2014 Ram 2500/3500 HD: First Look

Ram front II

To say there are big suspension changes to the 2014 Ram Heavy Duty model lineup would be a gross understatement. This comes on the heels of other big changes made to the 2013 Ram HD's frame, which allowed it to brag about having the highest maximum tow capacity of any truck in its class — by a wide margin.

Here are just some of the highlights we know so far. The 2014 Ram 2500 HDs will now be offered with a standard heavy-duty rear link-coil suspension with an optional airbag option. One-ton models, which are still offered with leaf spring live axles, will get a heavy-duty rear airbag suspension option as well. Both suspension options, as well as the new coil springs offered on the three-quarter-ton Ram HDs, were motivated by the need to improve the overall ride quality. No pricing for the air suspension has been announced at this time.

More big news surrounds the fact that Ram will be the first in the segment to offer two gasoline engine options for its HD lineup with the existing 5.7-liter Hemi V-8 matched with the all-new and MDS-equipped 6.4-liter Hemi V-8. The bigger Hemi is essentially a carbon copy of the smaller one with a slightly larger bore and stroke. Society of Automotive Engineers ratings for the 6.4-liter are 410 horsepower at 5,600 rpm and 429 pounds-feet of torque at 4,000 rpm. Both gas engines will be offered with a six-speed automatic, and the existing 6.7-liter inline-six Cummins engine — still to be offered in three horsepower and torque ratings like the 2013 models – can be paired with a six-speed manual and two six-speed automatics. The 6.7-liter Cummins high-output turbo-diesel will be mated to the heavy-duty six-speed Aisin (AS69RC) transmission.

The more powerful Hemi and upgraded suspensions should improve some of the Ram HDs' rougher edges quite a bit, but we'll have to wait and see how they haul and pull.

The 2014 Ram 2500 HD will start at $30,695 (including destination); more pricing information will be available later this summer.

For more information about the 2014 Ram 2500 and 3500 changes, click here for the press release.

For the most up-to-date specs on the 2014 Ram HD, click here.

Editor’s note: This post was updated to include available pricing information.

Ram Hemi logo II

Ram 6.4 Hemi II

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Ram Air 2500 II

Ram Air 3500 II


Pretty weak HP and TQ numbers for the 6.4L. I figure they be little higher like the new GM 6.2L, either way good to see the 6.4 make it over to the trucks.


Blam! There you have it. Trailer towing right to the limit, without any suspension sag, and better ride, too.
The big-bore Hemi should ba a favorit with low-milage haulers, who can't justify the cost of the Cummins. I wonder if they'll bother to keep the smaller Hemi in the long run.

FYI- The 6.4 has never been in any Viper. Challenger/Charger/300 sourced is more like it. Putting coil springs on an HD truck is pretty ballsy. I'm interested in a detailed performance test against an equally-spec'd 2013 on leaf springs.

Dodge needs to throw direct injection on the hemi's!

The Ram guys are not effing around.

The ZF 8 speed automatic connected to the 5.7 is better than the 6.4 with old 6 speed automatic.

The 3 damper setup looks neat. Isn't that what the Dodge Ram + Viper engine used?

@johnny doe - HD engines usually are down rated from their lighter duty brethren due to durability concerns. Look up the ratings for any diesel in a pickup once it gets stuffed into a 5500.

Coils in the rear, interesting. The only negative is that they don't tolerate overloading like a leaf.
Air ride? Okay. As long as it is tougher than what we've seen in the 1500's and Jeeps.

I don't think the rear link coil over is gonna be very popular. I know I would not want it.

I think it is a big gamble.

Been a long time coming... roughly 25 to 30 more HP and 20 ft-lb of torque over the competion models. The next year or two ahead should be quite interesting to see where this HD gasoline race goes. The VVT & cylinder deactivation should help with empty mpg. Hopefully RAM has a good tune to go with this new engine with a full throttle available at 2500 to 3000 rpm's

Chrysler has been building 6000# FAW coil/link trucks for two decades. Shouldn't be a problem for the 3/4 ton trucks. 1-tons still keep full-strength leaves as a standard.

@wyo2track, that's less power than GM's 6.2 Middle of the pack engine.

@Jim - Were talking about HD truck models. Like Lou said, HD models are usually downgraded. Fords 6.2L is rated at 385 HP, you got some inside info on what GM's new 6.2L will be rated at in their HD trucks, please share?

The 6.4 engine has a cooled EGR system for greater efficiency, cylinder deactivation for economy, PVC integrated into the intake, and a floating pin on the systems.  Sodium filled exhaust valves and tough valve seat material, stainless steel exhaust gaskets and fasteners, and oil jets for cooling the pistons add to durability. The engine has a cast iron block and forged steel crank. It has a five year, 100,000 mile warranty just like the Cummins diesel.
Take that! Egoboost.

IF the 6.2 finds its way into the GM HD trucks, it won't be rated for more than 420 hp since that's what the 1500 6.2 is estimated to be rated at.

So going by GM's general trend, if the 6.2 makes it into the HD it will be in the ball park of 390-410 HP and 430 TQ. Or they could update the current 6.0 and probably produce numbers similar to 390 hp and 420 tq. An updated cam and newer heads with direct injection would do wonders on the current 6.0.

In terms of GM heavy duty gas engines, the 8.1 is still superior in my book.

@zviera hmm too bad there is no ecoboost in the Super Dutys. The 6.4 will honestly get 12/18 in the heavy duties, these trucks are not light by any means.

It has a five year, 100,000 mile warranty just like the Cummins diesel.Take that! Egoboost.

I agree, they need to add direct injection to their V8 line up. Not too sure about coil boingers or rear bags in a Power Wagon though. Hmmmm.....time will tell.

Chevy's had coils back in the 60's why the big deal about dodge doing it now!!!!

@John- 12/18 fuel econ sounds WAY optimistic. Where are you getting your info?

While I am not a Chrysler/Dodge/Ram guy, having had much better reliability from my Fords, I have to say that I like the looks of the rear suspension design.

By using two arms per side, in what is essentially a long parallelogram, they eliminate both axle wrap and yaw. We will have to see how well it works, and perhaps more importantly, how well it holds up to a beating. It does look very promising, though.

PowerWagon getting Rear Link Coil Suspension?!?!?!? Wow!!! 4+4ing can not get any better. I can't wait.

I was thinking a 6.4L Hemi HD would be about 420hp/440lb ft down from the SRT 470hp/470lb ft. This will probably work just the same for those who were looking forward to it. I know their is no EPA rating for these vehicles but did Ram say their would be a FE hit when going to the larger Hemi?
Also @ Mark Williams or any of the Chrysler guys can anybody shed info on how the 6.4L is like the smaller 5.7L Hemi when the smaller 5.7L Hemi has cast internals and the 6.4L has forged internals. I could really see myself in a 6.4L Hemi with forged internals and the Aisin AS69RC automatic if you could get it that way.

Little disappointed with the 6.4 output, but the rest of the truck is amazing!

The rear coils on the 1/2 ton already need some support. I don't think 3/4 buyers are going to be wanting coils. They will however love the 6.4 engine.

I agree with Charlie. Coils in the 3/4 ton when they are already the weak link in the 1500?? Not sold on that unless they are MUCH stronger than those in the 1500.

So the justification for the coils (1500 or 2500) is to make the ride nicer/smoother. OK I can't get behind complaints that a truck rides rough. First, the trucks didn't ride bad with leaf springs. The 2500's actually ride VERY nice even unloaded. Yes it's a firm ride (no doubt about that) but IT'S A TRUCK FOR GOD'S SAKE!! Hopefully Dodge put MUCH stronger coils in the 2500's as a ratio to the 1500's. Coil can be VERY strong (train cars are suspended on coils). So it's not really about them being coils as long as they are strong and don't sag. I would be happier to see air as supplemental to the coils in the 2500's - that would be nice. At least I am happy to see leaf/air in the 3500's.

@ AD

My guess for a 6.4 HD was 420/440 as well.

I'll gladly take the 410/430, though. My next truck will be a 2500 Laramie with air ride rear and a set of 4.10's. Been waiting for this for a couple years now.

"This version of the 6.4L HEMI was, according to a Ram engineer, designed from the ground up for trucks; it includes an active runner intake, for both low end torque and high end power. The power ratings are best in class. It delivers the same torque as a key competitor, but at lower engine speeds".

I want a 6.4 in the RAM 1500,and a new 6.2 'Hellcat" in a new RAM SRT or a new RAM SRT-10 ! Heck even a 6.4 470 horse in a RAM 1500 would be awesome..

Did you hear they offer the RAM 1500 with a DIESEL for $2800 more than a HEMI..

Now,I am off to do a burnout in my RAM SRT-10 Q.C(exhaust,flash,reworked trans gearing,headers=low 12 sec truck n the 1/4 burning rubber past 60 feet)

Remeber drive a truck,V-8 or V-10 car,just to piss off the left winger crazy people who hate cars/trucks.

It would be nice to see the 3.8 litre ISF Cummins dropped into some of the HDs. It would be alot cheaper than the current diesel and with Cummins new ISF technology that will be used in the Nissan Titan urea will not be required.

Out of the 2.8 ISF Cummins Nissan will get over 200hp and around 400ftlb of torque. That would translate into at least a 300hp and 550ftlb 3.8 ISF Cummins.

That should be more than enough for any work truck.

I agree, Big Al.

Unfortunately, we've come to expect our diesels to lay rubber and hang with sports cars.

I have no issue with this but a smaller diesel option would be great and enough for me to consider buying a HD diesel again.

Innovation, that's why I'm such a Ram fan. Look at all the different firsts Ram's brought to the truck market. They've offered more to the truck market, especial the last few years than all of the other companies combined. Ram: first factory offered turbo diesel. First exhaust brake, now with multiple settings. First normal opening doors on extended cabs (which Chevy/GMC finally copied on the '14, Toyota copied on the current Tundra). The ram box in 5'3" & 6'4" beds. In cab floor storage. First to offer rear coil suspension in 1/2 tons. First to offer stop start tech on the 1/2 tons. First to get cylinder deactivation & VVT on a V8 (actually, I'm not sure it they were the first on that?). First to offer 8 speed tranny. First to offer radiator shutters. First to offer full air suspension on 1/2 tons. First to offer 1/2 ton diesel. First to offer rear air suspension on HD models; first to offer coil on a HD. First to offer goose neck ball with in bed 7plug connector and low tail gate as a factory option. First to offer high mounted bed camera. First to offer remote tailgate & rambox locking. First to offer 30K GVWR on HD models. First to have a 50K PSI frame on 3500 models.

Ford, I believe was the first to bring blind side mirrors, possibly the first tailgate mounted camera (not sure who was the first with that), possibly the first locking tailgate (I think) and a first factory turbo charged gas engine and the tailgate step... which is kind of cool. Chevy....... the Allison tranny......... I think that's about it. What new tech is the new '14 GM trucks bringing to the market???? Yawn... not much, some reborn gas engines... that's about it. Toyota...... uhmm, can't think of anything. Nissan..... do they still make a "full size" truck??? Honda.... the greatest minivan truck ever produced! LOL

Ram finally has a company that wants to make their trucks the best, high tech on the market, way to go Sergio (Chyslers CEO). The best part of Ram doing this is the fact that Ford and Chevy will have to come up with something to answer for all this new tech that Ram has. In the end we all win because we'll get better more efficient, higher tech trucks. The bad part is, we'll get better more efficient higher tech trucks that are really expensive!! LOL

I just thought of more Ram firsts,

First with twin alternators on the HD's. First with active air intake. First with rotary shifter. First with electrohydraulic steering on a pickup. I wonder if they were first with the auto high beam and rain sensitive wipers in trucks??? What am I forgetting, apparently there is too much new tech that Ram has brought to the market to list! lol

Ford was the first for factory trailer brakes controls.... that was a good one! LOL

@Ramguy Some of the stuff you posted was a little off. Rear coils where done by GM over starting 46 years ago in half tons and 3/4 tons. Ram how ever is first for the 1 tons I think.

GM had electronic transfer case/hydroform frame rails/ 5.7L Diesel in 1978 in half tons


hybrid Trucks which I think ram use or was going to use GM system for it

GM also have cylinder deactivation in 2005 while Ram got it in 2006 in there trucks.


2014 have that Lane Departure Warning and Forward Collision Alert which no other truck has yet. Also under bed rail lighting.


Maybe Ram did offer a half ton diesel first. I don't know but either way both Ram and GM offer a diesel in 1978

1978–1979 Mitsubishi 6dr50A 4.0-liter I6 naturally aspirated diesel,105 hp @ 3500 rpm, and 169 lb·ft (230 N·m) of torque @ 2200 rpm


I wonder if their link coil rear suspension is going to shake and death wobble like their link coil front suspension? We have several 06 and 07 RAMs at work. Can't keep front ends in them. They have to be the worst on the market.

I think the death wobble had been a prob in both Dodge and ford. Was in an 08 f350 PS pulling a 34 ft 5th wheel 1st time I experienced it. Scared the bejesus out of me!

Ford trucks,

1) do some research and you will see the SuperDooty has the same death wobble. the last gen HD Rams may have had a front end that wasn't as good as the SuperDootys, but it wasn't far behind it, and much better then GM ISF.

2) the 2014 2500 and the 2013 3500s have a different front end then the trucks you are talking about. They put the Fords setup to shame.

Direct injection is the answer to everything.

Hecho en Mexico baby!

Too much change too fast is no good.

Looks like daddy is going to get a new Power Wagon with the big boy HEMI.

First to breakdown.....look at me, I sound like an idiot armchair engineer expert.

Viper engine is 8.4l not 6.4l. Big difference! About a decade ago ram did offer the 8.0l v10 in a ram. It still hold records for the fastest production truck ever made.

Anyone else up for a 6.4L Power Wagon or HD?

More big news surrounds the fact that Ram will be the first in the segment to offer two gasoline engine options for its HD lineup with the existing 5.7-liter Hemi V-8 matched with the all-new and Viper-sourced 6.4-liter Hemi V-8. The bigger Hemi is essentially a carbon copy of the smaller one with a slightly larger bore and stroke. Society of Automotive Engineers ratings for the 6.4-liter are 410 horsepower at 5,600 rpm and 429 pounds-feet of torque at 4,000 rpm. Both gas engines will be offered with a six-speed automatic, and the existing 6.7-liter inline-six Cummins engine — still to be offered in three horsepower and torque ratings like the 2013 models – can be paired with a six-speed manual and two six-speed automatics. The 6.7-liter Cummins high-output turbo-diesel will be mated to the heavy-duty six-speed Aisin (AS69RC) transmission.


Already had my fill of these fiat ram trucks. Yeah they are trying to make them better but once you get left on the side of the road or left at the stealership waiting for a ride one two many times you don't go back. Mine was a company truck and was very nice. Had the hemi and all the whistles. 4x4 too. It was a total POS. I hated that because I thought it was a very nice looking truck but I was so glad to see it go. Just so many problems and so time consuming. 3 A/C compressors in one summer, not to mention the electrical demons and transmission problems. Had 2 of them in a 18 month time period. 3 batteries and did I mention the locked up rear end? That happened twice. Radio and power windows went out. Power seat stopped working. Need I go on?? Just Garbage trucks, that's all.

@Nlp - the 2013 Viper runs a 6.4 V8. I thought the Viper was going to use another V10 but apparently not. Many European sports cars have been downsizing too but they tend to run flat plane cranks as opposed to traditional USA cross plane cranks. That is why a Ferrari sounds so different, more like a piped inline 4 crotch rocket. Mind you, Yamaha has gone to a crossplane crank in their R1 because litre class sport bikes have gotten so light and powerful, traction control is now the name of the game.

@Lou, 2013 Viper uses an all aluminum corvette kicking 8.4L V 10. 640 Horse. LOOK IT UP.

@ Nlp
The Ram was the quickest, for a while.

Then the Holden Maloo reset the record in Australia.



Today reminds me when I first came onto PUTC. Similar discussions, 'deja vu'?

Then came the discussion 'what is a real pickup'.

@HemiV8 - there were some old links stating that a 6.4 V8 would be in the Viper. I rechecked more recent sources and you are in fact correct. My mistake. I read an old story.

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