Recall Alert: 2013 Rams for Software, Front Driveshaft

Ram 2500 II

The Chrysler Group is issuing a recall for almost 17,400 2013 Ram 1500, 2500 and 3500 pickup trucks in the U.S. because of a taillight warning malfunction.

According to the Detroit News, the issue was discovered during routine testing and is centered on an internal dash light that may not function properly if one of the taillights go out. The software fix can be performed at Chrysler dealers free of charge.

Additionally, Chrysler is also issuing another recall for the 2012 Ram 4500s and 5500s regarding a front driveshaft issue. This recall will impact about 5,600 trucks in the U.S.

Chrysler will notify owners and dealers about the central body controller software issue by mail in July. Owners may contact Chrysler at 800-247-9753; the campaign number is N35.



fix it again tony

(hope it's covered under warranty)

Good ideas, crappy execution.

GM and Ford have nothing to worry about.








POS Ram, lol where's Hemi Rampage.

Want a real Truck there's 3 clear choices here, Chevrolet, GMC or Ford.

Yeah rather give props to Ford than a POS Ram.

actually a lot of The ECO-Boost V-6's are miss firing and ford does not want to recall it.





LOL true

Ram taking care of the customer, the other losers should take a lesson from this.

The most recalled truck of 2013

"actually a lot of The ECO-Boost V-6's are miss firing and ford does not want to recall it."

Move along. Nothing at all to see here.


Isn't it something how PUTC posts a Ram recall or problem the day of it happening yet when Ford has recalls its either not posted, posted days after other sites or they just decide to ignore it all together. An example of this is the EcoBoost investigation for that dwarf, turbo lagged excuse for a V8 alternative engine that provides no MPG benefit in comparison with the HEMI 5.7 or the GM 5.3 yet now they are stalling due to significant amounts of moisture entering the inter cooler. Funny how we don't hear anything about this though. The fact is that there's a big reason why the former head guy at PUTC aka Mike Levine got a new gig at Ford as their head of truck marketing. Coincidence...I think not. Be fair, unbiased and report without opinion; that's what I expect to see from any media outlet. Give credit where credit is due and don't give me your opinions or excuses for the loser. This will be evident when the 2013 RAM HEMI TorqueFlite 8 speed smokes the EgoBoost along with the rest of the blow hard, pumped up competition that each have a reputation facade with no substance to back them.


More new crap. More problems. We told these Hemi spammers this on day 1. New crap is great but the quality will go down. See I told you so.

A recall for a warning light that tells you if your taillight goes out?

Instead of argueing over the quality of a truck, why don't we argue over why car companies NEED to install nannies, safety lockouts, and warning lights in the first place?

Why would they need to have a warning light for ANY light failure on ANY brand of truck?

People do NOT pay attention, and they do not pre-trip their vehicles.

33% or 1/3 of the motoring public should not have a driver's licence.
That is a statistically proven fact.

@Dave - Ram (all trucks) tied the first place finish of the GM products.

J.D. Power and Associates' 2012 Initial Quality Study was released Wednesday, and the big winners that sell pickup trucks, all finishing above the industry average of 102 problems reported per 100 vehicles, were Chevrolet (100), Ram (99), Nissan (99), GMC (99), Toyota (88) and Honda (83). The only other pickup truck makers, finishing well below the industry average, were Suzuki (115) and Ford (118).


@ Lou

I totally agree. Why do we need all these useless failure prone electronics.

Raman, That's what I'm talking about. Problems were on the way down because GM and Ram weren't doing a lot of that high tech stuff. Watch the problems per 100 go way up this year.

The easy way around all the problems is don't buy a first year Fiat-Ram or first year anything.

Give the 2013 Ram 3 years to work out the kinks.
Give the 2014 GM trucks a year.
And give the 2015 Fords a year.

@Raman - Initial Quality Survey is different than JD Power's Dependability Study.
Initial Quality covers how easy or intuitive an infotainment system is to use, placement of knobs, dials, and guages, whether or not someone likes how the doors close etc. It does cover problems but can be heavily swayed by perception.
A dealer that has a sales department that spends the extra time showing features and how they work will improve Initial Quality ratings.
Ford has been universally panned for its "My Touch" system which was a huge cause for their drop in "Initial Quality" ratings.
Initial Quality can indicate long term durability but that all depends on what is being reported.

Dependability and cost of ownership data is much more valuable.
JD Power Dependability is based on reported problems on a truck over 3 years.
Anyone who spends time developing policy and procedure etc will not look at just one source. Validating and/or corroborating data is essential.
That means looking at other sources like Consumer Reports, and Vincentric.
If information from several sources line up and show similar trends, then it is fair to say that a product is of lesser quality and/or durability.

PUTC should do a story on the various sources one can access for accurate and impartial data. They should cover how these sources do their surveys and how they weight the results.
For many people it would be fairly dry reading but it invaluable for those who try to do a more thorough impartial look at their truck purchases.

The next recall should be for the 2013 Uconnect units that are frying.

Atleast they are fixing the issue that tells them the tail lights are out.

My 1996 Camry had that issue, and if you actually research it, it is a known fact the light would always come on to tell me the taillights aren't working. Go look at them, yeah, they are on. But did Toyota fix it? Nope.

This is small potatoes.

Front driveshafts? Highly important. Is it a supplier issue or a design issue? The rear axle pinion nut was a supply issue.

Sure somebody will say the QC should have stepped in and seen it. How would they? If you bought axles from Dana, they are supposed to properly assembled. Aparently not. Sure, you can get QC to take appart stuff and inspect it that you buy it ASSEMBLED, if you know there is a problem. But you find out down the road there is a problem, at the supplier.

As far as HEMI DISASTER: Another crap talker that hasn't bothered to look at Fords record with ball joints, actually 10 years ago we had really crappy Fords and GMs but the those fan boys seem to forget. Things like bad injectors, ignition lock cylinders, fuel pumps valve bodies on GMs, ford SPARK PLUGS on 5.4s, the current transmissions (GM and Ford-you gotta put up with it) Ecoboost shutter, on and on....

As for the Jeep, the lady who started the deal is just wanting to blame somebody. Yes lady, we understand your loss, it's sad, but you know, they don't engineer them to take a 65 mph hit by a semi, so life just aint fair sometimes. Maybe the new standard will protect from a 70 mph hit from a truck that should be awake, and the brakes should be in proper adjustment, and if he/she has any sense they will use the exhaust brake as much as possible and save the brakes.

But no, we get people that gotta blame somebody for everything, or they want to try to put money in their pocket of such crap.

I guess if my windows get blown out from the nearby tornado, I will blame the window maker and say "Something has to be done about this!" Or I can look at the situation and say "yeah, that kinda chit happens during a tornado"

The lady was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and she will realize it one day.

The same people blame their parents constantly cause they are F'd up. Gotta blame somebody.

@Lou--Maybe they should have a recall of stupid drivers.

Ram is the best truck on the road hands down. I know some women won't even date a guy that drives a Ford or Chevy.

@Lou-Ram quality is up. End of story.


That woman should re-evaluate her priorities. That is just ridiculous.

Greg needs to be re-evaluated after that hilarious post.

Tom, It was up for a minute, but is going back down.

I take the other side from all you who say we don't need all this warning stuff. I don't want to pre-trip my truck as some of us want a mother-fing LCD screen that when we turn the truck on it will tell us if we have a got damn problem. I am happy if doing a pre trip inspection makes you feel like a great driver but before I go to work I am just going to remote start my truck, get in it and then drive off if doesn't tell me about any problem. You pre trip guys can mess around with your turn signals, brake lights, inspect your tire inflation and check your fluid levels at 6AM. Bring on the technology!





New products will have problems. If a newly introduced product is good and the initial problems are fixed in a reasonable period and don't keep reoccuring then that is fine.

Where you lose customers is ongoing problems that cause multiple dealer trips and major dissatisfaction. I didn't see that happening the last year or so on the 2013 F-150 MFT, EB, etc.

We'll see if Ram corrects their problems on the Rams in the next year or two.

@Dave - WRONG! Ram (all trucks) tied the first place finish of the GM products.

J.D. Power and Associates' 2012 Initial Quality Study was released Wednesday, and the big winners that sell pickup trucks, all finishing above the industry average of 102 problems reported per 100 vehicles, were Chevrolet (100), Ram (99), Nissan (99), GMC (99), Toyota (88) and Honda (83). The only other pickup truck makers, finishing well below the industry average, were Suzuki (115) and Ford (118).


Taking care of customers? Is FIAT not issuing a recall on the gas tanks on the Jeeps? Nope...

TRX, are you that worthless of an individual and that pathetic of a fanboy that you would seriously blame someone who lost a family member because of a poor design and say it was their fault? You are a low life piece of sh*t if that is the case putting the blame on them when someone loses another person. No car should explode when getting rear ended at normal do to day speeds, period. If they do the designers failed at life. If it is a normal situation that can happen, like you have a flat on the side of a highway and get rear ended it should be accounted for as something that can happen at all legal speeds and designed for.

Ford has the same issue with the crown vics and what did they do? Recall them and put shields in place. Follow suit Fiat.

Jeep is thinking how many suvs have been produced and what it would cost to recall and they would rather pay out any wrong doings in a civil suit than issue a recall, just like Ford did back in the 70's with the pinto. They learned their lesson this time around with the crown vic, Fiat should have learned by now too.

BTW, it wasn't just one incident, guess again...

I am with you on this world blaming others and not taking responsibility, but this was normal day to day stuff that shouldn't happen. It wasn't a stupid lawsuit like a spilled coffee moment or whiplash from a lap dance moment, it was a legit wrong doing to claim.

@AD - pre-trip inspections are manditory for commercial operators. They should be manditory for anyone pulling a trailer or carrying a heavy load.

How hard is it to take a quick look at your tires, look for fluid leaks, and check one's lights and guages before departing? One has to hit the brakes to put a vehicle in gear, unless one is in bright daylight - you can see the lights.
Turn signals - most new vehicles will not blink if a bulb is out, how hard is it to spot that?
I've seen cars driving down the road with doors partially open, my inlaws were complaining about a chime in my wife's minivan when they borrowed it. I walked over and saw the sliding door wasn't completely closed. How hard is that to spot?
It just means being more aware.
My favorite is seeing 2 feet of seat belt hanging out the door with the buckle banging against the body as they drive.
I always pre-trip before going on a long trip or head off on a hunting,fishing trip or camping trip into the bush. I double check tiedowns and any bulky or potentially loose load before driving.
I have kids and always look around to make sure they haven't left bikes or toys laying around before I back up or drive off.
It takes a few minutes but is well worth it.

@Ken - Agreed. I've always avoided buying first run products. A few years of real world use brings out any shortcomings. Engineers cannot plan for the 33% of drivers that are sh-tty nor can they test for every potential driving variable.

It is not hard but im not doing it would be easier for the tech to tell me. I only had to do it for vehicles at work and I want to keep it that way. The old school guys can do all that us new school guys will let the truck tell us. Not only do I want my truck to alert me when I have low tire pressure or a door is ajar I want that mother-fer to have a diagram of the truck showing me which one it is. It can also tell me when I need a oil change to. I am going to let you old school guys do it your way and I will feel just fine doing it my way with a backup camera, front and rear sonar, Blind-Spot Detection, Lane-Departure Warning and Adaptive Cruise Control.

GM & Ford pay for their recall problems with HUSH MONEY (LMAO) people can't wait when they hear something wrong with RAM damn!

Tyler, if there is a pos Chevy fan boy, it's you. Have you even read the story about it? STOPPED, and hit by a tractor trailer. Why don't you look and compare the Jeep with the same vehicles made in that time frame?

Get real, some people just want to blame people for stuff. Blame the damn driver that nailed the Jeep!

Hows that 87 octane working in that pos 6.2 Chevy? You are such a troll.

GM had a car out years ago called the Total Recall. They sorta survived. They still owe money, and they are gonna end up in the same boat when their new crap doesn't sell.

GM & Chrysler had TOTAL RECALLS, LMFAO! CHRYCO times two.


Will always be the 3rd wheel

@TRX-4 Tom
Actually, if you read the report from NHTSA, the Grand Cherokee and Liberty had fatal incident rates roughly twice that of the peer group. They found there have been at least 32 fatal rear impact fire crashes involving Grand Cherokees resulting in 44 deaths, and 5 fatal rear impact crashes involving the Liberty that have resulted in 7 deaths. And the fires did not result solely when being struck by large semis or at high speeds; it describes a Grand Cherokee catching on fire when hit by a Dakota, and a Liberty catching on fire when hit by a Neon; and a Liberty fuel tank leak when hit by a van in stop-and-go traffic.

@Mechanic - when Ram usually scores out of the top 3 in durability or reliability, it is sound advice ;)

I'm just pulling your chain but a few years to allow for bugs to get worked out is good advice.

In relation to Ford - when the 2015 "new" truck comes out, those trucks will be running drivetrains that are already 5 years old. The 5.0,and 3.5EB came out in 2011 MY. They most likely will have the 3.7 V6 replaced by a turbo 4 banger. I wouldn't touch that one with a ten foot pole for at least 3 years. I doubt that we will see an 8-10 speed in a Ford or Chevy by 2015. I wouldn't want one of those either for a few years.
Waiting a year for chassis/body/interior refinements is different than new transmissions and air ride suspensions. There are reports of "overheated suspensions" on the Air ride Ram trucks and it is a known issue on Jeep SUV's.
Cue TRX-Tom and a diatribe about OLD Ford issues and condensation problems in the EB 3.5.

Chevy doesn't have any of those issues since the SBC is the gold standard for V8's.................................. ;p

I'd better not mention a huge recall of epic proportions for flambo Chrysler SUV's........... @TRX-Tom did those 500,000 suspect Jeeps all get hit by the same 18 wheeler at 65 mph?
What are the odds of that?
or is it a case of a few blatant examples of unavoidable catastrophy being used to whitewash an ocean of mediocrity?

Drove GM trucks for a number of years. Got tired of them spending too much time in the shop. Switched to Ford. Drove them for many years with no problems, then two bad ones in a row. Switched to a new 2007 Ram 3500 with Cummins. Coming up on 102,000 miles without a problem. No leaks. 10k between oil changes with no oil additions. Body is still tight. Windows don't make any noise going up and down. Etc. Great truck. Next one will definitely be another Ram but only if I finally wear this one out someday. And that's not a given.

@TRX4 Tom... Ive got a 08 Denali with a 6.2 that will smoke any comparable truck on the Road... and ive tried 87 octane (just for the fun of it) and had no issues... so umm... whats your point????


You must be incredibly lucky.

My dad has ONLY owned Cummins Rams since they came out--and his 2007 is by FAR the worst he has ever owned. DPF issues are not the only problem. He has even considered a Duramax/Allison GM for his next pickup... .

No surprise here!!!

Wow, it only an advisory light.

These women must be fantastic, the relationship you are having must be deep and meaningful.

Does she scream out, Ram.............Ram...........Ram. This might have nothing to do with pickup trucks.

@TRD X4 Tom
Are you a Ram fan, by any measure. It never shows.

@Big Al from Oz - I get the feeling that Greg prefers little bowties as opposed to sheep.
I doubt he hears Ram....Ram......Ram.......
More like - man......... you are fast...................
Greg is like the Duramax - quickest up the hill ;)

TRX4 Tom is an aggresive fool, dominating. Hemi V8 posts crap and DenverMike is a lying troll. From what I can gather they seem to be one.

It is official. Tom is now more of a FANBOI TROLL THAN FRANK IS. KEEP ON TROLLIN' TOM

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