What We're Driving: 2014 GMC Sierra 1500

2014 Sierra II

This weekend we'll be getting our first taste of the 2014 GMC Sierra 1500 with its upgraded chassis and suspension, three new engines, much quieter cabs, tons of new safety equipment and all-new interiors.

Yes, many of the same improvements and changes we just saw on the 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500 will make it into the full lineup of GMC pickups, but GM has been promising for a long time that these new trucks will offer more separation and styling differences than ever before. We'll see.

Among the coolest things we'll be doing with the new truck will be towing a 28-foot Airstream to some California coastal camping. We'll have a full report next week.


looking forward to it! Airstreams look cool, but way overpriced.

Those headlights don't look as bad as they do in the press photo's. I like that grill much better than the electric shaver grill on the Denali.
Why would they have squarish headlights, square driving light holes but put round driving lights in the holes?
looks odd to me.









Yes round lights in a square hole does seem odd, but what about the people that think they need to make all those negative comments?

I think Hemi should tell us what he really thinks. By the way I believe that Fiat wants to own a 100% of Chrysler so they will no longer be an American company.

Yep, good ol' blue collar american ingenuity. I'm so, glad we shipped GM overseas to china. those poor struggling Chinese slaves I mean cheap labor, I mean " we all should make scarifies sometimes for the collective in-betterment of our allies. " I don't now where ya'll come from but, back home in Kenya that's how we do it!

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You manly Dumobrats are Cute!

Go GMC power, I love new small block is best ever!

"GM has been promising for a long time that these new trucks will offer more separation and styling differences than ever before"

I still don't see it. At least the current generation has different bed sides. These new ones seem like identical twins except for the number of headlights, shape of the grille, and interior ambient lighting color. At least in a Ford you can switch up the ambient colors and not be stuck with the same one.

Couldn't of said it better myself lol. Most of the stuff that this new truck has other trucks have done already. Other then the engines and a few tech upgrades whats different an inch bigger crew cab lol what a joke! When is the new Tundra gonna b tested!!

So far the reviews have been excellent. Ford guys are mad this means these trucks must really be good. Perfect timing with these new trucks with fords latest ecobust problems and all. 400,000 ecobust units pending recall!

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General Motors Open To Exporting Vehicles From China To The U.S., Says GM China President


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Wouldn't it be nice if people learned in school "if you don't have something nice to say don't say it at all". The maturity level and manners of some of you is less than what is tolerated in a kindergarten class. I really wish that this site had an employee to monitor the comments and delete the ones that do not add to the discussion. Sorry about my rant but I have just had enough.

I am going to guess that it is not going to drive that different from the Silverado since they have the same mechanicals and only cosmetic differences. I always figured it never really cost GM that much money to have both lines as the most money for R&D was shared because they are so similar. They way people at PUTC complain so much about 2 truck lines you would think that Chevy is OHV and GMC is OHC, Different Trannies, Different Axles, Different wheelbases, Different Cab Sizes and Chevy is Fully Boxed and GMC is Open-C. Since both trucks sale more than the Tundra. One truck is a solid 2nd place and the other is a solid 4th place considering the only changes to the 3rd Gen Tundra were cosmetic from the 2nd Gen Tundra I would guess they are mostly the same and do we really need a story to tell us that. If Toyota turns a profit which they say they do with the Tundra I am very sure GM is turning a profit off both lines if they do like Toyota and know how to properly mange the GMC line. If you like the more upscale look for each trim level buy GMC or if you like the more rugged look for each trim level buy the Chevy but is really the same no matter how much they say try to differentiate the two truck lines.

The GM twin's projector style headlights are outdated and kill the 'look'. The Sierra is usually the better looking twin, but this time it was attacked by the Ugly Stick.. Both their headlights look 'Vato Zone'.


It was the aftermarket that 1st brought on HIDs and cateye trends, decades ago. It's time to move on. It'll take the aftermarket, to the rescue the look of the 'twins'.

That's one good thing about the Atlas concept:



Unlike yourself, I don't believe in a top down authoritarian picking and choosing comments. The idea that if you don't have anything nice to say doesn't apply to comments sections. A person posting here can criticize anything to their heart's content. I also believe that the lies of the many liars that post here should be exposed, and as such things will not be nice. The employees here need to stick to their primary mission which is putting out info, not wasting their time monitoring comments. You need to toughen up. The world isn't all sunshine and roses.

I hate to say it but the reason the headlights look better here is because the picture is out of focus. lol.

@Lou--Good observations about the round lights in the square openings, but overall the Sierra does not look bad. I remember being told as a kid not to put square objects in round holes, so should this rule apply in reverse? I prefer the new Silverado. Nothing wrong with the looks of the new Ram or F-150.

Not much to do with this article. But interesting for the V8 crowd.

If Chev can get this engine into a pickup it would sell more.

Not a bad engine from GM. Not a bad car either, one step up from the new Chev SS.

I've read that this engine might come in a Maloo ute as well.


Not much to do with this article. But interesting for the V8 crowd.

If Chev can get this engine into a pickup it would sell more.

Not a bad engine from GM. Not a bad car either, one step up from the new Chev SS.

I've read that this engine might come in a Maloo ute as well.


Sorry, I more or less posted the same twice. The first comment didn't appear to work.

Sorry, I more or less posted the same twice. The first comment didn't appear to work.

I wonder how many EgoBurst owners will see the light and own one of these far superior trucks. Yea I didn't mention Dogs Toyoduh or Tituhhhhn on purpose. Nobody really cares what the minority does anyway.

@JeffS - overall, it is a good looking truck. The projector head lamps give it an almost human quality to it or have I been watching too many Transformer movies?


Where will you be taking it? I am in CA, ordered a new GMC Sierra 4 weeks ago and am DYING to see one in person! Any chance I could swing by for a quick peek??
Email me if it's possible! :)

It looks to me like they took parts from several different trucks, put them all together and tried to make a single truck out of them. No continuity. No flow. Ugly. Again.

Hey Hemi, I read jealousy in your comments. Stick with your problem ridden Rams. Heater cores, Hemi manifold bolts breaking off, ball joints needing replaced every 60,000 miles if you are lucky. Owning a Ram pickup is a good hobby if you like working on the same problems over and over.

@Greg - nah my RAM runs like top dog compared to the GMT-900 (sliverado). I hope these new GM pickups have been given a smoother transmission than the last ones (lol) because people are gonna have problems with them. The new RAMs are great trucks much better than the outgoing GM trucks. I really like this 2014 GMC though if they improve on the trannys, suspension, overall performance i'll consider a 2016 don't want bugs in mine + I hope they drop a baby DMAX in that thing.

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To the real Mark Williams, I'll be looking forward to the full report!

IF this truck doesn't have the 6.2, what is the point?

Same truck as the Chevy that just tested with a different front clip.

Too many negative comments that have nothing to do with the article itself but are self-promoting jabs for or against specific brands focusing more are pure opinion rather than any real facts.

First off, I'm going to agree with Alex (the first commenter) about the results of the camping trip with the Airstream. Personally, while I don't like the price of the Airstream myself, you do have to admit they are extremely durable and more aerodynamic than most--they are worth the price. Until you've towed one and camped in it for a while, you probably will not appreciate its differences.

Second, I agree with Lou on the appearance of the non-Denali version of the Sierra; the grill doesn't look as "fake big-rig" as Chevy's or Ford's and the singled headlights help to taper that big nose to give it a slightly more sleek appearance, even if it's no different aerodynamically from the Silverado. But still, it is a Road Whaleâ„¢

I you like the looks of the 2013 you will probably like this truck, looks pretty much the same other then the front bumper has a differant shape.

@PUTC - Hi, everyone I just wanted to announce me Tom Peters (life long partner) are celebrating the new GM pickup trucks together by getting married this weekend. So, I will be Mrs. Jeff Peters now. I'm very glad to have been on this prestigious project on 2014 Sliverado. I look forward to future developments with the K2XX truck format.



NO one cares to hear from a dodge boy, soon to be a fiat JUNK, terd.

@Tom - why are you bashing Dodge? my truck isn't fiat garbage. who cares about what you're saying anyway, just stay on topic (GMC) forget the trolls. If you like GM the best why are you defensive about it? shouldn't your loyalty transcend other peoples suspicions? The truth is everybody hates dodge because we're winning right now, it doesn't mean your truck sucks so relax already. Tom theres always 2015 Motortrend's truck of the year, don't beat yourself up!

The only way GM can escape alive, is to phase out their V8's and get the lightweight diesel dropped in the Sliverados. GM just doesn't possess the needed technology to compete with the upcoming Ford & RAM (2015 & 2016). Their engines might be reliable designs 10 or 20 years ago but, CAFE standards like them or not, will ultimately push pickups to a space race level speed for the highest fuel economy numbers. updates are too conservative for chevy at this point. I have a feeling Ford will lock in to a permeant #1 position with their next redesign.

WOW. Has this site been taken by the drama queens! I'm out.

"Go GMC power, I love new small block is best ever!"

-@Alex, what the hell is this so called GMC power? GMC's always have been and always will be rebadged Chevrolet's. It's more like Chevrolet power. That new Chevrolet Smallblock 5 is a killer make no mistake. However, I don't respect GMC as a legitimate entity. They're a trim badge only bearing the GM initials.

"I remember being told as a kid not to put square objects in round holes,"

- @ Jeff.s and Lou, it's why I prefer round wheel openings. Those 1950's and 1960's Chevy trucks were the best looking pick ups ever produced. I say that as a Ford guy.

The Chevy has rectangular driving lights in rectangular holes, and the Sierra has round lights in a square hole......... Maybe that is what they meant by "brand separation" ;0

Really these juvenile comments ruin it for me. I wish mark would just delete them. I agree with above poster without the 6.2 this is practically just the silverado. You can get an f-150 in different trims more different than a gmc and chevy. I thought they were actually going to make the trucks different but same old story.

I will be interested to see if Mark is honest with us and actually admits that these are practically the same.

@beebe Have you even laid eyes on one yet?

Your mind (for what it's worth) sounds like it's already made up. Your remarks challenge the professionalism and business ethics of Mark Williams, someone you've probably never even met.



GovtMoCo Taxpayer WASTE. NO COMPANY NEEDS 2 TRUCKS! Not on MY DIME! The GovtMoCo SissyBoy Sierra needs to GO!!!! And take Obama with you.

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