Lawsuit Claims Defects in Ford EcoBoost 3.5-Liter V-6

Ford EcoBoost 4 II

By Larry Edsall

At least one aspect of Ford's EcoBoost engine is a bust, according to a lawsuit filed by three vehicle owners, Automotive News reports.

The suit, filed by three vehicle owners in U.S. District Court in Columbus, Ohio, contends the EcoBoost 3.5-liter V-6 engine can misfire and rapidly lose power because of moisture in the intercooler. The suit contends the problem can effect all EcoBoost engines — two of the plaintiffs own a Taurus SHO and one has an F-150 pickup — and that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has received dozens of complaints.

The suit also contends Ford knew about the shuddering and stalling issue, and has sent dealers several technical service bulletins suggesting potential repairs. 

Ford told Automotive News it had not reviewed the suit and therefore would not comment.

Ford EcoBoost 2 II



@Bitchagain Bob shows up once again. The only thing he can brag about is the Rumble in the Rockies. What a dipsh-t.

It will be interesting to see how the new Chevies fare against the competition. PUTC is already working on a LD shootout so that means no 6.2 Chevy 10% of total sales premium fuel ringer to up their test results.
I am looking foreward to seeing how the 5.3 fares. I do like the new trucks. I've always liked the looks of those late '80's era trucks;)

Back on topic - these 3 are taking Ford to court because they got a poor trade in value? Doesn't that happen all of the time regardless of what you trade in ?

@Jeff S - When Civics weighed 2,000 lbs, we figured out that a 4 cylinder was the sweet spot for such a car. V6s for 3,000 lbs cars and V8s for 4,000 lbs. Anything else was overkill or under powered.

Now Civics weigh 3,000 lbs and Taurus' 4,000 lbs. Their respective I4s and V6s have much more car to move and that's why MPG figures on these have stagnated despite dramatically increased power. Then again, engines in these have gone from 1.5 to 1.8 I4s to 2.4s and 2.5s. V6s went from 2.8 to 3.0 V6s to 3.5s and 3.7s

V8 Mustangs and Camaros have also gained 1,000 lbs, but the Mustang GT went from a 4.9 to true 5.0s while making dramatic gains in HP (almost double), acceleration AND substantial gains in MPG...
Well the IROCz/SS Camaro went from 5.7 to 6.2, but they're staying with pushrods.

It's not just that I'm a huge fan of V8s, but where are we going to 'draw the line'? When base Taurus' are 6,000 lbs? And with with a 500 HP, quad turbo V6???

As long as the turbo'd engines are for special edition, hi-performance models, I'm all for them. The GNX, Syclone and Typhoon are on my 'list'. As wells supercharged T-Birds, Cougars, Cobras (Termis) and Lightnings. And I own an SVO. But it's when turbo engines are sub'd in for bigger, naturally aspirated engines for no good reason, except to give the impression of modern efficiency, PR posturing or finally putting DOE loans to 'good use', such as the Ecoboost F-150, I have to ask why we're chasing our tail instead of using the sense (and V8s) God gave us.

@ Frank its okay Ford may one day make something worth a damn, but till then take a chill pill bud.

I have had the loss of power happen to me once...otherwise it has been a great truck

@johnny doe,

How about we both chill. The first to troll is marked for life.
Mark my words, GM will do the same. TT V6, they always copy Ford. Hence, Cadillac. Nice to see these outdated Fords still outsell the competition.

@Frank, Try some Marvel's Mystery Oil!

I just thought I would let you guys know that I finally got rid of my piston slap, by using this stuff. My mechanic gave me one for FREE! to try on my truck, and I swear by this stuf!!! No more piston noise.

Now its not so embarrassing to let my truck idle at the drivethrough at Arby's. I am an Arby's and Wendy's man you know. Just thought I would share this with you guys. Do a search for Marvel's Mystery Oil.

Marvin's Mystery Oil also stopped by engine from leaking oil. Its not marketed to stop leaks but does so quite effectively by conditioning and softening the seals.

Marvin's Mystery Oil! This stuff is incredible!

Marvin's Mystery Oil also stopped my engine from leaking oil.

Funny, we have GM trolls trolling for Michigan trolls.

Don't try this at home boys!

Jeff S Where do you live?

We DO NOT have rising fuel prices in most of the US. If you live in California, maybe. Crude oil and refined products like gasoline have been floating in a similar range over the last 2yrs. Adjusted for inflation gas isn't much more expensive today than it was in the 1970s. It's your dollar that's actually gone DOWN in buying power.

Regarding teeny little engines like the one in your friend's Buick you can't be serious. A half ton truck needs a V8 or an alternative engine capable of generating V8 torque. At this time there are no alternatives that can be built at the same cost, which is why there aren't any.

The eco-boost in pickups is going to become a museum piece. It ain't happening, apart from an early blast of popularity (paid for by billions in TV advertising on NFL games). It costs to much to make and to own in the long haul.

Diesel is a similar situation. They make great torque but they cost much more to build. Truck makers are not going to subsidize the cost of their mainstream powerplants so that a minority of half ton truck owners (Hybrid, Turbo, Diesel fans) can have one.

Want diesel, get an HD. Live in "an urban area" then you probably will not go the 3/4 ton truck route regardless of what your motor costs.

Funny, we have GM trolls trolling for Michigan trolls.

Posted by: Lou | May 21, 2013 9:41:13 PM

Lou, are you trolling for trolls named Frank? He is the #1 troll here.

I just thought I would let you guys know that I finally got rid of my piston slap, by using this stuff.

Funny, we have GM trolls trolling for Michigan trolls.

Don't try this at home boys!

Posted by: Lou | May 21, 2013 9:41:13 PM

The marvin's mystery oil and don't try this at thome posts were Lou or one of his alteregos.

Lou and Frank are the ones who use Marvins Mystery Oil.

Carilloskis: They didn't want to waste air time? WTF? Dude, they compared the Tundra frame to the F-150 frame, totally stripped, and pulled on one corner of the frame, or put weight on it, either way, to show frame flex, which will always be argued here. (I prefer less) #1

They also did a comparison with a big long pole stick out wide past the bumpers, in which case the Tundra was mess. #2

Then there was the bed bounce video I believe you are talking about. That was Ford, Ram, Toyota, GM, not sure about Nissan. #3

Then the one about which engine (Hemi, 5.3, 5.7 Tundra, or Ecoboost) can maitain a lower gear up a steep hill, complete with a Ford driver working the controls to the best of Fords advantage. Like they say the 5.3 actually goes into 3rd gear but can't hold it? If the Ford guy driving the truck simply put the Ram in 3rd gear Electronic Range Select-that's a 1.5 gear-, it would pull it fine. #4

So ALL those OTHER events they CHOOSE to compare to Tundra, but it came down to Davis Dam, no Tundra? What is your Ford excuse?

Like the Powerstroke commercial that shows passing power, but yet the Ford driver that they get to drive all three on purpose he doesn't floor the Ram. We all know it, because the oil pressure is so low. Like does Ford believe we all drink their nasty kool-aid? Ford does a bunch of their testing and only show what is good for Ford. No thanks, I don't TRUST FORD!

@papa jim--I never said put a hybrid eco 4 cylinder in a truck. You need to improve your reading comprehension skills. I said that a friend of mine had a Buick LaCross with a eco 4 cylinder hybrid engine and that it drove fine. A Buick LaCross and an F-150 are very different vehicles. No I do not live in California but regular gas is going for $3.89 a gallon which in a few years will be considered a bargain. Just in case you are living out in the boon docks and have no access to newspapers, news, or even internet news which begs the question of why then are you using a computer, the World demand for fuel and food is growing at a faster rate than the supply. Your V8s will be the museum pieces eventually. Development of more fuel efficient vehicles is a long way from being perfected and the technology will only get better but you have to start some where.

Maybe you are too young to remember the Arab Oil Embargo of 1973 and the Iranian Hostage Crisis of 1979 where there was a shortage of supply of fuel and long lines just to fill you tank up. How about getting up early on Saturday morning and waiting in line for gas at 6 am in the morning for a couple of hours with at least 30 or more cars in line and no guarantee that the gas station would run out of gas before you filled up. I would much rather adapt to the changes than be caught unprepared. Also I do not need a 400 or more horsepower engine. Maybe if I were more insecure in my manhood I would need that but at age 61 I am what I am and I do not need to prove anything to anyone. If I needed a V8 full size truck I would get one, but I do not. Do I hate big trucks with large V-8s? No, I just don't need or want one. The largest engine I will ever buy again will be a V6, but I might only buy 4 cylinders from now on and possibly hybrids. Drive what you like and I will drive what I like.

Funny thing happened in this test. It's not so funny if you buy into what Ford says and buy one of these trucks that Ford did nothing to add to the upped tow rating, and your BRAND NEW Ford gets a Transmission Warm light, and it has to slow down when you try to tow what Ford says it can. They upped their ratings when the Pentastar came along with an all new (read,, not pencil whipped like Ford-totally new combo) ratings, maybe Ford should have left it alone?

It's also funny, barely a few things did the mighty selling bigger engined Ford do better, slalom and more g's, and totally a bit faster in a 1/4 mile with trailer, maybe to 60 as well, with trailer. (not always quicker) It's all for not if it can't last (the pencil whipped Ford 3.7) while doing it! To be fair, they said they needed a bit more brake comming down the hill from the Ram.

But gas mileage pulling, empty, acceleration empty, braking, how it towed, the interior, wind noise, all went to Ram.

Typical Ford advertising.

Since we are discussing the competition here, the 2013 Rams still have bugs to work out, the "leader of tech" as the Hemi boys like to point out, but with many bugs and tech doesn't work and many check engine lights still being reported.

2013 Ram 1500 Bighorn Bug Report

1-I was getting repeated service engine light coming on. dealer scolded me for not tightening gas cap. Next visit they replaced the RAM gas cap with an aftermarket version. I really would like Dodge to get me a working original gas cap.

2 Spent $595.00 to have the GPS activated. Bad choice. It had no idea where we were in IOWA in several places. One time the GPS locked up the entire radio. The only solution was the stop the truck and turn engine off. Exit vehicle and then restart all. Shutting radio off did not clear the locked up radio.

I realize that with all the electronics in the RAM there are bound to be bugs to be ironed out. I hope there is an update coming soon.


Hemi, 3.92 Diff, 8 Speed Transmission Big Horn Crew Cab


I ran into a couple 2013s that would set a small leak DTC that would never "mature" which means it always said the DTC was "pending". This, of course makes the GAS CAP light come on. Never could find a leak and everything checked out so I assumed it was a logic issue of some kind. The data on the tank pressure sensor was suspect IMO. One of them was a traveler and the other never returned to leave it with us, so I did not get an answer about the issue. I was going to put a sensor on one of them and assess it after. I did fix another 2013 passenger car with a sensor that had the same problem.

The NAV lockup isn't just on the trucks. Last I heard there was an update being developed.


Below is the latest TSB on the RA3-RA4 radio lockup and Nav issues.

NUMBER: 08-026-13
GROUP: Electrical
DATE: April 27, 2013

RA3 And RA4 Radio Enhancements
This bulletin involves upgrading the software on the RA3 or RA4 Radio.
2013 (DS) 1500 Ram Pickup (U.S. only)
NOTE: This bulletin applies to vehicles sold in the U.S. market and built before
February 22, 2013 (MDH 0222XX) equipped with SMART TOUCH 3
AM/FM/SAT/BT/VOICE (sales code RA3) or SMART TOUCH 4
AM/FM/SAT/BT/NAV/VOICE (sales code RA4).
A customer may experience, one or more of the following conditions:
· Loss of the vehicle position on the navigation map.
· Vehicles Icon changes on the navigation map.
· Compass direction maybe incorrect.
· Touch screen turns off, shuts down


After fixing the GPS with an update, now the Uconnect does not work. It just says "loading" forever. I was planning a long vacation and I wanted the WIFI Hot spot to work (planning on purchasing the app for 30 days). It used to work.


I was on the phone (40min) on hold for 15 minutes. Went o the vehicle and followed the Dodge operators instructions. She finally determined it was a bad GPS update that wiped out the Uconnect function. The Dodge dealer is trying to squeeze me in during the lunch hour today. Dodge HQ gave a ticket number with a response in 5 days. I suspect any update affects the entire 8.4" center console display. I am going on a trip in 2 days when I need Uconnect. After that I could care less.

My advice is do not activate GPS $595 in the first place. It is an incomplete piece of junk. Or wait a year for Fiat engineers to get the bugs out of the software.

@Jeff S - When the pubic thinks "V8s", they think 'gluttonous' and 'wasteful' even when talking full-size trucks that require robust power.

Meanwhile, heavy 4,000+ lbs passenger cars, SUVs and mid-size trucks that happen to have V6s, ALSO GET not so good, horrible or even worse MPG than V8 pickups!!!

I don't know why the above examples get a PASS, while V8s are villainized.

Why is a TTV6 Ecoboost justified in a Taurus, MKS, MKT, Explorer, Flex, etc, AND a V8 in these would NOT? What the Frick's the difference???

The Ram bugs are cropping up everywhere. Electrical burnouts, trucks on fire, expensive electronics and nav units not working, check engine lights, and this is just the beginning, etc.

The moral of the story is to wait a couple years for the bugs to be worked out of the 2013 Ram. I will say this of any manufactuer, not just Ram. For example, the bugs were worked out of the 2011 F150 in the 2013. It is going to be awhile for the Rams to be bug free.

I will also be weary of the 2014 GM trucks. Never buy first year anything if you can help it.

@Jason: pretty sure I could dig up the same crap you dig up. Or maybe you even make up some of the posts so you can repost here? Like somebody said, you seem more afraid of Ram then GM or Ford.

Ford? People are still trying to figure out alot of their systems, as are people with NEW Rams.

GM? Toyota? They don't have near as much stuff, and aren't willing to take so much risk.

Does anything say somebody needs all the high tech info stuff that seems to be the main thing you post about? Look, theres a story about a new frame and it's capacities, here comes Jason, out to dog it out anyway he can.

Sounds like the system is less then perfect. It is also very damn new. Not like some things other companies have out (what the damn story is about) which was supposedly tested, tested, and retested. And has been out for over 2 years (3 model years) and still isn't right. I'll cut the Tauras owners some slack, I coulda said it was out for 3 or 4 model years, but like I said earlier, that was in car form, moving a atleast 1,000 pounds les then an F-150. And not with some 11K towing ability. And not with 420 ft pounds torque, just 360. So we can't say the EXACT combo has been out for 4 years or so. If it had been out 4 years and people are still having the issues, I would be embarassed.

Poor, poor Jason.

Ever wonder where the phrase Fix It Again Tony came from?

Now you know.

Defective Trucks
Wait a couple years for Fiat engineers to get out the bugs

Hey Tom, LOL. Don't bring up Ram if you can't handle the truth.

You could post Ford, GM and Toyota defects all day long but nobody is arguing that they don't have or had defects.

The 2013 Rams are not all sunshine and roses like you like to portray.

Quite frankly, the new 2013 Rams should be on a DO NOT BUY list like many other Chrysler vehicles are.

DM--Most people don't drive vehicles with a V8 unless it is a full size pickup. If a V8 were offered in a midsize or smaller cars most people would opt for the V6 or 4 cylinder. As for the Eco Boost V6 in the F-150 I know several guys with them and they seem to like them. One guy that rides the bus bought a new 2011 F-150 extended cab 4x4 with an Eco Boost and he says he is averaging around 21 to 22 mpgs. He traded a late model F-250 extended cab and a early 2000 Explorer for it. The only thing he has noticed is a turbo lag and he said that is not too often. Obviously Ford is selling many of these Eco Boosts and those that I have talked to seem to like them. I am not going to tell them that they don't know what they are talking about because a few readers on PUTC don't like them and would rather have a big V8.

As for a Taurus with a V6, I have not driven the newer model of Taurus which I am sure is much heavier than my wife's 2000 Taurus but everyone that has driven her car remarks how quick the acceleration is and loves the handling. I have yet to hear anyone say the 24 valve overhead cam V-6 in the Taurus is underpowered or is too little of an engine for this car. As a matter of fact if you take the car off of traction control it will lay rubber. How much more power do you need. If you hit the gas pedal hard the car will start to lift up a little. Anymore power is a total waste on the 2000 Taurus.

As for the Eco Boost 4 cylinder in the Explorer I would agree that save your money and get the V6 because it performs better and the mpgs are about 1 to 2 mpg less. When you are talking about engine types and sizes it is best to match the engine to the type of vehicle. A compact or midsize sedan will require much less of an engine to haul it than a crew cab 4 wheel drive full size pickup. Different vehicles, different uses, and different requirements. I use to believe in getting more engine than I needed but I have learned to get what you need.

Also on the highway the V8s are at their best, but stop and go traffic the V8s tend to suck a lot more gas. Driving 3 to 5 miles to the bus stop or the grocery story a 4 cylinder will do just as well as a V8. Many commuters going back and forth to work will opt for a smaller motor than a V8. Why waste the extra money if you do not need it.

Connect the dots. The problems at the factory, the Ram truck burning on that auto journo, and the burnt electrical smell postings are making a lot of sense now.

I will also say Ram and Chevy guys were quick to blast Ford for their earlier MyFord Touch systems. Now it seems Ram and GM guys have egg on their face with their junk versions. LOL.


Now someone said that they could smell burnt electrical and now I take a deep whiff every time I get in the truck


It rebooted 3 times while driving yesterday, didnt loose any data yesterday, but it did just cut out and reboot on its own 3 times.


I even went to the Facebook page and raised hell, the service manager said that in all of his years of working at the dealer he had never received as many calls about a truck as he did from (2013 Ram)

Stay on them!!! They need to get this fixed...

Wow Jason, how many pages of Ecoboost (old) issues not resolved can we put on here? I bet we can put many, if we were all like you.

Speaking of things burning, I wouldn't go there if I were you. How many Ford Escape ACTUAL fires AND recalls have there been? Yet they sell like hotcakes.

Damn Jason, you are paranoid, or afraid of some competition?

Chris, your $#!# is weak. Cry about an anntena? You know what Ford is backwards right? Driver Returns On Foot.

Ram, the Hemi boys and TRTXT5Tom talking BIG on the 13 Rams. It was going to be the greatest thing since sliced bread. They thought they were taking over but spoke too soon. Ram is settling back right where they belong, 3rd place.

Ram, the Hemi boys and TRTXT5Tom talking BIG on the 13 Rams. It was going to be the greatest thing since sliced bread. They thought they were taking over but spoke too soon. Ram is settling back right where they belong, 3rd place.

Posted by: Gregory Stevens | May 22, 2013 11:09:56 AM

The new '13 RAM is one of the greatest trucks to ever come down the pike. You crybaby Ford fans are just too fanboish to admit it. Have fun driving the most outdated and ancient trucks on the road. LOL


@Gregory Stevens: is also just "Greg"?

Shows your lack of attention to any sort of detail, you totally f'd up my name, but oh well.

Hey, Greg, they keep on improving and selling more then they have been.

Heck, I wouldn't say they are in 3rd in Canada, or Mexico. Those sales are important as well.

If GM didn't put so much money on their hoods, they would be in 3rd in the US as well. Give it away, Give it away, give it away now!

Wow, neither one of the HDs from Ford or GM has anything new. And GMs new 1500? Laughable. Changed a few things, still not very aero, ugly, over rated tow ratings. They don't want to try anything too high tech. Just gear them up higher, boys! We'll make that 5.3 get into top gear at 35 mph for the EPA tests!

@Jason: Never said they were perfect; maybe you need to read better? I said it's new, and there will be flaws, but they are not 2 year old flaws, like Phord has.

I guess they failed to test the Ecoboost in humid areas? Rain doesn't happen when they do all the testing? "I WANT those trucks off the road before it rains!" Ford head of testing, lol!

I agree with Jason.

If you need a truck now and want the newest tech, go for it.

But if you don't need it, waiting makes more sense. Take any new intro of any vehicle. The first ones don't get much deals. Give it a couple years and usually better rebates and a big one.....get the first year bugs out of the way.

If it were me I would be looking at truck in the 2016 MY. This will allow 3 years for the Fiat bugs to work out, 2 years for the GM and 1 year for the new Ford.

I remember when the new c6 corvette came out in 2005. People paying msrp or more and now later models have much better resale value than the 05 due to more options and better fit/finish and bugs worked out.

Not quite the same thing as a truck but just saying.

If I couldn't wait for 2016 MY and I was in the market and buying a new truck right now it would have to be a 2013 Silverado or a 2013 Ford. The new Rams, both light and HD, have too many bugs to be worked out at this time.

Is anyone else tired of listening to this guy run his yapper? This guy is as bad as Frank.

@Jeff S You don't like trucks, do you? Have you ever owned a real truck? This is a website for Pickup Trucks.

Another one of the Hemi boyz'/Tom’s lies falling apart?

Did the sun come up this morning?

Some things you can just count on.

@papa Jim--If you mean a King Ranch or a Raptor then no. I have owned a 63 International 1,000 step side with 3 on the tree, straight 6, manual choke, and oil bath filter. Can you drive a three on the tree or do you only know how to drive an automatic? I currently own an S-10 5 speed manual and an Isuzu I-370 crew cab with 4 wheel drive. Who elected you monitor of this site?

@Jeff S - It's getting to where mid-size are becoming full-size, not just in 'footprint', but in weight. So how do you, as an OEM deal with a 4,000 to 4,700 lbs, Taurus, Explorer or Flex without adding a "Big V8" to the lineup and face negative blow back from the media and public, in general?

I don't know where you live or how you use your vehicles, but the mentioned mid-size, fully loaded with passengers and gear/luggage, are going to tip the scales at 5 to 6,000 lbs and require V8 power on mountain roads. And also for decent fuel economy at that point. And that's before hooking up the trailer!

Physically, there's no real difference between a 3.5 TTV6 and 5.0 Coyote. Two extra cylinders vs 2 turbos? The difference is the PR $H!T storm you'd get for adding a "BIG V8" to everyday, "mid-size" family/passenger cars. The EcoBoost sneaks in under the Radar.

Another Ford engine bust right after the Escape engine fires. In this day and age, Ford still can't build engines. All that marketing was a lie. Very shameful.

@Jeff S It really isn't as personal as you make it out to be, Jeff.

You constantly talk about cars and engines that have almost nothing at all to do with pickups.

I've been driving for almost fifty years. If it has wings, rudders, or wheels I've tried it.

I learned how to use a clutch on a tractor mowing fields, my first car had a manual 3 speed. These aren't credentials worthy of this website but you raised the question.

DM--I live in Northern Kentucky which has plenty of hills and I have never had a problem going up hills with a 4 cylinder or V6. Sure the hills are not the Rockies but it is far from being like the plains of Kansas. You seem to get into every discussion with the argument for towing and hauling heavy loads which most people don't ever do. If I ever start needing to tow large trailers and haul heavy loads on a reoccurring basis I will not waste my money on a half ton pickup with a V8 when I could have a 3/4 ton diesel truck with a towing package.

The Taurus has become the replacement for the Crown Victoria and the Grand Marquis and is very bloated over what it was. Taurus and Impala had a V8 option but since the market for large front wheel drive cars is dying this is a waste. Fusion and Focus are the cars that Ford is selling in large numbers and not Taurus.

The next generation of Colorado is bigger than the last generation and if midsize grows anymore then midsize will become the new full size. The last generation of Colorado offered a small block V8 as an option which makes sense for a crew cab 4x4 with a towing package. An optioned V8 should be offered on the next generation with crew cabs with 4x4 and tow packages.

@papa jim--I originally did talk about the Eco Boost V-6, which is what this article is about. My point was that Ford will work the bugs out and it will become a solid engine. At least Ford is working on smaller more fuel efficient engines to meet the new fuel standards. It is better to do this than stick your head in the sand and wait for your competition to do it.

@Jeff S - This isn't about you, your driving patterns or your 15 year old Taurus... Regular V6s aren't cutting it in mid-size vehicles, up to 4,700 lbs before passengers, gear/luggage and trailer/boat. People buy these things to use as God intended.. Otherwise they're buying a Smart Fortwo 0r wasting their money.

Ford developed a monster of a TTV6 because of the stigma of "BIG V8s" as you call them. End of day, you have the same mass, same weight and SAME MPG as "BIG V8s".. But without the simplicity, reliability nor longevity.

The 'one' to get was the Ford Sport Trac with the V8/6-speed auto. Well, not YOU exactly, but if it was still made today (or when my F-150 is done), that's EXACTLY what I would be buying.


I came on this site 7 months ago and was cool to all.
Then TROLLS like Lou, Frank, cory, Keith started in with their Ford truck bull after there precious ford got whipped by the Ram Runner. I am not the only one using the hemi name on this site.In fact someone is posting under my name at times. I could car less what you think of Ram or Dodge. I had a P.O.S Ford once it burned from a faulty switch and I lost thousands.

P.S. I can post what ever I want on here so kiss my @$$!

All Guts

All Glory

All best in class Ram!

Posted by: HEMI V8 | Oct 10, 2012 11:02:00 PM

@Denver Mike-Yes you are correct it is not about me and it is not about you it is about government fuel standards and what the auto companies can sell. Except for a few cars like the Chrysler 300, Dodge Charger, Dodge Challenger, Camaro, and Mustang a V8 sedan is a hard sell. Even then Chrysler and GM use the cylinder deactivation to then advertise that when you are crusing at highway speeds the engines run on 4 cylinders. The V8 has the reputation of a Hummer whether or not it has gained more efficiency. Just as you have said that you cannot force people to buy smaller trucks you cannot force people to buy V8s. There will always be V8s just fewer and in more expensive vehicles

The upcoming generations have less of an interest in bigger powerful cars and trucks and view vehicles as an appliance, something you might have to have but something that is extremely expensive and not to get that excited about. My generation and your generation are the ones much more interested in cars and trucks. Most of the muscle cars and large trucks are sold to those in there 40s and above. That is one reason Ford would like to redesign the Mustang to a global model is that they know in another 10 years those that the current Mustang appeals to will not be buying as many as they age.

Ford Australia will stop manufacturing vehicles by 2016 and will import most of their products from Asia. This will happen more with America as well and what products that are made in the US will be more global in nature. All manufacturers will have to standardize their products to global products as Ford is doing with most of their products except pickups and Mustangs and that will eventually change. Most global vehicles do not have V8 engines. As Big Al said before you will see a shift to global trucks, but that shift will be a pickup that is a little smaller than the current full size but bigger than the current global. It is just expensive to have different models for different countries. Also pollution and safety standards will all have to be more global because it is just too costly to conform to a number of different standards. The market for big trucks has picked up but it will not always be booming.

It is easier for the auto companies to tinker with the internal combustion engines with turbo chargers and hybrid systems than to come out with something totally revolutionary. The internal combustion engine has been around for over a 100 years and basically the concept has not changed. Add fuel injection, electric monitors, turbo charging, hybrid system, additional gears in the transmission, and a few other tweaks and you have an all new product although in reality the same operating concept. "Its new, its improved, a V6 with the power of a V8, but the fuel economy of a 4 cylinder." Same with the 4 cylinder. Cut a couple of cylinders off and you can advertise that you have a more efficient and environmentally friendly product. Yes maybe you are correct that a V8 would be just as efficient in the new Taurus but it is an easier sell in a crewcab 4x4 Silverado, Ram, or F150. And as for special products to cater to your or my needs I am not going to get into that. If I need another pickup I would choose from the midsize trucks available and with the cars I will choose from whatever midsize or compact cars available. I have lived with a V6 Taurus without any real sacrifices or regrets just as I have lived with the trucks I have had. Each brand and model has it strengths and weaknesses and in the long run everything balances out.

@Hemi--Fire extinguishers come as an option with the Eco Boost. It is a very hot option.

it is FORD=manufacture ordinary daily repairs!!!!

Carilloskis: And no, I was not referring to any GM infomercial, or a site this test put on. I was reffering first two one off Fords videos showing how low of an rpm the Ecoboost will hold towing 9,000 or so pounds, (that was a GM, Toyota, Ford and Ram.) and second, I was reffering to a Ford commercial they made to promote theire newest Super Duty. The commercial/video shows each of GMs, Fords and Rams trucks towing a trailer, and having to pass a tractor trailer. Of course Ford made sure the Ram's driver barely gassed it. Because it is a Ford commercial! We (most of us) caught on. Now don't get me wrong, the Ford has shown it can pull faster (not like that is the one most important thing) but they just blow smoke when it comes to advertising.

I said NOTHING about Rumble in the Rockies, where did you get that from???

looks like old Tyler is crying


Posted by: HEMI RAMPAGE | May 22, 2013 10:23:04 PM

Truer words have never been spoken!

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