Ford Makes a Special Delivery of Its 33,000,000th F-Series Pickup

2013-Ford-F-150-Platinum II

Among major milestones in the world of pickup trucks, this one ranks near the top. Imagine producing more than 33 million of anything, let alone full-size trucks for the last 65 years. To put that into perspective, picture enough full-size pickup trucks to line up nose to tail, with a little bit of room to jump from truck to truck, to run from wherever you're sitting right now TO THE MOON.

Sure, depending on how you cut them up, that's more than 13 generations of light-duty and heavy-duty trucks, but it's still impressive. Mind-blowing even.

Now imagine buying your dream truck, a 2013 F-150 Platinum you've been waiting months to purchase ever since you saw the first pictures (we'll assume for the sake of the story, right here at PUTC). You purchase the truck at your favorite Ford dealer in Plano, Texas (Sam Pack's Five Star Ford--the same dealership he bought his first Ford from in 1969) and then you discover that the pickup isn't just special to you, but also to Ford Motor Company for very impressive reasons.

Sam Loria, a 76-year old truck guy from Princeton, Texas (just outside of Dallas), was, no doubt, quite surprised that his long-awaited new-truck purchase will forever hold a very special place in Ford Truck history. We're hoping his truck got some kind of dash plaque or special accomendation he can keep in the glovebox. Congrats to all involved. 

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Wow - an incredible achievement. Ford fan or not, you've got to admit that the F-series is one of the most popular vehicles the world has ever seen.

The amazing part (to me, at least), is that they're only sold in North America. VW and Toyota have sold lots of Bugs and Corollas, but they did it by selling them everywhere.

Ford deserves recognition here.

The world or North America? Decide which one.

You don't understand what he wrote? They only sell f-series pickups in north america. Unlike the corollas and bugs which are sold everywhere in the world. His point is it is amazing that the f-series is one of the world's best selling vehicles even though most of the world can't even buy them.

33,000,000 TOO MANY

That's nothing but the 33,000,000th piece of doodoo

The F-1 was the first of a long line of trucks.

To keep a concept and idea alive whilst using a very similar product identification is a great achievement.

It is a proud moment not just for Ford, but the whole vehicle manufacturing sector. A product and concept has lasted and not been changed.

Using a numbering system is better than an actual name. Names come an go with fads. Numbers have more permanence.

The Ford Atlas? Sounds like an Edsel.

The value of the F Series title might not have more credence than Ford's Mustang title.

But, Mustang is a globally recognised name, not F Series which is very localised in NA and a few other countries.

Good job Ford. Its a good thing its Ford that has made that many trucks. If it was RAM we would have 33,000,000 trucks either broken down or burning on the side of every rode.

Ford delivered it with a tow truck so the new owner would have an idea what to expect over its service life.

God some of you people are such haters lol lol. Ford is far far far from my favorite vehicle by ANY stretch of imagination but this is respectable by anyones standards no matter your stance on who's the best................

It amazes me how the liberals that own 2nd place Dodge & 3rd place obummer backed Chevy are so nasty on their comments.

I own a Chevy and always will, but I think its great that Mr. Loria is getting a pickup that he and Ford can be proud of. Its a beautiful pickup and maybe not class leading like a new Dodge or so say so called experts from many online or print media. But remember the people on this site own some kind brand and I for one could really care less what others think. So why hate when you can love what you drive.

I hope he has grand kids that can keep that pickup in the family for many. many years to come. I can see it now its 2045, yep my great, great grand dad bought this pickup brand new way back in 2013. Back when all people lived on earth.

The plaque is still at the dealer, it has been applied to a stall in the service department so that when his special truck is recalled he has a stall waiting for him.

It amazes me how the liberals that own 2nd place Dodge & 3rd place obummer backed Chevy are so nasty on their comments.

- LIBERALS Drive GovtMoCo Sierra trucks!!! OBAMA=GMC Bling Bling Denali CRAP. WASTE of MY Taxpayer Dollars!! NO Company NEEDS 2 Trucks! Chevrolet is the ONLY REAL Contender anyway! Screw Government Motors. And DODGE Won't be #2 for long. We're coming After Ford!

GOOD on Ford here still.

Keep building them Ford because they do not last very long. Maybe that is why your warranty is not as good as the competition.

My local Chevy dealer hosted a classic car show today. They had a 2014 Silverado parked for everyone to look at, I thought what the heck. As soon as I opened the door to see the interior I felt it was such a let down. Looked like a marginal improvement over the 2007. The engine seems to be a marginal improvement also. I thought no wonder GM isn't selling as much as it wants to. I really wanted to see a truck that blew me away.

when they said they were going to put a dodge in every garage they weren't kidding. Long live mopar.................mechanics!

Just think dodge was so ashamed of there truck they quit putting there name on them.Now they are rams... no wait now they are fiats rams

Congrats to Ford! The Best Never Rest!!!!! 33,000,000 STRONG. Which is more than what one could say for 2nd and a really distant 3rd! I hear Fiat plans to rename the Ram to either FireBall Express or RecallQueen 1500 next year, well that is only if they are still in business. You may see them on the news next year with their hands out begging in Washington again. Junk will always be junk and garbage will always be garbage no matter how "pretty" you make it look!!








Good story. Ford and the dealership should at the very least offer free oil changes for as long as he owns this truck and offer to buy his truck back at a premium when he is ready for another one. Ford could display this truck at the Henry Ford museum or at their headquarters eventually.

^I guess not everyone has developed that sense of entitlement that is so prevalent among today's spoilt generation.

I cannot believe they made it to 33,000,000 after this pile of crap EcoBoost that I own. I can't wait to pay my loan balance down some so I can trade it off. I am going to run and not walk to the nearest RAM dealer.

Yeah trade that Ecoboost in for a second rate Dodge Ram. That was just proven to be second rate in the 2013 Shootout!!!

He's a Fiat/Ram fan in disguise, highly doubt he even has a truck. Trucks don't become dead last because they are better. Dodge has for as long as I remember been known for making sub quality trucks. Looks like they may be improving, but I wouldn't spend my dollars to find out. Actually, if they made the highest quality trucks I wouldn't buy one due to the disgust I have of that brand from listening to immature fanbois.

It amazes me that a discussion of pickup truck brand loyalty is as polarizing as a discussion of abortion.

Glad to see a good story on here. Ford trucks still has an edge over the competition.


Ford makes a special delivery is the headline and then the story says nothing about how they made the special delivery. Did I miss something?


If there are 33 000 000 F-Trucks and the earth which is about 360 000 000m from the moon at the closest point of it's orbit then you would have a truck every 11m. Assuming the average truck length is about 6m leaving a gap of 5m - this is a bit far for me to jump with no runup from the bonnet of one to the tray of the next.

Amazing how other fan boys get so butt hurt over such a great achievement. American made trucks and a lot of them. Great job Ford!!

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