June 2013 Top 15 Pickup Truck Sales

Fords Pair 2013 II

Double-digit sales growth year-over-year for full-size pickup trucks looks like it will continue for the big truck makers, which is a welcome relief. Helped by relatively stable fuel prices (although certainly high), an improving construction segment and growing (albeit slow) consumer confidence, pickup truck sales are buoying the industry. Ford continues to be the far-and-away leader, but the gains Ram Truck is making cannot be denied. Of course, with the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado and 2014 GMC Sierra 1500s coming online throughout the summer (double cabs and regular cabs), GM is likely to benefit as well.

At this rate, some experts are predicting the total number of vehicles sold in the U.S. (barring any significant economic events) should be close to 16 million units, a level we haven't seen for quite a while. The outlook still looks good for the industry, and the fact that quite a few truck dealerships are doing well will help local economies as well.

Finally, congratulations are in order for the Honda Ridgeline, which overtook the full-size Nissan Titan for the ninth position in our Top 15 countdown for the first time since it was introduced in 2005 as a 2006 model.

Rank YTD Sales YTD vs. 2012
Year-Over-Year Monthly Sales vs. Month 2012
1 Ford F-Series +22.0% June 2013 68,009 +23.6%
367,486 June 2012 55,025

2 Chevrolet Silverado +24.7% June 2013 43,259 +28.9%
242,586 June 2012 33,566

3 Ram Truck +22.9% June 2013 29,644 +23.8%
170,319 June 2012 23,951

4 GMC Sierra +20.1% June 2013 16,568 +32.8%
87,633 June 2012 12,479

5 Toyota Tacoma
+20.9% June 2013 14,023 +18.2%
81,188 June 2012 11,864

6 Toyota Tundra +14.3% June 2013 9,759 +12.3%
51,565 June 2012 8,693

7 Nissan Frontier -0.2% June 2013 5,413 -4.2%
29,316 June 2012 5,651

8 Chevrolet Avalanche*
+8.0% June 2013 1,712 -0.4%
11,878 June 2012 1,719

9 Honda Ridgeline +24.1% June 2013 1,572 +32.7%
9,020 June 2012


10 Nissan Titan -17.1% June 2013 1,300 -44.3%
8,852 June 2012


11 Chevy Colorado* -85.9% June 2013 155 -96.2%
3,034 June 2012 4,124

12 Caddy Escalade EXT* +42.4% June 2013 186 +31.0%
1,159 June 2012


13 GMC Canyon* -84.5% June 2013 64 -92.7%
876 June 2012


14 Suzuki Equator** -51.8% June 2013 0 -100%
457 June 2012


15 Ford Ranger* -100% June 2013 0 -100%
0 June 2012


* No longer in production but still being sold.

** No longer produced by American Suzuki (effectively a clone of the Nissan Frontier) because that company declared bankruptcy. The new company, Suzuki Motors of America Inc., does not produce pickups.


That's a lot of trucks sold! Low interest rates are helping plenty. I've read that average passenger car on the road today is 10 years old and average truck is 11 years old. People that couldn't replace their vehicle for the last 4-5 years are doing it now.

America and trucks just go together. Congrats to all the manufactures.
This is what we want so keep them coming.

Good job big 3. Keep spanking the import manufacturer's

Chevrolet shows the biggest increase year over year. It will interesting to see how the arrival of the new 2014 update affects sales.

Tundra sales reflect the results of the recent shootout. Will Toyota boost incentives to retain market share?

I keep expecting this to turn to a top ten instead of top 15, but every month a few more dinosaurs get sold. How many Cadillac Escalades are out there, anyway?

Would be interesting to see just retail sales gains, these include Fleet.

I believe the next gen. Chevy Colorado will inject new blood into the exciting mid-size market.

It's good to see sales improving, hopefully they will go above pre GFC levels.

The surprise is the Tundra, maybe this should be a signal to Toyota to look at how and what they are offering.

Nissan better do something about the Titan and look at speeding up the expected release date of the next model.

The Frontier and Taco are not performing to well either, maybe some of our midsizers might help this segment:)

But the Big 3 releasing new models is showing by the increase in market share they are getting.

Increasing US sales is good for Australia as well.

Congrats to Ford, GM and Ram! No reason to start bashing certain brands.

Tacoma has shown a sizeable growth. It will be interesting to see how well the new Colorado will do after it has been on the market for a while.

A sizeable amount of growth in cars and trucks is due to pent up demand from buyers finally buying after a holding back for the past 5 to 6 years. Also used car prices are high because there are fewer lower mileage good used cars and trucks. Low interest rates by manufacturers also has helped. I got significantly more for our 2000 Taurus as a trade in than I would have gotten a year ago and with an additional incentive from the manufacturer plus 0.9% interest over 60 months it was enough for my wife and I to pull the trigger and buy a new 2013 CRV. The dealer sold our Taurus in 2 weeks--it had 71k miles, loaded, with a clean Car Fax report with maintenance records going back over 12 years. I could have sold it myself but they offered me about what I could have sold it for myself and because they offer financing they could sell it for more. Most dealers are willing to deal to get good used cars and trucks and the manufacturers are ready to move the metal.

Here are our top selling vehicles for the year so far. As you can see 4 are utes and Commodore use ute numbers as well in their figures.

Within a year or so, large vehicles like the Falcon and Commodore are dropping out and little cars are taking over.

Top-selling vehicles year-to-date*

Toyota Corolla 20,971
Mazda3 20,077
Toyota HiLux 15,790
Hyundai i30/Elantra 14,735
Nissan Navara 13,747
Mitsubishi Triton 13,057
Holden Cruze 12,503
Ford Ranger 10,563
Mazda CX-5 10,363
Holden Commodore 10,304
Toyota Camry 10,135

@stevenh You've got to be kidding dude!

you wrote: ...the exciting mid-size market -- in your last post.

Exciting??? Mid size is death valley. Honda's Ridgeline doesn't sell well. The Ford Ranger is dead. The mid size Dodge is dead. The Izuzu trucks are history. GM lost a lot on the Canyon and Colorado. Exciting?

@Jeff S - Tacoma sales are disappointing considering it's practically the last mid-size standing.

Toyota (the OEM) no doubt expected better. The problem is, the Ranger, Dakota/Raider and the Colorado/Canyon/Isuzu clones sold great in the 'Flyover' states while most Tacoma sales remain on the east and west coasts.

By the same token, Tacoma sales won't be greatly impacted by the Colorado.


@ denver///mike

you obviously dont know as much as you think you do. Toyota is NOT disapointed rather the sales numbers are exactly what they expect. the Tacoma and Tundras are built at the San Antonio plant with 20% of tacomas being built at the Baja California plant that builds the beds for the tacoma and guess what? BOTH plants are Running at FULL capacity. the San Antonio plant can only produce 250,000 units a year therefore there is no more capacity to build anymore without expansion.

@hemilol - do you have statistics on the options/sales mix for the Tacoma?
There are many that believe Orkin fleets and cheapskates are the only ones buying Tacoma's.
Most I see are mid to high end trim crew cab 4x4's. Maybe us Canadians are a more discerning bunch ;) LOL

Ford will sell another 600,000 units RAM has no chance

@ lou

tacoma fleet sales are less than 10% i believe. in the cincinnati region the majority is 4x4 double cabs whether in Sr-5, or TRD Sport trim making up the bulk with the Limited, TRD Off Road, TX and TX pro and Baja making up the rest of the short beds. the Sr-5 and Sport are the only long bed versions. less than 20% probably are access cabs and less than 10% 2wd reg. cabs. i dont have specific breakdowns but that is the best of what i believe.

@hemilol - If Toyota ONLY figured on the Tacoma capturing a tiny sliver of now extinct Ranger, Dakota/Raider, Colorado/Canyon/Isuzu sales, then you may be right.

@Lou - Your anecdotal evidence is based on absolutely nothing. Zero. Zip. And you live in Canada. Toyota doesn't even sell regular cabs up there! Then tell me US fleet buyers, everyone from pest control to parts runners to U-name it, are buying rows upon rows of loaded up Tacoma 4X4 double cabs with sunroofs, leather and Nav.

You see only what you want to see. But the proof is absolutely everywhere. Mid-size trucks can hardly remain profitable. Or why are OEMs racing to get out of the market? And GM is still GM.

@Hemilol - I forgot that PUTC had a fleet story a while back that listed fleet and retail sales. Those statistics were for 2012. Toyota had total Tacoma sales (fleet/retail) at 140,490. Retail sales alone accounted for 133,477 units. That means Tacoma sold 7,013 units to fleets. That would be roughly 5% of Toyota Tacoma sales are fleet.
It does appear that the Tacoma is far from a fleet queen and Toyota is hardly dependant upon fleet sales to move their products off of the lots.
Ford has the dubious distinction of being the fleet queen.

My own personal Canadian experience is in line with what you have seen. Toyota does not market a regular cab truck in Canada. In Canada, you get a long box with an automatic and a short box with a manual stick in the 4x4 V6 crew models.



Here is an interesting link of why Ford is closing down its operations in Australia. Canadian readers should also read as it gives a simple explanation to the future of Ford's Canadian operations.

This sad, but inevitable, even necessary. The government just can't keep on handing out money to a loss making industry. The cost of saving those jobs out weighs putting the money to better use.

The money would be better spent developing infrastructure to reduce the cost of economic activity.


@Big Al from Oz
Ford never let Ford Australia's products into the global supply chain, so they were victims of their own short sightedness. Compare that with Toyota Australia that has exported over 2 million vehicles and is now the centre for development of the next generation Hilux and Landcruiser.

@Robert Ryan
GM also is looking at retaining it's operations in Australia.

Ford leaving is a pity. You're correct that Ford has only really supplied NZ and us. Another issue to be taken into consideration is the Ford one plan, except the US market that has the F trucks and no Ranger.

Australia has designed some of the world's best platforms as of late considering the size of our vehicle market. A lot of this has to do with the versatility expected from a platform for the Australian market.

At the moment the Commodore platform is manufactured in the US and I bet GM builds a smaller Avalanche replacement with it.

Why not? PPV's, Comaro's, Chev SS's are all on that platform and the platform has proven itself to be strong enough for commercial applications. Flexibility from performance, luxury and utility perspective. Probably the best platform in the GM lineup.

I didn't see any numbers about lack of sales due to cheap imports flooding the market. Wonder if those 1500 workers applaud the lack of protectionism, with which comes subsidization. Maybe with the falling Au dollar things will change if not too late. Were the vehicles Ford produced there desirable compared to imports?

Here's a piece of information that puzzles me, considering a lot of the talkback in this thread.

5 Toyota Tacoma
+20.9% June 2013 14,023 +18.2%
81,188 June 2012 11,864

6 Toyota Tundra
+14.3% June 2013 9,759 +12.3%
51,565 June 2012 8,693

Based on this information from the chart above, not only are both the Tundra and the Tacoma both seeing an increase in sales, the Tacoma is seeing 1/3rd MORE sales than the Tundra--quite obviously proving that there is still a demand for mid-sized trucks despite all the naysaying.
Additionally, according to the information from Lou just above, very few of the Tacoma sales are to fleet buyers or--as some would put it--cheapskates.

Obviously there is a demand for mid-sized pickup trucks and apparently Toyota simply cannot keep up with that demand. Maybe once there is some mid-sized competition available, the price of mid-sized trucks will drop to about a $7K spread between mid- and full-size again.

I don't think it's a question of demand as much as profit for the manufacturers. At one time Ford and GM made more profit off full size trucks than the Ranger and S10 were selling for. Now I think Ford may have been right about Ranger buyers moving to full size or other Ford products, especially after seeing the growing disparity between them and GM truck sales. Time will tell.

@hemi lol--I live in Northern Kentucky and work in Cincinnati and I can confirm that you are correct about the number of crew cab 4x4 Tacoma pickups--I have seen lots of new ones on the road and I have also seen more new Ridgelines, but the Tacomas are much more numerous. I see many more crew cab 4x4 Tacomas than single or extended cabs. There are still many older Tacomas and pre Tacomas still on the road and those are mostly single cab with a few extended cabs.

I disagree with Denver Mike in that I think it is still profitable for Toyota to make and sell the Tacoma even if they do not sell in the volumes of domestic full size Big 3 trucks. I also disagree with DM that the Colorado will not have any effect on Tacoma, because the Colorado is not even out and a diesel option on the Colorado could change the midsize truck market. If Colorado sold enough with a diesel, Toyota would probably then come out with a diesel Tacoma. It is too early to judge the success of a product that has not even been released on the market.

I think Nissan needs to get their act together and do something with the Frontier. After Ranger disappeared Nissan started to advertise Frontier and then had a slight increase in sales. Nissan then did not follow through and allowed Frontier to wither away. Nissan needs to update Frontier and be more aggressive with their marketing. Many are not aware that Nissan still makes a midsize pickup.

@The Smaller Truck Alliance - What we're experiencing is the consolidation of mid-size truck sales to just one or 2 brands. Not much more than a niche, over all. Take away the cheapskates and there's not much there. Once the reg cab Tacomas are gone, so will their big sales figures. Similar to what happened to Hard Body/Frontier sales when their reg cab was snatched away from us cheapskates. Complete nose dive. Look at Tacoma sales figures in Canada that denies Canuckians reg cabs. Still better than Frontier's but a far cry from US Taco sales figures, as an over all share of truck market.

Big 3 OEMs do cater to the fleet buyer and will even offer to 'delete' standard equipment. Still, if you want a base/stripper Tacoma and don't qualify as a "Fleet Buyer", you will get it, and obviously forced a CD/MP3 radio, cruise control, etc. Of course you won't get all the saving of "fleet" pricing nor will it be recorded as a "fleet sale":

Enter "Fleetail". The commercial customer gets the truck he wants, still way below retail, but the OEM obviously gets the "retail sales" figure he wants. A Win/Win...



The Hyundai Veloster and Audi A4 outsell the no reg cab Tacoma in Canada.

Considering the Tacoma runs in the same San Antonio plant as the Tundra, I bet Toyota is making profits on Tacoma’s regardless of sales. Have you seen the price of a 4x4 double cab Tacoma with either TRD package? It costs more than a SR5 Double Cab (not crewmax) Tundra. Toyota is not stupid; they would not take a loss producing vehicles. That's why they put the Tacoma in the same Texas plant as the Tundra, to cut costs down versus the old California plant. There is a reason why Toyota is the most profitable automaker in the world.

Saying Toyota should stop producing the Tacoma due to lack of sales is like saying GM should stop rebadging Chevy trucks as GMC trucks, since the Tacoma nearly matches the Sierra sales.

Isn't the bright side to these sales numbers is that our economy is actually starting to buy more pickup trucks, which means things are starting to pick back up? Regardless of the manufacture we should be happy that sales are up, I think the only truck not assembled in the United States are the Crew Cab GM trucks, I've only seen Made in Mexico in the door jamb of the 2014s that I've looked at

Ideally a manufacturer would only sell at retail with no fleet discounts or any discounts, but that is not the real World. To argue that fleet sales cause a manufacturer to lose money is erroneous. As long as the manufacturer recovers costs, both fixed and variable, and has a profit then why would a manufacturer turn down extra sales. I can understand that if a certain model is selling so well that buyers get on waiting list to buy that product then why would you sell at any discount. In the real World most cars and trucks do not sell at full retail price. If nothing is taken off the sticker then there is cash back, higher trade in allowances, and zero or low interest financing. Even Ford sells trucks at fleet prices to fleet buyers. Toyota is a very profitable corporation and they are not in the business to lose money, but even Toyota will not turn down fleet sales as long as they do not lose money.

As for "Flyover State" I think it is erroneous to discount the effect that middle America has on the economy and on elections. I live in a flyover state and I have not ever seen a successful elected official on the national level ever ignore Middle America. Enough cars and trucks are sold in middle America that to ignore the market is at ones peril. Even if California wants to leave the Union and the East Coast decides to form there own nation (I do not think this will happen), Middle America will still be a sizeable market with manufacturing and large agricultural base. Anyone that has ever been to Kansas knows that it is more than a fly over state.


Apparently math is not your strong suit.

LMAO! Not even the mighty Government Motors combined sales of both GMC & Chebby can overtake the mighty Blue Oval sales leadeship of FORD! Again & again year after year! LMAO!

@Len, DODGE will be #2 within a YEAR and WE WILL take on Ford! A REAL Head to Head!! Government Motors NEEDS their Taxpayer Funded GovtMoCo Sierra to even COME CLOSE!! LOLOL! NO offense to Chevy owners! YOU are OK! I have NO PROBLEM with Chevrolet! I STILL want my Money BACK for the GovtMoCo truck! It was NOT NECESSARY! NO company NEEDS TWO TRUCKS! Take your CHINESE BUICK and your GovtMoCo truck to CHINA! THEIR Govt can support YOU! General Tsao's Motors!

@JeffS - comments such as "flyover states", cheapskate buyers (especially when all evidence points to the contrary), and even comments trying to explain to me the Canadian market (after being told my comments on the USA market are null and void because I'm Canadian) are all aimed to do one thing, get me or others mad. Even using the term "The Smaller Truck Alliance" is designed to drive a wedge between sides and to deepen the chasm.

The purpose is not to create an atmosphere of mutual respect fostering the exchange of ideas but to cause discord and disarray. If I were to get angry, then I'd be the one looking bad not the instigator. It is no different than the bullies teasing their classmates on the school yard. The one who gets angry gets into trouble.

Big Al has fallen for such tactics and has been labeled a troll and anti-USA because most do not notice or have insular views.

"It is much easier to say that no one wants small trucks than to look at every factor that effects the truck market and why that ideal exists. People do not want to put the effort into exploring or understand the paradigm that they exist within.

It is much easier to gather into one's tribal groups and bash. No proof is needed when one does that. It is easier (if one is good at it) to play up emotions and get both sides angry.

Anger shuts down communication and subsequently shuts down the search for truth and mutual understanding."

Take all the artificial fleet numbers out of this data, then let's see how far ahead Ford is.

Look at "sales to private individuals" and let's see how the list shakes out.

@DenverUAW/ homorechryco
Due to current protectionist measures in the US marketplace global midsizers are not viable. If these measures are removed you would see an influx of competitive midsizers enter your market.

These vehicles are would be quite competitive against your full size pickup, hence the barriers and tariffs.

Why would a manufacturer bring in a vehicle, then have it slugged with a 25% tax, which would make it more expensive than a full size truck. That is what the tax is about, not to collect revenue, but to stop international trade.

How can you say there no demand for midsizers. There is no demand because current regulations are artifically supporting the existing market conditions.

What you are saying is that there is also no room for a Corolla/Focus size vehicle against a Camry. Why is there a Chev SS or Mustang?

Pickups/SUVs are becoming the vehicles of choice globally, just look at the Australian data I blogged earlier.

As I stated previously, when a segment of a market is large enough it will support a wider variety of vehicles types/manufacturers, ie, US pickup market.

The small Australian market can support a dozen of so pickup manufacturers, I do think the US market could support more.

@DenverUAW it seems in all of your argument have not produced a shred of evidence to support your outrageous claims. From what I can deduce is you just don't want any competition against full size trucks.

I worked out what they mean by guerilla marketing.

When a topic is being discussed that doesn't appeal or support the paradigms of an interested group ie, UAW your job is to create a discussion that will turn others off. In effect to try and reduce readership.

Hence, the multiple posts under my name and the crap you talk about. You aren't stupid, why else would you do what you are doing.

That's why you just dribble crap, you are not trolling, you can't be that dense.

You are creating discussion to turn potential readers away from a debate.

What a job you have. No scrupples, just like any militant unionist/socialist.

@UAW Mike
The only time you bring disarray is topics that do affect or would impact any UAW role.

You constantly discredit non UAW vehicles manufactured in the US, overseas, Mexico etc.

You are a parasite.

What makes me angry is he's allowed to continue doing what he does. I have made many complaints about his tactics.

I was informed they (PUTC) can't do much about it because he is changing his IP address and my job also worked out he's changing his MAC address as well.

Cars.com com could improve markedly the site and quality of content if they just provided a similar system of protection that is offered by TTAC.

@hemilol -
If one looks at ALL of the Tacoma trucks listed on Cars.Com search engine, this is what we get:

Total = 12,513

double cab..... 8337 = 67%
access cab..... 2705 = 22%
regular cab.... 1145 = 9%
undesignated.. 326 = 2%

If one looks at 4x4 versus 4x2:
4x4.............7,751 = 61%
4x2.............4,740 = 38%
undesignated .. 22 = 1%

This does jive with what you have said and with the exception of regular cabs not available in Canada - fits what I see as well.

Most are double cab 4x4 models which are far from cheapskate fleet queen models.

@Jeff S
You just explained supply and demand. That's how any industry should operate. Viability, and unsupported of any length of time.

I will ignore DenverMike and his 'friends' and aliases. I seem to bring out the worst in myself. (I'll do my best)

@Lou--You are correct. I am not as upset about the term "flyover state" because I have lived other places, but a large portion of the readers on this website are from the middle part of America and are very proud of where they are from. I currently live in this area of the country and I do not share all the beliefs of Middle America but I have respect for my fellow citizens and their beliefs and do not wish to insult anyone. I do not disagree that the market for midsize pickups has diminished but there are many reasons for that and really it is not so simple as to have a few answers. Those of us who prefer a smaller truck do not want to be told that we should either just buy a compact car or suv or just buy a full size truck because we are wrong in our choice. I honestly don't know what will happen with the midsize truck market, but I along with those of us that prefer a not so big pickup are still hopeful that some more competitors enter the market and that the products become more up-to-date. Whether that happens or not remains to be seen but to be told that your opinion is not valid and that you should just take it or leave it is not acceptable. A good discussion is one thing but with respect for all.


Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge and even Toyota! Screw GM and their GM Sierra truck. Screw Nissan. Screw Honda and Screw Hyundai. This is the USA! It's all about the Big 3 or 4 if you count Toyota of America.

@Big Al--Yes that was the law of supply and demand. In a open competitive market that is how things should work. There are really few real open competitive markets in the World. In truth there should be no government loans or subsidies of any industry, but in reality this is not the case. As for profitability, a company like Toyota will not keep a product line that loses them money. Tacoma is still profitable, just not as profitable maybe as Camry or Corolla. Ford's decision not to have a mid size truck is their own decision but that does not mean that the same decision will work for every light truck manufacturer. If you asked any CEO which they would prefer--1. sell all your products at full retail and make more profit selling less units or 2. sell more products and make considerably less profit most would pick #1. In the real World it is much harder to do that and to try to project production levels to the extent where you sell the least amount of products at the highest profit possible (maximize profits) is not that easy. For one thing it is not that easy to predict economic cycles or when a consumer is ready to buy. Also when is the ideal time to reduce production or to increase production without major interruptions in parts and supplies. Another factor is what was discussed in the TTAC about Camry sales, what will Toyota do to continue to have the number 1 sales of midsize sedans? Toyota will not sell all Camrys at full price with no incentives, but will throw in zero for 60 months financing, $1,000 cash back, and other incentives to move enough product to retain that No 1 status for bragging rights and PR. Ford will do the same with their F series trucks as well. This is just the way that business is done in a competitive market.

The old GM trucks are still selling well because they last longer and cost less to operate then Ford or Ram pickups.

@Greg, My He I has more power and has two spark plugs per cylinder. Of course it cost more.

@Jeff S - There's a huge difference in buyer trends on the east & west coasts vs 'Flyover' America. Middle America will embrace the Colorado when shopping mid-size while coastal states will remain loyal to Tacos with an occasional Frontier.

No one is telling you what you should buy except your fellow mid-size truck buyers.. When they can reach their wallets, that is... (T-Rex syndrome)

You said: "I honestly don't know what will happen with the midsize truck market?"

I can see GM's point: There needs to be an all American mid-size truck and an "import" brand or 2. So we'll end up with 2 or 3 mid-size truck OEMs at the most.

A niche market cannot sustain more than 2 or 3 OEMs. Most OEMs may want a piece of it, but only the strongest products will survive. Otherwise why try? Then when OEMs consider building products with a thin profit margin and ones that would cannibalizes their more profitable lines, it's a no-brainer.

Look at the compact roadster market. The Miata/MX5 is the backbone of the niche and others come and go. If you're into it and an enthusiast of the niche, you may want to have 12 choices instead of just the 3 same-old/same-old, but the niche would get spread too thin.

If you're Ford or Chrysler, you step away if you know what's good for you. If you're Proton, Great Wall, Mazda, VW, etc, you'd be stupid to even try. But it's a wide open market for another '80s style craze/fad/explosion/invasion at cut rate pricing, if they're so inclined.

@Big Al from Oz - good idea.
We can have our own conversation about small trucks, diesels, global markets, protectionism, tariffs, imports/exports, technical barriers to trade etc. and not have to worry about obfuscation, manipulation, and disrespect.
I find it rather liberating.
I can have a great conversation with you, or Robert, or JeffS or anyone else and any posted BS fades into the background like white noise.
Give it a try.
I you will like it.

X2 to that.

@Lou - It'll be just like 'Reality TV'. Especially the part about "REALITY"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@Greg, Ram has better resale then Ford or Cheby.






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