2013 Light-Duty Challenge on the Way

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With the new 2014 Chevy Silverado and 2014 GMC Sierra 1500 on the way, the 2013 Ford F-Series looking to break records this year and the 2013 Ram 1500 grabbing more market share, we thought we'd better get all the half-ton pickups together for a good old-fashioned smackdown.

To the best of our knowledge we're the first to pull off a comparison test, so we've tried to collect as much data and information about these trucks as is humanly possible in the time we had them. This job was so big we had to partner with auto experts at Popular Mechanics to help us out. And we're sure you will be surprised by the outcome.

Look for the full story in two weeks. Next week, however, we'll post various action and beauty shots collected during our comparison test to our Facebook page. We'll start with the 2014 Silverado 1500 and 2013 Ford F-150 on June 10, the 2014 Sierra 1500 and 2013 Nissan Titan on June 11, and the 2013 Ram 1500 and 2013 Toyota Tundra on June 12; we'll post behind-the-scene shots on June 13. More to come.

Face Chevy II

Face Ford II


Face Nissan II

Face Ram II

Face Toyota II



Looking at the images above I'm glad GM kept the square fist in the wind look. Not a big fan of the imports that just do not look like truck at all from the front. The Dodge pulls off the aero look much better then the imports also.

But like someone said round fog lights in square hole seems odd on the GMC, but I do like it and never going to look at that from the drivers seat so who cares.

Wow! GM boys lookin ready on this shoot out! Good job but, I'm still a Ram boy! Haha I know the trolls hate that! Good luck America just stomp the imports!





The 2013 Ram will win the 2013 Light-Duty Challenge.

Ram is going for the gold!

I think that the 2013 Ram HEMI 8 Speed 4x4 is the new benchmark and compass pointing the direction all of the automakers will head towards.

Looking at the pictures here is what I get:
Silverado - proud
F150 - asking for an update
Sierra - futuristic
Titan - too late for an update
Ram - identity crisis
Tundra - boring

CHEVY AND GMC ALL THE WAY! We're taking this one!

Good shot Now i really think gm has done the right job , The rest look like Japenese vehicels..... I do like the look in cars but not my truck!!

Is that Dodge even a four wheel driver or in Dodge talk a glorified two wheel drive, I don't see any tow hooks, hmm....

One of the GM trucks will win. No way a cuv air suspension (its the only improvement on the dodge for 2013) is gonna over come an entirely new truck that is strong, powerful, more fuel efficient with a great interior. Ford is to dated with good engines, Toyota LOL and why even bring the titan to the table it will be last. Honestly I bet they some how figure out how to seperate the GM twins with the dodge, 4th ford & 5th Toyota.

Please tell me the ram has an 8 speed behind the hemi. more than likely the F-150 has the ecoboost the gm twins have the 5.3 and the tundra with the 5.7. i wonder what the nissan has, lol. even though i am a ram fan, 3 things frustrate me about ram; the 8 speed has not full taken over, there are still no lockers, and tow hooks / recovery hooks are hardly ever checked on the option list. oh yeah, i wish the dual exhaust were true duals from the factory, at least like the raptor or older gm trucks (even though they had one tail pipe both banks did not become one until the muffler. but they did make the mistake of having the cats back their.), then all i would have to do is replace that one dual inlet / dual outlet muffler with a dynomax ultra flow x.

Overall I bet it will rank as follows:
1. GM trucks
2. Ford
3. Ram
4. Toyota
5. Nissan
Because pickuptrucks.com puts a lot of influence into value (options per $$), MPG's, and interior "ergonomics". There is honestly no way pickuptrucks.com would put the 7 year old Tundra or the 10 year old Titan ranked higher than the "new" GM truck.

In terms to towing, it will rank like this:
Tundra or Ecoboost for 1st, Ram 3rd, GM trucks (I assume they have the 5.3), then the Titan.

Performance will be very similar also (0-60, 1/4 times) it will be a tossup between the 5.7 Ram, 5.7 Tundra, and the Ecoboost F-150. All depends on the rear axle ratios each truck has. If the Ram has the 3.92 gear it should be interesting to see how it compares with the 5.7 Tundra and the 4.30 gears.
If the 5.3 is anything similar to the last gen GM small block gas jobs, it will be a struggling while towing. There is a reason why on every GM forum they say get the Duramax if you plan on towing anything decently heavy.

nissan will be sixth, tundra will be fifth, gmc will be fourth, chevrolet third, ram will be second, ford will be first. just my guess, i don't care really, but it will be interesting to see if i am right. ram could be fourth with gm taking 3rd and 2nd. somehow i feel ford will be on top because of all around best truck. however, ford could end up 2nd because of any negativity towards the ecoboost. ram has innovation (and my vote lol), but they are all over the place this year as chrysler continues its renovation so everything just isn't on schedule, which takes confidence away from the buyer (not from me though). the gm twins look nice dressed up, but looking plain in these pictures like most of us will see in the real world, they just don't seem as dramatic or renovated as they really are. their powertrains and added simplicity will be their strong points. the tundra is ram minus the inovation. nissan is gm in 2003. to be honest really if the titan had a 6 speed and a limited slip for models that don't have the locker (which is a lot) they would be a lot more competitive. their 5.6 has as much torque as gm's latest 5.3, just less hp (meaning they are still somewhat competitive if they had above). the brake based fake limited slip just doesn't do it for me.

Seems too early? Will the hemi/8 speed combo be out? What about ecodiesel? The updated Tundra? New Titan right around the corner? Save some money for next years' shootout!

1) F-150
2) Tundra
3) Ram
4) Silverado
5) Sierra
6) Titan

@ John

i don't know. the new 5.3 has as much torque as the old 6.0 but with more at lower rpms thanks to direct injection and revisied vvt. everyone's first drive in the new 5.3 says it feels totally different. keep in mind the biggest difference between the gen V V8's and the ecoboost is either 2 turbos or 2 cylinders; they both have vvt and di. the 5.3 will be 85% to 90% of what the ecoboost is in peak power and will feel similar (because of almost flat torque curves). these new di motors are pretty much like diesels that only fire once per revolution (and the gen V small block isn't forced induction). the 6.2 in the new corvette rated at 460 hp and 465 lb ft of torque has over 300 lb ft avaliable at 1000 rpm. the 5.3 is based of this motor. p. s., please no negativity and i am not crazed fantard.

Interesting seeing them all lined up like that. My first reaction was wow they all look like minivans with the exception of the new GM trucks. At their reveal I thought the Silverado and Sierra were too square but I'm starting to think they made the right decision. What the picture has shown is just how feminine truck design has become over the years.

@ John

concerning ram, unless it comes back as some max tow option, the 3.92 and 4.10 are pretty much gone unless you get yourself a 65rfe.

performance wise, i see the ecoboost, hemi (if it has the 8 speed), i-force, small block, endurance; first to last. towing wise i see ecoboost and small block (ecotec3) similar, hemi and i-force similar, and endurance last. i don't understand why gm used ecotec3 as the gen V small block name as it sounds like the third iritation/generation of thier I4's. are they going to call the I4's and V6's ecotec2 as they don't have the cylinder deactivation? they should have the size of the motor and then Gen. V Small Block on the valve covers or something like ford does powered by ford.

Ford is cheating because they added the Max Tow Package to their truck.

@ Mat

so tell me when have you seen a minivan with a front end that protrudes as it gets to the top of ginormous grille? in fact the ram looks like the 2010 mustang (just the front fascia). in fact, i have always wondered how nowone has recognized this and how ram's truck front end can look so much like ford's sports coupe. bulging hood, headlamps that are gunslit, and a grille that protrudes as it gets to the top. if you want a funny one, look at the titan, it looks like a care bear.

@ Greg B.

How is it cheating if they all have the max towing packages avaliable?

Let's get this straight. The 2013 half ton challenge will compare 2013's against GM's 2014s?

@ Gregory J.

here's what i get:

silverado: an old familar face (it's 1988 all over again).

f-150: one of those crazy looking 3 wheelers that is always in a group of motorcycles with the big mirrors.

sierra: star trek.

titan: a care bear.

ram: a texas longhorn.

tundra: an army tank.

@tyler - lol I hope the RAM is a 2wd dude because if chrysler whoops the other pickups with a 2wd lol damn that would be pretty bad! although, I'd be surprised any automaker would be that cocky on a tight niched shootout such as, this one! I think chevy has improved I still favor the GMC serria over chevy.

Based on only the pictures above, I have to say I like the Silverado first--as the grill is less pretentious than any of the others, though the overall look of the Sierra to me is better by having single headlamp units instead of the dual over/under look. Third for me is the Toyota as it doesn't try to fake out the big-rig look followed by the RAM. Ford is simply saying, "Hey! Look! I'm a Big Rig Too!"

I'll admit that RAM started that big-rig grill look, but somehow they've managed to slim it down so that it looks less massive--partially by not highlighting it in all-chrome like Ford and the others do.


If the other trucks don't have Max Tow, then the F150 shouldn't be allowed to enter the contest with it either! Ford isn't playing fair again. All trucks should be equal!!!

Go GM!

this is gotta be one of the best shootouts in a long time! I excited either way. I have a feeling the order will be...

1. GM/GMC 1500
2. RAM 1500
3. FORD F-150

PS: I could be optimistic for GM but, they have a good shot even though I don't like them as my own personal vehicle. my guesses are based on the most up to date pickups this is generally how reviews are judged by the latest gadgets & gizmos for getting the job done. RAM has a lot but I think the air suspension needs a tougher capability for towing & payload this is still a weak point for them this is why I'm betting on GM. overall GM will have all the driver is looking for just my opinion.

(Yeesh! I spoke too soon. They chromed the surround for this shoot-out on the RAM, too.) Used to be all that chrome meant high-end trim. Now it seems some brands, like Ford, put it on every model BUT the top and bottom and blacking out the bottom which really makes it look worse for all BUT the black-colored trucks.

Tundra will spank them all!

I'm guessing 1. Ram 2. Chevy/gmc 3. Ford 4. toyota. If ford beats either the chevy or the ram I'll be very disappointed. He did say to expect surprises though with the outcome. So I would give ford a 50 percent chance of beating one of them and 20 percent chance of beating both of them. If ford beats them the chevy and ram guys are going to freak. Last year truckinweb did a half ton shootout and the ford won by a long shot. They actually said if it sounded like a v8 there would be no reason to buy another brand. Did pickuptrucks do a half ton shootout last year? All i remember is the ultimate 4x4 shootout. Has the tundra made any recent changes? I usually skip the toyota articles just not interested at all in that truck. And seriously why have we heard so little about the new ram 8 speed? I just saw the results of the quick drive was a whopping 14 miles per gallon. Just took a trip with my 09 hemi averaged about 70 miles per hour pulling a very small trailer and averaged just 14.5 mpg. Very disappointing.

Tyler....so I guess in your opinion a new interior, 8 speed trans, electric power steering, new 20% stiffer chassis etc. don't count as changes?

If you're gonna spout off things like "the only new thing for dodge is a CUV suspension" (which is incorrect anyway, they don't use this on any CUV, the closest is the Grand Cherokee which is an SUV and there are differences between the 2 systems) you should know what you are talking about. You make yourself look like a DBAG.

Fuel economy is for tiny cars!

As is typical with Toyota, the Tundra will be nothing flashy just good and solid in ALL categories...

Go Toyota!

oxi got banned from the Toyota off-road forum...


What kind of injustice is this???

oxi, where you at?

@Vulpine - Your a real loser aren't you! talking junk in your mother's basement what a troll!!! truck racist bastard! CAFE standard sellout!! stalinist GOV' MOTORS CORP. haha you root for a truck maker that stole your tax dollars idiot!





I like PM, a great magazine.

The comparison should be interesting, as will be the comments.

100% WHOOP A$$
2013 RAM

I have to say that this is the First time since 2003 That ive liked the Chevy Front end Better than the GMC... GMC is just Ugly... Not really Sure what GM was thinking... They worked way too hard at incorporating LED Strips and Projector Headlamps... NOT A FAN AT ALL... I prefer the looks of my 08 Denali Better... But would Trade it in on a 2014 LTZ or High Country in a heart beat...

Finishing Order: 1) Chevy (with 6.2) 2) GMC (with 5.3) 3) Ford (with ecoboost) 4) Ram 5) Toyota 6) Nissan

Well this will be very interesting to see. I would just assume use the Nissan as the baseline for the comparison simply due to the age of the design and then see how far the rest of the industry has gone.

Here is what PUTC has said on their facebook page:
"May 20, 2013 9:53am
Can't say too much about this now but we've just finished testing all the newest half-ton pickups and will have all the results and details (and there was carnage) in a few weeks"

Somebody has asked them to elaborate on 'carnage'

And here is what PUTC replied:
"Did not mean to leave the impression we destroy trucks when testing. But sometimes we do have to get close to the limits to explore the differences. We tested each truck in more than a dozen, collecting all sorts of data and impressions. More to come"

@ Josh I bet the GM trucks are 5.3's in this shoot out, I doubt they are 6.2's since the numbers are not certified yet (GM said 420/450 but never gave RPMS). If they are the 5.3, they will not out perform the 5.7 Tundra or Ram, or the F-150 Ecoboost.

Even with the 5.3/3.73 max tow combo, I doubt it will tow better than the L96 (6.0) in the 2500HD with 4.10 gears. And the 6.0 feels sluggish, it does weigh more than the 1500's, but the L96 makes nearly identical power compared to the new 5.3 without DI.
L96 (6.0) in the 2500HD form:
360 HP @5,400 RPMs
380 TQ @4,200 RPMs

5.3 in the new 2014 GM trucks:
355HP @5,600 RPMs
383 TQ @4,100 RPMs

Maybe the 5.3 will surprise me, but from my experience the GM gas jobs are sluggish and dogs down low with the GM tune.

Personnally I don't think they should include the Toyota and Nissan, they are too old wait until next year when their new models are out.

I do not think that the F150 in this shootout has the EB 3.5 under the hood. I'm not seeing the intercooler and where is the offset front licence plate bracket?
I'm guessing that the 6.2 is under the hood. I doubt that Ford would send the 5.0 to the "first to be published" shootout.

"And we're sure you will be surprised by the outcome."

The only thing that would surprise me is a win by Titan or Tundra.

When I look at the front end pic's of the trucks, the Sierra looks like a "Grill of the month" version of the GMT900 Sierra.
The Silverado looks different but in a retro 1987 way.


Only a rear license plate is required in Michigan, so no front bracket!

Robby DeGraff‏@RobbyDeGraff17 May
Display screens in the new @fordtrucks #F-150 #EcoBoost. @pickuptrucks #lightdutychallenge https://vine.co/v/bEIL3V7jhvM

Aaron Bragman‏@BragmansWorld16 May
Any doubts I had about the @FordTrucks EcoBoost motor being suitable for trucks are now thoroughly dispelled. #lightdutychallenge

Robby DeGraff‏@RobbyDeGraff16 May
Testing out the @FordTrucks @Ford F150 EcoBoost's towing of the 8,500lb trailer. @PickupTrucks #lightdutychallenge http://pic.twitter.com/lQ5jAteLq6

Mike Levine‏@mrlevine16 May
That's more like it! :-) MT @RobbyDeGraff: Here's @FordTrucks F150 in #lightdutychallenge http://pic.twitter.com/PIYTVglARO CC: @kellywysocki

people have complained about the RAM pickups last time being a little sluggish when towing up hill with the 5.7 hemi. I hope these 8-speeds shut up the critics once & for all! If RAM were to take this victory it would be absolutely massive for them & really boost their credibility. Its only a matter of time before RAM transcends the sales score predigests of the pickup truck media. the RAM is a damn good truck & will place strong at least , in between Ford & chevy no doubt in my mind the truck I have is very good quality this time around these new RAM's are tougher than people care to admit! Mercedes tranny & mds tech I'm pretty confident not to mention the pentastar is basically a mercedes engine dropped in a RAM also, there's talk of progressing the pentastar line into v8 segment for Chrysler.

The 2013 Ram will win the 2013 Light-Duty Challenge.

the 2013 Ram HEMI 8 Speed 4x4 is the new benchmark

@Light Duty Challenge - thanks. It is the EB 3.5. It makes sense really. I'd rather see a shootout with the most popular engines:
Ford EB3.5, Ram 5.7, GM/Chev 5.3, Tundra 5.7, Titan 5.6.

I've never liked that fact that most shootouts are done with limited sales engines like the 6.2 (Ford or GM).

the 2013 Ram HEMI 8 Speed 4x4 is the new benchmark
Posted by: Lou | Jun 8, 2013 7:27:36 PM

I knew Lou would see the light eventually!!


The more I look at the pictures of these trucks, the more I like the Silverado.

For some strange reason, I'd like to see it win.

EcoBoost vs Hemi 8 speed 0-60


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