PUTC to Test-Drive 2014 Chevy Silverado

High Country

Spy photography by Chris Doane Automotive

We'll get our first chance to drive, and hopefully tow, with the 2014 Chevy Silverado next week during the press preview of the truck in Texas. This will be the first time we've seen the Silverados moving under their own power, and get a chance to see all the specifications while we're there.

From what we know, the biggest changes will be under the hood with three all-new high-tech engines and the introduction of at least one new premium trim package we've probably seen in earlier spy photos. Some sources are already reporting the new trim level will be called the High Country, and according to some of the earlier version Silverado Buying Guides we've seen, that makes sense.

Early reports on the new trim level say it will have all the new collision avoidance technology, a unique look inside and out, completely new seats, and plenty of luxury details. We'd also guess it will include a good selection of 20-inch alloy wheels, a unique grille, one-of-a-kind badging, and possibly unique colors and interior materials.

We'll have more to report in our first road-test review next week with as many videos as we can produce in the days that follow. Stay tuned.



I hope you bring a spare vehicle just in case it overheats while towing. LOL, just kidding. I couldn't resist.

Good to know PUTC, let us know how the test drive goes.

I would be interested in the "under the hood" part.

Great! Be sure to highlight for us the best improvements from the 2013 to 2014 models. I think the biggest worry for a lot of us is that these new trucks just aren't different enough from the previous chevy trucks. We were expecting this truck to set the new standard and be a real game-changer, not just play catch-up to ford and dodge improvements.

Great news on the test drive. Good luck. I also said High Country was coming to knock King Ranch down a peg or two.

still wanting to see 2013 Ram HD's test drive

Heres an interior shot of the high country. Looks decent.


Hope GM has some mpg improvements as 16/23 ain't competitive today.

JohnM, Decent but doesn't wow me. It looks more like a Lariat than a a top-of-the-line interior.

how bout a 2013 Hemi 8 speed test too!

The comments from Chev that if you want economy buy a Colorado, I don't think the Silverados will be the easiest on fuel in the full size category.

It will still be interesting to see how they perform in future testing.

What GM ACTUALLY said was they will go after the buyer who's PRIMARY focus is fuel economy with the Colorado. They never said if you want fuel economy, don't buy a Silverado. In fact GM said the NEW V8 beats the V8 competition - the one PUTC will be testing HERE! They didn't announce the base V6 economy. What they said was STAY TUNED! Try to keep up.

"What GM ACTUALLY said was they will go after the buyer who's PRIMARY focus is fuel economy with the Colorado."

Correct and Mark Reuss said the Diesel was on the table for that reason. I cannot see the V6 being that much better than the V8 for economy though.

"The trucks, due out sometime next year, will be slightly larger than a Tacoma with engines and transmissions that get better mileage than GM's full-size trucks, he told reporters after a speech in Detroit. A V-8 version of GM's new big pickups gets 23 miles per gallon on the highway. Mileage for the six-cylinder engines in the big pickups hasn't been released yet

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/leisure/2013/04/16/gm-small-pickups-on-way-in-2014/#ixzz2SP9G0TYH"

"The Colorado will "attack the West Coast with a lifestyle truck that's really beautiful and fun," Reuss said, without giving many details. "We're targeting a new generation of buyer with a new truck," he said.

The trucks, due out sometime next year, will be slightly larger than a Tacoma with engines and transmissions that get better mileage than GM's full-size trucks, he told reporters after a speech in Detroit. A V-8 version of GM's new big pickups gets 23 miles per gallon on the highway. Mileage for the six-cylinder engines in the big pickups hasn't been released yet.

I feel the "Lifestyle "approach is NOT GOING TO CUT IT and they need to offer a diesel alternative.


Could be the angle that interior pic was taken, but the steering wheel looks to be off center with the seat. I suspect it may be that gaudy looking cluster that houses the hvac vent, looks kinda large. Nevertheless, it's a huge improvement over the previous car like interiors.

I want to know how big the gas tank is

JohnM, That's not High Country. The same photo is on Chevy's website as a LTZ interior.


Just in time. They're on their way to your local dealer!


@Robert Ryan - Diesels are hardly what mainstream American consumers want in small or mid-size vehicles. And don't tell us what we "need".

If the new Colorado/Canyons don't fit the mainstream American "lifestyle", what good are they? I mean other than to serve the cheapskate, fleet buyers and bottom feeders that are killing the mid-size segment.

And don't let BAF0 catch you watching FOX News!

Tyler, a sniveling little twerp.

@Pablo - Just becaue Tyler said the High Country was going to knock down the King Ranch a peg or two, this is how you act? I know you're a better gentleman than this!

Make sure to find out an "on-sale date" and delivery dates.

My goodness gracious, that LTZ interior (or is it High Country?) certainly is brown...

@Dave - JohnM's photo is High Country!

First official Chevrolet Silverado High Country photos!



Welcome to the latest chapter of GM wasting a bunch of money on chevy trucks to make a handful of fan boys happy when it should have been improving the car lineup. Unless Chevy sells 100,000 of this High Country a year it is just not that big of a deal.

To me it looks like a 2007 Silverado with a fancy grille and wheels and the interior does not do much for me, might be the pictures, but I don't see this making any dent in the competition sales.

I like the High Country interior. I also like the Longhorn and King Ranch interiors. I think GM is now 2nd place to Ram as far as interiors go. That's a big achievement because they were a far distant third. Anyone not liking the brown leather can keep their grey interior after grey interior. Personally, I am sick of grey and beige interiors.

I'm not trying to bash chevy but, these eco tec's aren't exactly that different from the current vortecs, at least so far anyway. the hemi has been reliable so far for me no sign of wear and tear 24,000 miles on odometer only a year old 2012 bighorn model running strong. also, chevy use to have a more stream line look about them that made them look clean not chopped up and squared...just not understanding gm's direction with their pickups hopefully putc will prove me wrong.



Is this the best GM can come up with? Dodge or Ford have nothing to fear from this interior. The brown has been done before. It still has the ugly plain glove box and dash. Just basic and generic.

LCD screen is a ripoff rom Ford. The interior didn't get bigger - they took off from the front doors to make the rear doors bigger.

On the exterior, the square wheel well openings have got to go. The High Country wheels look ghetto. The grille looks like any aftermarket billet grille. I was expecting more.

Chevy needs to get new designers.

The seats look nice, but that dash is a joke. It looks like it was designed in 10 minutes by someone from Tonka. Could it possibly look any cheaper?

No J2807 compliance = no care about tow review.

All the big 3 need to man up.

gregory stevens. I'm not talking about what his post said. i'm speaking in general. And just like everybody else I assume to know everything. Since when do people behave like gentlemen on here anyway...you douche!

What I'm wondering about is why the High Country trim doesn't have a console shifter. I know there are people who prefer a column shifter, but once you get to a higher trim level in other brands (ex: King Ranch for Ford or Laramie for Ram), the console shifter is the only option. Personally, I would never buy a higher-end trim level with bucket seats but no console shifter.

@Pablo: You're speaking in general--so someone is automatically a "twerp" regardless of what they say? You do make a point about "assum[ing] to know everything--" far too many of us here at PUTC have rather inflated views of our own knowledge. But plenty of people also behave like gentlemen here at PUTC; they're just harder to hear over the bitching and whining of trolls such as yourself. I can't vouch for Tyler's and Mr. Stevens's characters personally, but their comments are hardly "douche-worthy". Your insults and your presence are not required here. Feel free to leave anytime you want.

To any editors of PUTC who may be reading this far: please, please, PLEASE make a better effort to moderate the comment sections, or consider a move to a moderated forum. I enjoy much of the content of this website, but I hesitate to recommend it to my friends because of juvenile trolls, thread derailments, and pointless arguing such as this. If you were to move towards a forum-style discussion board, in which each member is responsible for his behavior and disregard for rules is not tolerated, you can rest assured that a greater number of casual users would become members, and their experience with this site (which is overall pretty good) would be greatly improved. Thanks for your consideration.

The Ballad of Michigan Bob - 1976

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Pablo: I don't understand why you're so mad at me? I have never heard of you before. There are like 4 different Tylers and Gregs that post here.

The yellowish tone of the fake wood looks even worse next to the beautiful brown leather. The "wood" is just not necessary. And if the designers felt it just HAD to be there, they should have made it a color that goes better with the leather. After all, its fake "wood" -- they can make it ANY color they want. I'm still not convinced by the dash design, either.

The biggest downfall of these trucks is square wheel wells. Before they came out I was really hoping to see the Silverado be alot more aggressive having the wheels wells similar to the canyon/tacoma. I wanted the Silverado to be a Raptor challenger, but it just doesn't fit that bill at all, while having the Sierra be a more luxury type of truck. I had such high hopes for this truck from the interior to the exterior, but it didn't happen. In the future I wont be upgrading from my 2008 Sierra that's for sure.

Great song there, chevyman. Michigan Bob is a legend.

Not a brand loyalist at all. I've owned Toyota, Ford, and currently a Chevy Duramax. I hope Chevy hits a home-run because competition benefits us (the consumer).
Right now, Ford and Dodge have a sizable advantage over Chevy in the 1/2 ton segment.

GMC is going with a mid sized truck and a full sized truck because they feel that they cannot offer a lighter more mpg efficient full sized truck and maintain profit levels.

I could not find the story where they said " if you want fuel economy go with the Colorado and if you want performance go with the Silverado". I do recall reading a similar comment made by GMC when explaining why they chose to go with a midsizer.

I've said that GMC is bring in the Colorado as a ringer to ensure that they meet looming mpg rules and so far, it looks like I am correct.

23 mpg highway for the new 5.3 in a 4x2 is okay but I was expecting better numbers from GMC.
Ram's bigger and more powerful 5.7 already gets those ratings.

So why not put 95% of it gross combined weight behind it and run it at 68-70 mph like you did the Pentastar, through the hills and mountains, and I mean the highest towing levil. Please to do like you did with the Ford, and only get 3.55 gears, no, we want to see how it handles, or doesn't handle, 95% of 11,500 pounds of towing. Most of us except for a few Chevy fanbois know it would be a good laugh.

I'm sure the steering wheel is off center again and it is not just the angle of the photo. It is the same in the previous generation. I occasionally drive an '08 2500HD Chevy, and it is setup the same way. Personally I don't like it and find it uncomfortable.

The best truck available just keeps getting better!

Can someone ask why these engines make substantially more power/torque with E85?
V6 4% more power, 8% more torque
V8 7% more power, 9% more torque.
The enhanced charge cooling effect from using ethanol fuels should be reduced from using direct injection.

@Greg - how true, Ford trucks just keep on getting better and better ;)

GeorgeC: you get more power from E85 in the GM engines because the way the engines are tuned, you are able to take advantage of the higher octane in the fuel, however, you do get about the same % in less fuel economy while doing so, I have been able to use E85 for a while once while on a trip in my 2011 Chevy Z-71 and I could notice a difference immediately, especially while towing! and you do burn more of it, but the fuel was twice the % less in price! but I am only able to use it on some of my trips, as they do not sell it anywhere in N.E., or the north east, that I know of!

Traditionally GM has not taken advantage of the higher AKI of ethanol fuel. When you look at the output curve of former, port, injected engines, the % gain is much smaller.
So does this mean that these 4.3/5.3 are running on the knock limit on regular fuel? (GM recommends premium for the new 6.2)

So, could a tuner reprogram the engine to run on 91 AKI gasoline for nearly the same output?

My point was that the evaporative charge cooling effect advantage of ethanol fuels should be more/less brought to parity with gasoline due to the enhanced atomization from direct injection.

@George C. Take a look at the political shennigans that are keeping Methanol blends similar to E50 or even E85 from coming to the retail pump.

Chemically methanol is almost identical to ethanol and offers the same economies and Octane equivalents. Instead of using corn to make ethanol, we could be using low grades of coal (which we have in huge quantities) or natural gas (which we have in vast quantities) to make methanol. The Chinese just last month announced the construction of a huge plant that will make them the number one producer in the world.

Methanol requires few changes in the distribution pipeline and its blends can be used in Flex Fuel vehicles.

So who's blocking it? Senators from the Corn Patch, that's who. Write your Congressman.


I only hope you will us the true this time.
We all know that you are a Ford guy and you don't always tell us the true which reporting about GM

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