2014 Ram Commercial Chassis Cab 3500/4500/5500: First Look

Ram Comm II

Along with all the big news about the 2014 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel and new engine and suspension options for the 2014 Ram heavy-duties, there's also a number of interesting changes for the 2014 Ram Commercial Chassis Cab lineup.

The biggest change for the Ram's chassis cab offerings center on the all-new 6.4-liter Hemi V-8, which is available in the 4500 and 5500 models. That means the lineup will offer buyers two different horsepower and torque ratings with the 6.7-liter Cummins engine as well as a gasoline option engine with two different horsepower ratings based on the specific gross vehicle weight rating of the truck (at less than 10,000 pounds, it's 410; more than 10,000 pounds is 367). The new gas engine will also include the same cylinder-deactivation technology found in other Rams to help save fuel costs for commercial drivers.

Additionally, the chassis cabs get the new 50,000-pounds-per-square-inch steel frames, so all have improved gross combined weight ratings to allow for much bigger payloads and trailer towing. However, don't expect to see the airbag suspension options on the chassis cabs just yet. They'll stay exclusively on the Ram HDs (2500/3500) for now. The only suspension change for these work trucks will occur on the 3500 chassis cab, which will get the same three-link change to the front end that the 2013 Ram 3500 HD got last year.

Finally, all chassis cab Cummins models will now have the same selective catalytic reduction exhaust system that includes a separate diesel exhaust fluid tank, which became available on the Ram 2500/3500 HDs last year. This is a change from the earlier chassis cab models that ran the down-rated Cummins, but it will save Ram and customers purchase costs and offer better overall fuel economy. One final improvement is that the commercial lineup will get the same interior upgrades and refinements that the Ram HD models did last year. This will be a welcome improvement for anyone who spends their work days in these trucks all day. 

For more details about the new chassis cabs, click here for the full press release.

For the most up-to-date specifications on the 2014 chassis cab models, click here.

Ram 6.4 Hemi II

Ram Comm. int II



Wow. A Hemi 6.4 V8? I knew they would eventually. I think I'm looking at my next new 5500 series.

Good for an American Company, wait this isn't American owned or made. Sludge Rammies Wins!!!

They said air ride for the 2500s and 3500s.There were rumours, but all that was confirmed was the Long Hauler.

6.4 - any rumours as to it finding its way into the "boxed" pickups?

Looks like Ram is serious at nibbling away at Ford's chassis cab pie. I am seeing more 4500 - 5500 Rams.

still have ugly useless tow mirrors.

I've always wondered by the bigger the truck, the lower the power tunes on the engines. Seems illogical.


Chrysler is the USA

The manual gear shift looks out of place in that interior

Made in Mexico.

@WXman - Fiat is not American. Goes to show that it all depends on the parameters used to measure a topic.

@ Toycrusher: I'm just glad it's still available. Nice to see it in a new truck.

This truck is 61.8% Fiat.

The tuning of engines is directly related to the expected application. Even drivetrains are considered in the same light.

The larger trucks will be expected to operate all day everyday and be able to haul large weights.

What is generally done is the torque and peak power figures are lowered to give usable power down low, give better economy and increase the longevity of the engine.

The 3/4 ton pickup diesels contrary to what most people think develop moderate power and torque values in relation to prime movers etc. These vehicles are not expected to work as hard and they are also targeted as SUV alternatives.

Even with the 3 litre class of diesel there is a large variance of power and torque values of engines from the same line.

Google the Cummins ISF 2.8 diesel (my favourite diesel at the moment) and you will see the power and torque range from as low as 80kw and 300nm up to the new Titan diesel of over 150kw and 550nm.

Gas powered large trucks are inefficient for work. People who buy them are either looking at a cheap entry into that size vehicle (and worry about the added costs later) or the truck is expected to sit idle for long periods of time.

@ AllAmerican,

@ Dave,

RAM is an American company,the Chrysler group is American..Furthermore,Chrysler has the second most vehicles with the highest American content..GM was the first,but not its trucks....

Based on the Made in America list, neither the Ford F-150 nor the Toyota Camry is No.1. That honor goes to a three-way tie between the GMC Acadia, Buick Enclave and Chevrolet Traverse.

At No. 2 the Dodge Avenger, the most “American” car available, tied with the Ford F-150. At No. 3 on the Kogod Made in America Auto Index is the Chrysler 200 followed by a three-way tie for fourth with the Jeep Wrangler, Compass and Patriot. At the No. 6 spot, it’s a three-way tie between the Dodge Durango, Jeep Grand Cherokee and RAM pickup.

Chrysler Group was second only to General Motors in the number of vehicles that can be counted as American-made by the more rigorous standards: Ford had just three, the F-150, Mustang and Taurus.Fords other cars are all European imports,designed,in Europe and now built here.

And the Camry? One of six vehicles tied for twelfth place.

@ Ken,

As were GM and Ford trucks for many years built in Mexico,Chrysler followed their lead..

Ford,GM still make vehicles in Mexico,so what is your problem..Jealous,I guess !!

You know in Top fuel Ford,GM,Toyota use a Chrysler HEMI with gm furd,toyota badges on the valvecovers ..lol !

Ford got more government backed loans from the Government than Chrysler(remember Ford went to all of those meetings)

Chrysler paid back its loan in full,Ford not so much..

Ford also got over $100,000,000 to move factories from Europe to America..

This is why the new Ford Focus,Festiva/fiesta,Escape are from Europe and Transit is from Turkey and the old Transit Connect from the U.K is coming,a European van that replaced the American van,built/designed by Europeans,same with GM its new small truck is a import.Also the Caddy/Camaro is a Opel,old tech from a European not 100% owned by GM car lol..So how american is that ?

Is a Pontiac Vibe a 100% American car,as it was built/owned by GM an American Company ,but in fact it was a rebadged Toyota with a Yamaha engine,is that what you consider an American car..or A RAM built in America ,designed here by an American Company but its partnered with Fiat,so thats a import ?

It is confusing,RAM trucks are designed/built in America,American engineers worked on them for years..

GM and Ford are so called 100% American yet its small trucks,big vans,mid size,small cars,suvs are designed and engineered and built for years in some cases in Europe/Asia but you insist to call them American..whereas the RAM trucks are only built/sold in North America and you call them imports,odd,truly odd..

By the way,rumors are Fiat might move its headquarters to the U.S or even Canada..So,if Fiat moves its h.q to America,where Chrysler group HeadQuarters are,would you then call most GM/Ford products imports,as they are ! Transit is a Euro Van,GM new Colorado is a import ! As most of GM/Ford cars are Asian/European...How can you call a Chevy Sonic an American car,its not..

I dont hear people calling Nissan a French Company,and I dont hear bashing of GM/Fords/Toyota's made in Mexico so why do people insit on bashing RAM..Oh,I got it,they are JEALOUS of the BEST !

@Eric - Fiat/Chrysler and formerly Daimler/Chrysler often gets mentioned because they are the most obvious as being foreign owned with HD's made in Mexico.
You forgot to mention that their SUV's are primarily based on Mercedes platforms, as are some of their cars. Some of their new cars are based on Fiat platforms.
Top Fuel as an example of supremacy always get brought up by Chrysler fans and that is a complete joke if one looks at the rules. The rules allow basically what amounts to a hemi elephant block engine.
Why were the rules written that way?
Australians showed up with their own engine and kicked ass on everything on the track. USA racers cried to the organizers and the rules got changed.
Nothing to brag about when the rules allow one engine based on the hemi.
BTW - that hemi has little in common with what is in current products. The current head design was based on a Porsche hemi head. That isn't even owned by Fiat. They had a hard time making the current hemi emissions compliant.

There are very few products that are "All American" and people unfortunately look at things too simplistically. As pointed out in the "American Made" thread - there is "Made In the USA", and Made BY the USA". Most stop at the badge.

Funny how Chrysler guys latched onto a study that makes them look good.

Does it really matter to most where a product is made?

I'm not too concerned as to who makes it and where it is made as long as Vincentric, Consumer Reports, and JD Power give a product good reliability and durability ratings, that is what matters to me.......... along with getting what I want for the price I want.

Also top fuel engine parts are not interchangable with any Chrysler/Mopar engines.

The company that produces these engines have nothing to do with Fiat or Chrysler.

Take the Pentastar V6 this engine is very similar to the Mercedes V6. The reason was the joint development between Chrysler and Damlier during the design phase when the engine was called the Phoenix.

No parts between those engines are interchangable.

The old OHV Datsun 1600 sports car engine evolved gradually into the L Series engine that powered Datsun 1600 and 2400Z. This engine evolved into the Z series Nissan engine and then into the RB Skyline Godzilla engines. But I hardly think any Skyline engine parts will fit into the 1966 Datsun 1600 sports car.

The original Hemi was good engine. But so was all Chev and Ford V8s of their time. Why? Because they were very understressed and underpowered compared to engines being built and designed outside of the US at the time.

You can see now how much power and torque is coming out of those engines. Things will only get better and better as we progress.

"Wow. A Hemi 6.4 V8? I knew they would eventually. I think I'm looking at my next new 5500 series." - Denver Mike

At least one person gets it. You don't need an expensive diesel in a work truck.

The interior in that truck looks awesome


"You forgot to mention that their SUV's are primarily based on Mercedes platforms, as are some of their cars. Some of their new cars are based on Fiat platforms. "

The Mercedes ML was developed using the Grand Cherokee platform. In fact the Grand Cherokee chassis is stiffer than the one used on the ML. The Mercedes guys looked to Chrysler/Jeep folks to take the lead on the WK2 and new ML.

Homework my friend.

@5door - not sure where you are getting any of your information from?
Every source I have ever read says that the Grand Cherokee is built off the M class NOT the other way around.

"Like the previous generations, the chassis is a steel uniframe. Unlike previous models, the new WK2 features four-wheel independent suspension for better on-road handling. The Grand Cherokee (with the 2011 Durango) WK2 platform uses a derivative based on Mercedes-Benz's W166 series."

If you have any relevant information that proves me wrong, I welcome the opportunity to read it

I can't believe how many of you people have no real critiques. Seriously, reading these comments is like going back to kindergarden. Grow up people!

Air suspension is confirmed for the rear, as well as coil springs on the 2500. The front axle has been redesigned (it's still solid). You can get two gassers (one with torque figures equal to several diesels of a generation or two ago) that are far better than the competitions gassers, or two diesels - both of which are built to work hard everyday and are bullet-proof. Further, you can get a PTO option from the factory, a manual transmission, and THE BEST Jake Brake in the industry. So, if you're gonna be working, and not just trying to compensate for your lack of manhood, then this is clearly the truck for you.

392 Hemi, This early Hemi would also become the favorite of drag racers in the top ranks of NHRA, IHRA and AHRA fuel racing such as Don Garlits and others. It would prove to be such an excellent design that even today, aftermarket aluminum cylinder blocks and heads used in Top Fuel and Funny Car racing are patterned after the same design. No matter what the body of the car is patterned after, the powerplant is a 16-valve, 500 cubic inch Hemi.
Six years later, in 1964, Chrysler would produce another engine design featuring hemispherical cylinder heads: the iconic 426 Hemi. The 426 Hemi dominated NASCAR racing, significantly increasing Hemi engine sales, cementing the old automotive adage: "What wins on Sunday, sells on Monday." The word "Hemi" would eventually become a Chrysler trademark, and a household name. Chrysler's 426 Hemi design proved so efficient that, for the past 50 years nearly all major top fuel and funny car drag racing teams have used derivatives of it

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