Got Gearheads? Here's What They Want for Father's Day

Fathers-Day-Gift Sign II

By G.R. Whale

Here at we strive to get you what you want. However, with Father's Day upon us (June 16) that duty falls to others. Of course, we don't think anyone's going to get us a new race-car engine or 300-horsepower outboard motor — and the oil-resistant necktie is yet to be invented — but here are some gift ideas to share with your loved ones. Our hope is that these ideas will improve your odds of experiencing a Father's Day you'll appreciate.


For Garage Guys

Fathers day calcover II

If your garage door faces any direction but north, the sun hits it at some point each day. In my southern clime that's more heat than needed, but in the winter keeping some car heat inside makes it a much nicer place to work. This insulation kit is quick and easy enough that gift-givers could install it before Father's Day. California Car Cover, 800-423-5525,


Put a Shine on It

  Father's Day Mothers II

I've been polishing things by hand since I bought my first road bike as a 13-year-old, but 20-pound bikes take much less effort than 20-inch wheels, big chrome bumpers, diamond-plate aluminum toolboxes, fogged plastic light covers, acres of two-tone paint or cleaning upmarket leather interiors. Mothers' line of polishes, waxes and cleaners offers plenty of choices whether your pickup truck is new or in need. With some instruction, the kids can polish it for you, and they will find their black hands mesmerizing. Mothers Polish, 714-891-3364,


Light Up Your Life

  Father's Day Tube II

LED units are popping up everywhere, and while your truck may not yet have them you probably have an LED flashlight. Think bigger. LED garage lighting produces much better illumination, is closer to daylight temperatures (5,500 kilowatts for this tube) for easier painting, costs much less to operate, isn't hard on tires like mercury vapor lamps, doesn't flutter 60 times a second and there's no noise to interfere with your talk- or sports-radio listening. Titan LED Inc., 805-523-7500,


Have a Seat

  Father's Day TMI sport seat II
If you're restoring a truck or the diet didn't work out and you've flattened a seat, TMI Products offers a selection of seats — both original style and upgraded — that use factory seat frames and attachment points. For classic El Camino owners, the Sport R series replaces the foam and upholstery on your factory frame (bucket or bench) with better bolstering and is available with suede inserts, contrast stitching and custom colors. Not a Recaro or ISRI maybe, but not thousands each, either. TMI Products, 888-460-0640,


Keyed In

  Father's Day BOLT Padlock_Receiver Lock II
The Bolt Series lets you key locks to the key that came with your truck for most modern pickups, vans and some SUVs. That means you can lock the hitch pin (1/2 or 5/8 inch), trailer spare tire, toolbox latch and miscellaneous padlocked gear and use just one key to unlock them. Bolt, 877-251-8798,


Sweet Sounds

Fathers Day retroradio II

Your classic truck may still have its sewing-machine six but there's no reason it can't have a fully modern sound system that blends in. Available with chrome or black face and chrome or ivory pushbuttons, this RetroSound Model Two AM/FM radio (shown in a 1968 Chevy pickup) has USB input, iPod integration, Bluetooth wireless streaming and an LCD display with 32,000 backlit color choices. RetroSound, 909-364-1372,


Speed Demon's Friend

  Father's Day Valentine II
My friends with extensive experience with speed-enforcement detectors swear by Valentine 1. It's not cheap ($399) unless you compare the cost to fines, traffic school and insurance hikes. The front-and-rear radar laser detector also offers an available Android Bluetooth link, low-speed alert attenuation, remote audio for use on your motorcycle and concealed display. Valentine 1, 800-331-3030,


Charged Up

  Father's Day Battery Minder II

Plate batteries get clogged just like fuel filters, and the problem is worse for seldom-used vehicles or those that are parked partially charged. The BatteryMINDer can be used regularly between two vehicles, used once a quarter to charge and unclog a smaller car battery and a bigger one. For vehicles you drive every day, consider a Canadus high frequency battery energizer, which mounts on board. BatteryMINDer, 800-379-5579,


Prying Times

  Father's Day Prybar II
Everyone needs a pry bar and often it's the size you don't have. A GearWrench indexing pry bar head is adjustable up to 14 locking positions and the 82220 model shown is extendable. We've seen them as short as 8 inches and an extendable one that goes from 24 to 48 inches. GearWrench, 800-688-8949,


Jack Be Nimble

  Father's Day jackstands II

Your project may not look great yet, but working on it parked on aluminum jack stands may inspire you to finish it. You also can carry these lighter-weight jacks from JEGS in your truck or trailer or move them from place to place in your garage, shop or service area. They come in 3-ton and 5-ton (per pair, per axle) ratings. JEGS, 800-345-4545,


Stay Dry

  Father's Day gloves 2 II

If you like to keep your truck clean, you probably wash it year-round, even when it's cold outside. I hate cold fingers, so I bought a set of rubber gloves for a few bucks and I can still immerse my hands without getting wet. Thicker and stronger than latex but not as cumbersome as some industrial gloves, they're the easy way to clean things in moderate conditions. Check your local hardware and automotive stores.


Go Gawking

  Car Museum II

If your dad likes looking at other significant rides, or you do and want him to take you, get some tickets for a car museum or car show. We found automotive museums in 46 of 50 states and car-show listings in all of them, many at a nominal fee or free. Alternately, buy tickets to a diesel drag race, sled pull competition, NASCAR truck series or the local dirt track where mini-pickups might run in compact, four-cylinder classes. Just remember the goggles and earplugs.


Book It

  Father's Day Books II

Last but by no means least, a good book on Dad's favorite automotive brand, truck, engine or racing series might be appreciated. If he wants to go racing, check out "Fast Guys, Rich Guys and Idiots" by Sam Moses or peruse the Motorbooks catalog for techniques to build your own small-block to beat your neighbor's other-brand big-block. Heck, we've even enjoyed just reading the catalog. Motorbooks, 800-458-0454,



For Father's Day my wish is to have an EcoBoost that actually runs and does not leave me on the side of the road. I think a Hemi RAM is my only hope.

Love the Radar idea !!

I always had on before,but now I am going to get one(dont have on on my 2013 RAM)..They do work great love the idea of a front-and-rear radar laser detector,had one a few years back for some reason never put one on my last RAM and got 2 tickets 2 warnings,soooo time for one.These new trucks with the HEMI sound great at speed and the addicting passing power at speed , I sure need one of these radars thanks for jogging my memory on things to get/do...

You should also add a performance computer flash,performance muffler (Dynomax sounds best on Mopars old/new)

If you own a 6 cyl GAS dont bother with a performance exhaust,get the quietest muffler so you dont hear the annoying 6 cyl sound ! Sorry Eco-Boost guys but its true !

And for the kids to buy for their Dads,the repair manual is a good idea as trucks change year to year gives info for the laymen to and when to change fluids,light bulbs,dash lights ect..its good for an older truck it will save you cash by not taking it in for repairs.

Plus mud flaps,can be bought for fairly cheap,as not everyone has the money to spend on the other items.How about a oil filter/oil..its usefull..

Remember Keep on Truckin' and do a Burnout daily...its good for the Environment !!

I think a good gift for Fathers Day would be removing all the trolls from this website.. It is really going downhill..

Great Content, horrific control over comments.

I thought the idiotic posts from Dodge/Ram/Hemi boys were going to be filtered? Come on take a stance and kick these guys off.
I own a 2001 5.4 Ford with 190,000 and done nothing more than change coil packs and a starter. Pulls great, goes off road great and hauls the family great. Plus the AC can still freeze us out when it is 90 in the north woods.

For Father's Day my wish is to have an EcoBoost that actually runs and does not leave me on the side of the road. I think a Hemi RAM is my only hope.
Posted by: FordTrucks11 | Jun 11, 2013 1:47:40 PM



I like to have a 4.3 stroker from supersix motor sports for fatherday



I own a Triton powered ford. All I can say is thank goodness for helicoil kits. I asked my wife and kids to buy me a whole case of them for Father's Day. I'll need it as fast as I go through 'em.

I got my step-dad a dual exhaust cat-back for his truck. I can't wait to see the smile when he starts it up for the first time.

So if any of you are looking for something better than the Haynes manual for your father, or want to drop a hint for others to get you... check out "All Data DIY".

I've had it for years and absolutely love it. AllData and Mitchell were the 2 that I used when I worked in the shop. Worth every penny.













Color output of lights is measured by Temperature (Kelvin), not Kilowatts (a measurement of work).

@don't ask don't tell,

5 speed ?
Stop being ignorant,6spd for years now and 8 speed trans !!

Whats wrong with Italians ?
RAM was under Mercedes control before,nobody said anything..You know Mercedes is German..

Chrysler is still and always was an American car/truck company !

Really odd,people buy Korean,Japanese cars those should be the laughing stalk...Who wants a cheap Ameican knockoff Asian import.

Ford/GM cars are all based on imports,Camaro/Cadillac are Opels
Ford cars are based on European cars,Flex,Taurus ect are based on Volvo's.Focus/Fiesta/Fusion are import based.

Must suck to be jealous as you,jealous people are always uneducated /ignorant of knowledge in their arguments,such as you.RAM is always the leader,has been since 1994 ! All trucks copied them since.

One must check if radar detectors are legal in their jurisdiction.

I like Mother's wax products.

The keyed to ignition hitch lock is a great idea.

The best Father's Day gift of all ?????????????

As Brad pointed out...... WTF happened to the whole "call for higher standards" survey and the "yes, will improve policing" comments from this site?


PUTC needs to open a tanker truck full of that sh-t.

2013 RAM

Posted by: HEMI MAN | Jun 11, 2013 3:35:36 PM

Oh yeah,I'm thinking about trading in my F150 for one because my tranny went out!

And when all else fails, there's the mighty GIFT CARD for the sporting goods store so Dad can get whatever he needs for the fall hunting season! :)

A true 5 speed that pretends to be a 6 speed if shifted like a MT.

remember the gonna put a dodge in every garage commercials.

You can't say they diden't warn you first!

With the cost of gas these days I'd be happy with the kids just filling up my tank on the V8.

Just turn the radar detector off in Virginia and a few other states. Unless you want to lose it.

Wish my father was here. But then, some hospitals don't take resposabilty for their actions.

@NorthernMN: There are plenty of idiotic posts by Ford/GM/ and Toyota boys as well. Just look at the mentality "don't ask don't tell" shows. Not only idiotic, but ignorant as well.

@Knowledge is Great..

The Camaro is based off the Zeta platform, which was engineered in Australia... not by Opel. The Cadillac that was a rebadged "Opel" was the Catera.

If you do any research, you'll find that a handful of GM platforms are/were engineered in Australia. The only Cadi that appears to be off of an Opel engineered platform is the new XTS.

It's 5500K color temperature in Kelvin...Not kilowatts.
Fiat RAM

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