Spied: 2015 Chevy/GMC Heavy-Dutys

7 HDtrucks_cdauto_61213_1

Photos by Chris Doane Automotive

Things are heating up in Death Valley National Park on the California/Nevada border as more heavy-hauling GM pickup trucks were spotted doing hot-weather testing. Chris Doane and his team caught some of the engineers with their slips showing as they seemed to have forgotten to replace camouflage on the grilles. Here's what Doane's team sent us:

Thanks to the extreme heat in Death Valley, engineers removed the camouflage from the front ends of these prototypes, revealing the new face of these big rigs. We've also managed to snag a few photos of the inside of the cab.

Several different body styles were part of this test group, which included the Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD Crew Cab, the Silverado 2500HD Extended Cab, the GMC Sierra 3500HD Dually and the Silverado 3500HD Dually.

Power for the heavy-duty models will likely come from updated versions of the 6.0-liter and 6.2-liter gasoline engines, and the 6.6-liter Duramax diesel.

While our sources are reporting an eight-speed transmission in the works for the Silverado 1500, the HD models will likely stick with a six-speed.

Watch for GM's HD pickups to start production in October/November 2013 at the Flint, Mich., and Fort Wayne, Ind., assembly plants.

We fully expect the interior and exterior of the new heavy-duties to follow the all-new look of the 2014 half-tons, with a few more updates and software changes that should make them better, smoother towing and hauling vehicles. As the final spy photo shows, another team of engineers is in charge of high-altitude tow test as well. We're hoping for an early media drive before the end of winter.

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I wonder when they will move the def tank..

I wonder when they will move the def tank..

I wonder when they will move the def tank..

I wonder when they will move the NOM NOM NOM!

They should at least make the DEF tank longer and lessen the protrusion from the under carriage. Not sure if they'res room but somebody with a current HD should confirm.

Man...it would be such an overkill, but I would love to own a 3500 HD Dually just once before I kick the bucket. 1500 Silvy I own now is waaaay more than I will probably ever need but..... uhmm....dreaming :)

OMG!! I'm sorry if people by this truck with a that DEF tank practically hitting the ground you deserve death! Man I told somebody before on this forum about the 2014 HD's having a low clearance DEF tank but, they didn't believe me. well, I think its self explanatory now! all the bureaucracy tell me how the hell is this approved by so called government? huh? is GM trying to get sued? GEEZ good luck!

other than that, these HD's look pretty bad a$$ they won't keep the DEF like this for long lol theres no way I just can't see it. I can just see a log or something lmao smacking that thing wide open spilling DEF all over the place. what a hazard! Ralph Nader's got nothing on this one!

This is the hi dollar low volume deal

Best HD trucks on the market GM HD trucks!

I really doubt we will see both updated versions of the 6.0L and 6.2L in the HD's, unless one is supercharged or turbocharged (no likely). Yes, the DEF tank needs to be moved.



That would put it right next to the exhaust.

This is just a mule they would never keep the DEF tank there. That would be such a failure I cant even imagine GM doing that.

Isn't that where it is located currently? Google it. The aftermarket is making skid plates for these low hanging plastic tanks from GM.

Looks like a f150 grill in it. Besides that it looks like the same ugly truck that they are getting ready to spring on the public.
Hide the kids!!!!!!!!

@ the scrutineer.. YEP... its called a Heat shield...

@ Evan... i can imagine it.. thats where they put it currently...

LOOK at that LOW SLUNG FRAME and Even LOWER DEF TANK!!! LOLOLOL!!!! NICE GovtMoCo EMBLEM! PATHETIC. Buy a DODGE or even a Ford if you want a REAL HD! Tucked UP Frames! SFA's! NO DEF Tanks Slung Down Low LIKE THE FRAME! Sad this POS will Have to wear a Bowtie for the Chevy guys! Chevrolet USED to be BETTER THAN THIS GovtMoCo GARBAGE. GovtMotors and their GovtMoCo trucks suck. Get OUT of America and TAKE you Sugar Daddy OBAMA With YOU!


The padding does a good job of hiding the exterior. I am betting that we will see the looks of the 2014 1500's find their way to the HD's.
That DEF tank is great for the after-market skid plate business. Not only is it in a risky place but it is an eye sore.

A friend of mine cracked his DEF tank on his Chevy. It was $1200 to replace and it wasn't covered under warranty. Understandably he was pretty irate about it.

They really need to figure out a better place for that tank. That alone would keep me from buying a HD Diesel from GM right now.

That's just another reason to stick with gas trucks if you can. I want to see spy pics of the 2015 Super Duty next.

Nice! An A-pillar grab handle on the drivers side! Yes, move the DEF tank.

I'm guessing 420 HP/865 lb-ft for the diesel
400/430 lb-ft for the 6.2 V8.

Curiously, the six-speed automatic was clunky at low speeds—short of full-throttle applications, it tended to bobble the first-to-second shift. When slowing to a stop, the unit would also prematurely slam into first, resulting in a shudder.

The truck’s high cowl and overly thick roof pillars drew flak, as well. The supports’ built-in grab handles make entry and exit handier for front and rear passengers, but they also do a good job of further obscuring the driver’s blind spots.

Oddly, our test truck’s $845 Driver Alert package lacked a blind-spot monitoring system, which could cure some of the Silverado’s visibility woes, although it included lane-departure warning, an overly sensitive forward-collision alert, and handy front and rear park assists.


Back to the drawing board, GM!


Man, someone is jealous...




Yep, not a real HD truck. What do you think they are designed for to crawl rocks? Comeone man, you are some kind of special idiot huh? 99.8% of people use these trucks on tow and haul heavy loads on pavement and bad roads, you are an idiot if you buy one to do any sort of serious off roading. They do exaclty what they were deisigned to do and they do it better then the other two, Fiat motor trucks or Ford trucks. Get it right and go back to your dodge forums and beating it while talking about a cummins motor which is seriously out performed these days by the others.

Of, and where do you get off telling GM to get out of america? They took money just like you and Ford (though they deny it all day) and unlike GM your wonderful company is owned by an Italian company, U.S.oh I mean italia...


You're the reason why I hate Chrysuck/Shiat S.p.a products. Go blow yourself up with poop.

ugly looking thing i dont see anything new here gm junk want a real truck buy a ford

Like many have said that dang DEF tank is killing these trucks. They really need to go on a serious search for a new hidden location before they are released. As far as the rest of the truck I think they are going to look like lean mean towing machines!

That is NOT a urea tank. Not sure what is is, but a tank it isn't.

They ought to just put chrome side tanks from a big rig and call it a day. If your gonna be an on-road queen you may as well make it look good.

square wheel wells again, hideous mirrors, bad clearance wow, all the way out to 2015 and still no change

What's GMs deal, people that buy trucks usually use them as TRUCKS. I can halfway understand lowering the 1500's ground clearance down to that of a Arcadia, but why are the HD's so low? I would drag and rip off that DEF going down my farm road. Then going into my field, I would rip that front air dam off going through the ditch we have to cross, or worse drag the whole bumper.

I would feel obligated to purchase a level or lift kit if I was to purchase a new GM truck; these things just sit too low.

I would do deletes and void my warranty just to get rid of that DEF tank; that just looks like a problem waiting to happen.

lol, the typical post by Tyler, pretty much says don't take your 4x4 GM HD offroad. Why build them with a front drive axle, so it doesn't get stuck in the grass or 2 inches of mud?

It needs Z-71 stickers, that would be about like GM.

These GMs take foreve to turn compared to Ram, #1 and Ford, #2.

Does GM have a 850 foot pound torque engine now? Sure in the past they won some speed towing contets, not everybody want a diesel that must be revved to the moon to make power.

Maybe you should talk about the things they got right on these trucks. The braking system. (unlike past 1500s)

Personally, they are big ugly front ends, designed by people with no soul.

I wonder if they need alot more DEF to get the job done?

Another GM lowrider.

TRX-4 Tom GM don't need 850 TQ to smoke a Ram turd

Tom is competing for first place for the honor of #1 TROLL on PUTC.

This is going to add even more spunk to the pickup truck wars. It is cool to see the big three's reaction when each one improves their trucks. They all make great trucks, so whether u buy a Ford, GM, or Ram truck, you know u just bought an awesome rig that will serve you extremely well. Now I am partial to Ford Trucks, growing up with them, owning several, and employing them on our families farm (we now have ten F-Series trucks, a couple 6.0, 6.4, 6.7, an Ecoboost, along with my personal Ecoboost, a 6.8, a 5.4, and a trusty old 7.3) and they have all been awesome trucks, despite getting used hard for towing, hauling, plowing, etc. But I am sure no matter which of the trucks you buy, you got yourself a great rig. And they all just keep getting better and better. Hell, even the Tundra and Titan are awesome trucks, even tho they both need redesigns, they are great too. My point is, they are all excellent vehicles that deserve praise. None of them are perfect, but they all make this beautiful world go 'round.

LOLOL!!! @ TYLER. PAVEMENT POUNDER GovtMoCo Sierra FANBOY. Everyone SEES the Obvious but You! Low Slung frames and LOWER SLUNG Tanks!! And Dodge-Fiat PAID BACK what little they borrowed! Government Motors HAS NOT! And they NEVER WILL. OUR Taxmoney went to CHINA and EUROPE! Buick-Opel-GovtMoCo trucks. NOT what THIS American Taxpayer wanted! NO Company NEEDS 2 TRUCKS! NOT on MY DIME! I would have Supported loaning a FEW Billion dollars to Chevrolet America like Dodge needed! NOT 50 BILLION PLUS for the Rest of the Government Motors World Empire!! Government WASTE using TAXPAYER MONEY to finance TWO TRUCKS! And Opel-Chinese Buick! Shameful. They could have spent a few dollars of OUR MONEY to FIX their horrid HD FRAME DESIGN. At LEAST we'd Get SOMETHING out of it!

One ugly duckling, but I guess you don't worry about looks as much when buying a truck for work.

this is for Mopar Madness







How do you know that's a def tank and not an extra compartment to house all the suckage?

I like that it has a real (8') bed on it. It's not just for people who want to haul some things around. It is for people who want to do real work.

At TRX-4 Tom...... you can have all the HP and torque in the world but if you can't get it all to the ground efficiently through the transmission, rear axle, etc, it's pointless. Take a look on Youtube at the 2012 Silverado HD versus Ford/Dodge done by the same independent company that works with all three manufacturers. GM won the towing competition (24 times in a row), payload competition (suspension sag with both cargo weight and trailer hitch weight), body torsional test (frame twist) and so forth. The Allison transmission and GM rear axle is the most efficent in the industry. The HD powertrain delivers a much wider and flatter hp/torque curve than Ford or Dodge which is why GM won the competitions.

As for ground clearance, its only as good as the distance from ground to the lowest part of the truck.....the front diff and rear axle. Yes a higher frame helps over rocks, steep hills, etc, and you can put a 2-4 inch lift in for very little money if that's your purpose. But with 90% of these trucks towing camper trailers, construction equipment, livestock trailers, etc, they built the truck for the majority of customers. For the 10% who need height (offsite welders, riggers, etc), add a lift kit.

If you look at a superdoody, yes the frame is much higher. But what sticks down below the frame rails......the TRANSMISSION!!! Yeah, I want my tranny being the first thing that hits the ground!!.

That is also why Ford's seats sit so much lower to the floor than in the Chev. A lower frame allows for a lower floor which means much more comfortable and natural seating position with seats higher off the floor.

But Ram and Super Doody freaks will always slam a GM.

I love those who slam Government Motors..... yet Ford took huge government loans just 2 years earlier and the government backed/guaranteed the BILLIONS of dollars in mortgages Ford took out on everything they own to save their butts. The only difference was that the government loaned ford the money and ford is paying it back instead of the government buying stock and GM buying the stock back. Same thing just a different route. And I love a Ram guy slinging the bailout government motors thing.....when Dodge was right there with GM.

It needs the running boards, this is why you can see the tank. Hopefully with the running boards they are less visible.

get your story straight .the gov gave ford toyota nissan chevy and fiat money on a program for long range fuel efficient vehicles. The gov did not loan ford money. Ford had a great leader who saw what was coming and did what a smart business man would do and saved ford from needing goverment anything.
Japan has helped its car co's. also by changing the yen to dollar ratio's.

The bottom line is gm and fiat/dodge needed help and ford diden't. I see no problem with the gov helping one of it's biggest co's in a time of need as long as they pay it back. They helped the banking industry and you still can't get a loan unless you have half of what you need already in the bank.

Somebody should measure the location and ground clearance between DEF tanks on all 3 HD makers and report the findings.

You can clearly see the straps to the DEF tank are a temporary measure at best so this will not be on the production truck. They are just "testing" use a little common sense guys

New products will have problems. If a newly introduced product is good and the initial problems are fixed in a reasonable period and don't keep reoccuring then that is fine.

Where you lose customers is ongoing problems that cause multiple dealer trips and major dissatisfaction. I didn't see that happening the last year or so on the 2013 F-150 MFT, EB, etc. We'll see if Ram corrects their problems on the Rams in the next year or two.

TRX and Moparmad sure have no idea what they are talking about. I have never seen such idiotic comments. Mopar what are you 12? Come one man. Are either of you idiots buying the HD trucks to do serious off road? No? Didn't think so, you buy them to tow your light weight off roader. Go ahead and buy your HD truck with moab in mind and get laughed at by all the real off roaders there.

And 850 ft lbs of torque, oh, I am going to laugh my ass off when the GM twins still talk down Dodge with their so called fairy tale numbers truck.

Speed contest? Hello, IT WAS A TEST OF HOLDING HIGHWAY SPEEDS UP A STEEP PASS MORON. Nothing to do with speed, stop being a one minded idiot and read something for spouting off. Are you that butt hurt Dodge barely kept the same speed regulated to neighborhoods up a mountain pass?

Get real, you two idiots go about with your truck nuts on the back of your italian trucks spouting how great they are in hops the other people you are talking to are clueless.


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