F-150 Will Be First Half-Ton to Offer CNG

F-150 CNG 1 II

As part of its continued push to put more compressed natural gas work vehicles on the road, Ford just announced it will offer the 2014 Ford F-150 with a CNG prep package at a cost of $315. It will be available this fall. This will make Ford's popular half-ton pickup the first and only truck in the segment to offer the option to customers.

The prep package, available for all F-150s equipped with the naturally aspirated 3.7-liter V-6, includes only a few modified or hardened engine pieces for dealing with the non-lubricating gaseous fuels, like CNG and autogas (the latter is commonly known as propane or liquefied petroleum gas).

We had the chance to talk to Dick Cupka (pronounced Kup-kee), Ford product development chief for sustainability for commercial vehicles, who is very optimistic about CNG's future. "For the last few years, we've been doubling the number of these vehicles sold…Ford has a long history with alternative fuels but nobody offers the variety of vehicles we do," Cupka said.

The Super Dutys are the most popular vehicles in the Ford commercial fleet when selecting the CNG/LPG package, but there are quite a few others as well. The CNG/LPG prep package already includes the Transit Connect and E-Series vans, all F-250 and F-350 Super Duties (including the F-350 chassis cab), the F-650 medium-duty truck and the commercial grade F53 and F59 stripped chassis platforms. Additionally, when the full-size Transit van comes on line, it too will offer the prep package, giving it a powertrain reach like no other vehicle (with a gas 3.7-liter V-6, CNG or bi-fuel 3.7-liter V-6, EcoBoost twin-turbo 3.5-liter V-6 and a turbo-diesel 3.2-liter I-5).

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Installation is likely to cost between $7,500 and $9,500. All installation suppliers (there likely will be several near the F-150 Kansas City, Mo., plant) will have to be a Ford qualified vehicle modifier in order to install the system on an F-150. This is Ford's way of trying to make sure the alternative-fuel modifiers meet its standards. This particular bi-fuel system (pictured) from Venchurs Vehicle Systems can also be ordered on Super Dutys with the 6.2L V-8.

Ford maintains the engine and powertrain warranty (five years or 60,000 miles) for all CNG vehicles, while the installer of the alternative fuel system is responsible for the system components. How and where you drive your pickup truck will determine which setup is right for you, Cupka said.

Although the CNG option may not sound like a huge deal up front, depending on CNG prices in your area and how you drive, you could make your money back in as few as two years. Current unleaded gas prices in U.S. are hovering at just less than $4 per gallon, while the average CNG price for a gallon equivalent is just more than $2. Even if you get the bi-fuel option, where your F-150 runs on gasoline and CNG, the extended range and fuel savings will quickly add up.

To see the full press release, click here.

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Dang. SO this is the Ford truck news Mike Levine warned us about on Twitter? It's cool and all but not a half ton diesel or a new ranger coming to U.S. Do us a favor Mike and don't warn us that some truck news is coming unless it is really exciting news. I'm just disappointed. But I guess some people will be excited about this. Pretty easy to find a used CNG f-150 around here. They aren't anything new to fleet buyers.

my 1996 ram 1500 had cng option and it was a v8

Ford plus a propane tank? Nothing good could come from this.

Popular Ford 2013 Models Recalled for Fuel Leaks, Engine Fires.

Poor firemen.

It's safer than regular gas. The only problem is it takes up room in the bed.

CNG conversions can provide stability against fluctuating fuel prices as well as lower vehicle operating costs for fleet administrators. CNG sells for an average of $2.11 per gallon of gasoline equivalent, and is as low as $1 in some parts of the country, representing a significant savings over unleaded regular fuel. The national average for unleaded regular fuel is $3.66 per gallon.

Not exactly riveting and the LPG versions (tank in same place) are common here.
@Mark Williams I hope you do a background article on the Global Ranger using the 5 Litre V8 for the up coming Dakar Rally. This South African prepared vehicle could give the Toyota Hiluxe's a run for their money.

This is news ? Decades too late to brag about it Furd Twucks !

Dodge,Chrysler,Plymouth had Natural Gas powered Trucks,Vans,Cars,Minivans from the late 80's and became more popular in the 1990's and lasted until the early 2000's !

Heck, Chrysler had Propane powered vehicles in the 1980's.

Way to catch up Ford,your decades behind,Chrysler always is ahead of the pack.

You too will find out the short falls of N.G,next to no fueling stations,once you are on the road,your hooped ! Low mpg and loss of performance,though a positive,it has reduced emissions and engines last longer.

But the more Natural Gas powered vehicles,the more the cost of Natural Gas goes up.

Canada had Natural Gas for awhile BUT...its long gone now,as in the late 80's early 90's fueling station were somewhat plentiful,and Natural Gas was cheap but as it came more in demand,the price shot up and people stopped converting vehicles and pretty much stopped using it all together,as it was more to run a Natural Gas vehicle then the same comparable vehicle on gas.

So,Natural Gas might be cheap right now,but if more vehicles become powered by Natural Gas,the price will be more than running regular gas powered truck.If NG is cheaper to fill ,you must note you get up to 10 mpg less running natural gas,so your over all savings will be limited,and most likely non existant.And the pain of no fueling stations and the truck is like a pure Electric vehicle,meaning its just a local low mile commuter,purely not practical.Nothng beats regular gasoline for a vehicle,nothing..

I'm surprised Ford doesn't have a 'factory' LPG system.

Here are some interesting results from our Ford Falcon with the factory system.

Hopefully Ford US will have used some of the technology from down here.


About time ford caught up to GM & Chrysler on the CNG pick ups, it's a shame they only have one as shown in the picture. I got to see some of GM's CNG's 5 years ago when they had a media event at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, they impressed everyone. While ford is last with technology at least they are trying to play catch up.

I wouldn't say Ford is last with this technology. As it has been factory fitted by Ford here for quite some time, well over a decade.

The article above shows how Ford have advanced with CNG/LPG over the previous models. The CNG/LPG Ford's put out more power and torque than the petrol equivalents.

@Pathetic Hemi V8
Here a CNG/LPG powered Mustang fitted with one of the Australian Ford Falcon in line sixes that pulls a 9.52 on a 1/4 mile run. Imagine what a Ford V8 would do in the Mustangs.

And it's road registered and very conservative, you wouldn't know you pulled alongside a sub ten second vehicle at the lights.

Remember, Mustang very nice car, this Mustangs smokes. Remember wherever there is smoke there is fire:)


@Hemi V8
Here's a Falcon ute with a similar in line 6 engine that's they transplanted into the Mustang. Off the floor they figure is does sub 5 second to 100kph. This ute also comes out with a supercharged Coyote 5.0 litre V8.

I do think these will sell in the US. I figure using carilloski's converter he made it would be around $35 000US.


Would rather buy the ecodiesel than this pos that won't last since this type of fuel tends to wear engines faster than a regular gas engine without air filter. The ram Diesel is the way to go!!!

In the part of Wyoming were I live many of the gas field operators have been switching to the bi-fuel gas/CNG heavy duty trucks. I've seen all of them, Chevy, Ford, and Ram. Our local school district has even been switching over to CNG buses. Because of the large natural gas field in our area, and to help meet the EPA's air quality, gas field operators are going with the cleanest possible emission transportation. The CNG station(s) infrastructure is what needs to be constructed throughout the U.S. to really make the CNG vehicle market take off.

Ford technology lol, Ford maintains the engine and powertrain warranty (five years or 60,000 miles) for all CNG vehicles, while the installer of the alternative fuel system is responsible for the system components. Ford has it done by another party.

Get CNG while its hot and cheap if you think, because the Govt will tax it soon. Gubment dont like when it doesnt get it gas taxes. There is already talk about penalizing hybrids. OUr local utility is sticking it to anyone while solar on their house.
Its hard to beat the system now a days. I say if you have a big tank at your house already for other things you operate on propane then it could makes sense and be convenient.

CNG also nice to have another option if shtf.


I'd probably buy one of these if I had natural gas at home or some other place to fill it up and it was already modded and sitting at a dealership like that. The bi-fuel engine anyway.
Not only would this save money at the pump it would give me toll free access to the HOV/HOT lanes that we have here which would save time and time is money.

@Big Al, SLANT 6 Mopar or No Car!


Diesel? No. Hybrid? No.

CNG? Neat. If you've got an ambition to buy a truck with a short driving range -- and that's hard to fill up in some communities -- Ford has the F-150 for you.

Here's to hoping that Ford's next powertrain announcement is actually exciting.

When I think of Ford I think of natural gas....there quality has been giving me natural gas for years....please pass the beano!

These chrysler/hemi guys are ridiculous. Grow up. Ford makes pretty good trucks and is pretty up to date on their technology. If you can't agree with that then you are really ignorant. you fanboy retards with your GUTS GLORY crap comments make me sick. Get real. You must be like 15? or 10? I feel kind of dumb now just realizing most of the fanboy commenters are probably just kids.

The average age of a grandparent is around 47 so Hemi V8 can't be that young. He just acts young because he is cool like that.

Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.


@beebe you said: "...I feel kind of dumb" that a boy...half the battle is admitting the truth. It must therapeutic for you to finally come out with that (sorry I used a big word Beebe “therapeutic” means it makes you feel better).

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