Recall Alert: 2008 Ford F-250, F-350


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said it will open up a preliminary investigation to review several reports it has received regarding 2008 Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty pickup trucks.

Five complaints (of the 340,000 sold) allege the steering linkage could potentially break in some way, leading to a catastrophic failure.

One complainant stated the loss of steering resulted in a crash into a parked vehicle. A second complaint alleges a failure in the steering gear box resulted in a loss of control and departure from the roadway at 35 mph.

NHTSA has opened a preliminary evaluation to gather information to assess whether the vehicles in question contain a safety-related defect. The complaints cited above can be viewed at NHTSA under the following identification numbers: 10497982, 10462146, 10389703, 10331743 and 10284402.

For more information, call NHTSA's vehicle safety hotline at 888-327-4236 or visit



wow, 5 complaints out of 340,000, is this even news worthy?? I'd say hats off to Ford based on this

It would be if you were the one going off the road at 35 MPH or you were in the parked car that was hit.


I'd bet they were probably modified with oversize tires and a lift kit. I would like to read more.

Where can I find the video of the Super Duty’s going down Silver creek? I want to see it flop around like the Tundra did in the Ford propaganda videos on YouTube... You know, since both trucks use the "inferior" C-channel frame...

At least these 5 POS didn't light them self on fire HAHA!

@johnny doe,

I'd wish it did catch on fire, only if you were in it.

I thought that this sort of thing didn't happen to SFA trucks, Frank? Better keep an eye on your truck.

Who names themselves "Frank is a Troll." We have trolls admitting themselves. That is great. Johnny TROLL you are next. Oh wait, your other name is "FRANK IS A TROLL." I got it. Way to go TROLL!

My V10 is just fine, I just did an oil change. Thanks for asking!!!


Ford should change their name to Forod FIX OR REPAIR OR DIE

hey nitro the people on here crucify Toyota for less than this. the huge recall from 3 years ago that included 15 million cars that Toyota VOLUNTARILY recalled was from 6 complaints of "sticky" pedals NONE EVER stuck. That shouldnt have been news either!

Recall Alert? Did I miss something or is this actually a NHTSA review?

Ummm, it does not look like this is a recall, just an NHSTA investigation. And 5 out of 340,000.... shouldn't that be like the number of these that would break anyway? I mean ideally nothing breaks but in reality that is a 1.470588235294118*-5 failure rate over 5 years. That is actually pretty darn good I would think, I am not a manufacturer or engineer but I would think that 5 in 5 years is the number of "if it rattles this way specifically, and it is driven just right like this, etc" that would fail be natural occurance.

And yah, I too am interested in knowing if these were lifted trucks.


Is this about the pitman arm shaft? I have heard of a number of failures. I notice a lot of Super Duty owners use those Redhead aftermarket steering boxes.

F R A N K =


Tie rods wear out and break. They've been doing it for the last 150 years. That's why they have been listed in owners manuals as an item that should be inspected on an annual basis. I guess owners shouldn't be held liable for not following their maintenance guidelines.

@Big Bob - It's the steering box. I broke one on an F-350 when I slid into a boulder. I knew something had to break, and I was able to muscle it into town.

From what I've seen, the steering box is weakest link in the system and likely for a good reason. If it had been a ball-joint in the steering or suspension, I would have been stranded in freezing temps, in the middle of nowhere.

@rpw, can you say pinion nut recall? Your guts and glory are sitting still unless your ring/pinion are workin'

I used to work for a Dodge dealer and I can tell you I have seen way more than 5 Ram 2500-3500's towed in due to fractured steering parts. 2006-2012....and actually two of them were 2011 Ram 2500's, one was towed in smashed after a tie rod broke and the guy hit a tele pole, he got a new truck out of the deal because his truck only had approx 5000 miles. Guts, Glory, Ram a pole after something seizes or breaks!!!!! LOL sorry Dodge people i don't hate, just love Ford

340,000 F250s & F350 sold in 2008? Yeah, sure.

No surprise here! Ford builds the weakest one ton trucks offered today.

"340,000 F250s & F350 sold in 2008? Yeah, sure."

Believe it TROLL. That is how much GMC sells in a whole year.

My friend and father in law drive a ford pickup they have the same problem one front tire get used faster ,ford dealer said they hit a cement curve the problem they never hit nothing...and my brother inlaw is ford front disc need to be replace after 23'000km over heat is not hard on the brake,and he pull nothing,????

How many total pickup trucks did Ford sell that year?

Look it up TROLL! It's time you FIND THE FACTS!!!!

what is the deal with this dude named frank and his troll-like posts? such anger and rage. must be his time of the month?!

My linkage broke in my F350 a few years back. Since then I've tried to take it easy on the truck and only haul a few groceries from time to time.

Frank, there is definitely something wrong with your brain.

"My linkage broke in my F350 a few years back. Since then I've tried to take it easy on the truck and only haul a few groceries from time to time."

See? Ford's are nothing but grocery getters. This says it all right here.

Ford sold 515,513 pickups in 2008. IIRC, 40% of Ford's sales are HD's. That would put them at 200,000 units.

5 reported cased on trucks that have been on the road for 5 years.

This kind of story just fuels all of the brand bashing that goes on.

Recall or Investigation threads should automatically have closed comment sections.

I hauled one weeks worth of groceries home in my Super Duty last week and it broke out all of the leaf springs. Talk about weak. These trucks are not even durable enough to haul groceries anymore. A Hemi RAM will be in my garage soon.

Fords are so weak even grandma is changen back to CHEVY'S! Ford days are over they are junk.


@Matthew John: and if you had worked at a Ford dealership, you would have fixed alot of balljoints. Since 2003 to about 2006 model years had alot of issues. Come to think of it, the 2003 and 2005 F-150 had alot of crap go wrong, so did 2006 F-250s. And 2003 to 2006 F-350s. Atleast they had decent transmissions, and heating and cooling systems, so if you got po'd about the 5.4 spark plug issue, or the anti lock control module for the brakes, or the sorry balljoints, you could cool off with the good a/c.

Source?: Msn autos reliability. Look for yourself.

But people just liked to say "I got a King Ranch!" and didn't bat an eye at reliablity.

They also have had a few issues with Crown Vics police cars just loosing their steering totally. I personally know some Missouri State Troopers and Deputies in Missouri, they don't miss Crown Vics at all, the only Charger complaint I heard was the air dam drags some when they cut through a median. It doesn't stop them.

All manufacturers are the same. Lowest bidder gets parts business after the manufacturer talks them down and doesnot pay for 120 days. They all have had recalls. Trucks have had all kinds of problems all of them.

TRX-4 My 05 FX-4 is still going strong. I bought it new in the middle of 05 when my new version 04 got totalled.....hit broad sided right front by a Chevy 2008 3500 truck with dump body slammed me head on into a full size ups truck, with a quad straped down in the 5.5 foot bed. My pass. and I walked away. The engine and trains did as designed and went under truck, not into truck. The Chevy dump flipped on its side, and the ups driver was in critical cond. I felt bad even tho Chevy dump driver at fault. Needless to say I got the 05, it has a dealer installed supercharger, towed all its life, and now skyjacker lifted, still going strong with 160,000 miles. The only thing that EVER failed was the alternator at 95,000 miles and the transfer case at 138,000, understandable given the hard supercharged life this truck has lead. Now it is my hunting/mud truck and my new baby is my 11 Ecoboosted FX-4. So far with 51,000 miles the only things I replaced were four tire and all pads/rotors front and rear at 50,000 hard miles. And actually I used to work at a Ford dealer and we did not have too much trouble with the more than the Dodges......less......WAY LESS than the Dodges came in.

TRX I do have to say tho, I do not hate MOPAR products, so take no offense. I like them all really. I just have a lot of experience with Ford, as our family farm/riding stables has 9 F-series with 6.0, 6.4, 6.7, 5.4, 6.8 and all decent. Our two 6.0 trucks have over 200,000k towing miles, one 6.4 has 145,000, our 6.7 has 80,000 already, 6.8 has 330,000 on it (that one had a new trans at 180,000 miles) but all have been great. We even have an 11 XLT 7700 ecoboost with 70,000 miles and still a beast. No oil usage or anything out of the ordinary. I do also own a 2012 Chrysler 300 3.6 8 speed ZF trans equipped Touring. I love that car. It is the bees knees. See, I don't hate MOPAR. Dont get me wrong, we have done ball joints on a few of theese trucks, but with the mileage we put on them and the hard lives they lead, all the time, for we pull horses all over the East Coast. We haul cars and trucks and whatever clients want us to tow with them, and they get beat to hell, and they just keep on rolling on. No fires either (knock on the barns wooden walls)

Come to think of it, of all of the towing and hauling I have ever done in my short 32 year old life (there has been a lot) the only scare I have ever had was driving a 2010 Ram Dually 3500 6.7 6 speed auto truck. The hydroboost failed coming down rt 309 out of Tamaqua PA and I lost steering brakes and almost some feces! I stood on the brake pedal with all my might I could muster from my 175 pound frame and steered as hard as I could (thank god I am very physically fit) because I barely got that truck stopped and narrowly missed rearing a rig. Just saying. That truck had 40,000 miles.

oh and i made a was a 2004 Chevy dump 3500 that broad sided my 04 new bodied F-150 before i got my 05 and 11. LOVE FORDS!!!!

As the manufacturer of the SuperDuty steering linkage I was surprised to read this post. We had not been notified of a potential problem. Checking the NHTSA website, we found the steering gear is under investigation, not the linkage. Perhaps should do a little better fact checking before uploading posts.

I have been waiting on a steering box for 11 months for an 08 f250. Ford still has us on a waiting list to get one. We have tried aftermarket boxes but there not that great either. Does anyone build a heavy duty box to replace the O.E.M. ?

I have a 2008 f-350 with 6.4 DSL. Steering pulsed when going around curve at highway speed since truck was new. April 2014 couldn't keep on straight road at 50 mph. Took to dealer, They flushed power steering sys. Worked OK for 2 months. Same problem. Returned to dealer, replaced power steering pump. has work for 3 months. And now same problem. Called Dealership ( Omera Ford, Denver, Co) Service Dept has never heard of problem or Complaints to NHTSA. Now truck is at Diesel shop. Mechanic knows of 4 other 2008 trucks with same problem. $1500.00 just for better parts to fix problem.

Guys, be aware of what the article says. The 5 are the ones that were reported to have caused accidents. The other 340,000 are still faulty, including mine which cost $1038.00 to get replaced.

Dodge had way worse recall then ford on there 3500 diesel trucks!

Every truck can have A problem, But most of you half witts Don,t no what your talking about. The cuming diesel in dodge ram trucks are built by ford. Also part of the 6&8 speed transmistion are built by ford. so smoke that in your pipe.

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