Lawsuit Claims Defects in Ford EcoBoost 3.5-Liter V-6

Ford EcoBoost 4 II

By Larry Edsall

At least one aspect of Ford's EcoBoost engine is a bust, according to a lawsuit filed by three vehicle owners, Automotive News reports.

The suit, filed by three vehicle owners in U.S. District Court in Columbus, Ohio, contends the EcoBoost 3.5-liter V-6 engine can misfire and rapidly lose power because of moisture in the intercooler. The suit contends the problem can effect all EcoBoost engines — two of the plaintiffs own a Taurus SHO and one has an F-150 pickup — and that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has received dozens of complaints.

The suit also contends Ford knew about the shuddering and stalling issue, and has sent dealers several technical service bulletins suggesting potential repairs. 

Ford told Automotive News it had not reviewed the suit and therefore would not comment.

Ford EcoBoost 2 II



Wow, three vehicles owners. GOOD LUCK with that lawsuit.

That is something the TROLLS Like Michigan Bob or Johnny TROLL would do, SUE SUE SUE, cuz that's what they are TROLLS.

3 out of the TONS OF F150 on the Road and only these people have issues. I would like to read more.

This aint nothing, how about those GM Hyrbrids that are catching on fire.,0,9218.story

Sad day for the TROLLS!!! LMFAO!

Posted by: Frank | May 20, 2013 12:38:14 PM

Yeah Frankie, it is a sad day for the TROLL. Namely you. I find it funny how Ford sued Navistar for their own F-Ups, which was tinkering around with the 6.0 and 6.4 diesels. It's hilarious that Navistar didn't have these issues with the same engines in their own trucks. If they didn't know what they were doing (obviously they didn't) then they should have let someone else do the engineering. Maybe the same issues are surfacing with the Eco Boost. Time will tell. Crawl back in your hole, Frankie Troll.

@Frank There are more then three! Read the whole story Frank the troll.

"Traffic Safety Administration has received dozens of complaints." Come for the quality articles, stay for the quality discussion.

@Mathew John: It appears you confuse TOW RATINGS tire needs with MAX PAYLOAD. As A Ram has plenty of TOW RATING, but not as much PAYLOAD. The Ram tires are just fine for that; and the tires don't make the TOW RATING, but they damn sure are needed for heavy PAYLOADS.

Funny thing, you can get those Fords with so-called AT tires, Hankook Dynomax. 235/75 r17. And get stuck in gravel!

But what else is new, you are confused? Here is a link to K&N's dyno for a Hemi, maybe if you feel like biting your tongue and wish to have a good laugh, you can change the vehicle to a Ford with a 5.0, and see how late in the powerband it comes on. Or, for a better laugh, compare the hemi to the "mighty (lol) 6.2 Ford! Wow, that 6.2 is totally overated! Designed after the last Hemi and according to K&N, less torque.

You can also look up the Ecoboost, what do you know? The max torque is NOWHERE AS LOW as Ford will get you to believe. More like 3300 rpm. So it needs a few turbos and high cylinder pressure for that? Funny that the Tundra does without a turbo (long stroke helps alot) and the 2014 5.7 makes it's max torque at 3400. It's also funny Ford did want to compare the Egoboost to the Tundra @Davis Dam. They are quick to compare it when it is conveinent for them.

Fords V-8s (in truck form) are just so so.

FORD, atleast they circled the problem.

@Jeff S Ford has been making DOHC 4 valve V6 engines for over ten years. Most have been unimpressive.

It's odd that the Windsor V8 that Ford dumped about 10 years ago is probably the best eight cylinder engine they've had since the FE lineup died.

The Clevelands and Boss engines were crap.

Ford Corporate was so embarrassed by the Windsor (not because it was bad, but because it COPIED every engineering feature of the Small Block Chevy).

Back then they knew how to be ashamed. Today, Ford engines worthy of a half ton truck are 2 choices. The Coyote and the 6.2 motor You won't see many of the big v8 unless you're ready to peel out a few big bucks.

I've been a Chevy V8 man for years, but when it comes to drivetrain Ram's got the Ford and GM guys beat.

I don't know what we were expecting, but I'll say it again. Nothing beats a V8. write it down. I'll even take a GM V8 from the "Piston Slap", "Like a Knock" days, over an Ecoboost.

Not a BIG problem from what I've found, if not, extremely isolated*. A deflector plate for the intercooler and or new catalytic converter is what's need to avoid condensation in the IC. This means the there's excessive heat under the hood or the IC works too good. Or both. Plus a reflash of the ECU.

Not that there won't be more issues with high mileage EcoBoosts, but who's the heck is suing??? They should sue their parents...

*A handful of complaints to the NHTSA is likely 1,000 F-150s affected, out of an approx 1 million Ecoboosts since 2011MY, not counting Taurus, Flex, MKS etc.

@Johnny Troll,

You read the damn article, TROLLS HAVE READING DEFICIENCIES!!!

The suit, filed by three vehicle owners in U.S. District Court in Columbus, Ohio, contends the EcoBoost 3.5-liter V-6 engine can misfire and rapidly lose power because of moisture in the intercooler. The suit contends the problem can effect all EcoBoost engines — two of the plaintiffs own a Taurus SHO and one has an F-150 pickup — and that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has received dozens of complaints.

Hey Trolls,

Wake me up with there are more than 100 complaints. Until then, shut your PIEHOLES!!!!

2 big notes before posting:

Try to be civil to your fellow blog readers.
Stay on topic. We want to hear your opinions and thoughts, but please only comment about the specified topic in the blog post.

So with that being out of the way, let's wait until the verdict is in before burning down the barn.

Frank I was saying there was more the 3 complaints you TROLL!

@Owen: Just my point. Your Taures might weigh 4,000 pounds only has 350 ft pounds of torque compared to 5,500 or so, and is yours rated to pull up to 11,000 MORE? Na. You and frank can't say it's the same engine, because the engine contol unit is nothing the same.

I got no problem with gas turbos in cars. I had an SRT-4, and I still I have a Daytona Turbo II Shelby.My brother has a VW GTI with a turbo, plenty of torque, and fun. I just drove it into Little Rock last week, barely needs a downshift, but yet anytime he runs that 10% ethanol gas, his check engine light comes on.

I will wait for a diesel block that can withstand the pressures better, well, unless it's built like those Power Joke Fords a few years back, that always blew up.

@papa Jim--My wife has a Taurus with 24 valves DOCH V-6 and it is a very good engine with quick acceleration and decent mpgs. Maybe some people need 400 horsepower to be impressed but a good running reliable engine with quick acceleration is impressive to me. Yes I like Chevy engines like the older 350s and 327s and Mopar 440s but I would not call a 351 V-8 Cleveland a slouch. Most people do not need or will not use a large V8 motor. I have not driven too many modern V6s that I would call slouches particularly in a midsize family sedan. At least you don't hear of oil sludge issues in Ford V6s as Toyota's have had. Now if you were doing a lot of towing or hauling heavy loads then a big V8 or a diesel would be a better choice. I think Ford has a better chance in the long run of making this engine a solid engine.

Many auto critics have panned the inline 5 cylinder motor in the Colorado/Canyons but after having an Isuzu crew cab with a 3.7 inline 5 it more than does the job even with a load and the 4 wheel drive engaged. Yes it would be quicker with a small V8 but the inline 5 is plenty and 242 horsepower is more than enough for me.

I think Frank missed this part:

" two of the plaintiffs own a Taurus SHO and one has an F-150 pickup — and that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has received dozens of complaints."

Yes, Frankie the NTSA has received "dozens of complaints" sounds like a valid issue to me.

Do you need glasses, Frankie?

Ford has changed the name of the engine to Eco Bust! This is just the beginning for the engine.

@Jeff S Your answer is confusing. The Taurus V6 isn't a BAD engine, it's just that it is inferior to similar designs from:

drum roll, Honda, GM, Nissan, VW, BMW, and Daimler.

It sucks about the same as the Chrysler but the 3.6 may win by a nose. The Cleveland 351 was a joke--I bet they didn't make 100,000 of them. It was so wide that it could only fit between the wheel wells of certain larger models.

GM made a million SBCs, and they are still popular. Look at all of the aftermarket shops that build parts for the Chevy small block. The Cleveland? Not so much.

What new this is ford....look goog build cheap???

This is a problem only under certain conditions. When a friend of mine was transferred from Arizona to Elmendorf, AK, he drove his Ecoboost F150 up there and experienced some weird stuff until the engine got hot enough after each startup, but only under certain humid conditions.

Whenever moisture gets into the engine it is a problem, not just with an Ecoboost but with all engines.

The trick is not to get moisture to condense in the intake system.

Ha ! Sounds like Furd is up to the same old tricks !!

Older engines ,spark plug stuck in head $1000 plus spark plug change ,now this with the Eco-Turd LOL ! Always laughing when I see a Furd Diesel,they will crap themselves when they need to remove the cab to replace the injectors ..say up to $9000 anyone lol,LOL !!! What kind of idiot thought of that ? My Lord ,seriously Ford,you suck ! As you just proved with your eco-disaster !


So true on a Furd or Toyota (yes jap crap your camshafts fail all the time,plus major quality/safety issues toyota worst vehicle ever,Honda next up bad trans,headgaskets,cracked waterpump housing aka engine block,Ridgeline unreliable worst truck ever,Tundra/Tacoma next Ford series right there knocking on those turds doors)

@Jeff S - Every mid-size to bigger car can benefit from a V8. And V8s don't have to be tuned for 400+ HP or geared for fast acceleration. All remaining V8s in cars are just that. We have a one-track-mind with V8 cars, unfortunately.

V6 engines are more compact and weigh less, but that's their only advantage. Put a detuned and restrictor plate, Coyote 5.0 in a Taurus with fwy, economy gears and you'll see BETTER MPG than the Ecoboost, normal V6 and even the base I4 2.0 that gets an EMBARRASSING 19/29 MPG!!!

I won't even get into the reliability or longevity aspect of upgrading to a detuned 5.0 V8 Taurus. But if I had to buy an 8 to 12 year old Taurus, I would look for the V8 model and would have absolutely no problem paying 50 to 100% more.

I too have to comment that the very first comment about turbos not lasting over 70k is just ridiculous. I have owned and been around MANY diesel trucks with over 200k and most of them have made all 200k on the original turbo. Properly maintained a turbo should last as long as your engine. Our tractors go about 10,000 hours usually before needing a new turbo. By then the engine is usually overhauled.

Thats pretty bad when you have to sue Ford to get them to do warranty work on your truck. Makes sense though that Ford would try to hide this problem since it is a big deal and they're trying to convince the public that this new turbo V6 is the way to go. Typical Ford is all.

Is there any intrinsic difference between the turbo in a gasoline motor vs that of a diesel? Diesel exhaust is cooler, which I would expect could help with diesel turbo longevity, but is there any particular difference in their operation or general functioning that would lead one to last significantly longer than the other?

2 pages of reasons why recall and defect news stories should have closed comment sections.

@papa jim - odd, I don't know anyone who has ever had anything negative to say about a Cleveland engine.
The 351M and 400M engines were derivatives of the Cleveland and I don't know anyone who considered them "Cleveland's". I don't know anyone who had problems with the "M" engines other than fuel consumption.

The Windsor was a good engine, I don't know anyone who really considered it a performance engine.

Boss engines are crap? I don't know anyone who's ever had one (other than the Boss 351 which is a Cleveland) so I can't comment directly, but I don't recall anything negative in magazines.

The Fe engines were good. 390's were extremely common. I recall 391's in commercial applications. I've never run across a 427. 428's were pretty common.

Nice trip down memory late........ what does any of it have to do with the EB 3.5 law suit?

Those old Chevy smallblocks aren't that great.

Go to stroke a 350, you get a sorry rod ratio, because the 400 used very short rods. The kind that waste alot of energy pushing the pistons walls.

I can install (and will!) a 4" crack in a small block Dodge. No grinding.

But you also have to do a bunch of grinding on a Chevy.

350 guys want 6 inch rods. So what? Small block Dodges came with 6.123" rods.

Look at high end cylinder heads, 18* or less for Chevys, stock is 23*.

My small Dodge ALREADY has 18* heads, with valves that open on center. Big Block Dodges have less degrees. Most small block Dodge heads outflow stock Chevys. Any old 340/ or a 360 head with bigger intakes, and you are ahead of most the Chevys heads.

A local Chevy racer stopped by my friends shop and seen some 340 heads sitting out. After that, they seemed to complain alot more. Oh well, I don't remember him passing my friends sons bigger car too often. (Charger) Barely.

If the pure stock rule says STOCK LIFTER SIZE, flat tappat, sorry, Chivy looses again. Can't get as much lift out of a Chevy flat tappet cam.

Look at a stock Chevy 4 barrel intake. Flat. Tiny. Is it any wonder they need cheaters like Brezenski to cut up and port their heads. Big $$.

On the bright side, 6 (smaller) cylinder head bolts per cylinder in a Chevy. Instead of 4 bigger ones.

A trans from a 6 banger will bolt to a big block.

Parts are cheap (cause they have been needed, and are everwhere)

But hey, small Chevys, they are almost everywhere.

Don't get me started on rear axles. Very few really want to use a GM rear axle in roundy round. Most want a Ford 9", tough, and many gear choices. Atleast a Dodge 8 3/4 will hold up and constantly doesn't come appart like the older GMs.

As for those old Ford engines, I would guess whatever Bill/Ernie Elliott used in the 80s and early 90s was a Windsor based block, but fact is, it put the hurt on those small Chevys.

Frank is a ford girlie and frank is a troll village idiot and frank can't admit he knows next to nothing about trucks but frank loves fords because frank is a troll. Sorry frank, just pointing out that you always show how stupid you are when it involves fords. You have proven you are a troll, village idiot troll, know nothing and drool about third class trucks like fords. If you suffering from trollism maybe you could see that General Motors gets its tail pipes sucked by ford wannabe truck. Found On Road Dead, Fix Overhaul Repair Daily, Flapping Old Rusty Doors, Floorboard Open Rotten Dented, Franks Obsolete Reject Dump.

I think the Eco Boost Fad is over now, all the issues and not the new V8's from the competition that get as good or better MPG's.

Here's about half of the complaints and it's obviously an intermittent problem:

Intermittent, momentary problems can be hard/impossible to pinpoint and some dealers find it too easy to brush-off the problem, especially if there's no 'trouble codes' and the 'fault' can't be repeated by the dealer. Therefor, it's an NPF or No Problem Found. At least early on, the dealers had a point. Other, less scrupulous dealers, may have denied the (known) problem AFTER the TSB or Technical Service Bulletin was sent out. Some internet researching/savvy owners even helped their dealers see the TSB 'light'.

It's one "lawsuit" about two cars only. Plaintiffs 'one' and 'two' are a married couple that are suing about their EB F-150. Plaintiff 'three' is suing over an EB Taurus. It appears they are not suing to get their cars fixed under warranty, but want Ford to reimburse them after they traded-in their Fords for new cars, obviously at a loss.

It would seem Ford dealers finally have a handle on the problem as it's 'old news' now. A recall would seem overkill for a possible 1,000 EBs affected. Since the 'solution' is cutting the effectiveness of the (after turbo) intercooler and therefor reduce HP, I'd wait to see if mine had a problem with moisture.

Ford put all thier eggs in the basket with this EcoBoost V6.
They better get a handle on it or watch the bottom drop out on sales & resales of the EcoBoost.
Sounds like a repeat of the 6.0 diesel debacle.
Marketing is what sold those millions of EB powered trucks.
The local fleet sales manager call me about purchasing new F550's.
I told him my company still has pending lawsuites with Ford over the 6.0.
He admitted that they have lost fleet sales due to it.
This can & will happen with the EB as well, if Ford doesn't come up with a quick fix.
Vehicles cost to much these days. People barley can afford to make the payment, much less plan on repairs down the road that the mfg. will not take care of.

@Lou--I always heard that a 351 Cleveland V8 was a highly desirable and sought after engine. This is the first time I have heard anyone call them crap.

@Denver Mike--Yes an older Taurus SHO with a V8 is more powerful but too say that the 2.0 V6 DOCH 24 valve is not a durable and powerful engine is incorrect. The Taurus itself is not that heavy of a car and the V6 is more than enough of an engine to carry the car. I know people who have that engine in a Taurus that have 200k or more and have virtually no problems. My wife has a 2000 Taurus with the 2.0 DOCH V6 and it has been a great car. The engine has the pickup of a V8. We have owned this car for over 12 years and my only criticism is that I have replaced the air conditioning compressor 3 times. That is my only criticism of Ford products is that the air conditioners are not as good as a GM or even Toyota. The V6 is the strong point of the Taurus along with very good handling for the size of car it is. You don't always need a V8

The problem was quickly fixed last year and doesn't affect 2013.

Larry should do some original reporting instead of regurgitating what another site reports.

@Denver Mike: A possible 1000? really? How about a possible much higher number when operated in a humid envirement?

@Jeff S: My dads partner in the body shop business for nearly 25 years had a 71 or 72 Mach 1 351 Cleveland. 4 speed. (ok so they only had the car for a fraction of that time) His wife drove it most, as he was ussually on a Gold Wing. I thought it was pretty good!

The boss 429s had their time in Nascar.

This is pretty recent.

But yeah, tell us they fixed it!

Maybe they hired more mechanics. They will need them.

@ TRX-4 Tom
". It's also funny Ford did want to compare the Egoboost to the Tundra @Davis Dam. They are quick to compare it when it is conveinent for them."

Posted by: TRX-4 Tom | May 20, 2013 6:23:05 PM

Lets think about this Tom if the Tundra could beat the f150 ecoboost ( the one in the promo was equiped with max trailer tow and 4x4 off road which for 2011 requires 3.73 rear end for both those options and the more agressive AT on 18' wheels) Toyota could go to a dealer lot buy a ecoboost f150 and race it against the tundra up the davis dam im sure that its alot cheaper than the tundra endevor. I want to ask your self a question, Why is it that Ford is the only one that shows comparisons to ther brands in thier comercials, GM has emotional songs like a rock, this is our country etc. Ram talks about guts and glory neither of these trucks make a case on why they are better than ford. the tundra pulls a space shuttle accross a bridge something than anyother brand could do, or drives up a buring erector set or the worlds largest see-saw to demistrate breaking if they wanted to show they are better why not show a ford , Gm , and Ram stoping side by side with a tundra. Lets Face it if the other brands could beat ford they would show it. Or maybe their marketing departments are just bad.

@TRX-4 Tom Shut it you mook! Your youtube links and stupid number you pull out of the sky are just plain stupid! Dodge is junk always has been. No matter how good you make it look it is still a DODGE! Same thing goes for GM!

No way a turbo on a diesel engine will last much much more than 70K the reason. Exhaust temp is lower on a diesel engine and consequently turbo last much longer when install on diesel than gas engine.

Ignorance can be cured.

And for the ones who do not like turbo buy a V8 manufacturer offer a choice of engine to please buyers as much as possible and stop bashing turbo engines. Every manufacturer can have engine problem even Toyota remember the cam on 5.7 engine as long as they provide good customer support it`s not something very bad.

. Lets Face it if the other brands could beat ford they would show it. Or maybe their marketing departments are just bad.

Posted by: Carilloskis | May 21, 2013 12:37:39 PM

The DID SHOW IT in the Rumble In The Rockies!!!! The FORD SUPER DOOTY GOT ITS ARSE HANDED TO IT plain and simple by the DURAMAX POWERED SILVERADO. These Ford crybaby girlie girls never cease to amaze me. KEEP DRINKING THE BLUE FORD KOOL AID GIRLIE GIRLS. LMAO

@TRX-4 - From approx 100 complaints the NHSTA, it's tough to say there's much more than 1,000 vehicles affected, out of the several million EBs on the road. And it's too easy to send in an official complaint from your phone. The link I posted has a NHTSA link right on it. And it's real easy to fix the problem now that we know what it is.

@Jeff S - The base Taurus V6 is pig at 4,035 lbs. Or about the same as the civilian 4.6 V8 Crown Vic LX at 4,057 lbs (17/25 MPG). A Taurus V6 is stressed just hauling around no passengers with the AC cranked. If the slightest thing is OFF, you'll blown a head gasket, if not 2.

I've put more than a million miles on mostly older, high miles V8s. Ford 460s, 302s, 351s, 5.4s, 4,6s. GM 454s, 350s, 6.0s... I've ran them out of water, over heated them, ran them on 5 or 6 cylinders and generally, drove the hell out of them. I've ran them out of oil until the rockers were clattering. And I've blown exactly ZERO head gaskets.

"As for those old Ford engines, I would guess whatever Bill/Ernie Elliott used in the 80s and early 90s was a Windsor based block, but fact is, it put the hurt on those small Chevys."

They used a so-called 351 "Clevor" engine. It combined the best aspects of the Cleveland and the Windsor engines - IIRC, Cleveland-type heads and Windsor-type engine blocks. The blocks themselves were high-nickel units cast in Australia. And Ernie made 'em work; recall how Bill won the 1985 Winston 500 from two laps down **without** the help of caution flags or pit strategy(he was off-sequence from everyone else) ... that was quite possibly one of the most powerful stock cars ever built. None of that restrictor-plate garbage back then, either!

@Denver Mike--My wife's Taurus is not a basic V6, it is the 24 valve overhead cam and it gets between 20 to 27mpgs. We have carried 5 people and a load in the trunk and it never has been stressed nor has it blown a head gasket. The engine and car are solid but the air conditioning is problematic. I have not heard of anyone with that vintage of Taurus blowing head gaskets but I have heard of the 96-98s having transmission problems. V-8 powered cars are getting harder to find unless it is Charger, Challenger, Camaro, Mustang, Chrysler 300, Mercedes, Audi, and a few other more expensive cars. Fewer trucks in the future will have V8s as well. Yes I like the power of the V8s but V-6s and inline 4s are becoming more of the norm and that is a major reason for the Ecoboost 4s and 6s. Vehicles will all get lighter, a little smaller, and have smaller engines. The new fuel standards and ever rising fuel prices will quicken the pace of these changes.

TRX-4 Tom--71-72 Mach Is 351 Clevelands were awesome cars. My brother had a 64 Dodge Polaris hardtop sedan in the 70s with a 440 4 barrell Mopar-not as sporty as the Mustang but that car could really go. I also had a roomate in college that had a 70 1/2 Dodge Challenger with a 340 V8 6 pack carbs that was a special production model that would scream. There were some great cars and great V8 engines in the past and I enjoyed driving many of them including a 64 Impala 327 with a Rodchester 4 barrel and a 350 73 Chevelle. I always liked the 318 V8 in my 5th Avenue even though it was no racer it was a good solid engine. I have not had a V8 powered car or truck in almost 12 years, but I really don't need one. I enjoyed the V8s I have had but I just have moved on.

The youtube link has a 2012 and needs to gap his spark plugs to .30

Carilloskis: why don't you ask yourself why Ford didn't want to compare to a Tundra? I know why, they choose their battles. They say we are comapring it to a 5.7 and 5.3 engine, yeah, they KNEW the Ford had a gear advatage over the Hemi TRANSMISSION, but not over the Tundra, so, they CHOOSE not to comapre that.

Ford in 2009 or so choose to compare a 4.6 3 valve to a Hemi for gas mileage, because it was the top mileage rated. So, did they compare a 5.4 to a Hemi? Nope. Can a 4.6 haul near what a Hemi or 5.4 can? Nope. Ford...picking battles.

They picked on the Toyota frame. Why didn't they show the Ram or Chevy frame? They don't want to show a frame as tough or tougher then theirs.

Come to think of it, Tundras and Rams turn quicker then Fords F-150s. Then stop as well or better.

Hey, how about the great stopping performance in the 30K shootout, on the part of the Ford, and the autocross? Oh wait, those were Fords GAS MILEAGE tires!

It's funny to see you come on here and blow smoke about F-350 4x4s getting great mileage empty, while this site said the 4.30 geared one got mid 12s EMPTY. Maybe they were going 70 or more and you were going 45, as the speed limit on post? lol! (2010 HD shootout)

@Phord#1: I'm not Mook, but I had had a friend named Mook I served with in the military. So thanks for the compliment! I could depend on that person! Back on subject, Ford Ecoboost.....tick tick tick....Kinda like those spark plugs on 5.4s, and lol, somebody on here, Agent Orange? posting some crap about 10-7 year old Hemis, lol, jokes on hims, as they changed the intake, and those vehicles had ALOT more miles then these Egoboosts.

@Glenn; miss those non restritor plate days, although now they would be upside down so much. I think they outgrew those two big tracks. That was awesome he came back like that!

Bill Elliot had it then! My dad and step ma knew I was into racing, so they bought me a #3 shirt, I thanked them, and exchanged it for a Bill Elliott shirt! Bill didn't need to drive through people, he just passed them, because he had the power. Which resulted in all the Chevy racers complaining and and a new window on the back of the Monte Carlo, it was like "what are we gonna do to slow the Fords down/or make our Chevys faster? Go loby Nascar.

FRANK wake up!!!

There are thousands of complaints.
Just go to any ford forum and see for yourself. FORD has no fix for this problem. They just keep putting customers off,until there warrantee expires. My friend has joined the class action law suit.
So frank I guess there's now 4 people filling suit. Lol

2013's are not having the problems. They have the new intercooler and bigger turbos. I wouldnt worry one bit. It's really only a few that are having issues anyways.

@Don: yes, I see it's a 2012. Although it was MARCH 2013 that happened. Would he put that on there if Ford fixed the problem? I doubt it. So should he gap the plugs? NO! Ford should! And like I asked before, is this what Ford says to do? Will Ford agree with that? Will that fix it all? Doubtful. Is it that Ford people putting in plugs are inconsestant?

@Jeff S: I'll agree the older Dodges were not near as sporty as a Mustang, and if I had a Mustang, it would be 1969 or maybe 1970. The potencial was there, as far as the suspension but they didn't work as hard at making the corner. My old Figure 8 Dart would handle with any Camaro or Mustang, after the right combo of parts was on it. Or Cougars, as one tough competitor had a late 60s Cougar. Or sometimes it was a 69-70 Mustang, whatever body he found to put on it.

When I was 16 I cut grass, and one customer had a 1973 Malibou 2 door, liked that car, and I could see making it like something Cale Yarbrough would have raced. Soon after as I entered the military and was gone, he sold it.

I wished my mom had asked that used car saleman that ripped her off (sold her a pos Ford Escort that didn't have the work done on it he said) for that old 62 ish Impala. That woulda been slick.

@Jeff S - Exactly. All V8s found in today's cars are hi-performance, unfortunately. We're not utilizing V8s for their instant-on, low rpm power and super efficient characteristics, if tuned (and final-drive geared) for economy, instead of hi-performance.

A V8 Taurus would get much better MPG than the standard V6 if you don't go all SHOwy... The 15/26 MPG Mustang GT could do much better if it wasn't set up for 12 sec ¼ mile blasts.

A V6 Taurus with a 4 adults, luggage and a full tank is pushing 5,000 lbs, easy. I'm not saying it'll blow a head gasket because of it, but it does't take too long of driving it in the red temp zone to do so.

And we're talking loads that were unheard of for V6s, not too long ago. V6 engines haven't changed in architecture, but the stress levels have. Today's Taurus is the Crown Vic of yesteryear. ¿Who are we REALLY fooling???

Ford fixed it but you need the fix done completely. I have no argument that the gapping should be done by Ford.

The spark plug gap in the 2012 owner's manual says .33 to .37. The spark plug ap in the 2013 owner's manual says .30 to .33 So there was gap change.

@Denver Mike--Maybe a V8 is better but honestly after driving most 24 valve overhead cam V6s it is not really that much of a difference. Acceleration and passing ability is hardly any different. The Buick Grand National of the 80s had a turbo V6 and it had plenty of get up and go. Maybe back in the 60s and 70s if you wanted to drive a car over 100k you would get a V8 but today most 4 cylinders will go 200k or more with proper care. Most of my driving is done on urban roads with little long distance driving and even long distance a V6 and most 4 cylinders are more than enough. Most of today's drivetrains are much more refined and with fuel injection and modern electronics they are relatively trouble free. Yes if you prefer a V8 get it but most of us don't really need one. I was impressed with one of my friend's new Buick LaCross with a Eco 4 cylinder with a mild hybrid system which had more than adequate power and decent acceleration. Sure it was not a V8 but with 33mpg and with heated leather seats and sunroof with backup camera and other features it was a compromise that I could very well live with. It is a beautiful car and you can hardly notice that it has a 4 cylinder engine. If they constantly improve 4 and 6 engines then I see this is a good choice. I have heard that the new Eco Boost 4 cylinder in the Focus and Fusion is a very peppy engine. The longer these new smaller engines are out the better they will get over time. I see Ford's Eco Boost engines and some of the other manufacturers new engines as a good thing and with rising fuel prices they will sell well. Count me in.

@TRX 4 Tom maybe ford didn't think toyota made a significant market share and didn't want to waste air time on a non competator, also they did show the frame and suspension of the Gm and RAM and i remeber that the ram damaged its jounce bumpers. the rumble in the rockys was a comparison test not a GM infomercial. hence my statement about GM's marketing department

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