May 2013 Top 15 Pickup Truck Sales

  Fords Pair 2013 II

Say what you will about Ford's strategy to make more signicant improvements every few years instead of waiting five to seven years to come out with a completely redesigned F-150; it looks like it's working just fine based on May 2013 sales numbers.

May 2013 is the first month in more than six years that F-Series sales have made it above 70,000 units, and that was when we were talking about the possibility of seeing a 1-million-unit year from Ford. Sure, we've seen some good news from the construction sector, and that seems to be helping all the full-size domestic truck makers, but there could be more good news on the horizon if other parts of the economy begin to show more optimism as well. 

Ram continues to show strong growth as Chevrolet and GMC dealerships continue to make more room (with strong incentives on 2013 models) for the arriving 2014 Silverado 1500 and 2014 Sierra 1500. Steady Toyota Tacoma sales ensure its place at the top of the "non-full-size" segment, but it's worth mentioning the Tacoma, Nissan Frontier and Honda Ridgeline did all outsell (in May) the slumping Nissan Titan.  


Rank YTD Sales YTD vs. 2012
Year-Over-Year Monthly Sales vs. Month 2012
1 Ford F-Series +21.7% May 2013 71,604 +30.6%
299,477 May 2012 54,836

2 Chevrolet Silverado +23.9% May 2013 43,283 +25.3%
199,327 May 2012 34,555

3 Ram Trucks +23.0% May 2013 31,672 +22.0%
140,675 May 2012 26,040

4 GMC Sierra +17.5% May 2013 16,061 +21.7%
71,065 May 2012 13,196

5 Toyota Tacoma
+21.5% May 2013 14,727 +20.0%
67,165 May 2012 12,269

6 Toyota Tundra +14.8% May 2013 9,950 +13.5%
41,806 May 2012 8,765

7 Nissan Frontier +0.7% May 2013 6,570 +19.9%
23,903 May 2012 5,480

8 Chevrolet Avalanche*
+9.5% May 2013 1,980 -6.3%
10,166 May 2012 2,113

9 Nissan Titan
-9.5% May 2013 1,402 -35.3%
7,552 May 2012


10 Honda Ridgeline +22.4% May 2013 1,626 +35.6%
7,448 May 2012


11 Chevy Colorado* -83.4% May 2013 244 -93.5%
2,879 May 2012 3,778

12 Caddy Escalade EXT* +44.8% May 2013 200 +46.0%
973 May 2012



GMC Canyon*

-82.9% May 2013 88 -90.3%
812 May 2012


14 Suzuki Equator** -59.5% May 2013 0 -100%
448 May 2012


15 Ford Ranger* -100% May 2013 0 -100%
0 May 2012


* No longer in production but still being sold.

** No longer produced by American Suzuki (effectively a clone of the Nissan Frontier) because that company declared bankruptcy. The new company, Suzuki Motors of America Inc., does not produce pickups. 


Ford sucks

GMC combined is down 29,085 from Ford, will they gain those numbers back with the 2014 twins to pass Ford for #1?

I think that Tacoma stands a better chance of catching Sierra than GMC has of catching Ford.

Discontinued Avalanche outselling the Titan, I don't see a reason for GM to stop Avalanche production.

not a chance chevy can surpass ford this year even if the new chevy twins are a big hit (which I am very doubtful of). It takes a while for a good truck to "sink in" especially when it looks so much like the previous generation as the new chevy trucks do. There's a lot of lag. It took a long time for the ecoboost to really start selling like crazy (I don't think it will peak for a little while). When the Ram was redesigned for 09 models I was amazed how long it took for their sales to start picking up, and that was a huge improvement over the previous generation. Now that I have a ram and am disappointed with the long term durability I think there will be even more lag in the ram sales slowing down as people start to realize they don't have good durability. Unless I just got a lemon.

I'm amazed the ridgeline almost outsells titan. In rural idaho a ridgeline is a very rare sight where titans are somewhat common.

I think new Chevys and GMC come out this month on the lot if I remember right. Wonder how big of a slide or jump we will see in sales over the next two months so be interesting.

Ford announced today:

They are recalling more than 465,000 vehicles in several popular models after discovering problems with fuel delivery modules, engine-block heaters and missing steering parts.

GM and Ram look better all the time.

I'm surprised that the GM pickups gained that much. But then again even my brother bought a new 2013. He did not even know a new model was coming out this summer,and I'm betting must people do not.

I hate to say it because I have a soft spot for Nissans..but they really ought to take the Titan out and shoot her.

Really!! Fourteen hundred trucks?? Is it worth the expense and infrastructure to sell these things? Why don't they take a year off and come back with the 7speed trans behind a turbo-diesel?

Mike, the Titan shares many parts with the NV van, it doesn't cost Nissan much to just make the truck along side the truck

FORD is done when they start the new GM trucks!!!!

In the end, sales #'s are meaningless unless you know how much pickups are being discounted.


Even with the massive incentives on the hood of GM trucks, people still overwhelmingly buy Ford. I guess the GM fanbois are waiting for the 2014 GM trucks to come out. Let's see if the new 2014 GM trucks will outsell the Fords.

Well they talked about driving a new Sierra a story or two back on this site, and doesn't look like that many people care.

Seems there is a few people saying they will buy one (a new GMC or Chevy) without even seeing it in person, a test drive, or see how it does in a shootout. LOL. That's the GM faithful for you!

What's worse, they actually believe in the tow ratings GM is throwing around! BA ha ha! GM is just playing this "throw a number up there that is better then the competition" game, with Ford. In the Edmunds test, we seen that the F-150 transmission with v-6 (3.7) overheats at Gross Combined Weight Rating towing up a steep hill in April or May, lol. I wonder what the Chevy will break or overheat when pushed to the limits?

The Tundra tow ratings are atleast realistic. I would say the Ram 8 speed is as well, can't say much about the 6 speed Ram tow ratings being as realistic, but hey, atleast they didn't play the pencil whip game like Ford does.

It's funny, they say the Chevy V-6 can tow 7200 or so with a 6 speed and only 3.42 gears? Really? Just to give an idea how ass backwards those tow ratings are, the Hemi (100 more ft pounds torque) 8 speed with 3.21 gears with a much lower starting ratio, closer gears, and tows in a numerically higher final gear, IS NOT RATED AS HIGH AS GM IS RATING THERE "stuff". Maybe that's Rams fault for conservative tow ratings with the 8 speed? The only the the GM has on that Ram that can make it tow better, would be smaller tires, and a slightly lighter truck. Yeah, that makes up for the differance in gears, and 100 ft pounds, lol.

27 more ft pounds then Fords V-6, with less gear, then a truck that overheats at max GCWR (F-150 V-6 3.7) doesn't equal being able to tow 600 pounds more then said Ford or Ram.

You GM folks believe everything the government tells you??

BTW, GM has the biggest rebates, if you know a good song, you can get a GM truck for a song!

To Nissan's credit, they are selling at least one Titan per dealer, per month...

It's hard to tell if when combining the Titan with Armanda and Infiniti QX56 sales, if it's still viable to keep on making them. But it's not like they can simply pull the 'plug' on them, regardless. It seems like that would do more harm to their Image, than if they never started selling trucks and SUVs in the 1st place. Take Mitsubishi and Isuzu, for example.

@trx-4 tom
You make some good points, but first tow rating doesn't mean squat to most anyone and very few people actually know how much their truck weighs when towing. second,
the f-150 actually did pretty well in the edmunds test compared to the ram (it made it up the hill faster and required less braking going down). It started to get hot but never overheated and even with the truck limiting itself to 55 mph to keep itself from overheating it made it up the hill FASTER than the new ram. Third, being pushed to its absolute limits (something very few people will ever do to their truck) but it was still able to make it safely up the hill at the max rating and proved that it was capable of pulling that much weight under normal circumstances. Most of their complaints at edmunds were because the "engine was too loud" or "the ride wasn't as smooth".

try loading up any truck to its max weight rating and driving up a long steep hill at 55 mph and it will most likely start to get hot. It doesn't mean the truck isn't capable of pulling that weight, it means you ought to ease off the throttle a bit.


I guess you missed that part about Edmonds not feeling safe in the ford because of trailer sway, or the part where the only reason why the ram was slower up the hill is because the instrumentation was not calibrated properly.

I'm not saying that the ford isn't a good truck, just saying that ram is a much better option right now, especially when comparing base v6s.

I think my favorite line of the whole article was the one at the end saying that the Ford isn't a better truck towing 6500, how is going to be a better truck towing 6700.


You and some of your dodge fan boy buddies are such f'in hypocrites. So GM increase their towing by a couple hundred pounds with chasis improvements, brake upgrades, suspension upgrades, bigger axles and most importantly more powerful motors with much improved torque peaking lower which is better for towing and you have nothing to say about Dodge and their almost 6k lb increase in towing on the HD? Come on man. I am going to laugh my ass off when the Duramax still drags the cummins up eisenhower pass when towing. Get real and have a little appreciation instead of being so closed minded.

Your arguing about Dodge not having the towing numbers with their half ton, why not bitch to them for switching to a coil rear suspension, or maybe for them putting a car motor in their base truck or how about why they tune their "Hemi" which it really isn't anymore for peaky drag racing instead of low down truck work grunt?

The V6 chevy is a true designed motor with tons more torque down low than the motor found in the Caravan and 200 err I mean Dodge Ram. Not to mention you are spouting off rear end gears with out taking in to effect what the transmission gearing does to that 3.42 rear. GM used last I checked like a 4.1 first gear in the 6 speed, which made the 3.42 act like a 4.10 or or 4.30 ( somewhere in that area, I forget exactly).

Also, commenting on people that say they would buy one without driving one yet. How many dodge fan boys were saying they were going to buy a new Dodge because of the Air suspension or 8 speed auto with out driving one? You were mentioning everyone waiting to buy a Dodge until the 13's were out with out driving one (pretty much exacty what you said when the sales #'s came out earlier). How do they not know the air suspension would/is goingto suck or the transmission would/is going to hunt more then elmer fudd? You are the epitomy of pot calling the kettle back, go back to the Dodge forums and take Hemi with you!

All I can find are tow specs for the Sierra crew cab.

Trailering & Payload

4.3L V6 EcoTec3 engine 2WD
Curb Weight
4942 lbs
Max Payload
1933 lbs
GVWR (lbs.)
6900.00 lbs

4.3L V6 EcoTec3 engine 4WD
Curb Weight
5139 lbs

Max Payload
1936 lbs

GVWR (lbs.)
7100.00 lbs

Max Conventional Trailering, 3.08 Rear Axle

Max Conventional Trailering, 3.23 Rear Axle
5900 lbs N/A

Max Conventional Trailering, 3.42 Rear Axle
N/A 6700 lbs

Max Conventional Trailering, 3.73 Rear Axle

Axle Capacity

4.3L V6 EcoTec3 engine 2WD
Front Gross Axle Weight Rating (lbs.)
3650 lbs
Rear Gross Axle Weight Rating (lbs.)
3950 lbs

4.3L V6 EcoTec3 engine 4WD
Front Gross Axle Weight Rating (lbs.)
3950 lbs

Rear Gross Axle Weight Rating (lbs.)
3950 lbs

@papajim - you get huge recalls when you have a defect in a shared component. The recall was initiated because people were complaining of fuel odour and fuel leaks.
That was world wide.
There were also 500 (2013) Lincoln MKZ with potential cold weather malfunctions of the insulation around the block heater.
Add to that list 25 Fusion's with a faulty/missing retaining clip in the steering box.

Read more:

I wonder what happened to "HemiV8". He used to love Ford fire recalls ;)

odd.... I posted specs for the 5.3 and they disappeared.


"odd.... I posted specs for the 5.3 and they disappeared."

That was me. I got friends in low places...

Whilst most argue over insignificant differences between the trucks, the most important aspect is the US economy is creating jobs.

I hope sales of your trucks keep on improving so more people can work. Even if these new workers buy cars it will create more jobs.


"odd.... I posted specs for the 5.3 and they disappeared."

You've been put on the troll list.

Keep up the sh%$ LOSER! I know who you are!

Ford is #1 and all the other toys can go piss up a rope!

My Ford truck is such a sh&t box with its crummy Ecoo Boost engine that constantly misifires. #1 in sales? Yeah #1 in fleet sales is more like it. Dump 'em on the fleets for peanuts to pad your sales #'s and claim #1 in total sales. It has been a Ford trademark for years. Screw Ford. My next truck is going to be a RAM.

I am definitely getting a Ram next time, I can't handle the repairs on this POS EcoBust anymore. The shop has it more than I do. Never again. The best always rests.

whats interesting with GM is they have a huge following, they cater to their own, they do not make trucks that us Ram and Ford guys will leave and goto GM cuz they aren't quite their yet....

I can't believe these companies get away with combining all truck sales together. The F-150 is a completely different vehicle then the F-250 and F-350 yet they consider them the same. It should be outlawed.

I don't know but I really love me a Chevy Silverado, its what my daddy had so its what I buy, never looked at another truck before.

I would still like to see half-ton and HD P/U sales broken out seperately- lets you compare things more equally. Also shows where the sales trends are coming from.

@Tyler: I am spouting of gear ratios without taking into affect the trans ratios? Clearly you did not read my post. I was talking about starting ratio, which the GM has a 4.02 1st gear, the Ram 8 speed is a 4.71.

So that makes a 3.42 like a 4.10 gear, huh? Not when you tow in 6th gear, or even 5th. I guess you missed that point. You tow in 5th you have a a 2.94. Tow in 6th you have a 2.29, can you say hunt for gears? All with a 3.42. Anthing less then 65 on a flatland, you might as well stick it in 5th. Because it will not maintain speed.

The Ram has extra gear as well for the 3.6, it's needed yes, but heck you tow with it in 7th, which is more gear (2.98) then that laughable top gear GM of 2.29. And when these GMs downshift, it will be a bigger increase in rpm. Because the trans is spread so far (but George likes gears spread out, go hang with him!)

As for the HD tow ratings, they did alot of stuff to the truck, not just the extra 50 ft pounds of torque. Better cooling, frame, mileage, brakes, stronger axles and trans, to name a few. Is how fast something drags a trailer up a pass the only thing you care about?

As for the hemi tow ratings with 8 speed, they are REALISTIC, which is MY POINT. I am not complaining, because whenever they all go to that J2807 or whatever, as Toyota has, you Ford and GM boys will be singing the blues. The Hemi is not so peaky for a gas non turbo engine, has just as much torque per inch down low as you 5.3 Chevy is bringing out, and a crapload more torque down lower then the outgoing pos GM 6.2 which is a total joke. but because there is a wide spead in the past for the Ram 6 speed/RFE-545 with two 2nd gears so close together, and the two overdrives so close, it gave the hemi a rep, it's not an engine issue, it's a trans issue, but you must know little about it, Tyler. For example, towing my wide 24' pontoon boat, which sits up high and the axles are wider then they should leagally be (more drag) with roof up or down, it grabs a crapload of air. The 1 to 1 gear ratio (in my case, 3.92s) can't pull it everywhere up the steeper Missouri hills. So it can't pull it at 2650 rpm, it needs prime second, the 1.5 gear, which is near 4,000 rpm. The problem there is that the 1 to 1 gear is only 66% of the 1.5 gear, so it can't hit it at a lower rpm that is still well in the the torque range. If you have ever seen a Hemi dyno'd, they have good power from 3,000 up (unlike your crappy 6.2) and it is a GEARING MATTER. If they had used 4.10s, it might pull my boat fine in 1 to 1 gear, and then, had they used a 6 th gear just for economy, not close to fith gear, it would still get the mileage, AKA the 6 speed that they put in the 2500 Hemi 2012 and up. Which this site never tested.

In the case of the 8 speed, the 5th gear is 77% of the 1 to 1 gear. That's alot closer, that's where it's at.

Sorry if it too deep an explanation for you, Tyler. The Hemi is right there with (beyound actually) the new 5.3, the 6.2s from Phord and GM and the 5.0, lol, high rpm engine with less mileage to boot.

@trx tom,
Oh boy! You DO have a problem! Immediate help is encouraged.

@Beebe: Did you miss that they said the Ford was gear hunting constantly? Which added the heat to the tranny. It can't hold the max GCWR, well, 85 pounds shy of max.

This is a NEW truck, in SPRING, not SUMMER. Overheated light came on and it CUT power. What will it be like with 50,000 miles, on a hot August day, in the same test? Worse!

Sandman 4x4 himself said he hooked a 7,000 ish pound trailer (overweight by his admission) to v-6, which does prove your point, people often don't know what their trucks weigh, or what they are towing weigh, or just don't care. So, we can see alot more overheating 3.7 Ford trucks because of it. Hope Ford hires more mechanics, they will need them.

Meanwhile, a person that buys a Ram v-6 without max capacity in mind scoots on by, even if it gets down to 51 mph, it will make it.

You also missed this:

"But the curves and crosswinds are another matter. The gently wagging Airstream sets the Ford's hindquarters into a subtle but nonetheless unsettling swimming motion. This is utterly absent in the Ram, doubtless because its coil-spring rear suspension enjoys the lateral control of a Panhard bar. The Ford's relative lack of on-center steering feel doesn't help much here either."

They suggested Ford get coils as well.

But I guess you think faster is the only thing that matters? They also said the Ford suspension made it seem like the pavement was done by low bidder. And yes, they complained of the Ford engine noise, but they complained of ALOT more, had you read the WHOLE STORY.

I will take a truck that will do what it says anyday of the week vs one that overheats when new and in April or May, but has it's ratings pencil whipped to sway buyers into thinking it is that much better.

Yes, they needed to use the brakes of the Ram more, if you can't read the Ford kept it in 2nd alot, which is a bit more gear then the Ram in 3rd gear, there is why.

They also said the Ram used less gas towing and alot less when not towing, then the Ford. ISN'T THAT THE REASON PEOPLE WOULD BUY A V-6 TRUCK?

If this comparo Edmunds did is a Ford win, you have your head up your third point of contact!

Gregory: Start learning today!

Nope I won't be buying a POS Dodge or a POS Chevy. Only FORD the truck LEADER for 36 straight years gets my business!!

trx tom,
I don't have time nor do I want to read your inferiority complexed stories.
If you're talking about my English. It's as good as it's ever going to get.

My daddy drove Ford all his life. Here in Texas white people drive Ford trucks.

For years he gave me his old Ford trucks when he bought a new one and after my daddy died my husband bought me a brand new King Ranch in honor of his memory. Finest truck there ever was.

It all depends on what you grew up with, honey, and maybe what you want to be seen in.

FordTrucks77 is such a troll. Probably drives a GM.

I think Ford is so yesturday, Ram is the new way to go. I know Ford sells a lot but a lot of that is fleets sales.

Great numbers!!!!! Keep on selling!!!

I hope Ford brings the Atlas into production for 2015. With looks like that, a huge V8, 4 doors and and eight-speed automatic transmission, what's not to like?

Once again Ford Ford Ford! Outselling both Chevy & GMC combined! Might makes Right People! LOL

Funny you should say "white people" and Texas in the same sentence, Sandra T, seeing Texas just made news for their hateful police department that just beats up people over next to nothing. Actual it just shows the state of some people.

But Honey, as you call us, it all depends on what you want to be seen on the side of the road broke down in, so your King Ranch will atleast look good. Texas, lol, they have alot of humidity there, and Egoboosts that have those issues with shuddering.

@Gregory, I'm sorry my English isn't up to your demand, maybe you should learn about trucks is what I was saying. But then you probably have some fancy degree that taught you next to nothing about commone sense.

It's ok, I have a brother who is a professor at a major college up north, some of the most basic stuff he can't figure out. I'm sure his English is quite good though.

So bitch all you want about my english, but are you clueless about trucks?

They are coming to take me away. ha ha!

Why are the GM Trolls so mad FORD outsells them. Get a life!

trx tom,
Please reread my last comment. Last two sentences in particular.

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