Video: 2013 Ram HD First Drive and Impressions

RM013_021TH II

We drove some heavy machinery with gigantic trailers and heavy loads in order to test the new Ram Hds to their extreme capabilities…and we survived just fine. Check out our video and see what we think about the new three-quarter and one-ton pickup with their new power train choices, all-new interior, and cool features.



Anxiously awaiting another round of the Hurt Locker.

model years may be a problem. GM is likely to have the 2014 available before any comparison can be arranged.

Looking at the tow ratings that Ford backed away from......
It looks as though the ratings can be deduced by third party. Timing acceluration times, and braking distances is nothing new for you guys. Why not do your own ratings comparison that the companies were afraid to? I know only Toyota stuck to the rating system. BUT it was ford that blinked first. Ram and GM were ready to go, but since their major competitor didn't use the voluntary rating system neither did they. Makes sense, Why give your competitor a stationary target?

Any body else notice the big turn-around in attitude for Mike since he jumped ship to Ford? Sure didn't take him long to turn into a company drone/mouthpiece. Can't say I care for the new Lavene, sounds just like every other corportate drone.

Hurtlocker this year will be really interesting! But then again maybe Ford will use the magic dust and increase the output without changing anything but the software...

On a side note, why not use a professional camera crew to make the shots steadier and smooth transitions? Even the colors look way too pale in brith sunlight.

Since when is 'OFF' a "setting"?

Anyways, this proves to the 'full-size' hate alliance and pro 'mid-size' pickup trolls that bumped-up full-size payload & towing are NOT arbitrary, random #'s. New, stronger frames and suspension plus aftermarket trans?? Then there's increased cooling not to mention, lots more HP/Tq and engine braking???

There are those who like to put words in other people's mouths. To the best of my knowledge, nobody has ever claimed that payload and towing are "arbitrary". In fact, this video (and that individual) has clearly proven that changes in running gear and drivetrain CAN and WILL change those figures for either towing or carrying (but not necessarily both).

Oh, and "OFF" has been a setting ever since electricity was invented. I seem to recall many times when people have claimed they wanted the ability to manually turn a certain 'feature' off on their car, truck or other device.

How many of you can manually turn Traction Control OFF on your big 4x4s?

When you modify a truck with 'progressive-rate springs', and 'tuned shocks',
"pay load" & "towing" don't necessarily increase, physically or otherwise. In fact, they'll decrease. It's the same with suspension/body lifts as well as stabilizer-bar and suspension-link mods designed to increase articulation.

When it comes to the ridiculously high GVWR/GCWR of Australian mid-sizers, there's absolutely nothing that justifies the almost doubling of US mid-size-pickup payload and towing.

Denver...why do you hate advancements in the pickup segemnt? There is a saying: "if you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got." Improvement and advancements in the pickup segment are not something to downplay or make fun of. Its making life better for those of us that use our trucks like trucks should be used. I will never complain about trucks getting better GVWR/GCVR ratings or more technology to make them better. Are you stuck in the 1970s?

DJMcE, You totally misread DenverMike's posting.

They need a 4 cyl turbo diesel that puts out 225 hp 425 ft-lbs but gets better mileage

Mark Williams and his team should thoroughly investigate and update us on these 2 issues on the new Rams: electrical problems with the new 8.4" NAV units, and the DEF sensor operation.

From the last blog:

Nice trucks, but have you read the issues they are ALREADY having on the Cummins Forum with the 2013 HD RAM. Only out 2 weeks at dealerships and already had to give a customer a new truck after his 8.4 Nav unit fried. Many others having DEF sensor issues. Growing pains for now.

Posted by: Snowman | May 18, 2013 12:56:05 AM

Any warranty problems with your new 2013? - post here


Since I had to bring my truck to the dealer for some warranty repairs, I thought I wouold see if I was the only one that has had these problems.

Upon delivery, one of the Blue LED lights in the door did not work: corrected by dealer

At 1228 miles my Engine light came on while on the interstate: Dealer reset it and said they could not identify the problem nor could it be diagnosed over the Uconnect.

Several times during my last haul the Radio and HVAC controls would act up: Lost my Sirius subscription twice, a/c come on and not shut off even with the hard controls. Fan speed would run up & down, screen blank out. I knew something was up so I had the dealler check it and showwed them a video I took of the problem in action. Dealer tryed to check it. They said when they hooked it up for diagnostic, the radio completely failed. I'm waiting on a new one that was ordered as I type this post.

At 2072 miles I got an EVIC warning saying "Exhaust Filter 100% Full, Drive at Highway Speeds to Remedy" Odd thing was I had been on the highway for 10 hours straight when this happened. I punched the throttle one good time and it cleared the message. The dealer said they didn't see any sign of an issue and was checking to see if these 2013 trucks regen when the exhaust is 100% full and tell you, or regen like the previous models unseen. He said he would have an answer to tell me and his techs sometime today. Can anyone answer that?

Heres a couple of pics documentating the issues


I know these new radios are causing all kinds of havoc on the (Ram) 1500s. There are guys getting their radio replaced because the radio is leaving a light on and causing the battery to drain over night... As nice as these new radios are, I think it's going to take them a while to get the kinks worked out because they're integration into the rest of the vehicle.


Replacement radios on backorder with no idea of a ship date. Climate control wont function until its replaced. This might get ugly. Holy $h*# I'm bent


Talked with the owner of the dealership yesterday. He said that they have had lots of problems with the new 2013 8.4 radios in all of the vehicles that they are in, with dozens going out since release. He confirmed that they are on back order with no known ship date. He contacted the zone rep about having a replacment shipped to the dealer from the factory, and is checking this morning to see about swapping one from another vehicle to use until that replacment comes in. He stated that it appears to be a "hardware" issue and not a "software update". Hopefully I can get back on the road soon. My truck has been idle at the dealer for 8 days now.

Posted by: DT | May 18, 2013 1:29:35 AM

Mine is in the shop for the second time right now. Both times it has come up and said exhaust system service required see dealer on the evic display. First time goin in they cleared code and said all sensors read correctly and sent me on my way, exactly 1 week and less than 100 mikes later the message was back again. I took it back and they are now putting an exhaust temp sensor in it hoping that will fix the problem, until then at least they gave me a 2012 3500 to drive around, probably not gonna be happy with the 800 miles I have put on it in two days, but it nice comparing the 12 to the 13 I did the exact same trip in both trucks and the 13 used 2.2 less gallons of fuel on a 230 trip, I bet the stock tire and height 13 guys must be real happy with there's even mine with the 37's is doin better than a stock 12, couldn't be happier with that.

Cummins Forum

Posted by: DT | May 18, 2013 2:29:54 AM

Well the radio in my "2nd new 2013 truck" had a blank screen yesterday. It reset after I stopped and restarted the truck. Then last night, it lost its Sirius subsription. Spent 1.5 on the phone with Sirius, finaly got it back on line by them sending a master reset. Lost all presets, favorites, and Travelink. Darnit. This is exactly what the radio started doing in my 1st 2013 truck before it had its final meltdown. Called the dealer this morning and will have them check it out.

My first 2013 is still sitting in their lot waiting on a radio and the inside of that truck smells like an electrical burnout. SMH, I sure hope they get these radio issues fixed quick and come up with a solution.

Posted by: DT | May 18, 2013 2:32:29 AM

The satellite antennae on GM trucks is for Onstar. Ram doesn't have Onstar or anything like it, so NO, Onstar didn't have anything to do with the design. Ford has satellite radio, so does Toyota and Honda and they didn't copy GM's design or placement, only the POS ram did.

I don't care what Ram does with their trucks they'll never beat GM in sales, not in anyone's lifetime on here. Wait until GM and Ford have their opportunities to update their HD trucks, Ram will be sitting in their usual spot, #3 out of 3. Are these trucks nice compared to the usual crap they've been selling for decades? Yes. Will it ever be enough to dethrone Ford or GM? Hell no. If these Ram trucks are having the electrical problems everyone is complaining about, watch out, the word will spread fast among potential customers and cost them millions in sales. GM's Duramax is a proven beast, no way they let a Chrysler product beat them at anything. At the end of the day, a pig is a pig, no matter how much lipstick you slap on it

No Guts
No Glory
Defective Truck
Ram Sucks

Posted by: Chris | May 18, 2013 9:49:06 AM

There is no way I would ever buy a new truck with any of those gizmo's in it anyway, why do you need a 8.5 screen anyway? this is a truck, use it as one!, I would either buy a 6spd manual truck, or nothing, if I bought a Ram, but so far, from what I have heard and read and seen, if I was to buy a HD truck, it would be a Chevy/GMC with the proven Duramax/Allison trans. as I have heard of no such problems with them, and I would also buy it as a W/T anyway not some rolling electronics store, it is bad enough all vehicles are controlled by computers as it is, as all of these vehicles sold today, will not be able to be "fixed" or restored in 25-50+ yrs. and the only "old trucks" folks will be restorering in the future will be stuff made before any computer controlled eras!

Hey Chris, are you familiar with the sales of pickup trucks in Canada? I'll give you a hint, Ford is ahead and if you put together the GM twins they barely sell more than Ram. Ford still can't EcoBoost work right.

@ Mark Williams

Anyway you guys can put up another video or post on how the truck ran while towing and hauling. I'd love to hear that new exhaust break also. Don't know about you guys but I love the brute grunt of the 6.7 Cummins its like no other.

Hey TRX 4 Tom, are you familiar with the sales of pickup trucks in USA? I'll give you a hint, Ram is behind Ford and GM trucks. Ram can't even past 7 year old model GM truck! By the looks of it Ram can't get their DEF or radio or other junk to work right.

lol really kid? how old are you man, if you don't like the Ram trucks don't read the post its that simple. I read Ford and Chevy post you don't see me on there crying ? are you really this upset cuz Ram took Fords thunder, or is it Chevy you like. ? All three are GREAT trucks. All three have there PRO'S and there CON's . There has been a lot of new problems with the new 6.7L Powerstroke. and also reason Chevy can't beef up the Durmax again is because the Allison cant handle it. Its not made for that much torque. So they have to get a bigger Allison. I mean come on man. either your a 9 year old or your a man acting like a child. grow up. Stop hating on post and starting problems.

Please and thank you
have a great day sir.

@DJMcE - I'm all for advancements. What do you think this articles is about?? Although the gadgetry and infotainment, I could live without. And do!

Except we should hold "personal" trucks of all sizes, especially 'highly modified' to the same standard measure of (payload/towing) safety as commercial trucks and full-size pickups used commercially. And every pickup and SUV used 'For Profit,' and anywhere near their payload and towing limit, should absolutely be under the same scrutiny as 'full-size' pickups are, by commercial inspectors.

But does any of this mean we should forsake the safety guidelines provided for us regardless of what's exempt from commercial scrutiny?? This includes knowing to subtract from the GVWR/GCWR label, any and all added weight of aftermarket and other accessories. Of course, over and above, passengers, gear, fuel and other fluids.

If I ask you what your fully packed, and ready to hit the road, combination weights, before you load up the family and dogs for a trip over the Rocky Mountains, are just going to 'shrug' then head out???

And having breakdowns aren't much fun. Most cooling systems aren't designed for much more than the minimal load. Never mind a steep grade on a hot day.

I don't want to ruin anyone's fun, but let's consider all things before we buy, or head out for adventure. Consider the legal implications of having an accident while overloaded. Ignorance is no defense..

These are pickup trucks, not transport trucks. 30,000 lbs, that's getting a little ridiculous. It might have enough power to pull it and the chassis strength to hold together... But that doesn't mean anything if you can't stop it. I would be interested to see how long the truck brakes alone would take to stop all that weight if the trailer brakes failed... Especially if you were traveling down a grade.

I was just wondering if there were any problems with the 6.7 ford motor. What kind of problems they having? I haven't heard of any. I actually know a couple guys that have multiple 6.7 fords for their businesses and they seem to really love them. I know it's kind of off topic but not really since it's a direct competitor of the truck in this article. Wouldn't surprise me if the above post about all the ram problems is true. I probably say it too much but my ram has had so many minor issues it is just crazy. Seemed like such an amazing truck for the first 20k.

Correct .Even HD Pickups are "Light Duty" in respect of MDT/HDT's They were never engineered to carry 30,000lbs on a daily basis. The Stopping aspect is a concern I notice with people who use them regularly as RV haulers.

ill take a plain jane 1 ton reg cab aisin. ruber interior, steel wheels, and fm radio, cd player and good speakers would knock my socks off! now if it would just run without a problem for 100k straight you got a winner in my book. time will only tell if those new ball joints will hold up better, and if it will not go through u joints as fast as they normally do.

I don't care what Ram does with their trucks they'll never beat GM in sales, not in anyone's lifetime on here. Wait until GM and Ford have their opportunities to update their HD trucks, Ram will be sitting in their usual spot, #3 out of 3.

- I RESPECT Ford! SCREW GM. What's a GM??????? NOTHING SPECIFIC???? Only GENERAL?? YOU can BARELY outsell Dodge with 2 trucks! You can HARDLY touch Ford!. PATHETIC. And I even LIKE CHEVROLET. The OLD stuff anyway. GovtMotors SUCKS and so does their AMERICAN TAXPAYER FINANCED GovtMoCo Sierra.

GM's Duramax is a proven beast,

- STRUNG OUT like a Rubber Band.

moparmadness, you do realize chysler was also bailed out by the government right? Then sold off to fiat, which is italian owned. I would rather have an american owned truck than an italian owned truck. Ram = italian, no matter how you spin it. Gm is still american owned...... for now.

Italian is good, They helped Chrysler bring out some really innovative product like the new v6 Diesel in the Jeep and soon to be Ram.

Too many of you seem to mistake a computer for a radio--it's not, even if it does have radio reception capabilities. It IS a computer and it IS subject to all the same kinds of issues any other computer will have--including defective components and poorly assembled circuit boards. You'd be surprised how a single cold solder joint can freak out a system like that. Worse, because it is almost always an intermittent problem, it may take months or even years before the true cause of the problem is discovered. As a former engineering tech for an automotive diagnostic tools company, I helped to resolve a serious problem by simply changing how certain components were soldered to the boards. That device went from a 99% failure rate to about a 5% failure rate in the course of about two months. I have also repaired some of my own cars by simply resoldering all the connections on a suspect board.

Arguing about "Progressive Rate Springs" is senseless when the arguer has no knowledge of the original springs' capacities vs the progressive springs' capacities. Same goes for shocks and other components. Sure, if you exchange one as an exact equivalent of the other you won't see any difference in load capacity, but if the progressive spring is rated higher than the original then the load capacity is higher as well--simple logic *which the video above clearly proves.* Of course, changing engine, transmission, gearing or any combination of the above could improve the towing capacity as well--though with a Jeep's short wheelbase you also have to look at the leverage of the load behind the rear axle.

Nice looking truck,my next truck will be a RAM 3500 Dually !

Hey MoparMadness d bag you're beloved Chrysler mopar junk has been bailed out and help out by the US government two times in it's history! So if I were you I'd shut the hell up to stop looking so god damn retard!


Realizing that the company would go out of business if it did not receive a significant amount of money to turn the company around, Iacocca approached the United States Congress on September 7, 1979 and asked for US$1.5 billion in loan guarantees. Congress reluctantly passed the "Chrysler Corporation Loan Guarantee Act of 1979" Pub.L. 96–185 on December 20, 1979 (signed into law by President Jimmy Carter on January 7, 1980), prodded by Chrysler workers and dealers in every congressional district who feared the loss of their livelihoods. The military then bought thousands of Dodge pickup trucks which entered military service as the Commercial Utility Cargo Vehicle M-880 Series. With such help and a few innovative cars, Chrysler would manage to avoid bankruptcy and slowly recover."

Lets not forget bout the 2008 bailout Ram = government Motors if you want to push the issue you dumb a$$!

government Motors


"Arguing about "Progressive Rate Springs" is senseless when the arguer has no knowledge of the original springs' capacities vs the progressive springs' capacities. Sure, if you exchange one as an exact equivalent of the other you won't see any difference in load capacity, but if the progressive spring is rated higher than the original then the load capacity is higher as well--simple logic *which the video above clearly proves.*"

Building a truck to perform off-road, contradicts increasing on-road payload and towing capacity. Progressive-rate springs are meant to give a softer ride, but even if they can support more weight, it takes much more than that to increase payload and towing, physically speaking. No different than solely adding overload springs/air bags. OTOH, here's what AEV had to say on the subject:

"The overall goal was to not only build a lift, but to create a fully tuned suspension that would enable a lifted JK to outperform a stock one in all driving environments. We think we succeeded as AEV-equipped JKs not only have more wheel travel than stock ones, but can out corner them as well – and all without compromise to safety, practicality or comfort."

The drivetrain remains stock and any weight you add, takes away from the already negative payload. No, you need to drop weight to increase payload. And I heard NO mention of upgraded cooling on the Brute DC 350. This includes engine, engine oil, trans or power steering cooling. I also heard ZERO mention of upgraded brakes. I did hear about Brute DC 350's 35" tires, up from the approx 32" stock Rubicon tires. These give you even less payload and towing, not just by virtue of added weight, but effectively reduce the original 4.10s to what? 3.55s? And obviously gives you less braking than stock tire's diameter.

Despite adding tongue weight to an already dangerous truck, "towing" is the only way to AEV recommends for hauling real loads. Upgrading and building a 1/2 to 3/4 ton truck out of the Brute DC 350 is a possibility, but once you're done, (although not legally) you'll have a heavy monster that defeats the purpose of the surefooted Wrangler you started with and you end up with this:

"Same goes for shocks and other components."

Tuned shocks can help stabilize a load, but what other components increase hauling capacity? The lift kit? Its skid plate? Bumpers, winch? The more weight you add, the more payload and towing capacity you lose.

What are the other components that are changed and upgraded on the Brute DC 350? Gear ratios? Steering box/rack? Steering links? Ball joints? U-joints?

"..though with a Jeep's short wheelbase you also have to look at the leverage of the load behind the rear axle."

What "load"? The bed is there for looks ONLY and hauling a "real" load borders on criminally insane.

@RobertRyan - No doubt, if you're towing a max 30,000 lbs daily, you should absolutely step up to a MDT. You should upgrade any LD or MDT that's anywhere near 90% capacity, daily. But a MDT towing at even 50% capacity is heavily dependent on its trailer brakes to stop safely. An 80,000 lbs semi would also have a hard time stopping without trailer brakes. so?

Rob is using another straw man argument agains the American full-size trucks. Who says you have to use it daily and daily at the max? I don't see anyone making that argument. I just think Rob has a chip on his shoulder about over-inflated numbers on Aussie mid-sizers.

Someone on here was saying (incorrectly) a little awhile ago that a global Colorado has a 5,400 lb payload rating. These mid-size freaks are nuts. Totally one sided. You can't teach them anything.

Hmmm. It seems one person can't even read the articles he quotes--where it says the upgrades improve comfort *and performance* on all road surfaces. He then turns around and attempts to contradict those specific words by throwing a lot of technobabble that means nothing without knowledge of the original and modified conditions of the vehicle.

MEANWHILE, RAM, Ford and GM have proven that variable rate springs, while they do make a softer ride, have no negative effect on overall load capacities as each truck they build gets higher GVWRs even with those variable rate springs and few, if any, other visible suspension changes.

Look again at all the specs for these recent trucks. Whether they use leaf springs (typical of heavy duty trucks) or coils, the mere addition of a light-weight leaf or two or a more stretched coil for a turn or two can give that soft ride while still offering more support with the remaining leaves or turns. In other words, as I said before, without knowing the stress values of the original components and the replacement components, you can NOT make an arbitrary statement about how the end product will perform, and AEV specifically states "... to outperform a stock one in all driving environments."

@Vupine - No, said:

"even if (the coils) can support more weight, it takes much more than that to increase payload and towing... No different than solely adding overload springs/air bags"

That's the part you're not getting... What little (if any) payload and towing (tongue weight) the AEV coils may add, it's not enough. And nothing else was done to address payload and towing. Zero upgrades were done to the drivetrain, frame (except stretch), axle ratios, brakes, bearings, steering links/ball joints, U-joints, cooling, etc.

Did I mention "brakes"? Yes the bigger 35" tires dramatically reduce braking and cut the 4.10s to an approx 3.55 ratio.

So if the AEV coils springs are stiffer than stock and do support a bit more static weight, and no different than overload springs, here's what this "overload airbag" vendor warns:

"IMPORTANT! For your safety and to prevent possible damage to your vehicle, do not exceed the maximum load recommended by the manufacturer (GVWR) ...your Air Helper Springs™ may allow you to carry too great a load... it's best to have your vehicle weighed once it's completely loaded and compare that to the max allowed"

In the case of the AEV Brute DC 350, don't bother... AEV is telling you it's already overloaded (5,400 lbs curb weight, vs 5,448 GVWR) as you drive it off the lot...

These are common sights for our friends from "Down Undah", so I don't know what Rob is getting so worked up about:

In case of the overrated GVWR mid-size pickups in OZ, pulling full-size 5th wheels, it shouldn't come as a surprise they love the 4X4 low-range, or "4Lo", to get started from a standing stop, on steep grades.

Looks like every truck in your links had the pin well behind the axle, are all trucks there shortbeds? Look at the tires and nose high attitude, those trucks are severely over rated.

The Allison transmission never has issues? WTF? That's why my girlfriends son in laws transmission has issues-it's about a 2003-2005.
I have another friend with a truck he bought new, suprise, the Allison needed work.

Is everybody so wound up on a single event in which to judge a 3500 truck? (Hurt Locker?) Do people even realize a Chevy 3500 takes forever to turn (poor turning diameter) and a F-350 couldn't even stop as good as the 2012 Ram.

@Johny duh! Ram will be catching GM in the states. Matter or monthes, maybe a couple years.Oh, I know you don't care, but which sells more in Mexico?

Get of the dpf, solve one of the problem

@Denver|||Mike: Maybe you should show some better examples; none of those links really show anything wrong. Different, maybe, but not one of those pickup trucks looked anywhere NEAR overloaded AND close examination of the photos showed the kingpin was much closer to the axle than tom2 describes.

Also, please stop putting words into people's mouths (statements). Your line, "... it shouldn't come as a surprise they love the 4X4 low-range, or "4Lo", to get started from a standing stop, on steep grades," is inaccurate. Rather, one manufacturer suggests that as a recommendation to improve towing uphill and low-speed maneuvering at the campsite. Nowhere does it imply that "they love it".

What worries me is some 80 year old with a pacemaker/defibrillator will buy one of these things, hook a 30K camper/toy hauler to it and take out a bunch of people while wailing down the interstate at 65 mph.
I usually see a few crashes every tourist season in large RV/Trailer combo's because the operator is driving well beyond their capabilities.
This tow war will end when a huge accident does occur and true to form, the idiots who caused it and the unfortunate victims will sue the automaker since no one is ever responsible for their own actions.
Law makers will step in and create a huge bureaucratic mess for the rest of us to wade through.

Nice trucks and impressive capacities, great interiors and features.

@Vulpine - I didn't say anything about "kingpins". Obviously, you don't have to LOOK overloaded to BE overloaded. The Double Cab AEV DC 350 pickup is proof of this! And overlord-springs and load distribution does the rest.

Using "4Lo" on public streets, in extreme conditions, is nothing new. 4Lo is really an AWD set of 'granny gears". I used my F-150's 4Lo to pull a 40' diesel-pusher motorhome, stuck exiting a strip mall. Now a mid-size pickup pulling a 12,000+ lbs combination, from dead stop and up a steep incline, is EXACTLY an "extreme condition".

4Lo is extremely handy anytime you need big burst of torque/leverage with AWD grip on the street. It's common knowledge and here's how another forum explains it:

"4-Low will also help you tow those larger than usual payloads if you are having trouble tugging the weight in Drive or 4-High."

sigh, more gadgetry and distraction. why wont people drive any more? why is dodge abandoning their manual transmission? i want to haul as much as a single axle semi and row the gears too! why cant i do that, Chrysler? you don't seem to have any problem putting all that responsibility on computers, that have to react to human input. why the middle man? did the lawyers tell you it was safer this way? at this rate why are you even putting a steering wheel in there? or is it there for entertainment? like on the kiddie car at the shopping mall.

All trucks are getting MORE complicated and the Government Emmissions Regulations are getting tighter. I have a 2006 RAM with a 5.9 and 215,000 miles so far. The only repair I DID was the Water pump. $50 and a little time. Other work is normal wear and tear like Brake pads, rotors, oil and U-joints, etc.
I like all 3 Ford, GM & Dodge but prefer the Dodge RAM.
I have the original transmission and drivetrain including the Cummins.
All 3 makes...They all have problems.
The sad fact is the price keeps going up on these trucks.
Quit bickering like children on a playground and appreciate the American Big 3 for still being around, no matter how they made it so far.

Snowman, DEF issue here at 830 mi after hauling trailer (light) and using jake brake. Truck cracked up! First, DEF warning light to go to service. Truck was surging from stops, felt boggy, and loud/fast ticking before haul.fluid was dripping off the DEF line.. DEF 100% full light /bring to hwy speed msg came on. Brought to dealer & they found nothing. No engine light. Thought trash was in filter from bad fuel. Took apart and nothing. Oddly, stopped dripping. Denied dripping..till I showed some pictures ;) Sent me home. 3 days later, June 29, Dodge releases computer update "fix". Nobody calls me..hmm. Again, truck starts surging from take off stops, lugging when you take your fool off the throttle at skow speeds, can hear the truck idling up and fast ticking, can hear a noise under the right side of the dash inside the cab, truck feels boggy and it's burning DEF fluid up. Just like before. Right after pressuring it with a trailer load (but no jake brake). And 100 % fill light comes on at 55mph and goes through it's own regeneration. Feels funny, but I have no warnings. Engine light in 30 minutes. Bam! Back to. dealer who informs me they had computer fix for weeks and never called. Yes, non-warranty work. Engine light had to be "on". They will take the truck through an update and reprogram it to fix the problem. Not sure if it is totally fixed. We will see. By the way, I never set up my Uconnect. Only Sirius.

Brought a 2013 Dodge Ram Sport and have had radio issues from the beginning. It's an intermittent issue with the radio changing to the Media icon/Auxiliary on the screen then changing back. Sometimes it would change back immediately and other times it would stay on the Media icon for a few minutes. It seems worst in the city than the highway. On the highway it would occur occasionally but in the city it's seems to be continuous. Example driving 2 km, it would switch back and forward about 8 - 10 times. The dealer has replaced the radio but this didn't solve the problem. It so annoying that it's not worth having the radio turned on. It's back to the dealer. Anyone having a similar issue????

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