reliable truck around. Thse are the facts that make thee non-Mopar fans resorting into name calling for RAM/Mopar vehicles, such as people do here. What a shame your jealousy/ignorance ruined this site.

As you all do in your post, you are part of the disintegration of this site and society as a whole. People today are narcissists, who post every mundane detail about their life on Facebook (I dont have a facebook account or even go to it) who cares what the meal you ate looked like or the sunset looked like today. Some things should just be kept to yourself, as people cannot comprehend today and as such this society is going down faster than a GM truck !

Just like the jealous people Ford/GM/Toyota fans can't comprehend the fact that their brand of vehicle uses a Chrysler HEMI in Top Fuel, yes Ford cried and said we want to pretend the 426 HEMI motor is really a Ford, so they all slap GM/Ford/Toyota emblems on the valve covers of a MOPAR HEMI and call it their brands. Another reason I detest GM/Ford/Toyota is they can't come up with a reliable 30,000 MAX TOW 3500 HD truck and engine of their own.


@ anyone who is caught on the DEF situation

Stupids, what exactly do you not understand about common business and marketing sense? Was RAM going to say that "oh yes our DPF system sucks compared to the DEF system" when all they had at the time was DPF? OBVIOUSLY: A company is going to sell what it has, not tell customers to go to competitors because they have the DEF. Unbelievable how brand loyalty can dull even the sharpest of brains.

Fanboys always use the terms "jealous",and "haters".

We are now contributing to the degradation of society?

What kind of subliminal messages have Ram been putting into their ads?

I do have a strange urge to move to Mexico, and have these weird cravings for Italian food........ WTF?

Those Rambo Motard Goat Herders are Cummins all over themselves with these new statistics.

Its been 2013 for 4 1/2 months and I haven't seen a single new diesel or a hemi/8 speed.

I wonder how they will maintain #1 diesel sales in Canada when they seem to have a problem building them?

I'm impressed with what Ram has been doing, but I still am doubtful about quality. I was so impressed with the 09 Ram half ton when it came out that I got it. It seemed like such a great truck all around and I'd always comment that Ram doesn't get enough credit for their great truck. Now I've totally changed opinion after 70k and everything is falling apart or more like just wearing out. Seems great initially but I've never owned anything where everything just wears out. The seats ripping. The ignition switch broken. The windows not working properly. The rubber coverings on the doors wearing through to the metal, the carpet wearing holes. I just can't believe how everything is just wearing out. It's about on par now with my old powerstroke with 200k. Now I have the loud hemi tick which just sounds like crap and never goes away. Keep that in mind when looking to buy a Ram. I don't think I will be able to trust them again for a while. On a positive note I haven't had any real expensive problems, just LOTS of annoying crap. And I can't complain about my lifetime powertrain warranty which I will be cashing in on hopefully in about 10 years.

@Lou, Whatever Lou! First off, it is JEALOUS fanbois like you keep bringing up Mexico, Italian food and goats! That has nothing to do with anything.

Secondly, it's not illegal for Ram to change their mind on DEF. Ram just wants to make a better truck!!!

So what if they ran ads against it. Is it illegal what they have done? It is absolutely not illegal.

If you would hold Ford and Toyota accountable the same way you bash RAM, you would not come off as a jealous RAM hater.


"Its been 2013 for 4 1/2 months and I haven't seen a single new diesel or a hemi/8 speed."

@Lou, Just because you haven't seen any doesn't mean they aren't out.

The new Rams are selling like hotcakes and they can't keep them in stock.

TRXT Tom says there are tons out and more shipping to the dealerships now!!!!

Why not wait?


What a low-life loser. GET A LIFE DUDE!!!

Frank, HEMIRAM and Lou seem to be quite riled right now. Guys, lets just keep it down to a dull roar and keep the comments to ourselves. It is obvious we all have our opinions and none of us are going to change no matter what the opposers say. So everyone just shut up with the brand loyalty thing and stick to facts and comments that are constructive, not useless wastes of time and internet.

@DJMcE - what makes you think I am riled? That would imply that I actually care about what those idiots say.

I buy what I think is the best truck for me at the time of purchase. I don't begrudge anyone else's choice.

If a Rambo Motard Goat Herder is going to spew BS, I'm just going to turn on the fan and blow it back at them.

The new Ram pickups have a lot of great features and options. So do the new Chevy's.
If Ford comes in 3rd in the upcoming 1/2 ton shootout, so what?
It isn't going to be the end of my world or any world for that matter.
It just means the Rambo tribe and the Multiple personality Bob's will be a bigger pain in the ass than they usually are.

@ Lou

lol, that's all i have to say.

I wonder if they improved their ball joints that wear out every 60,000 miles?

Hemi and others,

You are winning the battle.

Lou says he doesn't care but if he didn't he wouldn't be retaliating and trying to troll you. So it's one of those things when you have to take the high road especially if its something you feel passionate about, Ram Trucks.

It may tick you off, but AT THE END OF THE DAY it doesn't matter. They really do care and THEY are trying to take the heat off of themselves.

Just blow it off and say, "Well ok you are right. You don't have to care. I am just letting you know how I FEEL."

That way they know you are serious. Just take the high road and PRAY that we win the light duty challenge.

Lou if you didn't care you wouldn't post.

Calling others names doesn't mean you won the argument. It means that you have shown others you are immature.

I drove the 2013 Cummins 2500 about a month ago. I really liked the truck, but I am convinced it is still third place in fuel economy. That's a shame because everything else about the truck is perfect.

@Mechanic - you are one funny dud(e).

What battle?

You make it sound like the LD shoot-out is Armageddon.

"Just take the high road and PRAY that we win the light duty challenge."



Not very confident in your favorite brand if you are seeking divine intervention.

@Luke - the unfortunate cardinal rule of communication is that one must converse at the intellectual level of the receiver.
In other words, they wouldn't understand a mature response.

Any warranty problems with your new 2013? - post here


Since I had to bring my truck to the dealer for some warranty repairs, I thought I wouold see if I was the only one that has had these problems.

Upon delivery, one of the Blue LED lights in the door did not work: corrected by dealer

At 1228 miles my Engine light came on while on the interstate: Dealer reset it and said they could not identify the problem nor could it be diagnosed over the Uconnect.

Several times during my last haul the Radio and HVAC controls would act up: Lost my Sirius subscription twice, a/c come on and not shut off even with the hard controls. Fan speed would run up & down, screen blank out. I knew something was up so I had the dealler check it and showwed them a video I took of the problem in action. Dealer tryed to check it. They said when they hooked it up for diagnostic, the radio completely failed. I'm waiting on a new one that was ordered as I type this post.

At 2072 miles I got an EVIC warning saying "Exhaust Filter 100% Full, Drive at Highway Speeds to Remedy" Odd thing was I had been on the highway for 10 hours straight when this happened. I punched the throttle one good time and it cleared the message. The dealer said they didn't see any sign of an issue and was checking to see if these 2013 trucks regen when the exhaust is 100% full and tell you, or regen like the previous models unseen. He said he would have an answer to tell me and his techs sometime today. Can anyone answer that?

Heres a couple of pics documentating the issues


I know these new radios are causing all kinds of havoc on the (Ram) 1500s. There are guys getting their radio replaced because the radio is leaving a light on and causing the battery to drain over night... As nice as these new radios are, I think it's going to take them a while to get the kinks worked out because they're integration into the rest of the vehicle.


Replacement radios on backorder with no idea of a ship date. Climate control wont function until its replaced. This might get ugly. Holy $h*# I'm bent


Talked with the owner of the dealership yesterday. He said that they have had lots of problems with the new 2013 8.4 radios in all of the vehicles that they are in, with dozens going out since release. He confirmed that they are on back order with no known ship date. He contacted the zone rep about having a replacment shipped to the dealer from the factory, and is checking this morning to see about swapping one from another vehicle to use until that replacment comes in. He stated that it appears to be a "hardware" issue and not a "software update". Hopefully I can get back on the road soon. My truck has been idle at the dealer for 8 days now.

Mine is in the shop for the second time right now. Both times it has come up and said exhaust system service required see dealer on the evic display. First time goin in they cleared code and said all sensors read correctly and sent me on my way, exactly 1 week and less than 100 mikes later the message was back again. I took it back and they are now putting an exhaust temp sensor in it hoping that will fix the problem, until then at least they gave me a 2012 3500 to drive around, probably not gonna be happy with the 800 miles I have put on it in two days, but it nice comparing the 12 to the 13 I did the exact same trip in both trucks and the 13 used 2.2 less gallons of fuel on a 230 trip, I bet the stock tire and height 13 guys must be real happy with there's even mine with the 37's is doin better than a stock 12, couldn't be happier with that.

Cummins Forum

Well the radio in my "2nd new 2013 truck" had a blank screen yesterday. It reset after I stopped and restarted the truck. Then last night, it lost its Sirius subsription. Spent 1.5 on the phone with Sirius, finaly got it back on line by them sending a master reset. Lost all presets, favorites, and Travelink. Darnit. This is exactly what the radio started doing in my 1st 2013 truck before it had its final meltdown. Called the dealer this morning and will have them check it out.

My first 2013 is still sitting in their lot waiting on a radio and the inside of that truck smells like an electrical burnout. SMH, I sure hope they get these radio issues fixed quick and come up with a solution.

The satellite antennae on GM trucks is for Onstar. Ram doesn't have Onstar or anything like it, so NO, Onstar didn't have anything to do with the design. Ford has satellite radio, so does Toyota and Honda and they didn't copy GM's design or placement, only the POS ram did.

I don't care what Ram does with their trucks they'll never beat GM in sales, not in anyone's lifetime on here. Wait until GM and Ford have their opportunities to update their HD trucks, Ram will be sitting in their usual spot, #3 out of 3. Are these trucks nice compared to the usual crap they've been selling for decades? Yes. Will it ever be enough to dethrone Ford or GM? Hell no. If these Ram trucks are having the electrical problems everyone is complaining about, watch out, the word will spread fast among potential customers and cost them millions in sales. GM's Duramax is a proven beast, no way they let a Chrysler product beat them at anything. At the end of the day, a pig is a pig, no matter how much lipstick you slap on it

No Guts
No Glory
Defective Truck
Ram Sucks

I will say the new 8.4v2.0 hardware seems to be iffy and is causing it to be glitchy, as soon as Ram starts getting the supplier designed unit fixed, there is not going to be any truck that will rival this truck, until the next all new HD comes out.

The IFS and Dragging Belly framed GMs are barely better then the 1996 designed spaghetti framed Fords. It is going to take a complete redesign to get those truck even with Ram.

"as soon as Ram starts getting the supplier designed unit fixed"

Ohhhhh, more waiting, I see. Another "just wait" answer from Ram fans.

I guess I'm old school but I'm glad to see a truck still offer a manual transmission........especially a diesel truck!

Jason seems to be more threatened by Ram trucks then Ford and GM do.

Jason is jealous.

I'm amazed, you all want to talk more about who is jealous of who, trying so hard to piss each other off, while a few of us just want to read about these truck reviews and news, and comment on those topics. Is pissing someone off on the internet who you don't know really that freaking rewarding?

Always uneducated dumbass inbred nominds making comments on trucksthey obviously are envious of and do not own or drive the 3 domestic makes all have good and bad points there are no badheavy duty trucks anymore just guys with little man sydrome who have no nuts and have pissing matches its almost like grade 3 when kids would fight about whose dad was bigger u bunch of small nutted nominds grow up they are all good trucks

Ooooohhhh, tommy told us how it is! Sorry, ram sucks balls. Carry on.....

@Lou: Actually, it's been 2013 for 5 and a half months.

Almost 2 monthes ago I seen the Hemi 8 speed, at the closest dealership to me. I would think the dealerships that move the most would be getting one first? That closest dealership does not move a high amount. So I think it's safe to say they most places in April got an 8 speed hemi.

They did say it would be 2nd quarter. No tv add or anything else said it would be January.

As far as the CHASSIS CABS, with 850 ft pound torque and Aisen trans, they been on lots over a month.

The 3500s with beds are arriving now, have been for the last week or two.

Lou, are you out in the middle of nowhere? I have seen a good deal of 8 speed hemis on forums, purchased in Canada.

@TRX-4 Tom - One of the largest volume dealers in Canada isn't that far away from where I live (gotta love internet sales).
I've been keeping an eye on their inventory as well as checking out their lot farely frequently and I have yet to see one. I've seen few Pentastar V6"s and the 8 speed but nothing else.

85% of the Canadian population is withing 100 kilometers (62 miles) of the USA. It is safe to say that I'm well beyond that limit.

I don't need to worry about Oxi and his zombie apocalypse escape plan since it is physically impossible for him to carry that much fuel ;)

@TRXTom - I just went through the inventory of the biggest dealer in the north. Out of 183 1/2 ton Ram trucks listed:
3.6 V6 8 speed (16 listed as in transit) = 41 (22%)
5.7 V8 8 speed (10 listed as in transit) = 16 (9%)
4.7 V8 6 speed ................................ = 20 (11%)
5.7 V8 6 speed ............................... = 98 (54%)

3.7 V6 = 4
5.7 V8 = 4

Not really a whole bunch to look at considering they only have 8 in stock. Last time I checked a few weeks ago, they had ZERO in stock.

Maybe they are selling so fast that they don't stay on the books.

I have a 2013 Ram 2500 cummins. Have been to the dealer 8 times to get a check engine light removed, they just clear the code and say that chrysler does not have a "fix" yet. Next the "exhaust system service required see dealer " code comes on my screen and within a few miles the screen says "exhaust filter 100% full see dealer" . I am sitting here at dodge dealership right now wasting away. SO PISSED I CANT SEE STRAIGHT!
I am a small business owner who needs to maximize time to survive in this economy. Chrysler, step up to the plate and fix these issues.!!!!

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