Spied: 2015 Nissan Titan

KGP Nissan Titan 2015 II

Photos by KGP Photography

This is the time of year that engineering teams take their test trucks to the Rocky Mountains to drive on some of the steepest and most challenging roads — many at punishingly high altitudes — in the U.S. And that's where our spy photographers sit and wait. Here's what they've reported to us recently.

We now have our first physical evidence proving that Nissan is actively testing a new Titan pickup truck, thanks to this mule caught testing recently in the Rockies. The full-size truck is heavily modified from the A-pillar forward, camouflaged to hide a larger grille and thoroughly changed front bumper. The mule also has its headlights set high and very wide, forcing large protrusions on the front fascia, suggesting increased width over the current truck.

Our sources are telling us that Nissan was the party that canceled the cooperation agreement with Ram Truck a few years back — which would have resulted in a Ram-based next-generation Titan — forcing this new Titan to use the existing architecture. The truck's styling, however, will stick to the earlier design, with some minor changes for compatibility reasons. Elements of that new styling are likely in place on this disguised front fascia to bring the most accurate cooling data back to Nissan engineers.

The 2015 Titan is expected to offer a Cummins 2.8-liter diesel engine to increase fuel economy, aided by a thorough weight-reduction program as well. We hear that a regular-cab Titan will also be offered, along with a greater focus on work trucks.

No doubt we'll be hearing more as Nissan engineers take this truck-and-trailer combination around the country to make sure they work as many bugs out of the powertrain and chassis as possible.

KGP Nissan Titan 2015 1 II

KGP Nissan Titan 2015 2 II

KGP Nissan Titan 6 II

KGP Nissan Titan 5 II



No comment.....to me it looks like the same truck, but it may just be a test mule for the diesel version, fat tail pipe it appears.......Hopefully they change it enough to keep it viable in the market, and offer some fantastic powertrain options, like a revamped D.I. 4 Liter VQ variant and a 400 HP version of the 5.6 used in the Infiniti QX56 with its corresponding 7 speed (I think it is a seven, it is more than 5) and a fancy durable interior, and some innovative bed features. make sure that the diesel gets very excellent mileage to make its greater expense easy to pay off in fuel savings. 2.8 cummins sounds interesting, if not a teeny bit small, but if it Nissan employs some weight savings tactics into the design, it could prove awesome. Lets keep our fingers crossed for Nissan, for they make great products, I would love to see them strive in pickup truck market.

Not a fan of the front fascia but I am eagerly awaiting the release of the specs on this truck with a small cummins.

Looks like an NV front...

The frame is lower or maybe bigger, hangs down like a Chevy.

This is a current gen Titan cab and bed bolted on to the next gen hood/fenders/grill and frame. Looks like Nissan will be joining the crew cab 6.5' bed crowd.

Looks like it might have coils in the rear, and the design is like a cross between their SUV and van, in other words ugly! but to each their own, and style is not the same for everybody, but if the truck is as good as everyone has said, why has it been selling in very small #'s? could it be the looks?

Looks like another disaster.

I would hold off on judging the looks as this seems to be a mule for testing cooling. The Titan was a great truck when it was introduced, it may not have beat out the competition but it was great and different.

I'm interested in how well the Cummins will work out as Dodge will have a diesel half ton as well. I'm still hoping that Ford will drop the diesel from the global ranger into the F150.

It will be odd to see a big Cummins in the Ram and a small Cummins in the Titan. I wonder if Ram will go to Fiat sourced diesels in all of their trucks.

Titan forum talking about it. They hated it.


@ Jason:

How can anyone make an intelligent comment on styling based on a test mule that's been cobbled together from the parts bin and whatever?

I bet this new Titan will be pretty much the NV 1500/2500/3500 from the A pillar to the front bumper. The headlamps, grille and front bumper appear to be sourced from the NV models.

It's a test mule, It sounds like the style of the titan will be similar to the current model with a new taller front clip. That's the one thing I don't like about the current titan is the slopped hood like a minivan, it sounds like that will be fixed

Hope it gets Nissan's 7 speed. With that, a few interior tweaks, and a small amount of tinkering on the engine it will make the "new" tundra even more laughable.

So the 2015 Titan will have more engine options (almost definitely a V6 alongside the baby Cummins and a new/revamped V8), more configurations (regular cab 8' and crew cab 6.5' instead of that "off-size" 7' bed currently offered), and will be targeted towards more commercial users than it currently is. It sounds like all the major problems with the current Nissan have been solved here.



GUTS, GLORY, ANYTHING BUT A fiat ram PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nissan knows they can't compete so they produce trucks just to be able to give one to their customers. If Nissan really cared they would not have tried to throw their name onto a Ram and call it a day. Ford is proud of their trucks and it shows, Ram is right behind them. Nissan is just kind of predictable and sad.

Looking at the projected power and torque figures of the ISF 2.8 Cummins the 7 speed out of our V6 Navara would work. The 3.0 litre Navara is about 240hp and 410ftlb of torque.

I'm interested in the fact that Cummins, Nissan and the EPA have got a work around so that DEF will no longer be required.

This will be a big bonus for potential US diesel buyers.

Also, the cost of manufacture should be more competitive than the V6 diesels that will go into the Ram.

Hopefully the will cost the same as a diesel here or about the price of a V6.

Coil sprung rear end, it is very possible. We have had a large Nissan Patrol pickup here in Australia with a coil sprung ass end for over a decade and a half. It has a payload of over 2 400lbs and rides quite well.

The coil sprung Patrol is also better off road than its leaf sprung model. But the leaf sprung Patrol is able to carry a larger load.

I really hope this pans out for Nissan, I would love to see some better competition between your full size half ton pickup manufacturers.

As for the styling, I think its to early to make that judgement. The styling will not be revealed for a while or the truck would have been covered a little bit better.

The pickup you all see in the photos is "test mule" - a parts mockup to test and evaluate future powertrain combinations (and sometimes suspension components) that will go into the next Titan. By testing engines and transmissions in the current Titan, the design engineers can get a good baseline on how the powertrain systems will perform in the all-new truck.

The test mule will be disassembled and scrapped when testing is complete.

The next Titan will be all-new.

Hopefully they upgrade from the currently way undersized rear diff.

Nissan have a good parts bin with the Patrol. The Patrol if you guys aren't to aware of it is a very competitive 4x4 against Landcruisers.

wow those headlights are goofy the way they stick out the sides. That is just strange. Can't believe they would do that. I'm excited to see what improvements they have in store though. It's what's under the hood that counts.

ten years ago when Nissan brought their 32 valve V8 to the US market in an SUV and a Pickup they were light years ahead of the US automakers with the 5 speed auto and the twin cam V8. Back then Dodge had a dreadful 4speed and a lame engine. GM had a durable V8 and 4 speed but they couldn't compete with the Asians on the technology.

Ford was at least building an OHC engine but the 4 speed was killing it. Toyota comes along in 2007 with the updated Tundra and put GM, Ram and Ford on notice. A few things have changed since then. Now Ford has a competitive drivetrain, ditto GM and Ram.

Nissan needs to bring something else if they want to play. I'm pulling for them because i like their engines but it better be good because everybody's loaded for bear in the half ton market today. At this point a guy who wants a half ton with comfort and power gets a Ram.

I'm 62 years old and no one in my family ever owned a Dodge (or Desoto or Plymouth or Chrysler) but unless something changes, a Ram will be in my driveway next year (unless I decide to hang on to my trouble-free Silverado for another year).

It would be nice to see the new Titan come out as a single cab and introduced into Australia and replace the Patrol ute.

Even drop a V8 into some of them alongside the Cummins powered Titan.

It would be competing against the 76 Series Landcruiser that has a V8 diesel. The little ISF is producing more power and torque than the single turbo Landcruiser V8 diesel.

If the Titan came here it would have to be quite durable, so Patrol underpinnings would be advantageous.


As Nissan is French now !


those headlight sticking out the side look ridiculous. I think the main disapointment of the current truck is the powertrain so if they would improve that and modify the exterior and interior looks they should be good to go.

I just keep telling myself its a test mule. This is not what it's going to look like. I've loved my titan and have been anticipating a redesign... I'm worried at this point.

I'm with Lou, Fiat diesels will make their way into Chrysler products (Ram) when it's all said and done. I just makes business since to use "in house" engines.
Ram fans don't need to fear the Fiat diesels but can't comment on the gas engines. Haven't heard any negatives regarding the present Fiat offering in the 500 however.........
The Fiat/Ram products are forcing Ford & GM to put diesels on the "menu" and I like it. I guess it's just a rural thing to like diesels in my case.

It puzzles me when Americans fear the Fiat engines. Don't they realize Fiat has owned Ferrari since the 60s? It also owns Maserati and Alfa Romeo. Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa-Romeo, Fiat, VM Motori. All of these companies represent the highest quality. Now we can already see the increased quality in Chrysler, Jeep, Ram, and Dodge.

Ram problems per 100 went went from 99 (above average) to 132 this year and below average. Jeep and Dodge had more problems. Notice who is 2nd to last at 152. Fiat quality?


@Tim - initial quality is much different than Durability. When one looks at durability ratings, Ram has improved by quite a bit.

with the low slung frame as mentioned above and what looks to me to be a much bigger rear differential (not the current diff cover with the aluminum fins either) anyone think this could be a heavy duty?

i've had 2 nissan titans, and really enjoy them, but do look desperately at the new trucks on the road and how far they are ahead technologically. if nissan did some trick gadgets inside like an around view monitor and add the towing control and efficiencies of the newer pickups it could get itself back in the game at least from an options standpoint. the patrol does have a lot of goodies that would be a great addition to a new truck. sooner rather than later nissan!

Hopefully the link I provided will give you guys an idea on the power/performance/FE of the next V8 Titan, or at least what you can expect. If it is like the Y62 Patrol it will be extremely competitive in V8 form, especially FE.

It appears they have grafted a Y62 Patrol front end of this Titan, that's why it looks odd. The Patrol must be a bit wider.

Also below is the fuel figure for the new Y62 Patrol. Not bad for a V8. Check out the economy on the sand, about 17mpg.

13.8 average is about 22mpg, not bad.


What's the opening below the passenger-side headlight? Camera or electrical connector?

Lou, But that wasn't due to Fiat. Dependability ratings are for 2010 and previous years which all started before Fiat had anything to do with Ram.

Bsically Ram got credit for the Dakota which they don't make any more. Not that there is anything wrong with that but it wasn't due to Fiat.


If the 2016 Fiats win awards in 2019 for dependability then we can talk about the "highest quality" Fiat.

" I wonder if Ram will go to Fiat sourced diesels in all of their trucks."
I would think that would be the way to go as they make all sorts of Diesel engines from their Fiat, IVECO and VM Motori sources.

I think I will cover my 1987 Mazda B2600 with those swirly black and white graphics to make people wonder which of the manufacturers is testing a vehicle to get back in the small truck market.


I really hope thats just them being clever in hiding the lights underneath.

Will they make a dually with the cummins in it? if not they should im a owner of a titan and i think they should definitely make one

@big Al,

thanks for the link, i've been following the new patrol since it's been released, and in our NA market as the Q56 and appreciate what the patrol is in global markets, my understanding is the Q56 is a de-tuned patrol.

with the engine and frame of the patrol being modified from the current generation titan, i surely hope that the evolution of the titan will occur from the patrol because it would surely make the next titan very competitive.

From the front, seeing those repulsive headlights, it looks like Alfred E. Neuman coming at you. Just when you think something can't get any worse looking, enter the French.


Hopefully Nissan doesnt let this one hang like they did with the current one. It'll be interesting to see how fares out. bring a HD variant and and update the 5.6 to a DI DOHC with 4.11 gears and that 7 speed tranny and im sure you'll have no catching up to tundras sales numbers.

Infinity seems to be very 'NA'. Outside of that market it isn't very big.

Lexus is sort of similar, but we have lots of Lexus cars on the road. We have what we call the Toyota Prado which is extremely similar to the Lexus 470, a mid size 4x4 wagon. They are extremely popular here.

As for the Patrol, it used to be very popular in Australia, but since the Renault buy out of Nissan, Nissan have been slow to produce a replacement.

The Y62 replacement Patrol is much more expensive than the Y61 Patrol. The Y61 was great because it was an affordable large SUV for the average family.

The Y61 Patrol is quite cheap here at about $55k, but it's drawback is the engine. Nissan have had a gap for a reasonable cheap light diesel for a large SUV/Pickup.

I hope the ISF Cummins works out as it will be a fantastic diesel that will be able to take on the European diesels.

This is what is great about competition, fair competition.

I don't know about the chassis being a Titan chassis on the Patrol.

The Titan runs on a modified Navara/Frontier setup.

I think the Patrol has its own unique chassis.

I'll check it out. I'm not 100% sure.

Hopefully this next generatiin Nissan Titan would take design elements for the Nissan Titan S Concept that was exposed back in 2011, with a few updates , to a dgree, it looks as if that would be the direction that they are headed towards with what we see here, but to be smart with this based on comment, we'll just have to see what Nissan has in store for the finished results.


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