100 Years of the Chevy Bowtie

  Bowtie 1995-Chevrolet-SuburbanLT II

There are many theories about exactly when the bowtie logo was adopted for the Chevrolet brand; however, there are some at GM who think they have found the true origin and that the 100-year anniversary should be celebrated this year in just a few months.

According to certain GM historians, the first officially recorded date the bowtie logo was used was Oct. 2, 1913, in a Chevrolet story from The Washington Post. The Chevrolet company was founded almost two full years before that, but the first use of the iconic logo wasn't until a year and several months after that.

Here are just a few examples of the modified bowties that have appeared on the grilles and hoods of nearly 215 million vehicles during the past 100 years.

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To download a pdf of the Bowtie timeline, click here


Bowtie--1936 II


Bowtie--1969 II


Bowtie--1982 II


Bowtie--1995 II

Bowtie--2013 II


I like the current version the best, although the original looks pretty cool.

100 years of MEH !!

(though better than Asian Imports)

100 years of pure perfection and competition killing products

Wouldn't it be cool if for the 100th Anniversary, GM did some trucks with the original emblems? Just a special anniversary package or or something like that?

I can't say I'd buy one but I am not in the market now anyway. Still, I think they could sell a few those.

BETTER than the GovtMoCo LOGO that GovtMotorsCorp stuck on Chevy's for the last 100 years! THAT's about It. Chevrolet's are OK GOOD, DODGE always Was and Will Always BE Better! The First Bowtie was BEST one.

I kinda think a Blue Oval looks better...

yeah toycrusher at least with the blue oval they circled the problem................... lol sorry couldnt resist

Nice stuff.. thanks for sharing

@hemi lol,

Toyota logo has 3 round circles, yea they circled the problem three times.

Sorry I couldn't resist.

A company founded by a Swiss man, who had worked for Fiat before starting it, and then 5 years later he sells out to his partner and forms another company that makes parts for Ford.

Yet... GM of 2013 tries to act like Chevy is as American as apple pie.

Lies.... damn lies.

I have just come across a 1996 K/1500 reg cab SB with a 5.7 5spd stick, the truck has had 4:10 posi rear, and the truck itself only has 95K on it, it was an estate truck that was used only in the summer when the family came out to the island, and was in a heated garage all winter! I have been offered it for 10K, and I have one week to make up my mind, I am trying to sell my Dakota first, but will get a loan if needed, as this would be the best truck for me, it is all dark blue with silver/gray inside, and has captains chairs with armrest that fold down, PW/DL, and AC, a bed liner and it does need tires if driven on hyw due to side wall cracks (dri) but this would make a really nice truck and would fix up very well! it looks like the truck in the above picture, only blue, and has all the original stainless or aluminum trim, and the chrome looks fine! oh and it is a Z-71, I think I may be holding off on a "new" truck after all, and will try and sell the F-150 outright also! as I think this truck will also be able to pull my Airstream without any problem, I am going to try and find out the tow capacity of this yr Chevy K/1500, I had one in 1993, but it was a C/1500, just like it with a 350/5spd and 4:10 lmt/slp I bought new in 1993, and I believe that truck could tow 8K, so this one will be close, but I would not tow with it on long trips anyway, but it will look nice all cleaned up, and with a new set of wheels and tires, and a small 2" lift! I believe this is the yrs they made some improvement on the 350, and it has something like 255 hp/350lbtft, if I am not mistaken, and there are a lot of after market parts to get more out of it!

That 36 logo is sharp!

@WXman I thought the it was obvious it was a french name and not an english name. It has always been an american company though. After Louis Chevrolet left Montreal he moved to the states.

Only in America could an uneducated immigrant design and build his engines from whatever he learned working at buick and start his own car company thats still is not only not forgotten but thriving 102 years later.

After downloading the Bowtie timeline, I think the 1913 logo and the 2013 logo's are the best. It would be cool to see an optional original 1913 logo available for their cars and trucks. I like the black and silver on the 1913 probably the best.

But without the tax payers they wouldn't have reached 100 years. They would have been dead and gone, like AMC or Studebaker, Nash or Packard.

Or foreign, like Chrysler.

real trucks don't wear bowties


What exactly was the point of that essay you posted?


I like the idea of making an anniversary edition with the original emblem, would be good as a remembrance sort of thing, instead of making some glowing-chromed out paper weight edition.

The only problem with modern Chevy badges is they adorn the grill of quite a few Holden's here in Australia, it's the symbol of a bogan...

@sandman4x4--I would buy it if I were you. This is a one time find and you usually don't get another chance at something like this truck.

Highdesertcat: of course Chevy would still be in business! it would be smaller and GM would be also, but the unions would have taken a much bigger hit than they did, if at all, after all it was the unions that got the best deal out of it all, and the stock holders are who got the shaft, thanks to obalmer and his minions, there would have been even more pain in the industry, but it would have survived! Jordiie: last time I checked, anyone, even all the fanbois can post here, at least mine was not some BS like others here.

Yeah 100 years of building complete garbage........Now there is an achievement!!! Go bankrupt again!


I've never owned a Chevy truck but I always thought the bowtie looked more like a cross or some sort of tool.

They can claim 100 years for the bowtie but they shouldn't of claimed 100 years as a corporation in 2011. GMC was separated into "Old GM" and "New GM" when they went bankrupt. Legally, new GM is NOT old GMC because they'd still be responsible for their debts if they were the same company.

100 year old symbol for a 2 year old company.

@Lou--Hopefully GM makes it otherwise we might celebrate the anniversary of "Changrolet".

For those of you who are Chevy fans, the above was a joke.

@sandman4x4- that sounds a true survivor of a truck, very rare combination !! I would get it ,the days of finding these trucks in mint shape are running out!

And yes 1996 was the first year for the improved 5.7/350 vortex , I believe there was a big bump in torque and hp .

I feel like these year trucks 1988-2000 aged very well !!!!

@sandman--Still see many 88 -98 Chevy/GMCs on the road. Sounds like 10k is fair price for the truck you described. You won't find many trucks that age with the mileage and condition and few like that with a 5 speed manual. If you really want this truck then get it before it is too late.

Ok, just picked up this months issue of Trucking mag at the P O B and sure enough there is a article about the very gen of truck I am looking at! and it tell you how to build a hot truck using the very same truck, only in twd! I am going back over to meat the caretaker of the estate today to put a dealer plate on the truck and take it for a short drive, and talk to him about the purchase, I am very anxious to get behind the wheel, as the truck I bought in the 90's was like this one, but I could not afford the 4wd version back then, but now here it is, I will update later.

@sandman4X4--Great. Go for it.

@ sandman4X4 - I wish you the best of luck. It sounds exciting.

DAMDAMDAMDAM!!!!!! I went to buy the dam truck, and the "caretaker" sold it to his nephew!!!!after promising the truck to me! I even went to get a personal loan to buy it, and the idiot never even thought of calling me first! oh well I always believe things happen for the best, now I can wait to get something new, when I see all the new trucks out there, in reg cab.

@sandman4X4 - that sucks. I hope that the guys nephew isn't a douchebag and beats the sh-t out of it.

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