Lawsuit Claims Defects in Ford EcoBoost 3.5-Liter V-6

Ford EcoBoost 4 II

By Larry Edsall

At least one aspect of Ford's EcoBoost engine is a bust, according to a lawsuit filed by three vehicle owners, Automotive News reports.

The suit, filed by three vehicle owners in U.S. District Court in Columbus, Ohio, contends the EcoBoost 3.5-liter V-6 engine can misfire and rapidly lose power because of moisture in the intercooler. The suit contends the problem can effect all EcoBoost engines — two of the plaintiffs own a Taurus SHO and one has an F-150 pickup — and that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has received dozens of complaints.

The suit also contends Ford knew about the shuddering and stalling issue, and has sent dealers several technical service bulletins suggesting potential repairs. 

Ford told Automotive News it had not reviewed the suit and therefore would not comment.

Ford EcoBoost 2 II



Nothing beats V-8 power (or bigger hence my 8.3 L V-10 Viper engine in my RAM) and bigger cubic inches for reliability and power.

Small engines can make power,but they always have problems,never last as long ect..more evident in heavier vehicles !As seen in the eco-boost..

Turbo's,superchargers always have some sort of problem,look at Turbo Diesel trucks most will replace the turbo before 70,000 miles but before that/or around that mark you will lose power,yes every make.

My last HEMI went 250,000 miles when I sold it,it still had all the power (same /bit better than new as Mopars get more power and better mpg after 20,000 miles or so thats why new performance/mpg tests are taken with a grain of salt as they get about 3 mpg more after time and quicker) No power loss,no noises,compression all even and strong,just good old reliable push rod V-8 power !

If you are a Ford fan and are going to buy/keep your truck for a long period of time,buy the 5.0 or better yet the 6.2 and enjoy trouble free driving of no small lame sounding V-6 and a Turbo !

Now,enjoy life,do a burnout..Its good for the environment !

Dave will tell us they just need to change spark plugs and regap, because apparently Ford installs them at whichever gap they feel like. "Are we doing .040" gap today?" "Na, that was Friday, let's shoot for .035" today"

So you believe that because 3 people have filed a lawsuit that means that the engine which has probably easily sold into the millions is bad?

Just so you know, the engine is in the Taurus, the F-150, and the Flex.

If the issue was as bad as you make it sound going across at least three model lines, I think more then three people would be part of that lawsuit.

Dude, seriously, not every turbo/supercharger needs to be replaced before 70k. I work with many people who have upwards of several hundred thousand miles on their trucks and still have the original OE turbo. If you know how to drive and maintain a turbo, there's no reason to suspect you'll have a problem.

I am confident they either have already identified and fixed all of the problems (plugs gap, intercooler issues) or will shortly. But that said the Coyote V8 is really a fantastic engine. It does very well and has loads of potential, *and* it costs less than the ecoboost. If I were looking at F150s that would be my choice in a heartbeat.

My friend has a 2013 f150 that looses power. He told me he was towing his boat and went to pass a car,gave it gas and it just kept loosing power. He took it to the dealer and they told him there's no fix for it,but ford is aware of the problem and there working on a solution. I looked it up and this problem has been going one since 2011. Looks like ford has no answer to this problem.

This is the reason why I don't like to buy vehicles with all new engines not reworked engines but all new engines. I will wait for a mid cycle refresh. In this case the 2015 EB will probably be bullet proof as they will probably have this all worked out. It is probably like the 5.7L iforce with the AIP problem it doesn't happen to everyone as the vast majority won't have that problem.

Correction he has a 2012 f150 ecoboost.

The only NON naturally aspirated engine I will ever own is another diesel.Shame on ford.They generally cost more then a comparably equipped chevy/ram and have less warranty.Screw that....especially with TWO turbos.Quality and reliability Ford,remember that.

Its real simple. The Coyote 5.0L and the new GM 5.3L are probably the best motors out there for a half ton. I like the Hemi 5.7L a lot, but the displacement is just tad bigger than that sweet spot of performance and economy.

Re the comment above about turbochargers, specifically Ram. What are you talking about? There have been no supercharger problems with the Ram diesel that I've heard about. My 2007 Ram Cummins diesel has 99,736 miles on it and has had no turbo problems. In fact, the only time the truck was in the shop for anything other than scheduled maintenance was for a recall on an emissions sensor. The truck has been rock solid.

Don't knock the turbo's. My Duramax has 250,500 miles on the original turbo and engine. That said, the Bosche diesel injectors are terribly unreliable and expensive. Turbo's in semi's can easily go 1,000,000 miles without replacing.
That said, there is no denying that the complexity of the ecoboost has more potential for problems than a conventional V-8.

trust me, I have seen many HEMI issues when they first debued back in 03-04, from valve train trouble to mds actuator issues (mds actuators go bad quite often, actually, in 05 and up Hemis, esp in the Rams and Durango/Aspen trucks, plus many oil leaks in these trucks. As a whole, the Hemi is pretty good, but all engines have there growing pains. Look at the new Pentastar 3.6 v-6 (the engine in my personal 300 with 8 speed zf trans) I love that car, but I have seen many many Grand Cherokees and Wranglers and Journeys and Caravan/Town and Countrys with misfire problems. The fix is to replace the affected cylinder head. They are on backorder from Chrysler, and when I worked for Chrysler, an awful lot of them were being done. So many that we would keep 6-10 in stock, but it was hard to keep stock because of this widespread issue. I pray my 300 does not have this problem (I do have a lifetime Maxcare warranty, so if it does happen, I am covered) but I don't want my beautiful babys engine to be taken apart.

We've had no issues with our EB. I have maintained all along however that if Ford had continuously improved their smallblock 302 and 351 engines as Chevrolet has done with their smallblock, I would have bought it instead. The 5.0 V8 may be a good engine but I just wasn't as convinced of it at the time. The 5.4 in my 2500 is a good motor but I still don't think it's as torquey as the 351 I had in my 95. And I had well over 200k on it when I sold it. I venture to say there will be a good fix. They just have too much riding on this motor. And I've noticed quite a few new Dodge trucks roaming the roads now. Those trucks are sharp looking in person I have to say. Almost as sharp as our 150 Platinum. Almost. Ford needs to keep on their game here.

If I were buying a half ton I would buy a 5.0 Ford, 2014 GM 5.3L or the 5.7L Hemi. A V6 in a truck is a V6 no matter if it has a turbo or not.

There is a TSB for the problem... Your ford dealer will fix it.. TSB 12-10-19.. If the truck still does it then change and regap your plugs to .030..

@CDRO: If I were you, I wouldn't make a blanket statement without qualifiers. Six cylinder engines have been beating larger engines in many fields. In fact, it wasn't all that long ago that a used, six-cylinder school bus engine won the Indianapolis 500.

You also have to consider how that engine will be used. In many places that pickup trucks are used today, even a modern six is far more powerful than the sixes that were perfectly adequate, say 50 to 60 years ago. If all you need is a utility hauler that is rarely--RARELY loaded to capacity, then quite honestly a V8 is overkill. On the other hand, if what you need is a heavy hauler that almost ALWAYS runs fully loaded, then maybe that V10 is the better choice.

By personal observation, the vast majority of pickup trucks on the road today almost never carry a load that even makes their presence a requirement--they're little more than luxury cars or little-boy toys. That's not to say I don't see some carrying huge loads of hay both in the bed and on a heavy trailer behind them, but they are the exception rather than the rule, even here in horse country. Heck, I see 2-horse power buckboards carrying more load than most pickups around here.

As far as my 11 FX-4 ecoboost, it has been absolutely trouble free and awesome in its now 52,000 mile hard life. I say hard because that truck has towed more heavy loads (2 and 3 horse trailers, many vehicles including a 67 suburban, I pull the family farms BOBCAT around) and many long distance hauls too, and I gotta say, so far this truck has been outstanding. The mileage when I tow is on par with v8s I have towed with, but unloaded I see 22 mpg on highway (I am on a lot of back country roads were 60-65 mph is the norm) NJ to Florida, around Florida and back to NJ got me 19.6, with ac on recirc, 3 people on board with gear and moving at 80 plus mph. I tow horses along rt 80 thru the mountains, and maintaining speed is too easy, often I find myself toed into the throttle pulling up a hill, and I often have to let off because I am speeding away from everyone. In 52k miles, I have only replaced four brakes and rotors, and tires. This truck is phenomenal. Our families farm employs 9 Fseries trucks. 2 6.0 with over 200k miles with minimal repairs needed, 2 6.4, one has 140k miles, trouble free, 2 6.7 scorpians that are just absolute awesome beasts with no troubles an 11 ecoboosted xlt 7700 with 70k miles trouble turbos replaced, engines and tranny's have held up very well, drivetrain components have been good. All great trucks. Oh, JRT.....the reason you have not seen "supercharger" troubles is because Rams have turbo's....I am sure you knew this just looks like a typo on your end......but I have seen many many turbos replaced on a few 5.9 but many many 6.7 turbo cummins go well as many many many many many injectors, injector pumps, all types of stuff. (I used to manage a mopar service dept in a PA dealer) I have seen many mds solenoids go bad, and that is an expensive fix, and valve train issues with Hemis aboud, from valves that burn, or springs that break. I have seen quite a few sludgey Hemis too, and looking at those people service records showed they REPLACED THERE OIL AND FILTER REGULARLY. Put it this way, none of them are perfect and all manufactures have troubles with there my comment about the 3.6 pentastar head issues causing misfires.....that is a super widespread issue.


@Cameron Carlile: Yeah, that's why that Ford 5.0 with it's 32 valves can't get the same mileage as an 8 speed Hemi. One mpg city and 2 less highway then a Hemi, and it has less power at a higher rpm. Yeah, I want a 5.0, sure. WHY would I?

The Chevy 5.3? It ges better mileage then the Hemi because: it is less...less power, less cubic inches, needs taller gear to do it, and both of them need smaller tires. Needs more rpm to do less. Buzz those little engines! Alot of those Fords and Chevys come with a 30.9" tire. Maybe Ram will put smaller ones and a 2.94 axle on their 4x2 single cab small boxs just to beat them at their own game.

Wonder what ever happened in the lawsuit against Ford for the fuel injection?

@Mathew John: Yeah, they recalled those Pentastar heads, before they were put in a pickup.

How about those Ford balljoints of the 2003 and 2005? Yeah buddy, Ford has no issues, right!

How about those Ford transmissions slamming into 1st gear?

Already replaced 4 rotors? Wow, I guess it is a money maker for the manufacturer or the rotors! @52K!

Lets see if your little engine (on gas) will last? WOW, 52K. Big deal.

And wealways get people saying the 3.5 is the same engine as the Tauras, I don't believe it is tuned for 420 foot pounds of torque, right?

The Flex? Do they even sell those? I barely see them. Maybe 2-3 a year, unless I go by a Ford dealership, which is here they sit (non sellers)

@ Matthew John

Since you put your truck through its paces and have multiple to compare I am curious to hear your opinion on the motors. Would you ever go back and try the 5.0 instead of the Ecoboost? Do you think that the ecoboost is fairly equivalent to the 5.0 for what you do, or do you think it is a superior motor?

This is to funny LMAO!

Every time I see an ecoboost F150, they are trying to race the other trucks on the road. Never understood why, until I relized Ford owners had to deal with the 5.4slow for all those years.

I have a couple of friends with F150 ecoboosts, one is lifted and one is a hauler. Both are not impressed with the MPGs. My friend says he gets ~8 towing with his stock ecoboost, and the other is lifted on 35s; he gets ~12 average due to always being in boost to get those 35's moving. My truck is sitting on 35's with the 5.7 and I out run him by a truck length, and I get ~12-14 average.

I talked to a guy at the gas station with a 5.0 F150 (not sure what gears he has, that makes a difference) but he said he was get better than the EPA stated MPGs hand calculated.

Until the Heavy Duty Trucks get the low displacement twin turbo engines; I’ll pass and leave turbos for the diesels.

Wow, three vehicles owners. GOOD LUCK with that lawsuit.

That is something the TROLLS Like Michigan Bob or Johnny TROLL would do, SUE SUE SUE, cuz that's what they are TROLLS.

3 out of the TONS OF F150 on the Road and only these people have issues. I would like to read more.

This aint nothing, how about those GM Hyrbrids that are catching on fire.,0,9218.story

Sad day for the TROLLS!!! LMFAO!

@ TRX-4......TRX-4 at those ball joints, ALL manufactures eat ball joints. Mopar products, esp the Patriots, Compass, Ram 1500 and 2500 and 3500, Durangos, Dakotas, Sebrings, Intrepids, all of them go. I used to make a killing selling ball joint jobs. Yeah we have done a few ball joints on our Fords, but they all had well over 100k hard miles. I cannot tell you how many Ram 1500 03-08 transmissions we have repaired due to bad solenoid packs and or valave bodies, or just had to replace the transmissions on them. If you work in a Chrysler dealer, you get well acclamented with the aftermarket jasper source. We use them ALOT!!!!! As far as my rotors, I did not replace them because they were giving me trouble......I pretty much always replace my rotors because I do not believe in cutting, since you are taking away precious material, causing premature warpAGE. I STILL drive my 05 F-150 (dealer installed from new supercharger) and tho I skyjackered that truck, the factory suspension components allowed for no slop in the steering and suspension. It was drum tight, I only wanted it lifted, and that was at 115k miles. Now that truck has 150k miles, and still a beast. Only the transfer case had failed at 138, and that is to be expected given the supercharger and all the four wheeling I have done in Island Beach State Park, Brigantine, Wharton state forrest (NJ Pine Barrons) I am pretty sure my truck will continue to be reliable. I do have a third party warranty on it until 200k miles (I do this on all of my trucks since they get used hard) so if it does go, it will be taken care of. As far as the Flex goes, my parents have an 11 Ecoboost Flex with 65,000 miles. This car is fantastic. It is quick, smooth, handles very well and has so much room and utility which make it perfect for there NJ to Florida drive a few times a year. They love that car. They had a 2010 but when Ecoboost was introduced to Flex in 11, they traded up. Gas mileage on that Florida trip is 26mpg. They also have a regular 3.5 Taurus. That's a good car too. Very comfy.

@ Phillyguy.......This Ecoboost, in my experience so far, is very superior to the 5.0 in terms of towing is concerned. My brother owns an FX-4 with 5.0, and I do have to say, that engine is very great. Very powerful, quick responding, great all around everyday driver. Gas mileage is very close to my Ecoboost. The big difference is you have to rev the v8 more to get the same power out of it. (hey TRX-4, before you say anything, the 5.7 Hemi has the same characteristic, hemi is very peaky and must be over 3500 rpm to get any real towing power, more so than the 5.0) whereas Ecoboost will hold a gear longer since torque is available down low. I do love the way his truck sounds tho. I was very on the fence when this Ecoboost first came out as to whether I was going to go with the 5.0 or Ecoboost, but after some drive time with some trailers, I appreciated the 3.5's broader and flat torque available all over the powerband. The 5.0 will not disappoint tho, my buddy tows his Fairlane 500 show car all over the East Coast and he swears by that engine, and he traded in his 5.4 2006 truck after 170k reliable ball joint tight miles (lol to TRX-4) but says the 5.0 is superior to the 5.4.

@ Phillyguy.....not to mention my familys farm employs an 11 Ecoboosted xlt 7700......that truck is a monster. so far with 70,000 horse trallering 5th wheel equipped miles, it too proves reliable, and efficient when not loaded (towing a 3 horse trailer loaded nets around 10-11 mpg) unloaded it gets near 20 mpg, that's a 3.73 rear, supercrew 6.5 foot bed, same as my FX-4. It rides extremely comfortably yet handles even better than my FX4 (and that truck handles very well too) I do miss the v8 rumble (one of the reasons I kept my 05) but that effortless acceleration when pulling a trailer up a hill is what I love.

hahahha, lol to that guy up top clinging to his big displacement theory and whining about turbo/supercharger reliability.

Go tell that to all the Volvo, and Volkswagen owners in europe pushing 100's of thousands of miles on old turbo charged engines that have been around since the 80's. Get a clue guy.

I'm not quite ready to jump on the ecoboost bandwagon necessarily because I think the engine is trying to do too much, but I am glad US automakers are finally getting with the rest of the world in technology that has been around for decades. Its a shame they didn't get on the horse sooner so that they could have pushed regulation away from all this Hybrid nonsense that the Japanese have been flooding the market with. Instead we are stuck with regulation that favors electric/ hybrid power and pushes clean diesel and lean burn gas technology away. Shakes head in embarrassment.

@vulpine In a recent post you rattled off 2 or 3 cars you once owned and it was a Lame hall of fame: a 1990s Camaro with a V6 and some kind of a Jeep POS. You have a lot of opinions about trucks, but have you ever gotten permission from your wife or girlfriend to even test drive a real truck?

Looks like the usual morons are commenting again. The fact that 3 people filed a lawsuit does not = only 3 problems with these engines.

There are RAMPANT problems with this engine..and we all saw it coming. If you have to throw two turbos on an engine and every ounce of technology you have to squeeze out enough power to use it in a full size truck...then newsflash there is no possible way it's going to hold up to the hands of time.


This very same engine has been out since 2009. This is almost 4 years with these being the issue.

I think it is doing quite well. IRC, this engine has way less issue from other engines I seen at launch. People just rag it cuz it's new tech. It's all god.

At least FORD has the balls to do it.

@AD--I agree with you, this is a new engine and has yet to have all the bugs worked out. I would not be the first to buy a new engine or a totally new redesigned product. I would say as well by the 2015 models the Ecoboost will be bullet proof. Ford is having some issues with the new Focus, Fiesta, and Fussion but in a couple of years those as well will have all the bugs worked out. Usually after a model has been out on the market several years it is at its best in reliablity.

There will always be issues with new engines, drivetrains, and models. Engineers can run computer stimulations all they want, and drive 24/7, but no one can plan for every eventuality. The biological interfacing with the mechanical is where most problems arise.

Only 3 people file suit?
To hear all the anti-EB stories from bloggers, you'd think it would of been a class action suit that would make Toyota's woes look like chump change.

Ford guys, putting their shield up.

@Papa Jim: Vulpine is just another name for DWFields.

It's funny, he even comments sometimes as "as DWFields calls them road Whales"

@Mathew John:tthe Hemi needs revved over 3500 to get any towing performance out of it? More so then a 5.0? What chit you smoking? The trans held it back. Well, the max torque is at 4000 with a 2009-2012 Hemi, and it is MUCH BROADER a torque band then either of the two Ford V-8s out now. LOL! You really think somebody will believe you? Ford I believe took down their little thing showing their power, or lack of, in their v-8s. Sorry dude, think you are just maybe thinking of the early 5.7? Although it maxed torque at 4400, it was fairly flat even compared to the 5.0.

Ford doesn't do low engine speed v-8s, they stopped the 5.4. (and maybe had you worked in a Ford dealership, you would be fixxing spark plug issues for them.) The purpose I mentioned the balljoints, you said some crap about it (on Dodges) in the past, I believe the V-6 thread. I looked up the MSN reliability of those 2003 to 2005 Fords, they were all jacked up. But whatever dude. Just go down the road with you premium burning v-6.

Oh, as for rotors, they have specs on how thick they must be, imagine that?

I got 42,000 or so on my 2010 Hemi. Issues? The electrical lock doesn't always lock on the first time I hit it (the one on the door, not the fobb.) The fobb needed contacts cleaned.
My battery went bad about 3 years after truck was built (same battery your Phord might have, or Johnie duhs Chevy for that matter.
I bitched that tow haul keeps it in the 1 to 1 gear too long after I crest a hill and my foot isn't in it, but that's just tow haul. No slippage, NO BRAKE ISSUES EITHER! Yes I tow! Yes it gets worked! It goes places your Ecoboost with Good Year lightweight SSAs would get a flat (because Ford installs tiny/weak tires in the name of MPG) A year or so ago they had issues with Scorpion tires.
My ex wife's Patriot has had no issue with ball joints, it was bought in fall of 2007. Neither has my step ma's 1998 Ram, no trans issues either. Only 90,000 miles, but that's because if it gets driven it's not just for a daily driver, wwith no load. Nope, it either has the hay trailer, the horse trailer, or when my dad was still alive, a gooseneck travel trailer. We don't live in some flatlands. LOL, did my time at Ft Dix, NJ.

5.0, LOL!

@"VULPINE" I had a 1974 Chevy 250 inline six, from a 74 Nova, in a 69 Chevy truck. Not very adaquate. Sucked gas, no better on gas then the V-8, and couldn't pull #@^$!

I would hate if if it was an older model, as they did next to nothing to bump up 6 cylinder power over the years. They just made them bigger.

Now if it had a bit more compression, more lift on the cam, a very small four barrel (390 cfm) and good exhaust, now that coulda worked.

Now a 6 cylinder in a Nova/Dart/Falcon mighta been ok, if they only had some more gears!

THE DETROIT NEWS=FORD projects rise in four-cylinder vehicle sales.(as you read on)FORD would be "expecting pickups and full size SUV,s to virtually disappear.

Poor, poor Papa Jim. He can't argue, so he attacks. Ok then. How about a 23-year-old Ford F-150, 5.0EFI getting 19.7mpg on the highway? Is that good enough for you? Yes, I do own it and yes, the K&N was the first thing I did to it after having the brake lines replaced.

If only Ford built their engines like Chevrolet. If only Chevrolet built their trucks like Ford. You'd have truck perfection. Same story it's been for many years now. Turbo's are for rice burners and diesel rigs. You couldn't give me an EcoBoost. I would take the truck though and stuff a SBC into it.

@TRX4 Tom: Saying it ONCE is not saying it "sometimes". And I've made no bones about being the same person, unlike others on these forums. I've gone back to my original username here simply because it is registered and as such perhaps a little more difficult to spoof.

I will note how some of my detractors have taken to adding my ™ behind the words Road Whale™. It is so nice to create a meme that others use, even if they are trying to make fun of you. Why? Because then you know you've truly gotten under their skin.

Yeah, PUTC why don't you talk about the millions of EcoBoost costumers that are completely happy with their engines. This is 3 damn people looking for money.

let's talk about the 5.7 engine failure lawsuit. That was much more than 3 money grabbers.

You can try to tarnish the reputation of the EcoBoost, but in reality, it's the best engine out there.

I own a 2010 Taurus SHO with right around 50,000 trouble-free miles on it and I do NOT drive it gently. The power is very impressive and always available.

@ TRX-4......I run regular or sometimes plus in my Ecoboost. Ford says regular is fine, premium is recommended but not required, and my trucks runs beautifully on regular. No pinging, no soot on tail pipe, just perfection. I am happy to hear your truck has been reliable, as has mine. By the way, I have LT tires on mine, from factory, as Maxtow equipped trucks have the factory LT. I have not seen an LT equipped Ram for quite some time. There is no need for them since the 1500 Ram does not have tow ratings high enough to facilitate the need for LT tires, nevertheless, some Rams have them, some Fords have them, some Chevy's have them. It depends on towing or off road packages. As far as my brakes are concerned, they are rock solid, and when I changed them at 50k.....I still had 6mm of padding left, front and rear, and the rotors were with in spec and looked ok. I just figured I would do them for safety sake, and since I had the tires off, why not do it all now, because my busy life, I rarely get time to work on them. In any case, thank you for your concerns and banter, it makes commenting even more worth while :-)

Ford has invested way too much money in Eco-Boost to change direction. Some would say they "bet the farm" on Ecoboost technology. I think they have a good product but like all new products, the 2nd generation should be better.

Right from the horse’s mouth. The 6.2 V8 was designed and is considered a better work engine compared to the ecoboost. Think about it, the 6.2 made it into the Super Duty’s, not the Ecoboost...

“Tow, haul, work, deliver day in and day out and be durable.”

Enough said.

@John--Not all of us are Ford fan boys. I still believe the engine is still too new to judge what it will be in the long run. After reading the fan boy comments from many it is enough to make me swear off anything from Detroit. I have had Fords, GMs, Chryslers, Hondas, and Mitsubishis and they all have their strengths and weaknesses. Maybe this engine will end up a dud or maybe all the bugs will get ironed out, only time will tell. Still too early to pass final judgment.

There goes Frank again in denial about Ford. That must be a great set of rose colored glasses that you are looking through. I am ashamed that you are my neighbor.


The TROLL showed up, it's JOHNNY DOE errrrr TROLL, where is your broad BITCHAGAN BOB!

Aint nobody in denial, this is a stupid lawsuit.

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