2014 Toyota Tundra: First Drive

Tundra front tow II

Although it's been a long time coming — approximately seven years since the last generation's introduction — the 2014 Tundra is not the major redesign many expected. Even Toyota is calling this a "minor" change, emphasizing that the 2014 Tundra has a new exterior look with many interior improvements specifically designed to resonate more strongly with loyal Toyota customers than to conquer new buyers.

Some may question, and rightfully so, why Toyota is simply offering what is essentially a midmodel refresh when all the other full-size half-ton players have a much more aggressive strategy when attacking this recovering — and growing — segment. So let's provide some context.

When Toyota first announced its intentions in 2003 to build a full-size truck plant in San Antonio, the original cost estimates were less than $1 billion — a hefty investment to be sure, although maybe not a bad price for a state-of-the-art production facility with supplier production plants on site. At the time, the full-size pickup truck market was well above 2 million units per year.

Not long after Toyota started construction of the new facility, estimates climbed to $1.4 billion as changes were made. By the time the plant was finished 2006 and both full-size Tundras and midsize Tacomas were rolling off the line (in 2010--it's the only plant in the world that makes both large and small pickups), the total investment costs for the Texas plant were just over $2 billion — more than double what Japanese leadership agreed to at the beginning of the process.

Then the economy fell off a cliff, and Tundra sales were cut by more than half in just two years.

That kind of financial punch to the stomach for a conservative corporation like Toyota leaves an impression with executives who typically have long memories. By the time the Tundra was ready for its third-generation updates, it was difficult for the U.S. engineering and design team to get the money necessary for a full revamp of the pickup, especially at a time when the U.S. economy was showing just small regional gains in growth.

From our point of view, this is the most logical explanation why the 2014 Tundra didn't get any chassis, powertrain or other advanced performance enhancements; the U.S. team was given a limited pile of cash to work with and upgrades had to be prioritized. Clearly, the loudest voices (we'll assume from customers) complained about how the second-gen Tundra looked, inside and out.

Before we dive into the changes on the third-gen Tundra, we want to make clear there are no powertrain changes (it still offers three DOHC engines: a 4.0-liter V-6, a 4.6-liter V-8 and a 5.7-liter V-8), no wheelbase or bed length changes (still three each) and no cab configuration changes (still regular, double cab and CrewMax). Toyota tells us that each of these areas will see changes in the future, but these 2014 updates focus on three key areas: exterior, interior and a small amount of suspension tuning.

Exterior Design

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The most obvious changes to the new Tundra were primarily motivated by customer clinics, which described the second-generation Tundra as too round and dull ("bubbly"), looking a bit bloated. That made the solution pretty simple: sharpen up the front and rear lines with tight angles to make it more aggressive looking. The result is a taller and wider front grille for each of the five trim packages (SR, SR5, Limited, Platinum and 1794 Edition), each with their own muscular and blocked look.

The taller headlights are now a simpler and cleaner-looking single bulb design; the front grille has been reshaped with trapezoidal cuts at the bottom corners (like the Ram?); and the bigger inner grille slots have a chiseled, billetlike look that changes slightly between the five trims. Additionally, both the front and rear bumpers have a new three-piece design (two outers and a beefier center section) that will also allow for more trim-level distinction, as well as making it easier to repair.

The Southern California design team also gave the side of the truck a more substantial look with the help of side-cut fender flares incorporated into the quarter-panel stamped steel. Around back, there are new taillights and a newly designed tailgate that includes an integrated spoiler and a branding-iron-like Tundra name stamped into the lower-right face. Interestingly, in order to squeeze out every possible extra tenth of a mile per gallon (without significant weight reduction), Toyota engineers have incorporated several "vortex generators" into the side mirrors and on the taillights in an attempt to smooth out turbulent air as it moves around the truck at speed. These little plastic fins are supposed to create low-pressures zones at the side of the truck; this added pressure, in addition to reducing wind friction, is also supposed to smooth and stabilize the ride and handling of the truck. Maybe that's not such a big deal when running near maximum payload, but when driving a pickup empty — which most of us do the majority of the time) — we appreciate the attention to this small detail.

There are no changes to any of the three bed choices (8-foot, 6.5-foot or 5.5-foot) in the form of added storage, bed access or tie-down technology. The same drop-in bedliners and cargo rail systems are still an option across all lineups.

Interior Design

Tundra Int II

Inside the cabin is where the new Tundra offers more significant changes. The entire gauge cluster and center stack has been redesigned and configured, and it's a huge improvement. Gone are the barrel-type gauge readouts in favor of the more conventional (among pickups) open-face dials that offer large engine rpm and speedometer readouts, with smaller crankcase, engine coolant, fuel and battery status gauges at each corner. Additionally, all 2014 Tundras offer a center LCD information screen (between the two main gauges) that allows drivers to scroll through other safety, engine and fuel economy data via a steering-wheel button.

The new layout is much simpler to use and easier to see, and it provides more information than ever before, a vast improvement over the second-gen layouts.

Regarding the new center stack, gone is the "split-use" strategy that made it difficult for the driver to reach the climate and radio controls. The entire grouping of dash controls has now been moved almost 3 inches closer to the driver, allowing a more comfortable reach, and the knob labels and the number of buttons have been simplified as well.

The interior designers did a great job of creating little cutouts in the dash and center console, providing tons of small niches and slots to hold phones, wallets, maps, keys or anything else small in size. In addition, the doors now offer a multitiered storage area strategy. The center console is about 10 percent larger.

Tundra gauges 2 II

SR — Tundra's designated Work Truck Package — and SR5 models will offer a 40/20/40 bench or bucket seats, with CrewMax cabs (available for SR5 and standard for Limited, Platinum and 1794 Edition) offered with redesigned front bucket seats. A big change for CrewMax buyers will be the loss of sliding adjustable rear seats; instead the cab will offer seatbacks mounted to the cab wall at a good angle, allowing the seat bottoms to flip up (similar to all the crew-cab competitors in the segment), allowing for more storage capacity. In fact, where the old seatbacks had to flip forward to lie flat, this new setup lowers the load-in height through the rear doors by more than 11 inches. Oddly, the CrewMax floor height has a big bump under the seats that is not present in the double-cab model, limiting a flatter floor by a small amount. We expect that to be addressed when the chassis and frame get its next update.

Drive Impressions

Tundra camper tow II

With most of the changes to the new Tundra in the cosmetic sphere, you'd think the truck would drive exactly like the 2013 model, but it does not. Thankfully, Toyota engineers took the opportunity to make some front and rear spring rate tweaks, as well as some small steering tuning changes. Both offer solid results.

During our time driving different versions of the 2014 truck over several Pennsylvania highway and broken-pavement routes, we were struck with the noticeable stability improvements and tighter handling. We didn't have a chance to drive any of the trucks with a payload, so we can't comment about how this truck copes with heavier loads. According to the chief engineer, there was a lot of work done in how the rear leaf springs respond to road irregularities, specifically during rebound duties. After taking a harsh hit, the springs seem to do a much better job smoothing the road feel and keeping the empty rear end under control. That makes for a more comfortable ride with less of the rear bounce or shudder we've felt in the past with various Tundras.

We also appreciated that Tundra engineers have reworked the front coil spring rates, as well as the speed and flow of the steering box. The results are not life-changing but the quicker response feel and better on-center hold (constant wheel corrections are no longer needed when driving down smooth, straight roads) makes the driving feel a touch more relaxing. Again, it's a small thing but we hugely appreciate that Toyota tried to do something here.

We did get to tow with four different 5.7-liter V-8 Tundras (SR5, Limited, Platinum and 1794 Edition), each with a well-loaded trailer. The trailer weights (we were told) sat between 7,500 and 9,000 pounds, and each pickup had the appropriate weight-distributing hitch. Although no mechanical changes have been made and no max payload, towing or gross vehicle weight rating numbers have changed from 2013 to 2014, we have to say the 2014 Tundras seemed to mysteriously feel more confident and easier to maneuver (could be in the updated steering but we're pretty sure the vortex generators were a nonissue).

Tundra mud II

Tundra still uses those ugly slide-out (and small) squared-off towing mirrors, but we liked the more confident feeling we had behind the wheel. We couldn't put a finger on whether that's because of the new interior, small steering changes or the fact we've always liked the power and sound of the Toyota 5.7-liter V-8. According to the Toyota engineers, they've touched nothing related to the towing strategy of the 2014 pickup.

We also got the chance to drive a few Toyota Racing Development versions of the new Tundra through a rather muddy off-road course. The trail included several deep-water crossings, off-angle log traversing, steep and slippery hill climbs, and a tight, deeply rutted two-track through a densely wooded area. The 2014 Tundra does have a new transfer case from BorgWarner (similar to the Ford F-150's), which gives it a slight gearing advantage with a 2.64:1 low-range ratio when compared to the previous Japanese transfer case.

(Since BorgWarner is a U.S. company, this will help the Tundra improve its U.S. content percentage. Toyota calculates this new truck to have 75 percent U.S.-sourced content.)

Along with the new transfer case, Toyota has located a new four-wheel-drive dial within easy right-hand reach of the driver, so switching from 2WD to 4WD High range can now be done in excess of 60 mph (not something easily done with the previous chain-drive T-case).

We found the TRD Off-Road Package (an option for both SR5 and Limited models) to handle the nasty terrain with great skill and composure. We can't say the new exterior or interior designs allowed for any increase in visibility, but we did find it much easier to electronically slip into both 4WD Low and High range. Our favorite feature in the TRD package is the brand-new, exclusively designed Michelin all-terrain tires. We're told these are the only off-road tires Michelin makes, and it won't sell them to anyone except Toyota for use on the 18-inch TRD-packaged Tundras. That's a huge shame, because these tires offer a great on-road feel and have little of the on-road noise typically associated with off-road tires, especially since they have aggressive side lugs. Our guess is this tire will make it to other performance-oriented four-wheel-drive vehicles in Toyota's lineup as well.

Bottom Line

Tundra group 1 II

We didn't mention the San Antonio plant fiasco in order to give Toyota an excuse for pulling up so short on this third-generation Tundra, but we think it's an important fact to keep in mind. It makes a decision like the one GM made to invest in the 2014 Silverado even more impressive. There had to have been dozens, if not hundreds, of places along the decision-making process where money could have been taken away or reduced. But GM didn't hold back on the Silverado revise.

We know there are more things to be done with the Tundra. What's encouraging is that Toyota knows that, too.

Our bottom line about the 2014 Tundra: It deserves a closer look, despite its shortcomings. We hope we've shed enough light on this new truck to make you want to give it a closer look. Although it doesn't offer as much as we would have liked, the details and small changes make us optimistic about what will happen for Tundra down the road. Look for more details about pricing in the next few weeks, as well as more on- and off-road performance when we get a truck to test.

For a closer look at the new trim packages of the 2014 Tundra, go to our Facebook page

Toyota Tundra 1794 Edition Interior

Tundra 1794 Int II

2014 Toyota Tundra (and Tacoma) Chief Engineer Mike Sweers

Tundra Mike Sweers II

2014 Toyota Tundra SR5 TRD Double Cab

Tundra SR5 side II

Redesigned 2014 Tundra center-stack with next-gen Entune

Tundra centerstack II

CrewMax rear seats flip up like competitors in segment

Tundra CrewMax seat II

New front grille with 3-piece bumper on SR5 Tundra

Tundra nose SR5 II



I prefer the grills with the colour matched bezel. The interior does look better. The side profile of the red truck in the top photo reminds me of the side profile of the 2014 Silverado.
Nice to see that they made some improvements to the ride.

I can appreciate the little improvements and effort from Toyota but I just can't seem to look to them for a new purchase without a new powertrain. I wanted to stick to Toyota for the simple fact that I love my '06 Tacoma but the other players in the game just have more to offer especially in the FE category.

I think this truck will only satisfy the Tundra faithful looking for an upgrade but it won't sway loyalists from the top 3.

My mother said if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing...

wow this thing looks horrible....... looks like steroid abuse. ill keep my 1980 sr5. simple.

I would describe them as changes not improvements .

Any American buying this POS should be ashamed of themselves.

This is the same crowd that is buying the Sludge Ram now, that bought the 07 Ton-of Garbage... Thinking they had a Game Changer.

We are half way through the Year and I thought the Ram Girls sure had a winner... Yeah the Sales numbers show it, No where close to Ford or GMC...

@Big O

Yeah, the 5 speed tranny for the V6 needs to be upgraded to a 6 speed.

But I don't think muxh improvement can be done to the V8- it was ahead of its time when it came out. It evem has an intake manifols that can lengthen at low Rpm for greater low-end torque, and shorten at higer Rpms for greater horsepower. It had this long before the Hemi.

What the hell are people on about, when the 2009 Ram came out it carried over all the powetrains, and still looked alot like the previous generation, the main difference was that the grille tapered forward. That was also a 7 year model run, like Toyota.

@S barnes.

Same here 1985 toyota sr5 4x4.

@ 5.7LVVT-ilol,

Chrysler has being doing this with intake manifolds since the 1950's..The HEMI is ahead of its time,best performance and best mpg.Chrysler was always the leader in technology !

In 09 The RAM 1500 was all new,frame,every body panel was redesigned as well as the interior and suspension...The 09 RAM was totally different then the 08 RAM..I dont know what truck you are googling !

Even the 2009 RAM 5.7 was redone,went up from 345 hp to 390 ! Toyota,new lipstick..same pig !

Ford,GM and Toyota are the ones to just slap a new grille and call it all new !


RAM Trucks are gaining in sales all the time here,and they are gaining on Ford in Canada and blew Chevy and GMC away ! GM was once very strong,now not so much...

Remember, GM & Ford have more plants to build,thus more trucks,more sales.Furthermore,Ford and GM trucks always were priced lower than a RAM,thus more sales especially fleet/government buyers and poorer people looking for any bargain.

Fact is RAM has the best performing,looking,driving,riding and work capable trucks around,people who knock them are uneducated and ignorant.

Remember,Ford,GM,Toyota all use a Chrysler HEMI in top Fuel Racing as the HEMI is the best , bar none !

This is why so many people dislike Mopar,simply because Mopar is the best and everybody knows it ! As it comes to so much name calling and personal attacks in order for GM/Ford/Asian fans to make their point,or try to make a very weak clueless point that is always full of mistakes and uneducated comments !

And hey,if you say RAM Girls,sure..when I cruise in my RAM if girls like my truck (they always look at my truck and myself),the more they look at it,the more dates I get ! Know wonder I am such a ladies man,women crawling all over me ! I guess as you say GM,Ford,Asian trucks just get the guys..Hey if you want to get male on male go for it,but it isnt a RAM guys way ,we get the ladies,you get the dudes...Yeh,have fun with that ! We will just produce more RAM fans,you not so much...

The front end is way too short on these Asian trucks..Looks odd.

The Toyota copying RAM doesnt work so well,Tundra doesnt look good at any angle.I tried to like it,but just cant..it looks odd ,if the front end was a bit longer it would change my thoughts,as it doesnt look that bad,but the short front just does it in.

Disappointed, hoping for more extensive changes. Minor styling changes to a somewhat odd looking truck results in a somewhat odd looking truck again. Looks confused. Interior looks better, no question.

It will be good when we get them down here. We have a company that is converting the Tundra's into RHD. I think this is the most handsome of all of the full size trucks.

I like the grill it doesn't have that over done Kenworth or Mack grill for a much smaller radiator.

Even though the cost of the factory was near double what the original estimates were, Toyota wouldn't have made huge changes.

Toyota has always been the most conservative of the Japanese manufacturers. A tweak here and a tweak there has been Toyota's philosophy.

It sounds like Toyota invested what little money they had for developing the Tundra into the best and most noticeable areas.

So, let me get this right. They have a bespoke Michelin tire you can't get anywhere else. Huh?

I'm out of town and have to replace a tire and the only place I can get one is through a Toyota dealer???

Big turn off.

"Our favorite feature in the TRD package is the brand-new, exclusively designed Michelin all-terrain tires. We're told these are the only off-road tires Michelin makes, and it won't sell them to anyone except Toyota for use on the 18-inch TRD-packaged Tundras"

What model of Michelin and size? I looked up tires on a 2014 Tundra TRD using a high resolution image on Motor Trend.

The tires are Michelin LTX AT/2 and available on Tire Rack with the TRD stock size 275/65R18.

These are P rated tires and reviewers say they are a highway tire with minor off-road capability.


The puke tan color on the 1794 edition interior isn't very appealing.

Don't care for their choice of burled wood or the fiber floor mats either.

Oddly, the CrewMax floor height has a big bump under the seats that is not present in the double-cab model, limiting a flatter floor by a small amount. We expect that to be addressed when the chassis and frame get its next update.


The pics show there's no underseat storage due to the big bump, and the flat floor is gone. Definitely needs a remodel.

I don't think the Tundra needed a major redesign, yea the other manufacturers have updated engines and transmissions but they also had a lot less to start with, Toyota just redid the 4.7 a few years ago, and the 5.7 has always been a strong engine packed with technology. They fixed what was broke the interior and to some the exterior although I like the current models lines better. The F-150 has had the same body style since 2004 and yet Ford slaps a new grill on it and its considered all new.

'The truck that's changing it all' didn't change very much.

With basically the same outdated powertrains, I mean, why bother coming to market? The big three are all bringing their "A" game to entice truck buyers and I really can't imagine even considering this truck. You can imagine that if you were to actually buy one, all of the owners of same year big 3 trucks are going to be looking down their nose at you. No thanks, I think I will pass. I had high expectations based on all of their bs (like the first time around), and was actually expecting a product that would give the top 3 a run for their money. Big mistake.

Us Toyota owners don't need gimiky marketing ploys in our trucks, we just want proven reliability and power, and the Tundra offers that.

What do they need a new powertrain for? Other than GM's ringer 6.2 which basically didn't exist outside of the press fleet the 5.7 iForce has been best in class for 7 years now.

They should have thrown that out for a laggy turbo that sounds like a car and goes into limp mode every time it rains?

While I would not buy one, I feel this new Tundra is WAAAYYY better than the 2013 it replaces. The interior is very F-150ish and that's a good thing.

I actually think the exterior is much better too. The new body side "lines" flow nicely into the tailgate spoiler. The grille will take some getting used to but at least the truck doesn't look like the "Michelin Man" anymore.

In conclusion, Great Job Toyota!

Toyota missed a huge opportunity when they decided to limit changes on the 2014 Tundra. Instead of attacking the market with new ideas and features, they changed the truck to be more luxurious and more appealing to buyers with $50k+ to spend on a pickup.

The dirty little secret behind the Tundra's "upgrades" is that they're all about profit per vehicle. Toyota is hoping to milk the fact that a) Toyota buyers are often incredibly loyal and b) Toyota's approach to design and development will give the Tundra a strong advantage over the competition in terms or reliability and durability.

Basically, Toyota has decided to make an old truck a little better, because that makes for big profits and incredible reliability. The only problem with this approach is that Ford (and to a lesser degree Ram) aren't willing to stand still.

I can't wait until the manufacturers get away from this my grill is bigger then yours. All the trucks are ugly with these giant chrome frankenstien grills on the fronts. The only good looking truck is the Ram.

I am surprised they have even tried to stay in this market with their appliances.

Guage cluster along with everything else is still garbage.

Most of the interior looks like a huge improvement- I think I prefer the old back seat in the CrewMax- The flexibility was great.
With the feel and handling of an empty truck considerably improved, It addresses the biggest gripes I've heard.
An integrated trailer brake controller is still nowhere to be found. Since every vendor for braking/ABS systems has this figured out, it should have been made part of the tow package.
I'm not a huge fan of the new grille- the one with the thin slats is the least offensive.
Hopefully joint development with the new Tacoma will bring a 6speed and DI for the V6 soon. If they can beef up the 8speed for truck use, it would make a great fuel economy leader combined with a DI 4.6V8. Based on the las shoot-out, the 5.7/6speed can still bring it vs the updated competition- perhaps not the fastest, but certainly no slouch.
@Jason- the tire in the picture
Shows a center row with C-shaped blocks, while the LTX A/T2's you linked have E-shaped blocks. So it's something different. But for Toyota to claim that their tires are the only off-road tires Michelin makes is a stretch.

you jokers are HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you sit there and talk smack about a truck that has redesigned the exterior and interior and no powertrain changes while leaving the cab and chassis the same............... FORD DID THE SAME EXACT THING IN 09 AND NONE OF YA WERE TALKING SMACK THEN? FURTHERMORE, Ford STILL is using the same chassis they did on the 04 model! Ford, GM, and Ram STILL use a class 4 hitch that are ONLY designed for up to 10k towing and ONLY the Tundra has a class 5 hitch that is rated up to 15k, so really the Tundra is the ONLY truck that should tow over 10k in a half ton.

The Bias on this site is starting to become very hard to deal with and i find it funny how blind the most of you really are. If Ford does something its monumental no matter what, critiscism is handed out somewhat to GM and Ram and NOTHING Toyota does gets any respect whatsoever. EVEN when Toyota has taken the EXACT same strategy as Ford.

Yet if you put the two trucks next to each other the Ford doesnt hold a candle in the breeze next to a Tundra and its OBVIOUS. the attention to detail on the Tundra in its construction is so far ahead of Ford is comical yet if you just read this site and from people that drive their Ford and have never even looked twice in the direction of the Tundra they will have you believe that the Ford is somehow better............LOL LOL

If it still has the wiggly weak frame that flexes & twists like a blade of grass in a wind storm they can keep that overpriced POS!

This thing looks like a ram and a ford put together.

damn ugly,,,just like the 1500 Ram

I don't know I don't think it looks to bad, the only one I don't like is the Brown one, the grill is hideous on it, but the rest look okay.

Ford did the exact same thing? Just a grille? Nice try to cover up your missed opportunity.

In 09....

All new floor pan.

Crew cabs got an extra 6" added to the cab (and wheelbase).

There were over 2000 parts changes to the 09. I don't think I'd call that just a grille.

Powertrain changes: moved to all V8 lineup. A new 3 valve version of the 4.6. Updated 5.4 new ‘open valve injection’ technology with increased hp and fuel econ.

New 6 speeds across the board - first all 6 speed lineup.

Roof was reingineered with high strength steel and roll cage.

100% all new interior. Flat load floor.

The entire front end is new (everthing past the dash), the floor pan is new, brand new design on the back. Every body panel was touched. Retains most of the major styling cues the previous truck had, but Ford toughened up the exterior

New IP, new HVAC/radio stack, new seats and counsel. Sync. Platinum.

Frame - new new hydroformed side rails, made from high strength steel. Rear suspension - upgraded with longer leafsprings and springs are mounted farther forward from the axle.

Improved aero -shaved 10-degrees off the center high mounted stoplight on the roof, so instead of having a flat housing over the cab brake light there's a slight downward slope that pushes air back more smoothly over the tail spoiler.

Tailgate step, box side steps, trailer sway, traction control, ITBC, etc.

The long list of interior upgrades, innovations, and improvements carroed the ball forward and made the F-150 more comfortable and luxurious than ever before and continued the truck's reputation as the benchmark in this segment. The 2014 Tundra does not and is of no comparison to what the 09 F-150 did for the segment... And this doesn't even cover all of the updates Ford did from 09 to 2013: 4 new engines, Raptor, more interior improvements, etc.


You are actually wrong and the reason why is in your name. Chrysler added VCT to the Hemi in 2009 http://www.allpar.com/mopar/new-mopar-hemi.html. The Hemi is OHV with fewer valves but VCT is probably a better version of VVT than Dual VVT-I which would be the reason why I wanted Dual VVT-iE as it is Dual VVT-I but has more advanced cam timing http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VVT-i#Valvematic. Also Ford uses Ti-VCT.

@Toyota guys
Why when I said the 3rd gen Tundra is a bean counters truck all the Toyota guys get mad than we find out it is and I hear nothing? "From our point of view, this is the most logical explanation why the 2014 Tundra didn't get any chassis, powertrain or other advanced performance enhancements; the U.S. team was given a limited pile of cash to work with and upgrades had to be prioritized." hemi lol and some of you at tundra headquarters

I think it is a big improvement over the 13. Yeah it is not nearly as improved as Ford did in 09 or 11 nor the Chevy's 14 upgrade or Dodges 13 upgrade, but this is a great upgrade. The 07-13 Tundra was not a bad truck at all in my experience (a close friend of mine has had his 08 since new and loves it today w/ 137k miles with very few issues) It rode hard, sucks gas like a TRUCK!! lol but his 5.7 beast has been trouble free and he beats it up pretty good, and the body is still ok. The powertrain really is still very good, if not super efficient, but it does represent a strong reliable combo for those in need of a good tow vehicle. I am sure the suspension tweaks have helped any trouble with hard take off from a stop, and the looks are certainly tougher than the 07 version (if not the prettiest) but that interior seems to be a HUGE improvement over the 07. The main things are in tact, this truck is incredibly reliable, 5.7 is a reliable powerhouse (and in actuality, mpg is no worse than HEMI Ram, and those power house Rams do decent for the power they harness) and it tows and hauls reliably. I hope to see Toyota sell the crap out of theese. All this from a Ford guy who loves his 11 FX-4 ECOBOOST after 55k miles!! Just saying, gotta give credit where credit is due. I still would love to see an actual ALL NEW Tundra as well as an ALL NEW Titan.

I like the changes that have been made. I would also like to see improvements in the powertrain to squeeze out more MPG's.

I drove a 2004 Toyota Sequoia that had 300,000 miles on it. Not a squeak or rattle. Didn't use ANY oil. Drove like the day I bought it and had zero rust issues (I live in northern Indiana, but religiously wash my cars too). Never had a premature maintenance issue.

I just bought (last year) a 2012 Chevy 3500 for a service truck for my company, worst decision ever (not that I would have bought a Tundra instead. I'm really a MOPAR guy). The thing already rattles, and the ride is crap even with a fully loaded service body. And the gas motor is gutless. I basically bought the truck because my service manager is a Chevy guy. I also have a 2008 Impala that was burning 1 quart of oil every 1000 miles. Shockingly, GM actually stepped up and put in new pistons and rings. Every time I try to give GM a chance it bites me in the rear.

Maybe I like that interior because it is a little Ford/Ramish in overall shape. But that is certainly not a bad thing for Ford and Ram get a lot of high praise (esp RAM) for thier great interiors. But hey Toyota, keep the price right, and you should do very well.

AD, yes they did some updates in 09, the crew cab was stretched the tailgate got some lines on it an the hood was raised a bit but other then that its unchanged. You can take the doors off a super cab from 04 and they will mount right on a 2013 and you wouldn't know the difference.

Sorry to be "trolling" here but the more I read this it seems Toyota has a great truck here. I will probably always stick with my Fords because they have always been incredibly reliable and awesome towing vehicles, but I will go test drive one of theese, as well as see if I get a chance to tow with one. I towed my parents camper trailer with my buddies Tundra because he repairs them for a living, and that truck did an admirable job (I still felt better doing it in my Ford, maybe only because it is my truck) but I am sure the Tundras minor suspension tweaking did a lot to help its abilities. That power train has always been awesome. The 5.7 and 6 speed are great. I cannot say much about the 4.6 engine but my aunt has a Sequioa w/ that 4.6 DOHC and she loves it.

@cubic inch

Come on man, do a little research about top fuel engines. No one, not even Dodge uses a Chrysler Hemi. The engine has nothing to do with Chrysler other then they took a few design cues from the original back in the 60's (mainly the cylinder shape). This engine shares as much in common with Chrysler as a turbo cruz motor shares with a turbo jetta. None of the teams have to go to Chrysler for the motor, it isn't available to anyone from the dealer or performance network. The race teams machine their own blocks which even has NO COOLING PASSAGES. Yup, it sure is a Chrysler motor... Can you notice the sarcasm in tha that last sentence? I know Mopar fan boys usually need stuff spelled out for them!

I am not saying the 5.7L and 6-speed auto are not good at producing power and are not reliable but Toyota could have done more by adding D4-S, higher compression ratio, Dual VVT-iE and a Aisin 8-speed. These are things that Toyota already has with other members of the UR engine family mainly the 2UR (found in Lexus IS F http://www.lexus.com/models/ISF/specs/) from which the 3ur (5.7L iforce) comes from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toyota_UR_engine. If added all of those things add increased performance and fuel economy.

The Tundra's powertrain although I agree it is very good but it is still the least most advanced member of its engine family and Toyota could improve upon it if they chose too. The big 3 all give their 1/2 tons the most advanced powertrains they have as you don't have to buy a new Corvette to get the new 6.2L or go through SRT to get an 8-speed auto.

@ hemi lol
Bro what are you smoking? Whole Ford slapped a new grill on the F150 crowd is nuts, look at the changes to the f150 from 08 to 09

08 F150 crew 4x4 5.5 Ft box
Wheel Base 138.5
Length 223.8
4 speed tranmission

09 F150 crew 4x4 5.5ft box
Wheel Base 144.5
Length 231.7
6 speed transmision.

With the exception of the 5.4l motor the 2009 f150 was all new compared to the 2008 it was not the same frame the Tundra is a refresh it has the same frame , the same cab etc. The f150 had a powertrain refresh in 2011, with ne motors, new transmission, new computer system, new electronic power steering, 2012 brough a revised frame design, 2013 brought updated infotainment systems. so while each refresh brought a rivised grill on many trim levels they dont count as all new but saying that a 2013 F150 is the same as a 2004 that it shares no common parts with is just ignorant.

I'm upset that Toyota only did a half measure by doing a refresh of the truck when even nissan is getting ready in a lower volume truck to do a redesign. The Tundra only beat the titan in unloaded MPGs which in this day and age is a pretty important factor yes the ecoboost gets slightly worse towing MPGs but concidering that nearly evey half ton spends most of its life empty thats the MPG that matters most (also its fords phylosophy behind the ecoboost) like others i want to like the yota but it just isn't up to par with the competition, the interior is finally in 2014 where ford was in 2011. the sr5 with trd looks nice, but toyota needs to find a way to get some more MPGs out of the tundra.

Ford makes a good truck, I just can't stand the look of it, its just too square and the bedsides are too high to load over. Ford tried to fix this with some cheasy optional box steps but not going to cut it.

I like the interior and exterior changes except for the new grills. Of all the new grill choices, i like the SR5 grill best. I don't care for plastic chrome. That is why i purchased a Rock Warrior dbl cab in 2010. no plastic chrome. You should see all the couple year old Fords F250s or F150s with all the plastic chrome peeling off like a bad sticker. Back to Tundra, I don't understand the big hump under the seat of crew cab. There goes the under seat storage. New interior: what happened to my Glock Holster , that thin slot next to gear changer in center console?? The suspension tuning and better steering feel sure would be welcome, will have to test drive for myself to believe.
I love all the storage and styling in the ram but their quality issues keep me away. Ford is just a notch below that and the twin turbo six reliability and longevity are issues for me and the poor performing ac will not work for me. Like the new changes in Chevy but have yet to drive one and for the price no thanks. I think the 5.7 in tundra is awesome, its combination of reliability, longevity and quality, how it performs sounds etc is the best compared to its competition imo and At the end of the day its comforting to know when i turn the key i get there and back with no issues whatsoever.

Bottom Line, if this truck costs 10K more than what mine did its not worth making the change even 5K its not worth the change, though my Tundra is almost worth what i bought it for 3 years ago. Yes resale is awesome and i didn't over pay. The sales guy didn't know this truck (there was only 2 white rock warriors in the state and the other dealer knew it, hi price) at all so that benefited me plus when they tried working me for dealer adds my response was, tell you what I'll pay 28K for your adds and 2K for the truck deal? they wanted to go home after that since it was 10pm. So got it (dbl cab 4x4 5.7L) for $30K plus TTL which is about 13% here in phx. All these $40K + prices, they can keep em. BTW i towed over 8500 + lbs with no trailer brakes, (they were hooked up but working intermittenly) going 75-85 from Colo and it pulled awesome. granted only got 9mpg but no other gas engine would be any different. And it didn't feel taxed at all. It could easily pull 10-11K+ pds all day and feel safe and stable imo.

If new tundra got 3-5+ mpg then i would seriously consider upgrading to the new 2014. I try to ignore my 15mpg. doesnt matter if i drive like a hyper miler or how i like its always 14.5-15.5 and i went back to stock tire size and mpg difference. rides and handlers better with the nitto dura grapplers 285-70-17 vs the terra grapplers 305-70-17.
Note: bilstein 5100s with suspension level lift shocks in front.
stock height in back.

I meant NO mpg change difference when i changed tire tread and size from 305-70-17 all terrain back to the stock 285-70-17 hiway tread tire. That dura grappler does excellent in hard rain vs the terra grappler

@Trippen Tyler: did you know you can actually put a stock 64-71 HEMI head on a top fuel one? Sure, it doesn't have water jackets, do you need them to run less then a minute? No. It makes the block stronger (duh!)

No wonder they dont make them run old Chevy 454 or 427 or Ford 427/429 stuff? Certainly not anything like 409 Chevys, lol!

This from autoblog http://www.autoblog.com/2013/07/30/2014-toyota-tundra-review-first-drive/

"We all benefit from highly competitive battles. In the automotive sector, few campaigns are so closely fought as the decades-long struggle for supremacy in the fullsize half-ton pickup truck segment. The Ford F-150 has dominated for ages, but Chevrolet, Ram and GMC have been closing the gap with freshly redesigned trucks that are rocking the industry.

Today's half-ton trucks are better than they've ever been, and we have fierce competition to thank for that.

But where does the segment leave a truck from an automaker that has chosen to no longer fight and deliver its best product? What kind of vehicle comes from a company that has relinquished any desire to strive for the top of the class – one who is now content offering nothing more than minor updates and mediocrity in an aim to placate brand loyalists?

Such a calculated underachiever would look a lot like the 2014 Toyota Tundra."

I would say that is somewhat my feeling only more harsh than I would have put it ouch. I think I am somewhere between that and motor trend http://www.motortrend.com/roadtests/trucks/1307_2014_toyota_tundra_limited_first_drive/.

I will say if you have never owned one or you a die hard Toyota Tundra fan it is worth taking a look at but if you are like me and have a 2nd gen with mods that you love already you would not be gaining much other than completely restarting your payments.

Also I must give credit it seems like Toyota got the ride better on this one.

@hemi lol, " NOTHING Toyota does gets any respect whatsoever".

Posted by: hemi lol | Jul 30, 2013 8:57:53 AM

Boy, you said a mouthful their.

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