Video: 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500 Features

  Silverado Video Lead II

We've spent the last few days crawling all around and underneath the new Chevy Silverado half-ton, as well as getting behind the wheel of Silverados equipped with the all-new EcoTec3 4.3-liter V-6 and 5.3-liter V-8.

Thankfully, Chevy had quite a few versions for us to sample.

With seven trim packages (more than this model has offered before), the 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500 offers more work, play and high-tech options than any truck-loving GM buyer has seen before. Here are just a few of the highlights we found to talk about.



Just love the features, Its really cool. :)

Such a Great Looking Truck, we have performed out competition in the past and will do more easily now. For those who have been dissing this beautiful truck, it's not our fault you drive a Tundra or Ram.

Can't wait to leave you stuck in the mud once more, let the comparision test begin...

We have out performed our competition, over and over!!!

Can't wait to trade my 2011 Chevy work truck in for one of these new Chevy trucks!

I WILL be buying a couple. I guess the summer they will be ready.

I hope you can see the hood and not the wipers.

Can't get over the ugliness of it, A box has a more lines then the front of this truck. Wouldn't want to take it off roading, you probably can't see for at least 15 feet in front of the truck.

In this pic you can see how the seats are sunk and how how the dash is. You can barely see out the window. Front looks cramped. Probably because they needed more room in the rear. Class leading or #2 interior? I don't feel so.


A Toyota Camry could handle that "off road" course for the journalists. son's powerwheels truck would go through that water. Give me a break.

This is a gorgeous truck. Easily the best looking truck for 2014. Lots of great space and usefulness, good looking, great fuel economy, V8 options, nice axle improvements...just a nice overall package.

Unfortunately, if history repeats itself, it's just more GM poorly engineered unreliable garbage. Cheap cheap cheap but with a quality-sized pricetag. No thanks.

Viewing from ipad and these videos never appear. :(

Jason, has more front leg room than '13 and more shoulder room. You will have to wait and sit in one, if you are in the market for a new truck. Frt door is shorter, not sure about that change.

Interior is good. Center stack now looks like the ford, dodge and toy...not as good as the SLT '13...the instruments look good and easy to read at a glance...will miss the light/dark titanium

Sounds like the drive train will be better with more TQ and HP, if you are a gm guy this will be a good upgrade. Sounds like they have the 6sp sorted out and now hill descent.

No mention of the new seats and comfort or not. My '09 seats are great. will test drive a GMC for trk or Camaro with 09 trk...will see

WX, not sure what truck you drive but my 09 SLT has been very, very reliable. I take it on rough ranch roads (much worse than the video ranch roads) and still no rattles no repairs. Only warranty work was a mirror. As well with my GMC sub with 350,000 miles.

I'll be looking forward to see what they come out with for their HD models. It looks like that have taken a page from Ford and come up to speed

Nice truck overall. Its about time for the chevy guys. I really like the way the hood almost opens itself, will come in handy for sure.

Why did they add that dashboard cover on the dash? I imagine all kinds of dirt, dust and bugs will get stuck in there and around the crevices. They should have just made it a smooth solid piece.

I like the LED lighting combined with that bed liner, but I also have one worry with that bed liner that has to do with the fact that it's quite obvious water WILL get trapped under it. Simply put, how long will the bed itself last under that liner?

Most drop-in liners have a reputation for rusting out truck beds extraordinarily quickly. My own 1990 F-150 seems to be an exception for multiple reasons, only one of which is the fact that the bed also had a cap over it, helping to keep rain and spray from even getting into the bed. The other is that despite almost 12 years of being in the Rust Belt, It was only very rarely driven and sat under a lean-to for most of that time. Prior to that it operated in south-central Georgia where the roads are almost never salted and inland enough to escape the salt winds off of the gulf. In other words, the bed is practically pristine as is most of the rest of the body.

Personally, I think a spray-in liner would serve better for the bed's longevity. I also think a second box length should be available for the extended cab version since they have a total of 4 box sizes available.

Then again, since I don't like full-sized trucks anyway, who's going to listen to me? Hmm?

Watch the video at 25 seconds.

At 25 seconds into the video you can see the hood opens itself, but the damper does not work properly.

The hood opens fast and then flops up and down at the end. The correct way is for it to slow down to a smooth stop like I have seen on the Fords. I have not checked out the Ram.

The damper on this 2014 Silverado was not desgined correctly from the looks of this video. It is a minor thing but these little details that make the difference. On the tailgate you can see how the damper is supposed to work.


The damper is adjustable. They call them bump stops. They thread up and down. Just means they were not adjusted at the time. This is typically done as dealer prep. I know when I bought my truck they forgot to do it and the hood vibrated like you know what.

Did they paint the frames Mark? Or are they still using that cheap wax crap that falls off after a year? My 900 Silvy's frame looks like it's been sitting in a saltwater bath since new. The trucks not even three years old yet. Get your act together GM! I think this looks nice but I wanna know if they're skimping on quality again before I spend a dime with these guys again. So are they painted?

More Ho Hum Yawn from GM! Norhing earth shattering here boys!

Don't make excuses - make good trucks.

Make sure they are ready for the press preview.

He who excuses himself accuses himself.

@ DW Fields: What do you mean, 4 box sizes available? Did you mean to say 4 wheelbases/lengths? Because that's what there is now:
Reg Cab 6.5'
Reg Cab 8'
Double Cab 6.5'/Crew Cab 5.67' (same WB/length)
Crew Cab 6.5'

But yes, I'm a little bummed too that the extended cab will no longer be offered with an 8' bed. I always thought I saw more Ext Cab 8' Silverado 1500's than F-150's or Ram 1500's. GM probably is hoping everyone who had/has one now will replace it with the new Crew Cab 6.5' bed.

looks they almost caught up with ford and ram, not real impressed, ram and ford still have alot more to offer

What is with the grade braking? my 20011 has it, I guess the only diff. is on mine you have to have the tow/haul mode on, it gets to be a pain with the cruse control set though, unless I really need it while towing in the mnts. as I does help save the brakes, and while I mention the brakes, although I have had no problems with the brakes in the rear, (drum), I have just installed the Baer Rear Disk brake kit, (over $600), and the difference? not much, and does not seam to be worth the extra $ I spent on them, but I have not had to stop very fast in the mnts. yet while towing heavy, as I believe the drum brakes were quite adequate after all! know I will have to replace the fronts with the same type of kit when the time comes, but with over 40K on the brakes now, and not showing any wear, it will be a long time, and how much shoe was left on the rears? plenty, I just like the fact I have 4 wheel disk, that is all, but in all honesty, I do not feel it was worth it, maybe on a track or while autocrossing, but I do neither.

@All American "we have outperformed the competition, over and over"

WHEN has a Chevy 1500 outperformed anything? Gas mileage? Oh, yeah, lets use 3.08 gears and at the frst sign of an incline, downshift city! Why you can even tow with that 3.08 gear, in top gear, how great, towing with a 2.05 final gear, might as well tow in 5th! @ 2.64 or so gear ratio! Since GM lets their trucks tow in top gear. And when they do that, they will hunt gears. Even the 3.42 geared trucks tow in top gear, wow, you can tow with a 2.28! Wow, bet that doesn't stay in 6th gear too long at 55-60 mph anywhere hilly! And what if a person wanted bigger tires? Like 20" or 18"? I know, GM also sells these with smaller tires. Now, I wonder how those smaller tires do in an autocross, when the truck has a load on it? Hey, they want to say they have a high payload, lets see if it can really produce. Most of us remember what happened to the Ford in that 30K shootout, great mileage, poor handling because their little Hankooks that say A/T on them, lol!

So GM must be holding the 6.2L numbers until they're ready to annouce the what the new gas HD will be rated??

I think the truck is nice but, what the hell is wrong with the rear bump ewwhh...2 large holes on each side?? wtf? must have run out of banker bail out money!




TRX-4Tom: I am not sure what the EPA and Chevy does for the MPG testing, but with your post of all the #'s of rear and gears, I will tell you with my Chevy with the 3:42 gears I get 16-17 city and 20-22 hyw. all the time no problem, and as far as towing goes, I regularly get around 14MPG hyw, and 12 in them mts towing a 7K trailer and hauling two adults and 500lbs of gear, one time I had the trailer and 2 HD's in the bed, (1200lbs), and never get less than 12mpg on the trip, and that was at the CGVWR, now I will tell you this was at the speed limits, and I never have to get anywhere in a hurry, so be that as it may, this is the mileage I get in the real world, I can not say what a Ram will get, because I do not own one, or travel with anyone with one, but my cousin has a Tundra reg cab 4x4 5.7, and he hauls and tows much the same as I do, and while I am not saying I have the power his truck has, I can say I get from 2-4 MPG better than he gets on the same trips we take with both trucks and trailers, this is in the real world, and roads in the mountains.

We will be ordering 3 GMC Sierra's ,love the new interior and square ,tough truck look.

I love watching all the Ford and Dodge boys sweating!

@Greg: Nobody is sweating! We are too busy laughing at the front end!

@Sandman: It's always best when they do side by side comparos, I can remember you saying you get 16-17 city when they ran the Ram in Chicago, apparently it was in much tighter traffic then what you call "bumper to bumper"

Because I can run around Springfield Missouri and get 16-17 all day long, if I don't get goofey with the gas pedal.

Everybody thinks their mileage is better.

14 mpg towing a 7,000 pound trailer? Well, it counts that it's an AIRSTREAM, not some design that catches alot of wind. What do you have for wheels and tires? I know the tires I had on my 2006 Silverado 4x4 were Good Years, thinking STs, that were nothing good off pavement.

Hand calculated? Or the lie-o-meter? At what speed? You live in the northeast, right? Can't sy I been there much, went to Ft Dix once. Pretty flat land there.
I have no dea how the speed limits are there.

What is you take of the mountains? Can't say I have been on them, as I have little time in the NE.

I know where I am is pretty hilly, and I know my 2006 Chevy 5.3 310 hp alum block with 4x4 ext cab 265/70 17s and 3.42 gears, was no better in these hills then my much heavier 2010 Ram quadcab 4x4, 5.7, 3.92 gears, LT275/70R17 taller tires with more plys, more options, more stuff, (My Chevy didn't have skid plates, tow hooks, running boards, mudflaps, a console-more weight, a tonneau cover, folding flat surface seat, and barely any luxory items,- then there is the fact Chevys are a lighter truck to begin with, yet the little Chevy had to work it's ass off to get up hills.

Granted the 6 speed would help, but the thing couldn't stay in top gear so long.

It was great in Kansas though. 19.5 mpg@75 mph.

So lets see how they really do in a comparo, everbody has their version of whats hilly, whats city, and so forth.

@Greg - "I love watching all the Ford and Dodge boys sweating!"

What ever floats your boat, but I'm sure that most of us do not want to hear about the fact that you like to watch sweating boys.

Isn't that sort of thing against the law in the USA?

This is a nice truck, but I'm sure that you and Bob will find some obnoxious way to make it less appealing.



I love to watch hot and sweaty men toweling off after a hard days work!

Then again, since I don't like full-sized trucks anyway, who's going to listen to me? Hmm?

Posted by: DWFields | May 9, 2013 12:18:10 PM

The Small Pickup Alliance will listen to you. The SPA will be listening and we will be meeting on this website everytime there is a small pickup truck post.

Big Al from Oz has been nominated President of the SPA.

Our goal will be to keep the small pickup market alive and demand new and better products for small trucks and that is good for everyone and hopefully this will be accomplished by meeting here as the Small Pickup Alliance.

This truck has just caught up to the pack welcome to 2011.


Do you still have your Prius?

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