Ford's 2014 F-150 Tremor Brings Back the Sport Truck

2014 F-150 Tremor II

At a time when Toyota is killing the sporty Tacoma X-Runner and no other truck maker offers anything close to the once-popular sport truck option packages, it looks like Ford is getting back into the game, albeit with a small first step.

Called the F-150 Tremor, this all-new model in the lineup is based on the regular cab shortbed pickup and will be dressed in most of the FX4 trim package (which will include a standard manual electronic locking rear differential) with one unique difference — it will have a twin-turbocharged EcoBoost V-6 under the hood, a first for this wheelbase.

Sure, high-performance pickup truck fans will remember the Dodge Ram SRT-10's top speed records, and the Ford SVT Lightning is still a favorite at any Blue Oval event with the classic supercharged 5.4-liter V-8. However, the economic climate and consumer priorities have changed a bit since those vehicles were popular. So maybe that's why the guys at Ford Truck decided to give power-to-weight aficionados a bone with their latest creation.

Doug Scott, Ford's longtime truck group marketing manager, notes a new model like this doesn't happen by accident: "The time is right for this truck ... it probably goes back to when we decided to go in our off-road performance direction with the Raptor ... we knew that doing something for on-road performance was always going to be a very real possibility." And now the F-150 Tremor is here. 

Some might want to see this new model as a direct competitor with the Ram 1500 R/T that we saw last year. No doubt there will be comparisons between the two models, or even the last-gen Lightning, but from our point of view this is probably a better foundation on which others can build from rather than the best sport truck the F-150 platform can produce. 

Here's what we know so far. The lightweight 126-inch-wheelbase truck will be offered in both two- and four-wheel drive, weighing in right around 5,000 pounds, and no doubt likely will be the preferred choice of all those starved sport truck refugees looking for the best pickup to do a smoky burnout for their buddies.

Of course, this is no Lightning replacement. We've been told Ford's Special Vehicle Team had nothing to do with this project, specifically there are no performance enhancements to the truck's suspension to give it better handling during hard cornering. But that doesn't mean a small industry won't crop up around this new model to supply owners with tons of suspension and ground-effects choices. We can't wait to see what happens to this option package after a few special equipment companies get a hold of it.

Expect pricing to come out in late summer with the rest of the 2014 F-Series models, when dealerships get a chance to place their orders. At first glance, this looks like an impressive package, with a power-to-weight ratio rivaling many sports cars without any sacrifice to payload and towing numbers. And the fact that Ford is utilizing all existing parts and pieces bodes well for durability as well. You can bet we'll have more to come. 

For the full press release, click here. Additionally, we'll have a full photo gallery posted on our Facebook page later today. 

2014 F-150 Tremor 3 II

2014 F-150 Tremor 2 II



So will the 4WD version be all "street trucky" too or will it have decent ground clearance, skid plates, etc...?

I want one!

Cool platform. Personally I'd like to see an STX in crew cab 4x4, good hunting truck.

Cool! I wonder if the available 4x4 system will be part-time only or have the 4A (Auto) selection like the Lariat trims and up have.

My only complaint is that the Eco-Boost engine isn't the best hot rod engine. Its great for people who do not want to soup up a truck, but throwing tons more boost into the 3.5L V6 just doesn't sound like a great idea. I'd rather it have the 5.0L or even 6.2L V8 so that I can twin-turbo those motors.

The Ecoboost would be a great standard offering, sure, but maybe make the 5L or 6.2L optional?

MARCUS have you driven anything with the Ecoboost motor?
its a wonderful engine

Great looking truck, Im suprised it has the Center shift console. now we can put it in Manual mode and push the buttons to shift haha

Hopefully Ford can offer three engine options. That would definitely push more trucks sales and more trolls whining on how they add all these trucks sales together.

That's awesome! Finally they offer a rcsb ecoboost. Before you were stuck with either the 3.7l or the 5.0l.

Should be one fast little truck. I wonder if the 4x4 version still comes with the 36 gal tank.

10 years ago the Tremor package was aesthetic and basically gave you a factory stereo system that would rattle the windows. Right? So now it's going to be about performance instead of appearance?


Ok, now Ford makes exactly what I wanted in the first place, but I had to get a long bed! now that I have had problems with my Ecco-Boost engine, I will only get an F-150 reg cab 4x4 with the 5.0, IF I GET ANOTHER FORD! I will wait to see a new Chevy/GMC reg cab 4x4 with the new 5.3 though, and the Ram reg cab 4x4 Hemi still looks nice also.

I think Ford should have put the 6.2L in it with a 6 Speed Manual Transmission.

How about an extended cab/standard bed version? Don't need more than that but I'll bet it's still overpriced.

They already offer an extended cab/standard bed EB F150.

True they already have a supercab Fx2/4 with EB and the apperance package.

@Dooms Only a 26, the 36 only fits on longer wheelbases.

I personally don't think it should be offered in other engines; especially the 5.0L. That'd be like putting out a truck that is only meant to be fast, and offering slower versions for no real reason.

Get a DODGE Racetruck! HEMI!

Still, It's all about THIS! USA, Chevrolet, DODGE and Ford.

Just say NO to GotvMoCo Obama Sierra's, Toyota's, Nissan's!!!!!

Ford, how about putting your effort into a new compact Ranger/F100, rather than yet another F150 model?

Vince: the 6.2 would be too heavy, and way too much weight over the front wheels! a p/u is already front heavy, the EB is a light engine for the power it makes, I have just had bad luck and service with one, so I would prefer the 5.0 V-8, w/4x4 instead, besides with a chip and exhaust work and a CAI, you would get some great power out of the smaller V-8 anyway, all you would do with the 6.2 is burn tires and gas, and plow through the corners.

I'm excited about it. It's not a Raptor, but being shorter, lighter, and having ecoboost power will likely make it just as, if not MORE fun!

Interesting but it's tough to beat the base-stripper F-150 reg cab with "a la carte" 5.0 V8 and 3.73 limited slip that comes to $25,355 before rebates.

A wheezy 3.5 and 4.10 E-locker might be faster, but would lack the Muscle Car presence. And I can already see the Tremor's MSRP around $35K, for the 2WD.

Now if you have to settle the score and don't mind spending a couple extra $K for a catback turbo...

I would like to see a Ecoboost in this configuration it will be lighter than me and make very good power with mods. I say lets see what they can do with mods VS. Supercharged Tundra with mods or SRT 10 with mods. I know the Ecoboost guys are making more and more power it is just that the engine is so new it is taking some time but it is looking good. Thank you Ford I love a good competition no matter the outcome. I am very sure GM will have something could you imagine a 2014 6.2L Silverado RCSB with 3.73 axle ratio.

I have only seen a Supercharged Tundra VS. Stock Ecoboost I know both the 5.7L force and Ecoboost engines can make big torque with mods as a tuned Ecoboost is capable of more than 500lb ft at a low rpm without exhaust and intake. The 5.7L iforce still has me amazed at the torque it can pull out with just exhaust work as stock dyno numbers are something like 310hp/330lb ft and with just a full race like exhaust allows it make a little more than the stock Ecoboost crank numbers at the wheels with 368hp/424lb ft. As earlier this guy is running the setup I will have shortly on my Supercharged Tundra as I have the pulley I am just waiting for the exhaust setup.

I think the Ecoboost is a perfect setup for this package.

with a eco boost short bed 2 wheel drive you should see close to or even faster straight line times as the lighting had.

Now if ford decides to add some boost to the eco boost this thing could be very very mean. Ford is doing it right with lighter trucks so there engines can be smaller and more fuel efficient yet be faster and have the same great reliability.

A chip for a ecoboost extended cab 4 wheel drive I have rode in is truely impressive. I would say a regular eco boost 2 wheel drive with grippy rubbers out back should run high 5's easily to 60
A chipped up version [you will need some stick sticky wide tires] should run low 5s to 60 easily..

This truck should out run any lighting to date easily with out doing much of anything just some stickier rubber out back!

A 5.0 RC 3.73 Limited Slip will be with the 8' bed.

A 5.0 RC with a 6.5' bed has up to a 3.55 and comes to $26,300 with destination. It will still be an XL. A stripped XL is not what Ford is going for.

Ford wants to offer a finished package from the factory with the premium engine, 4.10's, exterior and interior refinements.

The base stripper will still be an XL and look like crap. It would cost more to add all of the improvements (interior, monotone ext, 20's, 4.10's) than just buying the Tremor.

They went with the Ecobeast instead of the 5.slow

Too bad you can't order a current-gen F150 with an aluminum block 351 Windsor, big Holley, and the modern six speed slusher. Or a vintage Gurney Eagle engine...

"Still, It's all about THIS! USA, Chevrolet, DODGE and Ford.

Just say NO to GotvMoCo Obama Sierra's, Toyota's, Nissan's!!!!!"

@Mopar, maybe you're not such a mopar moron afterall. Good song man! I agree, just in a different order. Ford, Chevrolet and then Dodge for me. I don't like GM's Sierra. Never have, never will. Just a Chevy powered rebadge like most of GM stuff. Back when I was into Chevrolet's, I never did like the idea of GM behind it. That company is pathetic. Still good luck beating this pal. Dodge er, RAM as they want to be called or laughed at now has no history in the street truck category of beating Ford. Even the V-10 Viper motor didn't beat the Lightning. Ford will always win here.



^I'd rather have 20 options under one brand than repetitious "options" under 2 brand names

LMFAO @ Bob!

Ford has 11 trims if you count Tremor.

GMC/Chevy has 11 packages. Like Alex said a lot are redundant.

GM loses and Ford wins again!

Actually, you can get a 4x2, regular cab, 6.5" bed, 5.0, with 3.55 gears in the STX. And you can also get the 3.73s in the same configuration, but with 4WD.

Yes but I was responding to post on the 5.0 stripper for $25.3K.

The STX package with 301A package is $30.3k with bench seats, 5.0, 3.55, 18's, and no interior ugrades like on the FX2 RC Tremor.

The whole point is to have a sporty short wheelbase reg cab EcoBoost F-150 from the factory for enthusiasts. This is the first short wheelbase to offer the EB motor.

Nobody is arguing against a 5.0 RC strippers. We know they are available.

It is nice to see a complete package done from the factory.

Nomather what ford did this is a ford maybe fast but poor quality again and again,,,,

Lots of sarcasm out there. When I said, "How about an X-cab/standard cab version, I'm talking about the Tremor--which this article clearly stated they hadn't done--yet.

It would be worth whatever the extra is for the appearance package captains seats, MFT, Sony, productivity screen (not available on STX - only has trip computer). Not to mention 20's, 4.10 and EcoBoost. If you want a stripper 5.0 that's available, but this package will be hard to beat.

No matter what Ford offers there will be somebody saying how about this and they are usually the people who are just tire kickers.

CNBC states that people from within Ford are saying a 23k to 27k range.

That's a good price. The people saying just buy a regular F150 and build it up yourself are missing the point. You'll never build it and even if you could it would cost you more than the factory price.

Lame. I am switching to RAM.

At least the name fits it. It's a weak tremor, not full fledged earthquake!

It's good that Ford are bringing out this sport truck. I especially like the Eco Boost engine, as it will hopefully appeal and create interest in the younger crowd.

A diesel F-150 'sport truck' would also be a nice touch.

The range of models and styles of pickup that are available to you guys in the US, should indicate that there is a larger market that could support more players.

But the 'Tremor' doesn't sound like a great name, Raptor has a better ring to it.

"Thunder" should follow Lightning. Raptor really doesn't fit the Ford naming conventions.

Is there a doctor in the house? There seems to be a lot of bipolar posters out there.

If they offer it in a RC, they want SuperCab.

If they offer it in a SuperCab, they want a RC.

If they offer it in a Tremor package, they want just a regular F150 package.

If they offer it in a regular F-150, they say they want a Tremor.

Make up your minds.

@ Richard Ross
Maybe, as I have pointed out there isn't enough players in the US pickup market.

Look at the numbers of cars sold in the US and look at the number of manufacturers supplying a much greater variety.

The pickup market has very few suppliers, hence the multitude of models provided by each manufacturer.

Sorry that this is slightly off-topic, but it's been brought up by other readers as well: If the STX becomes available as a SuperCrew, then it will have almost entirely replaced what XLT was 5-10 years ago. Not saying that XLT has become too expensive or too fancy, but I'm sure there are a lot of people who would buy an STX SuperCrew if it was available, but have "settled" for a SuperCab.

The XLT today is far, far more luxurious than the XLT of 23 years ago. You don't see that kind of difference in the cars because they really can't be that much more luxurious, they can only add more gimmicks. Sure, they're built better on average because there are new materials available today that weren't available then, but that doesn't necessarily equate with luxury.

As for Richard Ross' little rant; you simply have to understand that not everybody wants what YOU want. Some want more; some want less. I as an individual have no need for four doors in my truck. Neither does my farmer father in law and neither do most of the rest of the people around where he lives. The ability to do work is far more important than the ability to carry their family around. Heck, most of the families up there use a horse and buggy to do their family transportation. Trucks, when they do own them, are extremely basic and used for exactly the reason they're purchased--often piloted by a hired driver. Those farmers who aren't Amish tend to think the same way--accepting a little space behind the front seat, but rarely going with a crew cab. Again, SUVs serve the crew cab purpose for those working farmers and that's usually driven by their wives.

Pleaaaaase FORD Give a cheap price !!!!!!!!

Like Ram Express

I am a Ford Guy but i am planning to buy an Express

(Reg Cab _ Short bed)

Loll funny ford make another recall pickup...fix the ecoboost first????

Nothing that weighs 5000lbs is sporty in my book.

Also, an autotragic transmission isn't really sporty either.

Gimme a Mustang a millions times over and then buy a beater pickup if you really want sport and a pickup. But to each his own... .

Tremor ? Was the inspiration for that name from the after effects of condensation in the intercooler?

Nice to see Ford offering the EB 3.5 in a short box reg cab truck.

Not sure why they needed another trim package.

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