Spy Photos: U.S.-Bound Chevy Colorado


These shots of the upcoming Chevy Colorado show what looks to be a nearly complete pre-production U.S. version of the truck. Elements like the grille and wheels are reminiscent of the 2014 Silverado, which would make sense for this new member of the family.

However, the need for alterations to this global truck for stateside use along with updating the Wentzville, Mo., plant where it will be built means we're still a long way off from seeing the Colorado at a dealership.

Expect to see official details early in 2014 for both the Chevy and GMC Canyon.

For now, check out the rest of the photos and tell us in the comments below what you hope to see in the finished trucks.

Photos by Chris Doane Automotive





Looks promising, Not sure if I like the Chevy Sonic type lights but otherwise it has good proportions.

My question is withthe 4.3 V6 likely being the top end motor what will be the entry or mid tier levels? the 3.6 is too close to the 4.3 and likely wouldn't beat teh 4.3 in capacity or fuel economy. the 2.5 is fairly weak. I have to assume that this truck will be in the 4400-4700 lb range and that is just too heavy for the 2.5 to be able to do anything. Turbo 2.0 maybe?

The problem with any cheap vehicle for the masses is the conversion of it into an agreeable high end product.

Sometimes it works, but in this case it doesn't. It looks like 'mutton done up as lamb', terrible.

That looks like a lower end test rig. It has a lot of rake and a fairly low stance, so most likely a 4x2. Seems like the frame is nicely tucked up which is a huge improvement versus the old colorado/canyon combo. Hopefully the 4x4 version will have some good ground clearance and be able to compete with the Tacoma. If they do come through with a small diesel, I think they may have a trump card to actually threaten Toyota's hold on the compact pickup scene. The reason why the Tacoma has been so successful is due to a reliable engine/trans package and a very capable and versatile chassis. Even though Toyota still uses crappy drum brakes in the rear on some configurations and hard plastics in the interior. Lately, Toyota has been resting on their laurels and that's what has allowed other competitors to catch up and challenge them in segments that they owned in the 00's. So GM may have a chance with the right setup... but it also has to look good.

I'm encouraged that the Americanization of the styling has seemingly resulted in a better looking truck...At least based on what we can see here.

Any chance of a small diesel?

@Kurt-I read in another article somewhere that there wouldn't be any carry over between the new midsize and silverados so thee 4.3 might not be available which means the 3.6 is the next best gas option. I lke many other am hoping for one of the small d-max diesels preferably the 2.8 since it is doind so well in the global market. I just spent 2 weeks driving around Ireland in a diesel Opel Insignia (Buick Regal) and it averaged an equalialent of 40 mpg mostly in 4th or 5th gear between 40 and 50 mph. If GM puts a diesel in this truck that gets at least 30 mph avg. we will see Toyota, Nissan, and Honda redesigning thir trucks in the next few years to keep up. Which wouldn't be a bad thing.

It looks huge. When will they return to the compact size everyone desires.

This size worked so well for the Dakota didn't it?

What I hope to see in the finished trucks:
Electric motors.

If they could somehow put the Volt's powertrain in this truck, or something similar to it, mark my words, I will buy one. Heck, I might even buy two.

And that's coming from someone who would ordinarily buy a rice hauler.

@Toycrusher The Dakota didn't die because of it's size. It died because A) lack of advertisting B) interior was the lowest quality of any vehicle on the road C) it was the ugliest truck on the road and D) the price was literally the same as the Ram 1500.

Chrysler killed the Dakota by being stupid. The concept of the Dakota had tons of potential.

Why wouldn't the 3.6 get better mileage? Yeah, the 4.3 gets Active Fuel Management. am couldadone that, but there is a reason they skipped it on a V-6.

The Dakota was a hot selling back in the late nineties. Reason being it had a cutting edge design and good advirtising. Chrysler let it fail but lack of updates and technology and an ugly redo.


Why should we care about this LOSER company's spy photos?

GM is not profitable and requires a massive government bailout to keep it running and cover their bad decisions and management!

Why should we have to pay for their mistakes and look at these photos?

@Toycrusher The Dakota didn't die because of it's size. It died because A) lack of advertisting B) interior was the lowest quality of any vehicle on the road C) it was the ugliest truck on the road and D) the price was literally the same as the Ram 1500.

Chrysler killed the Dakota by being stupid. The concept of the Dakota had tons of potential.
good grief your comments are full of speculation and conjecture:
A.) I saw plenty of advertising for the truck, especially in magazines. Maybe you weren't the market for the vehicle advertising.
B.) A lot of truck interiors were garbage then, not just Dodge.
C. ) Total personal preference and hardly a "concrete" reason.
D.) What makes you think this new Colorado will NOT overlap in price with the Silverado? It is a 7/8s size truck - it WILL OVERLAP.


How many late model Tacomas have you owned?

None? Then please shut up!

Someone on Tacoma World mentioned that he worked for the company that designed the airbag sensors for the Tacoma...

He said that they have to fill an order for Toyota by late 2014! Hinting at 2015 for the 3rd gen Tacoma!

@TRX, I think the 4.3 will get better mileage than the 3.6 in part because it has only one camshaft and 12 valves to drive, as opposed to 4 cams and 24 valves. Fewer moving parts! I wouldn't be surprised if the 5.3 gets better mileage than the 3.6.


Just stop typing, you look like an idiot...GM is not profitable? Where the hell you been the last two years? GM has been profitable since 2010 and will only continue to make more money as they continue with the good product.

I don't see what upset you so much about Kurt's post earlier about the Tacoma. If anything, he said most configurations of Tacomas have drum brakes, but actually the reality is that all Tacomas have rear drum brakes. His description seems pretty accurate to me an I drive a 2nd gen Tacoma myself.

The combination of not paying any corporate taxes, not paying back tax payers for TARP or their multiple bailouts...

Robbing the bond holders and GM China having a bumper year, we now have claims of "profit"!

And that’s a model for corporate success? Yeah right...

Boycott GM until the government is out of the auto business!


Identify yourself!

Kurt said Toyota was resting on their laurels when they are not...

Tacoma is the best mid-size pickup! The new model is on its way like I just explained in my post!

GM is resting its laurels!

If GM wanted to they could have had brought this truck here first instead of Thailand or at least around the same time!

But GM had to CANCEL the Colorado for 2 YEARS because they couldn't do two things at once like Toyota can...

Toyota can and is building Tacomas while developing the new model for 2015. Toyota does not stop to rest its laurels like GM!

"Seems like the frame is nicely tucked up which is a huge improvement versus the old colorado/canyon combo. Hopefully the 4x4 version will have some good ground clearance and be able to compete with the Tacoma"

@Kurt, my thoughts too. Looks like they've reworked the body and front end. It's still covered up and it looks 100x's better. They'll still need higher build quality to get it done here in the US. Globally, this truck didn't fare so well against the global Ranger. The US version better have upped it's game. I still think they need to ditch the Colorado name and go back to calling it the S10 or something completely new. And not Cheyenne like I've heard. I went to highschool with a girl named Cheyenne and couldn't stand her. What a cow. Never did like that trim name when I was into Chevrolet's.


@Jake, that would be GMC. This is a Chevy. Don't want the now infamous GovtMoCo badge on your truck? Be a man and buy it with the Bowtie.

@Big Al--I don't know how you can tell what the Colorado in the article looks like until you see more pictures without the camouflage. I will wait to see it before I make any more judgements. My main concern is that they have not cheapened the quality too much. At least this is another choice in the ever diminishing number of midsize trucks. They do need a good diesel as an option, it would be great if it was a D-max.


"This is a Chevy."

Chevy is just the brand. It is made by GM!


Screw Government Motors...

Tacoma is still #1 among midsize pickups!


"Be a man and buy it"

As oxi said...Because some of us are not sleeping idiots like you!

Where does it state bailout in the Constitution?

We should never forget the BS political bailout dictator obama did with GM and why NOBODY should buy their socialist products!

They failed because they made bad decisions, why should the taxpayers have to pay for that?

Proper protocol is bankruptcy court like Hostess just went through not dictator bailout to win votes for elections!

When are you going to wake up?

@Junner, ya here's your GM quality. Seriously, read through this below. I read all the way through! Pages 1-21 and Still nothing done! The customer service people must freak out on a daily basis having to deal with what their company built. Tell me why we saved GMC again? To get more crap like the GMC800 and 900 trucks? There's tons of links throughout that whole thing going back years and GMC still hasn't fixed any of it. Still rusting out frames, bumpers, lines on brand new 2012 models. Still body metal issues. They'll probably rust away within the next couple of years too! Their trucks are junk now. I can only imagine what their foreign designed stuff is like.







-That's pretty telling. I always wondered why GMC is using rocker panels on this and the new Silverado again. Or Sil-ve-Rot-o as someone said. They have a horrible track record with rocker panels rotting right off the trucks. Still using that frame wax apparently too. Sad. I didn't know about the brake lines and the investigation but with all of the other metal problems they have, I'm not shocked. I've seen frames break in half because of rust on the 99-07 models. No doubt they got in bed with China big time around the late 90's. I'd bet most of their subpar steel comes from China and Mexico like everything else on their truck. Gotta love GMC.

Wow, the upcoming Chevy Colorado is really big for a lifestyle truck.

i'd like to see a diesel option, along with a 6'-6 1/2' bed on the crew cab and an eight speed auto. max mpg!

If this concept had a chance of success, trucks like the Frontier, the Dakota and the Ranger (not to mention the last gen GM midsizer) would be flying off the lots. Good luck.

They are acting a little gun shy in offering a diesel. They are making a "Lifestyle"vehicle to compete against the Tacoma.

@ FordTrucks1
Actually the Isuzu version is vastly outselling the Ranger and Colorado. I believe Isuzu owns the factories in Thailand where the Colorado is built.

This Colorado looks more like the Silverado under that Camo than the Thai built Colorado.

@Jake. I owned a 2003 Double cab 4x4 Tacoma in SR5 Trim. So you need to check yourself at the door before making assumptions of the poster. The reason I noted Toyota was resting on its laurels is that they haven't evolved the Tacoma all that much from the late 90's to present. The Tundra in contrast has undergone far more refinement and evolution to match the competition in the half ton category. I had to trade down from my Tacoma to finish college, and I miss that truck even though I drive a 2010 F150 FX4 in crew cab configuration. I honestly looked at the Tacoma and I admire it for its ruggedness and off-road capability, but it still hasn't been refined or polished like all the major manufacturers have done with their half tons. So yes, I'm saying that they have rested on their laurels. Who knows, if this new GM compact scares them, maybe we'll get a proper Hilux here in the states again.

@Kurt - Jake is an Oxi fanboi that likes to stir the pot with blind Toyota fanboi rhetoric.
@Jake - do you actually own a Tacoma or just spend your time following Oxi like a lost puppy?


I said late model...

A 2003 is not a late model Tacoma! That's first gen!

"I drive a 2010 F150 FX4 in crew cab configuration"

So you got a tank...

The Tacoma is a lot better than those tanks! Do not underestimate smaller and lighter pickups!

Looks like Pete (oxi) has again graced PUTC with his presence, only this time as "jake."

As for these spy shots of the new Colorado, this thing looks huge, almost as big as a Silverado.

I agree with jake...

Tacoma can compete against the larger and heavier F150 and the Colorado does exist yet!

colorado does NOT exist yet!

Whether you agree with oxi or not, oxi is a lot more experienced than all of you combined when it comes to off-roading and mid-size pickups!

This model is already being sold in Brazil and other countries, for those wondering about its size, it'is the smallest compact japanese built/based pickup available. Smaller than the Toyota Hilux and Tacoma, smaller than the Nissan Navara/Frontier, the T6 Ford Ranger / Mazda BT50 and close to, but lower height than the Mitsubishi L200 / Triton. Equal in size (based on the same platform) as the newer Isuzu Dmax, in USA you might get a longer bed with the crewcab than in other markets. Hope for a small diesel, as Isuzu has excellent diesel engines.



Why haven't you posted any info on the gm 4.3? Its was already out on autoblog yesterday. On a mostly car info. site before it makes on a pickup trucks site. Whats goin on here?

@George & Jake--Thanks for ruining a perfectly good discussion. The rest of us that want to see the midsize truck market survive would like to see more competition to ensure that those of us who want to have a choice of midsize will not be forced to buy full size. If Tacoma is the only remaining product in this segment they too might be gone. Whether you worship at the altar of Oxi you should be smart enough to figure if there is no competition then you might lose as well. I do not off-road in my trucks and use them for their utility and not as a toy. After Oxi's absense and the rest of the Oxi-morons I was actually considering a Tacoma, but your crap has turned me off as much as the Rambo Motards have with Chrysler who cut and paste all over this site. Maybe you can help kill this site off. I want to have an intelligent informed discussion about trucks and not fanboy crap.

I agree with Kurt that Tacoma could use some updating and if a competitor comes out with a new improved product then this is good for everyone. You would have to be either so blinded by your fanboyism or stupid not to want competition. Competition is good for everyone, even Toyota.

this truck should feature the new 4.3 and probably be cheaper with that engine than a diesel 4cyl version. I would not buy a diesel in a small truck like this when they are only cost effective if you drive a few hundred miles per day. The electrical systems on new diesels because of emissions laws is integrated throughout most sensors on the vehicle so the computer can try to be as efficient as possible, problem is that as soon as one sensor reads a volt reference wrong or is faulty in the integrated system you have a mess that few diesel tech's can fix mostly not the ones at the dealer who will be doing warranty work. I have read numerous engine tech diagnostic demos from top mechanic schools in which the best of the best technical diagnostic professors have a hell of a time finding exactly what is wrong, and in doing so it takes months and thousands in parts on 2010 and up diesels mostly the beloved cummins too! I love diesels!!!!!! really wish I could buy one but the truth is I work to hard to have time to go to a dealer for warranty work numerous times because the truck is a diesel. if I towed more weight I would have a diesel in a large truck like 3/4-1 ton but the 5,000 I tow gas works fine especially in low speed city stop and start for a few minutes tops type work. Gasoline variants are basically bulletproof are snappy and have plenty of power. Hopefully the new ecotec3 4.3 will be in this truck it will be legendary in my eyes! that is only if gm builds a quality vehicle overall of course. just for reference I have watched many halfton chevy trucks with 4.3 liter engines with close to 300k miles, with a plow rusted to the front pull into my fathers shop for maintenance. they are very reliable in certain years. I have a few family members that own diesel garages and are hugely successful in the upstate ny area, my father owns his own shop as well I worked for him for 12 yrs. I just wanted to point out diesel is for certain people they are and can be awesome, but they aren't as good as a really powerful v6 with gobs of torque that burns a cheaper fuel and shouldn't have a problem in the first 100k of its life in a truck like this, not in America the beautiful 2013. if you are from Europe or Australia please don't take what was said to be directed towards vehicles built in eu,au, etc. just America.

ps. I want a 2013 ram 3500 with a cummins so bad it hurts! just cant justify the purchase with all that know to be true!

Yes, Toyota is resting on their laurels. I took them 8 model years to do a very mild refresh for the 9th model year. Currently there is not any official information about a 3rd gen Tacoma as far as I know. Correct me if I'm wrong. I do like my Tacoma a lot, but it is far from perfect. I do hope this Colorado will do well so it will create some more competition for Tacoma and Frontier, so us consumers can benefit from that.

@Jeff S,

Yes,this site has gone down hill,especially with jealous dolts who always mock Mopar/Chrysler/RAM non stop ! Such as yourself.

For many years on this site people put down Dodge RAM trucks,yes they did,then some people started to stand up for RAM and the jealous Ford/GM/Toyota people couldnt stand it,as the facts are RAM has a better residual than GM or Ford better brand reliability and in Canada RAM is the most reliable truck around,facts that make non Mopar fans resorting into name calling for RAM/Mopar vehicles,such as you did. What a shame your jealousy/ignorance ruined this site.

As you did in your post,you are part of the disintegration of this site and society as a whole.People today are narcissists,who post every mundane detail about their life on Facebook (I dont have a facebook account or even go to it) who cares what the meal you ate looked like or the sunset looked like today,some things should just be kept to yourself,as people cant comprehend today and this society is going down faster than a GM truck !

Just like the jealous people Ford/GM/Toyota fans cant comprehend the fact that their brand of vehicle uses a Chrysler HEMI in Top Fuel,yes Ford cried and said we want to pretend the 426 HEMI motor is really a Ford,so they all slap GM/Ford/Toyota emblems on the valve covers of a MOPAR HEMI and call it their brands,another reason I detest GM/Ford/Toyota they cant come up with a reliable 10,000 plus h.p engine of their own,MOPAR RULES Ten-Fold !

Remember,do a burnout its good for the environment as another Mopar Brother said !!

Why does the exhaust pipe wrap *under* the axle?

I am sure this truck will have a small market as some people are smaller in nature (shorter) and cant fit into a fullsize truck,or just a bad driver who are scared to drive a fullsize.So their will always be a market for smaller trucks,but just because a truck is smaller doesnt mean it will be better of fuel.

Its probably a good market for older people who cant climb into the height of a fullsize or women who are scared of the size of a fullsize.Or a small man who just isnt big enough for a full size.

**So,some will be offended because I am not politically correct,I just speak the truth,something rarely done today ! You should be ashamed of yourself if you were offended.Now go do a burnout,and dont let Johnny Law or the Nanny State ruin your life,stand up and be a man,or woman.

Nevermind. Photo is too small. Larger shots on Truck Trend shows it to be heat shield for the spare tire... http://image.trucktrend.com/f/52719474/2014-Chevrolet-Colorado-rear.jpg

The question is, "what do you want to see in the new pickup? I would like to see round wheel wells, am/fm radio, AC, power windows, vinyl flooring and a small V6 that gets great gas mileage. Oh yeah, a garage door opening button.

Wow, we have Rambo trolls and Oxi legacy trolls working the same thread. Talk about pathetic.

Back on topic, I do hope that this truck is a credible challenger to the Tacoma. I'd like to see Toyota get slapped around to force them to be competitive.

@saidtospreadknowledge - interesting post but gassers have a sh-t load of sensors that can throw off the ECU.
How can a diesel be more complex than a DI twin turbo V6? If anything, I'd think that they would be comparable. In many respects, one would think that a diesel would be less complex because it doesn't need to fire spark plugs.


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