Recall Alert: 2013 Rams for Software, Front Driveshaft

Ram 2500 II

The Chrysler Group is issuing a recall for almost 17,400 2013 Ram 1500, 2500 and 3500 pickup trucks in the U.S. because of a taillight warning malfunction.

According to the Detroit News, the issue was discovered during routine testing and is centered on an internal dash light that may not function properly if one of the taillights go out. The software fix can be performed at Chrysler dealers free of charge.

Additionally, Chrysler is also issuing another recall for the 2012 Ram 4500s and 5500s regarding a front driveshaft issue. This recall will impact about 5,600 trucks in the U.S.

Chrysler will notify owners and dealers about the central body controller software issue by mail in July. Owners may contact Chrysler at 800-247-9753; the campaign number is N35.



Wow, it only an advisory light.

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Looking at the times my "single" above post was made it seems odd that there is up to a 23 minute delay.

Oh, well, I wonder how that occurs?

Looking at the times my "single" above post was made it seems odd that there is up to a 23 minute delay.

Oh, well, I wonder how that occurs?

Looking at the times my "single" above post was made it seems odd that there is up to a 23 minute delay.

Oh, well, I wonder how that occurs?

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Wow this is funny do you remember if they show ford ecoboost engine problem,, on this site...??

LOL at all the fanboys who attack when blood hits the water.

Actually spend time with Ford, GM, and Ram trucks and then report back. The difference in quality is immediately noticeable.

Ford trucks (and I grew up the biggest fan they had) are junk. The interiors and fit & finish are actually down to GM levels now. Just utter garbage.

GM trucks are still bottom of the barrel where they have been since the 1980s.

There is no denying the relative quality of a Ram. Do they have problems? Yes. But the fit & finish is much higher quality, the build quality and design is much better and more practical, and the trucks are flat out more rugged and last longer. Period.

After using all three... I can say the Ram is the hands down winner. The only drawback formerly was the miserable fuel economy but they are addressing that now with new models and drivetrains.

whewwww, glad I ordered my 2012 3500 Longhorn Ram last fall, they seem to be doing well with and no recalls....yet! :)

FORD doesn't have to do recalls that often. My EcoBoost sounds like and feels like it loses power at highway speeds but apparently that's all in my head so they are good to go. My EX blew two tires and rolled her 1999 Explorer but that's what she gets for maintaining correct tire pressure and always rotating when she is supposed to.

RAM I wouldn't buy any of these .....

@ HEMIRAM Last time I checked, 100 problems per 100 vehicles was worse than 83 or 88 problems per 100 vehicles.

Come on man, they even gave you a link to the chart...

Ram has a long way to go to catch up to the amount of toyota recalls. And on the Jeep recalls, nothing good happens when a semi tuck rear end you at 65mph. I dont care what you drive. The cars passed federal regs when they where built. NHSTA is noot going to pursue the issue either. Good for Chrysler for standing up to them!

Since both Government Motors and Chevrolet suppliers are all the same as Dodge, I'd rather have a quick shaft fix over a truck with a rotting foundation. And looking at the new 14's on the lot, Government Motors continued to cut corners. More cheap a$$ wax on the frames unlike Ford and Dodge who paint their steel. It must be nice to be under scrutiny for frame issues.



It is true,the Jeep thing started by 1 person,because they were stopped at a light and a loaded semi hit them at 65 mph !

2 people died out of 5 in the Jeep,so I think the Jeep is safe,you would think they all would be gone.Yes its sad but people cannot blame the manufacturer because a 80,000 pound hit their 3500 pound old Jeep.

Can people sue A company if your Yaris,Focus,Cobalt,Fit,Smart car is hit by a full size dually truck doing 100 mph and your family member is killed ? Is it really the manufacturers fault,in Chrysler's case NO it isnt as there are worse vehicles than the Jeep ,37 fires in a Jeep out of a couple million on the road,so this case is bogus.

Furthermore,the older 93-04 Grand Cherokee's are safe because they are far worse vehicles then the Jeep in those years for fires,products by Ford/GM/Imports..


Its the government,they mandate all these stupid warning lights ect...

At issue is the Jeeps' design, which includes a plastic fuel tank mounted behind the rear axle, in front of the bumper. Ditlow says that not only is the tank vulnerable in that location, especially in a high-riding SUV, but the filler neck is prone to detaching in an impact and spilling fuel.

This is why I buy GMC, my Denali will blow away any Chevy, Ford, Ram or Toyota.

Chevrolet trucks are slow and unreliable and behind the times
Fords are ugly and their motors suck
Rams are poorly executed
Toyotas are overpriced


@Glenn - you are either a troll or severely lacking in higher brain function. The ONLY difference between a Silverado and Sierra is the skin and badges.
You actually believe a GMC drivetrain is different and more reliable and faster than a Chevy drivetrain?

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