Ford F-150 Tops American-Made Index

2013 Ford F-150 II

The Ford F-150 was awarded another prestigious award, as it took the top spot on's American-Made Index for 2013. The annual ranking rates vehicles by their percentage of domestic parts, final assembly point and sales.

In order to qualify, models must have a domestic parts content of at least 75 percent (as noted on the window sticker of each new vehicle as required by law), have their final assembly inside the U.S. and must be scheduled for production in the coming model year. For more details about the calculations and the complexity of the parameters, click here.

Based on this criteria, here are the top 10 vehicles in order.

1. Ford F-150
2. Toyota Camry
3. Dodge Avenger
4. Honda Odyssey
5. Toyota Sienna
6. Chevrolet Traverse
7. Toyota Tundra
8. GMC Acadia
9. Buick Enclave
10. Toyota Avalon



I think people are overly emotive concerning to issue of local content in a vehicle.

If the content of a particular vehicle is lower, then it doesn't make it lesser a product in quality or even the creation of more jobs.

What should be considered is the overall production of transportation equipment that is used locally and exported.

Even if the average content of domestic parts in a vehicle is 50% and the US is exporting more parts than its consuming in local production then the local industry is ahead.

The US exports a hell of a lot of automotive equipment, not necessarily complete vehicles.

Also, there is much more to the automotive industry than the assembly of a vehicle ie design, testing, dealerships, energy, infrastructure (roads), insurance, etc.

These all create direct employment in a region/country.

Just buying any vehicle irrespective of domestic content will create many more jobs in the periphery of the transport industry than in the manufacturing of a vehicle.

I don't give a $h!t if you like the tundra or not. No liking the tundra is not what makes you look stupid. Not being able to comprehend what you read is what makes you look stupid. Got it? You couldn't even understand the article you linked because you thought that the trailer had electric motors moving shuttle when the tundra was towing it after reading and linking the article. That makes you stupid.

Again you prove me right because because you fail to understand the caption in the youtube video I linked. It said that the vehicle in the video won the street legal class (i.e. beating all the other street legal trucks). It beat them all including all GMs, Fords, and Dodge if there were any that competed in that class.

Even the Global Ranger pulled a 362 000lb steam engine in Victoria. That's also more weight than a stripped down shuttle.

No stunt like towing aircraft, shuttles, steam engines etc is designed to fail. It wouldn't look good for the manufacturer.

All it does is give good PR and sometimes good TV, and if they can profit on it, who cares.

Even the Global Ranger pulled a 362 000lb steam engine in Victoria. That's also more weight than a stripped down shuttle.

No stunt like towing aircraft, shuttles, steam engines etc is designed to fail. It wouldn't look good for the manufacturer.

All it does is give good PR and sometimes good TV, and if they can profit on it, who cares.

Even the Global Ranger pulled a 362 000lb steam engine in Victoria. That's also more weight than a stripped down shuttle.

No stunt like towing aircraft, shuttles, steam engines etc is designed to fail. It wouldn't look good for the manufacturer.

All it does is give good PR and sometimes good TV, and if they can profit on it, who cares.

Even the Global Ranger pulled a 362 000lb steam engine in Victoria. That's also more weight than a stripped down shuttle.

No stunt like towing aircraft, shuttles, steam engines etc is designed to fail. It wouldn't look good for the manufacturer.

All it does is give good PR and sometimes good TV, and if they can profit on it, who cares.

Even the Global Ranger pulled a 362 000lb steam engine in Victoria. That's also more weight than a stripped down shuttle.

No stunt like towing aircraft, shuttles, steam engines etc is designed to fail. It wouldn't look good for the manufacturer.

All it does is give good PR and sometimes good TV, and if they can profit on it, who cares.

Even the Global Ranger pulled a 362 000lb steam engine in Victoria. That's also more weight than a stripped down shuttle.

No stunt like towing aircraft, shuttles, steam engines etc is designed to fail. It wouldn't look good for the manufacturer.

All it does is give good PR and sometimes good TV, and if they can profit on it, who cares.

Is that the best you can come up with? Disrupting a website?

It's hard for you, I know to have a reasonable and logical debate. All you have to do is stop blogging crap and misinformation.

Your UAW guerilla marketing must stop. In the past militant behaviour might have benefited the UAW.

Just post factual information. Your views are not opinions either, they are propaganda.

Like I told you hang around a Detroit street corner with a placard or handout UAW pamphlets. That should be an activity within your abilities.

You shouldn't be able to screw that up.

The people that believe these stunts are the ones that need help. The first time I saw that commercial I said any of the trucks could do that!

@Numpty aka Denverstool/TRD X4 Tom/Dave
You feel threatened by me?


Was it the Nissan Titan blog? Non UAW workers building them?

@BAF0 - Now nobody reads your CRAP because it's all HORSE $H!T... Except now there's a MEGA TON OF IT!!!. It's just there to minimize everyone else's posts.

Thank's for ruining the thread, AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@Liberals Rules, you obviously do care. Like it or not, the Tundra does not have a 400HP/800 lb-ft engine, therefore I am NOT INTERESTED! It's just another boring gas V8! I already have one of those. That's great that you think you are intelligent! I will happily give you positive reinforcement when you need it and make you feel "special." Now go take the GRE, WAIS-IV, and a graduate degree so you can PROVE how intelligent you are.

@Big Al, I saw that pull. Yeah not difficult to do these tricks. We need a standardized test like the one Mike Levine organized "Rumble in the Rockies." 20,000 lb trailers up the I-70 from standstill at the same starting point.

@Numpty aka Denverstool/TRD X4 Tom/Dave
You feel threatened by me?


Was it the Nissan Titan blog? Non UAW workers building them?

I know who it's coming from because I backtraced it!

You've been reported to the Cyber Police!

But Big Al from Oz, I dont want old jobs to go away and be replaced with new ones. I just want to keep my old one and things stay the same. Change can come after I die.

I wonder how the list would read, if the #1 requirement was "made by and American company" not made in America. Just because something is made in America, does NOT mean it is American! all that is, is a big PR stunt, that most of the Country has fallin for! not me!

And we wonder why we aren't advancing. Keeping jobs that can be done cheaper in other countries.

Progress is what made the US what it is today. Your attitude will leave your kin with not much. We have to come up with better ways, and yes it will cost jobs, but other jobs will be created.

Look at manufacturing now compared to 100 years ago. We still have jobs, mostly different, but our standard of living is much higher.

With your attitude the car wouldn't be invented and you'd still be a candlestick maker, because you don't want to learn or advance.

Surviaval is about the fittest, even in industry at country levels. Propping up and protection weakens this.

To BAFO pipe you're killing the plan.

@Paul810 - thanks for the post. I was aware of the fact that the "American Made" index factors parts and where it was made weighted by production numbers.

Many deride these statistics because it becomes very emotional and patriotic. There are those that stop at the badge or flag of "head office". Wages, assembly plant costs, and parts/materials costs constitute a huge part of the price of a vehicle. Profits are a small portion of the sales price. If profits "leave the country" but 75% or greater is made in the USA, that has a huge bearing on stimulating the economy of the country that the factory resides within.

These statistics show that the auto market has become "global" in nature. The F150 ebbs and flows in "domestic" content as do other vehicles. In 2011, the F150 didn't make the list.

Liberalfools: maybe the tundra does pull more than most domestic 1/2tons, but the only reason they do, is the American manuf. make a heavy duty truck! to do the job correctly! but after a watch the video of all the trucks being tortured on the Ford course, and seeing the bed on the tundra dance around so bad as to mark the bed? oh yea, tuff truck all right!

I really don't mind the content of a vehicle that is local or imported.

People have to view the overall picture of an industry. Yes, some do think that the more local content is supporting jobs.

But the US exports gearboxes, engines, brake assemblies etc. This must be taken into account for the US industry to remain viable.

Without the local vehicle manufacturing sector in the US, there would be less jobs. But every aspect of the transportation industry and industries supporting it have to be taken into account.

The reason governments around the world try and protect these industries is because our societies are reliant on them. Even someone building a parking lot at a shopping mall is doing so because of the transport market.

Even the mining industry in Australia is reliant on dollars from the global vehicle industry.

Most every car out of the Asia and other regions is using Australian ores, coal etc. Our domestic vehicle manufacturing sector might be shrinking, but we are still making lots of money from it.

I'm in no way saying to reduce local content, but people have to look at the overall picture. This can be mind boggling for some. It's simpler to think that local content and assembly makes a product more American. But someone in China, Australia or where ever is driving a vehicle with some part of America in it as well.

Someone has to explain to me why they think Made by America is better than Made in America? I think ABC got it right with Made in America as that puts avg everyday Americans to work and the other way puts money in the pockets of the few who have money. I seem to notice people here seem to be more in favor of Made in America until the foreign companies did more of it and made their precious big 3 look bad so they want to change the standard.

As for the space shuttle thing I don't care as it was nothing more tan a truck pull that I found odd that the were doing that late in the 2nd Gen Tundra's generation. I just like the way big 3 fans keep trying to find a way to say the Tundra didn't do it and then when that was debunked they com up with anything could have done it. Its like when you hate something so much you are searching for any excuse you can throw out. I think a lot of vehicles could have done that truck pull also but I just dismiss it whereas some of you just go to any links to attack it like it made you feel inferior. If I were a fan of the big 3 I would be happy the Tundra did it look what you got for the 3rd gen Tundra.
"People ask us why don’t you change your engine. We have a fabulous engine, truly fabulous. It has all the power that you need.

(Also, he alludes to the engine and transmission durability when completing J2807 testing). Frankly, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it."

Maybe this wy they have a poor quality ??and American like the Toyota Camry ....

@ alex

not really trying to get into with you but the tundra engine is not a "typical" v8 gasser. typical v8 gas engines dont have 90% of its torque from 2200 rpm up to 5500. I'm not saying it will complete with a late model diesel post 2010 models but its not a typical gasser either.

@hemi lol
Ever been to a tractor pull? When and where to the tractors get their torque?

@BigAl - agreed. People allow themselves to get trapped in their boxes and cannot see the big picture.

@AD - I do agree. There is a difference between "Made in America" and "Made BY America". Many go with "Made BY America" and do not understand how domestic production (regardless of flag of head office) contributes to GDP.

I do think that the Tundra is a good truck with an excellent drivetrain. It just needs to be updated.

Why do I need to prove how intelligent I am? Did I make any claims of superior intelligence (e.g. tell the whole world how great I did on some graduate entrance exam)? No...this is about your lack of reading comprehension. I've already prove how stupid you are.

And why do keep bringing up your stupid GRE score? Insecure much? You seem to think that people actually cares what degree you got or what you score on the GRE. You already proven your level of intelligence by the fact that you can't even understand a simple article on

Hey toyota man they failed to mention the tundra bed shake with the bed actually beating the back of the cab.They also failed to mention it diden't stop shorter then the ford. The toyota salesman in the above video should be fired for out right lies! Did they say anything about the tundra frame rusting so badly they are replacing them.Nope how about toyota buying back the trucks to keep them from a all out frame recall.Did they say anything about the toyota brand being the most recalled vehicel the last 5 yrs more then ford and gm combined. nope! Did they say anything about a outside source making a bed frame unit to keep the toyota bed welds from cracking nope!

toyota hasn't built a quality vehicle in 10 yrs!

TUNDRABEDSHAKE pull it up on youtube!


@liberals suck Would you like a hug? There, there.

@ paul w

you must be an angry midget. its comical how mad you sound.

1. you say bedshake so bad its hits the cab.... in fords propaganda video only

2. it does stop MUCH shorter than a ford, provided they have the same tires. ford doesnt have nearly as advanced brakes as the tundra. tundra has 4 piston calipers up front ford has 2. plus electronic brakeforce distribution, brake assist as well that ford doesnt have.

3. tundra frame rust was from a supplier in the 01-03 models. at LEAST in the 01-03 model tundra if you had a wreck you would live through it unlike the same era ford that the ext. cab would COMPLETELY collapse on itself..........

4. all out frame recall................ TOYOTA DID THAT VOLUNTARILY TO SATISFY CUSTOMERS!!!! MEANWHILE, Ford STILL deny's the 5.4 doesnt need to be recalled for spitting spark plugs or stripping out when removed or timing chain stretch so bad the truck sounds like a diesel (with no power of course lol)

5. total recalls thats FUNNY. they are VOLUNTARY unlike when ford has MANDATORY (forced by NHTSA). Do you realize that FORD you beloved manufacturer OPENLY did a study and CONCLUDED it would cost $11.00 a car vs. a burn DEATH for the pinto exploding gas tank and CONCLUDED IT WAS WORTH THE AMOUNT OF DEATHS NOT TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!
Savings: 180 burn deaths, 180 serious burn injuries, 2,100 burned vehicles.
Unit cost: $200,000.00 per DEATH, $67,000.00 per injury, $700.00 per vehicle
Total benefits: 180 X ($200,000) + 180 X ($67,000) + 2,100 X ($700) = $49,500,000
Sales: 11 million cars, 1.5 million light trucks.
Unit cost: $11.00 per car, $11.00 per truck
Total cost: 11,000,000 X ($11) + 1,500,000 X ($11) = 137 million

FORD USED THIS ANALYSYS to CONCLUDE IT WASNT PRATICAL TO FIX THIS PROBLEM!!! and you want to own a product from thsi company??? WOW

Simply put you are BLIND paul and you should really learn a bit before spouting off in front of some folks who KNOW

Sorry, I'm homophobic so I don't accept hugs from gay men. Especially gay men who can't read.

Liberals Rule.............Europe and all the big population centers in America....... you see what shape they are in.
Pollution, crime, huge tax burdens, "gun control" etc.......gosh I'm glad I can go to work, take their money and go back into the country side where folks are civil.
Most responses will prove so.

It was WAY more impressive what they did with the ecoboost torture test than the space shuttle thing. Randomly selected engine off the line. Simulated 150,000 miles with temperature shock testing for 300 hours. Driven thousands of miles cross country, then towed 11,000 pounds near full throttle for 24 hours around a race track, then beat chevy and ram in a towing contest at davis dam, then ran 1000 miles in a grueling baja race . THen tear down of the engine in front of a live audience. The space shuttle thing was something only a child would be impressed with. No other manufacture has done anything near as impressive as the ecoboost torture test. And all these idiots say the ecoboost won't be reliable because of a handful of complaints about a relatively minor problem with the intercooler.

@beebe - you forgot to mention that they drove it across the USA to Oregon where a logging company skidded logs with it all day long.

I was impressed with the Endeavour tow. Great PR opportunity. I'm amazed that the competition missed the boat on that one.

Why would Toyota use the competition's truck? They are not going to use the competition's truck when its their own foundation that they are towing it to. Toyota is a partner in the California Science Center, the building where they were towing it to. That was the whole point.

The whole point of the tow and the following PR stunt was to bring it to the Science Center that Toyota owns. You think they would use a Chevy for that? Makes so sense unless you didn't know it was their foundation.

Yep some people missed that point the whole reason Toyota was doing it was because Toyota towed it back to their own building. Ford GM Ram etc were not offered this nor would they have been.

Back on topic, Ram and Ram fans madea lot of fanfair of being on the American list but has not been back since 2010. Chevy and GM have had a weak showing. I agree with Denver Mike. If these companies are going to run their lets get back to our "American" roots tv ads their made in Mexico crewcabs and HD's and Mexican regular cabs need to shamed in the lamestream media. They are pulling a con job.

By buying American, especially local things, we keep our dollars at home. Yes we might not buy something else, but our country became great because of self reliance, we didn't have a negative balance of trade. This country is one of the richest in the world, our natural resources, our roads, our buildings, our cars. How did we achieve all of this wealth? It sure wasn't by buying all of our products from foreigners. Yes, free trade has created a short time period when we as a richer country can buy many more products from poorer countries with lower pay scales, but eventually, we put our workers out of jobs unless they compete (lower their income) to the level of those living in the third world country. We are seeing that very effect right now with the increase in those out of the work force. Our labor force is being replaced by cheep foreign labor and technology.

How does our government cope with the increase in the number of needy families? It increases taxes on those that have, and on the cooperations that provide jobs, in order to keep money flowing to those not working. As a result, the wealthy have less to spend on goods and services, and guess what, with free trade, the corporations say, why should I pay such high taxes when I can move to a third world country, hire cheep labor and send the product back to the US at a much lower cost, sell it at a higher profit and make rich stockholders happy. So they move abroad, reducing the number of jobs in the US, and therefore, create more needy families.

So what is the bottom line you may ask. As I see it, you have to buy American to keep our money in America. Yes we may not have quite as many goodies, but our neighbor will have a job. If we continue with a free trade policy and high taxes, every country in the world's economy will eventually settle to the same level. And like Codben said we will all be equal, “united in the bonds of eternal peace”( and poverty). I'm sorry, I don't want to give up my standard of living, even if it is the Libertarian thing to do. Instead, lets lower taxes, say to a flat 12%, on everyone, including corporations. Give companies tax incentives for jobs created yearly, and put Americans back to work.

America became great because it accepted immigrants and exported to the world.

It believed in freedom, not some small group of individuals who represent a very small part of the total workforce dictating what you can and can't drive.

Needy families? The US takes very little care of the people in need and provides substantial corporate welfare, to the vehicle industry, energy, agriculture, the military complex and on and on.

I think Paul you should leave the US and see what others do to survive.

If you lock up America like you are stating it will collapse into a third world nation.

You are one of those who are living in the past and a deluded past at that.

America represents a smaller part of the world everyday. You guys are going to have to play with others more and more, including international trade.

Protectionism and subsidisation got America, Euro Region and Japanese where you are today.

You don't have the muscle to flex like you used to, that means more compromise. Get used to it as it is your future.

If you fight and/or deny this situation people like yourself and your other UAW spouse DenverMike will reduce America into a Spain or Greece.

You believe in Utopia, it doesn't exist.

You must earn you place, even as a nation. At the moment the US isn't earning enough and it isn't all Obama's fault either. And you can't continue to borrow out of debt.

@BAF0 - Now nobody reads your CRAP because it's all HORSE $H!T... Except now there's a MEGA TON OF IT!!!. It's just there to minimize everyone else's posts.

Posted by: Denver|||Mike | Jun 25, 2013 4:33:55 PM

BAFO is a little troll. He trashes Americans. BAFO a thigh rash on this board and a hideous person.

@Paul aka DenverDetroit,
Why do you persist?

It appears the UAW lies and misinforms. You still are bullying and trying to use stand over tactics. Look at what you are trying to do to me.

You guys obviously think I'm a problem or you would not go to the lengths you go to multiposting under my name or writing blogs that will attract a response.

Trash America? I doubt it, I'll not talk something up or distort and mislead. Are you telling me that the US is in fine shape?

Read your above comment on tax. How much taxation was used to pay out your UAW pensions? Americans on little income are paying for your poor decisions. And you don't even accept responsibility, its always someones else's fault.

Explain that to my cousin who is needy and requires insulin.

You UAW guys will lie and misinform. You will tarnish and destroy if you don't get your way.

I might not see the US in the eyes of the UAW. But how well did you guys see it. You are selfish and don't give a damn about your fellow Americans.

Look at Detroit, you done a fine job in that city. How can we expect you to make responsible decisions for a whole country without ruining it.

Ford is Most American Made, probably why it has so many problems. UAW workers have been know to get drunk on thier lunch breaks and go back to work, thier plenty of videos on it. My buddy worked at a Ford Transmission plant, said he'd never buy a Ford after seeing what goes on thier. I love America, but I'm just stating facts.

@Liberals Rules! LOL, did you see that Tundra pulling video was uploaded almost 5 years ago? Since then, all other trucks added more torque and most added 6 or 8 speed transmissions.

You are as far behind as.....Toyota is!

I wouldn't be talking about towing heavy when the 8 speed blew the Tundra away and that was with 3.55 gears, 3.92 optional!

That Tundra sucked alot of gas too! Wonder what HEMI lol says about their 18 mpg?

The sentiment is sound, purchase American.
Unfortunately the government is working against the country, at the behest of large banks & corporations.

We no longer have free trade tariffs, and the corporations can take advantage of labor arbitrage. The destruction of the manufacturing base began in earnest at the end of the 1970's.
We were sold on the idea of an information/service economy, unfortunately those jobs have also been offshored/outsourced to lower cost countries.
And the criminal government allegedly ratified "free trade" treaties that prevent America from erecting real free trade tariffs.

So, we have 102 MILLION unemployed in this country, and no hope of putting them back to work until the manufacturing base is restored.

One way to start is with a Wall Street Sales Tax.
1% on their turnover. Which is 4 QUADRILLION. (that is 4,000 TRILLION)
40 Trillion is a good place to start, (it is likely to curtail some of their business, so call it 26 Trillion)
That means 500 BILLION a week.

How about repaving the entire Interstate Highway System? All 47,000+ miles?
To German Autobahn standard, at a cost of $2 MILLION dollars a mile (on average)
That is $94 Billion.
Which is just ONE day's worth of valid tax return.
How about rebuilding all the Airports, Seaports, Bridges, Canals, Dams, and Viaducts.
That would be 1 Week's worth of returns.

Screw America, and save Wall Street- not anymore, hell NO!

@GeorgeC, banks are a good thing. Most of us have a house and vehicles because of a bank. They fund business startups, which provide jobs. That's a good thing. Yes they make a profit off the interest. Why wouldn't they? If they didn't, there would be no incentive for them to invest and they would just keep their money for themselves. It's the fact that we're borrowing so much from China these days, they now have this control over us that's the bad thing. We're getting in debt to subsidize other debt. It's ridiculous. But if we go with your idea, they are just going to pass their expenses on to the consumer. That's how businesses run. It just drives up inflation. I do like your idea of repaving the Interstate system though. How about building that pipeline?

@TRX-4 Tom
"Blew the Tundra away"? LOL.

From the latest shootout:
0-60mph empty:
7.0s for RAM
7.2s for Tundra (0.2 seconds is definitely blowing away the competition.)
0-60mph loaded (1200lbs)
9.0s for RAM
8.4s fro Tundra (RAM met a hurricane here then.)
0-60mph towing:
17.0s for RAM
17.3s for Tundra
MPG towing:
10.4 for RAM (Damn, that 8 speed didn't help much did it)
11.8 for Tundra
Looks like the RAM wasn't built for work. It sucked gas big time and was super slow (second to last place in the loaded 0-60mph, even slower than the ancient Titan, LOL) when something's on its ass. And it took Fiat over 6 years to catchup to Toyota in the drivetrain department. The RAM would probable break it's car suspension if it entered those truck pull competition.

Apparently you know nothing about gearing. RAM has deeper overall ratio than the Tundra even with the 3.55 rear-end.
RAM: 4.71 (1st gear) x 3.55 (rear-end) = 16.72:1 overall
Tundra: 3.333 (1st gear) x 4.30 (rear-end) = 14.33 overall
Yet, the Tundra was neck and neck it the RAM, which had more hp and tq than the Tundra too. That's just embarrassing for RAM, to have more tq and hp and a deeper 1st gear overall yet barely out accelerate a 6 year old design and then getting blown out of the water when loaded.

I'm skeptical that increasing American-made content is somehow going to keep us from American-supplier shortfalls such as with the CTS gas pedals and the various American supplied parts to Toyota, such as rusting frames and bad welds, that we recently heard about.

American suppliers are notorious for corner-cutting and lack of quality, and it wasn't until the American suppliers got some competition from foreign suppliers that they increased their quality and durability procedures.

All this American "planned obsolescence" ensures a huge parts aftermarket, and we've already seen this with the Camry and other cars with high American-made content. They're not as good as their foreign-built, foreign-supplied counterparts.

Nothing has changed from the past. We've made a full circle. More American-made content, more aftermarket demand for replacement parts.

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