Video: 2014 Chevy Silverado Impressions

_MG_1490 II

Our second video of the all-new 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 focuses on our driving impressions. We had the chance to drive several versions of the all-new, all-aluminum 4.3-liter V-6 -- now with class-leading torque -- and 5.3-liter V-8. Both offer direct injection, cylinder de-activation technology, and variable valve timing.

In the name of full disclosure, we only got a single day with the trucks…but to its credit, Chevy did hold the event at a 1000-acre Texas ranch that offered us a moderate off-road course, the chance to tow several good-sized trailers and three trucks loaded with payload. 

There is a boatload of new equipment and information to digest so we've tried to distill the highlights for you in the video. Read our First Drive report for a more thorough report.

We'll have much more to say when we get this new General Motors offering together with its segment competitors. For now, enjoy our video.





Bigger... Mirrors... PLEASE.

I agree that most of the complaints are with the interior. The column shifter looks massive and sticks out like a sore thumb.

Well, I read the whole thing and I didn't see anything that causes me to want to trade my 2011 Tundra 5.7 for a 2014 Silverado, even with the 6.2.

To me it's seems like more refinement of old tech, old engines, and old concepts. It seems more evolutionary than revolutionary.

After DOHCs, why would I want to go back to pushrods?

The more Mark says With each new video and remarks makes me to want to switch my whole fleet in the next 2 years. And I DO NOT WANT a floor shifter!!!!!!!



I really don't understand the column shifter complaint. I rather have space in the console then a console shifter.

has the interior of my 08 Ram 3500HD....and love the school zone sign at the end lol

The more I see of this new truck, the more I like it!! Ya, nothing wrong with the column shifter, my 2013 F150 has the console shifter which looks cool but there is FA for storage too.

I gotta say. I did not think I would like this truck as much as I do. GM, you did a better job than I ever expected. It is Chevy all over but much better realized than the last truck. Just fits it's space better and looks like fewer people trying to screw it up than last truck.
And if the drive train is solid and the seats are as comfy as Mark said then I may for the first time in two decades have to go on a Chevy lot and test drive...that is so weird.

Nothing wrong with a column shifter, but I think they should maker the Console shifter an options like on other trucks. I personlly prefer it after having one.

Summed up, so far most of the reviews I have seen have said, Nice update, but the Ram is better.

@ Highdesertcat,

Your Tundra is old tech,Dohc engines are old ,old tech...Not really newer than a Pushrod !

Dohc engines are not new,they are as old as a pushrod,Sherman Tanks had dohc as did some 1910 cars were dohc engines,so your dohc is old,old design..Though Electric vehicles are the oldest technology.Pushrods are not really much older than Dohc engines.

You dont notice the difference between dohc and a pushrod while driving,except in the real world Pushrods in trucks are more reliable,more powerful and get better gas mileage,and less parts so less maint issues,as the Tundra already had cam problems.The Hemi beats the Tundra 5.7 also the 6.2 beats them and the 5.3 is a squick as a 5.7 Tundra and the 5.3 gets better mpg as does the hemi gets better mpg then the Dohc Tundra (remember the Tundra is some-what quick because of its low rear gear 4.30 axle ratio,but not quicker than a Hemi with 3.92 axle ratio)

You can get more power from a small engine when dohc,but a V-8 has more power/relability with a good old push rod,than the good old ancient technology dohc !

It just boggles my mind the ignorance of people,they dont think dohc engines are as old as a pushrod,your tundra is old tech,just polishing a turd my friend,polishing a turd ! Toyota admits their products are turds by slapping TRD on them,aka TURD !

Please no center console shifter. It will remove the storage capacity, utilitarian function and usefulness of this now handy open space . I'm tired of my console shifter. Always having to work around it when grabbing my drink or where i set my cell phone etc. plus i know many ford and dodge owners that have issues with their console shifters. I laughed when that low slung Silverado with the Z71 off road pkg scraped a rock when going through that little bitty stream. wish the chevy had air suspension like a dodge ram. even though one cant get the dodge, it sounds good in theory ! Overall i like all the changes chevy made and will definitely take a look when they come out. The fuel mileage would be nice and i like the options of the gear ratios. Tired of my 4:10 in my tundra, put big tires on it to mellow it out a bit. no choices from toyota on rear end ratios. Again I like all the changes that chevy did to make the truck a lot more useful for what i do with a truck, the rear bumper step, the stake pocket handhold, 6.5ft bed on crew cab, great center console with all the plugs storage and cell phone slate ipad holders etc. Finally somebody listens or the consumer. I like the trailer brake up and high on the left of dash. More useful high tie down points in bed with led lights. Thumbs up for the Chevy from this tundra dude. I like the new interior of 2014 tundra but i'm tired of 13-14 mpg.

stand corrected on tundra rear end. with tow pkg its 4:30. no tow pkg its a 4:10.

I think many of you Tundra drivers have to admit the next Tundra is just weird looking. And the drive train, towing and hauling are not going to get non-toyota people to overlook the oddness. I don't expect their sales to impress anyone.

First day i had my tundra, removed the trd stickers. Its been a good truck and waiting for something better and more utilitarian with better mileage and rear gear ratios. I think chevy may have it. I ruled out the Ferds, since their ac is junk.
In AZ when its a buck 15 out the ac has to work well and ford's dont. those 2 little electric fans and the compressor constantly turning on and off even in max setting doesnt keep one cool in cab even after a 30 min test drive. drove 4 more trucks to make sure it wasnt a lemon. they are all that way back in 2010. Some service depts admitted its an issue. Dodge wouldn't cover a defect in head that led to head gasket leaking even though i complained to local dealer it ran poorly before my warranty mileage expired. Raised Cane with them and they refunded me my last 3-4 service visits which amounted to like $300.00. Traded it for a dodge diesel for a bit payback but dont need a diesel. Never another dodge and look at their own employees doing to the company to help perpetuate bad trucks. no thanks to dodge.
like their designs but one cant find a crewcab 1/2ton with a 6ft bed. they say they make em. hope chevy doesnt do the same thing. if so no problem will keep driving my high resale toyota tundra.

I agree the new 2014 Tundra stole some design cues from each mfg. it looks like a ChevDoFerd ! i do like the interior changes and the rear end of truck. dont like the front much at all. they need to make the back portion of crew cab a bit smaller and give it a 6.5 ft bed and better rear gear ratios for better mileage. That 5.7 engine really sings though. Never run a red light anymore, that thing when it see's a yellow light and i stomp on it makes it thru every time. Though my old gmc from 1970 with a quadrajunk carb and all the mechanical linkage still reacted faster than all this drive by wire junk we have today.

I'm with you about the Ford Compressors. We replace em all the time in fleet and personal. F150 and 250 just overall a good package for what we do. Not sure I'll ever trust everything by wire now.

The more I see this new truck, the more I like it.

I don't like the fact that I can't completely disable the nannies. I'm sure that the lawyers buried deep in the bowels of GM's Renaissance Centre have something to do with it.

If Ford can offer the Raptor with an e-locker that stays in gear at any speed, or disables the stability/traction nannies at any speed, why can't those options be made available to any truck regardless of brand ?

Just add a waiver to the bill of sale if they are worried about litigation.

I hope that you have a video coming up going over the exterior. I read the press release about the new bed they have put on these trucks, sounds as if it has a feature to divide it into "upper" and "lower" sections as well as divide it other ways. I would really like to see a video of this implementation to see how well it would actually work in real life.

Absolutely awesome looking trucks, inside and out.

Looks great, good video Mark! +1 for the column shifter

I personally like the console shifter! And what the hell are you idiots gonna store in that little of a place?? At least with a console shifter it is easy to bump the transmission in neutral on icy roads. 2 of us, one male and one female drive our Ram with a console shifter and have no storage problems. Makes me wonder what kind of garbage the rest of you store inside your truck if you have storage issues! We also don't have the Ram Box on our 2012 Ram Laramie!
Btw I like this Chevy truck. Prefer the GMC look better. But that is just my opinion.

The Small Pickup Alliance will listen to you. The SPA will be listening and we will be meeting on this website everytime there is a small pickup truck post.

Big Al from Oz has been nominated President of the SPA.

Our goal will be to keep the small pickup market alive and demand new and better products for small trucks and that is good for everyone and hopefully this will be accomplished by meeting here as the Small Pickup Alliance:)

I'll first admit to being a Ford guy - but I dont bash other brands. The new Chevy looks not too bad on the outside but in my very subjective opinion they could have made the interior a little better. They need to go hire away the Ford aor Dodge interior designer. Other than that, GMs looks to at least maintian their postion in the market.

Instead of competing with the Raptor, GM should offer a truck with similar lines to the '69, 70, etc. Sort of a modern take on retro pickup. Perfromace oriented. That would be uber cool, ever in a Ford guy's opinion.

I'm with a lot of you. The more I see it the more I like it. Maybe it's because we're seeing real models and not stock photos.

I will definitely look at this truck next time around.

"I personally like the console shifter! And what the hell are you idiots gonna store in that little of a place??"

Have to agree with supercliffy; after having trucks with column and console shifters, I prefer console shifters and will buy trucks with console shifters whenever possible. The console storage question is not an issue for me, but I can see where it might be for some people.

As far as RAM's rotary shift knob goes, um, er, hmmm .... not so much.

I bet the Chevy company guys can't believe what they are reading. Ford and Dodge drivers saying the more they see the more they like it. GM may not deserve this good will. But the design and planning guys do. Now if government motors will get out of the way maybe the sizzle will last awhile.

It's more like lip service. Some like it but not that much and it isn't what Ford and Ram should be striving for.

I still don't believe GM's bumper step is a good idea. You have to lift you leg up to the bumper which is still too high and then twist your bodyover to the tailgate. This will not be optimal for old or disabled people. A straight on tailgate step would have been better.

It will be interesting to see the Howie Long infomercials.

The complaint about the old Silverado was the interior. Here's what Auto Blog had to say about the 2014:

the Silverado comes up short with a cheap-feeling, rubbery dash and arm rest covers. Add in a few unsightly gaps between bits of plastic trim and a slow, unresponsive MyLink screen, and it would seem there are still some specters of the old truck floating around inside.

@Carl - lip service?
A good truck is a good truck regardless of the badge on the hood. When it comes time to replace my Ford, I'll buy what I think is the best value for my money and meets my needs the best.
There are people that will never change brands but if a brand loyal owner of a rival product says that they like a competitor's truck, that does carry some weight.
I agree that the step in the bumper is a poor idea. It will fill up with mud, snow or ice. I like the tailgate step for getting into the box not for reaching into it. Most reach into the box from the side not the back.

The biggest knack for a lot of people on the outgoing GMC/Chevys were the interiors. I honestly feel Chevy has dropped the ball again with the new interior and this will be made all the more apprent when Ford unveils their new interior next year.

Column shifter is fine, but a console shifter is BETTER for manual mode shifting because it's in a much more comfortable position than holding your arm up in the air for a column shift. GM is putting too much stuff on their column shifter.

The 4.3 struggles with 4000 pounds, PUTC's own story says it.
"It was only when towing a 4,000-pound camper trailer that the 4.3-liter V-6 felt a bit pushed"

GM uses the best of both worlds excuse for the 5.3, but it really isn't the best of both because you have to buy a lazily geared truck for decent FE or an acceptably geared truck for lower MPG. Also, it sounds like it will be or sound like 4 cylinder 75% of the time.

Wheel wells don't fit the round wheels, and it looks like somebody accidently doubled the order of headlights and they just decided to go with it.

The GM's are better than the old ones, but aren't the best pickups. This is what happens when you sit and wait 7 years between major updates instead of the current 3 years. I am looking forward to the 10 speed though.

Lou, No offense to you but I feel Johnny is misreading what is said. I'm not talking badges. Some like some things, but not enough. PUTC ripped the Silverado by saying this is not what should be strived for by either Ram or Ford, and the one thing PUTC did not cover that GM ws supposed to fix (the interior) was ripped by Auto Blog. All GM had to do was make it right but apparently they didn't. This is shocking.

"GM is considering offering a deployable step on the side of the truck in the future to make access easier."

That quote was from Truck Trend's first drive.

Where is Howie Long now?

@Carl, yeah mocking a competitor for having a feature that GM didn't have was kind of like Ram bragging about not requiring DEF. Makes them look silly in the end.

what Auto Blog had to say about the 2014 interior:

the Silverado comes up short with a cheap-feeling, rubbery dash and arm rest covers. Add in a few unsightly gaps between bits of plastic trim and a slow, unresponsive MyLink screen, and it would seem there are still some specters of the old truck floating around inside.


I can't find the report, but I swear remember reading the same thing from PUTC about the 2007-2010 interior, but now with the additon UNRESPONSIVE (no response) Mylink screen.

GM is scrubbing youtube of the videos of Howie Long trashing the man-step. He said it was like a "jump shot" and the deployable side step "did not fix the problem." Video has been removed. lol.

I like Silverado's bumper step better than the ford girly man step. bumper step is easier and faster!

This is funny wy they fund a problem only exist in you head,wy a car company don't do the same ting is bad,wy a company decide keep the same engine is bad specialy if they do better ,don't told me ford they have a better truck or more tech..they only truck have more tech is the new ram and now gm??

@Matt, I agree with you on the interior. I like the new interior and the dash seems fine to get them by a year or two but they could have done better. I agree with ya on the floor shifter too. As I said the other day, getting out of our 150 and getting into my 250 is weird now. I prefer the floor shift hands down. They should have made it an option on all models except the strippers. I don't like Dodges dial shifter though. Keep it on the floor. I bet Chevrolet does a quick update on the interiors.

- I agree and disagree on the body. I think they did an awesome square body tribute here! But I liked the 73-87 square bodies. I grew on on them. I agree in a sense though because outside of that 1 model, square wheel wells usually look bad on anything but a Jeep. Chevy's just haven't looked good with squares since the 80's. The 90's were ok. I'm glad Ford and now Dodge got away from them. Chevy's best looking truck was still probably the 67,8,9,70,1,2 models. Square body lovers like myself will love this like I do. If you're over the squares, you might not.

- I completely disagee on the engines. I'd rather have a standard pushrod V8 in both of my Ford's. My 250 has the 5.4 and my 150 has the EB 6. They run fine, they tow fine but Ford would have been better off refining the 302 and 351's like Chevrolet did on their smallblock. Yes, if I could wave a magic wand and have a 5.3 or 6.2 Chevrolet SB in my Ford's i'd do it in a heartbeat. I wouldn't even think twice.

Honestly the truck seems to be getting worse as the details come out

The interior was the ONLY thing that had to be fixed according to buyers but has not been fixed according to some of the first drive reviews.

It will only be available in a 5.3 crewcab at launch. This is so limiting.

It still has the old 6 speed.

If I was in the market for a truck right now, I would have to pass.

Typical GM Redo, enough to barly catch up to the comepetion, but nothing new or overly exciting. I'm sure it will be enough to keep the GM Diehards happy but I don't think its a game changer by any means.

For the only configuration that is available at the, the 5.3L crewcab, is that with a short 5.5' bed?

If so, that would be another legitimate deal breaker.

I know they have a 6.5' bed coming, but Ram also said one was coming but more than a year after the reveal nobody has seen one on the lot.

If I was in the market for a truck now, I would just have to wait or pass. If I was a hard-core Chevy buyer, I would consider it only after the 10 speed is released.

@Carl - sorry, I did misread your comment.

I get the vibe from most sources that GMC may of done a stellar job on the new trucks compared ONLY to their GMT900's. If you compare to the competition, they've only matched everyone when it comes to drivetrain, and still are well short on the interiors.
I love the looks of these new trucks but that is subjective. It will be interesting to see how well they age.

I don't get why they think towing 5000 lbs is light. its not I do it every day and it puts a strain on a hemi it knows its there. so if a 4.3 can do it fairly easy like the older hemi why isn't it raved about? especially when there is no 8 speed transmission to help it. if this 4.3 had a 8 speed transmission you wouldn't need anything else. im impressed with the 4.3 I wish they updated the transmission to a 7 speed with a creeper gear to get the load moving better. or they should have a set 4.10 the 4.3 could have ordered with it. I also think that they should start looking at putting smaller v8's into the hd 3/4 reg cab long box. or even this 4.3 with a 8 speed in a reg cab long bed 2500. that's a truck I would have tomorrow. I think about that all the time with the eco boost in the f250 with a reg cab configuration that would be something I would want but there is no reason not to do it unless it isn't as good as everyone says it is.

I get it, the interior doesn't appeal to everyone. I agree, I think the center stack looks like it's giving birth. However after owning it a little while, how pretty the radio looks will be of minimal importance. What will matter long term is the seat comfort (new dual density foam), quietness (universally praised) and headroom (highest number I've ever seen). Function over form.

The corner step isn't as flashy as Ford's man step, but on a daily basis I think it might be more practical. Corner step might be simple and obvious, but it doesn't take 20 seconds to set up and another 20 to put away. Unless you have limited mobility, nobody would bother unless you are going to be making several trips. I would think the majority of the time getting in the bed it goes unused.

Wow a v6 with 305 ft lbs of torque that is impressive. when dodge and ford only puts out about 263 and 273 ft lbs.

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