New GM Half-Tons Set to Lose More Weight


It's no secret that a significant part of every small and large truck maker's design strategy will have to include a considerable amount of weight loss. Even with the huge improvements and advancements in powertrain technology, the biggest and best results in meeting the ever-escalating governmental fuel economy requirements will come in the form of weight savings.

Rumors have been swirling around for years that the next-gen Ford F-150, seen several times in past spy photo stories, will reportedly include more high-strength steel, carbon fiber, aluminum and magnesium in just about every combination you can imagine. We've already seen several pickup truck makers use aluminum and high-strength plastics in hoods, decks and doors to save weight, and we're likely to see even more as each of the big pickup truck makers refresh and redesign their highly profitable big trucks.

Clearly this strategy makes more sense for midsize and half-ton trucks, but we're even hearing that heavy-duty models are looking closely at ways to save weight without sacrificing capability.

According to Reuters, General Motors is looking at its newly released 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500, hoping to find even more ways to save more weight. Silverado engineers told us that the 2014 Chevy Silverado is somewhere between 200 and 400 pounds lighter than a comparably equipped 2013 model, with the caveat that the new pickups have much more standard equipment and higher towing and payload ratings.

The Reuters article notes that the manufacturer in the driver's seat now looks to be Ford, with the release of its next-generation F-150 likely to come out in 2015. No doubt all the attention and speculation surrounding the recently debuted Ford Atlas will keep this story burning for at least another year. It will be interesting to see if Toyota, with its 2014 Tundra (set to debut for the media in the next few weeks), decides to publicize how much weight-savings it's wrung from the new half-ton pickup.



Good to hear, and good for GM!

That is good for GM but as for Toyota which was the 2nd heaviest 1/2 ton in the shootout I don't know what they are going to do as their strategy is overbuilt and it would cost money for the engineers to do this and I am not sure if the engineers touched the 3rd gen Tundra. I think only the designers touched the 3rd gen Tundra so far so I would think it would have the same weight as the 2nd gen Tundra despite the fact that it really needs to lose weight and a updated powertrain.

Don't know how much more they can go, I looked at a new Sierra this morning and you could already see ripples in the sheet metal by the door handles from people opening and closing the door and you just pussh on the metal and it flexes.

Interesting, Rick, as I just looked at several new Sierras yesterday morning and didn't see a single ripple on any of them.

Was sorely tempted on a '13 model X-cab, but at $42K--no thanks. Way too expensive for what is essentially little more than a utility vehicle.

Google silverado rippled sheet metal. If the 2014's have rippled sheet metal that would make sense given the 2007 to 2013 had rippling sheet metal.

GMinsidenews on a 2013...
Agree about the sheetmetal too. It's so thin and rippled it makes me want to vomit

thedieselplace on GM...

I have had my truck for almost 1 1/2 years. Couple months after I noticed noticed light ripples around the rear fender wells and a couple waves in doors if you look at it in the right light. I never said anything to dealer because I not sure if they would give a rats azz anyways. It just really bothers me and wonder if anybody else has noticed the same thing??? If you havent try spot lighting that area and see if yours has the same.


Yeah, they skimped on the sheet metal for our pickup beds. Mine has no dings and you can see the slight ripples and waves in the sheetmetal. I look at my wife's new C300 black Mercedes and it is gorgeous. There is not a flaw in the paint or bodywork, and the paint is a mile deep. It's like, why can't Chevy/GM get the most basic details like paint, bodywork, and finish right like other automakers. I wish a GM rep could join in on this discussion and explain it to us.

I noticed it on an '08 LTZ CCSB I test drove last month. I looked down the side of the truck and told the salesman what was up with the waving of the sheetmetal. He said it was just the lighting and reflections. I smelled BS. My eyes weren't lying.

Last night I washed my LML for the first time at the self-serve car wash. With the pressure sprayer I noticed how noisy it was on the bed of the truck. Its like spraying the sheet metal on a tin building.

I am dissapointed but more focus on electronics, right....

2011 GMC Sierra 2500HD CCSB LML 4x4 -Summit


Bad sheet metal
Bought truck October 06 2009 notice ripples around fender walls.Took back to dealership. Would not do anything said it was GM'S fault called them up and they would not do anything also.Just want to let you chevy truck guys or gals know to check out around fender walls for ripples before you buy.

We're going to send out some sheet metal inspectors and see what is going on with the new gen 2014 GM half tons.

Thanks for the tip.

The "rippled" sheet metal was a problem because of the huge flat expanses of metal on the box of the GMT900 Silverado's. The Sierra had more curves/bends/folds and smaller flat sections in the box area so it wasn't as big an issue.
The current Chevrolet's don't have the same expanse of flat metal.
Thin flat metal is very prone to warpage. The panels on Ford's and Ram's are thin too. The shapes add strength. I have to agree with Vulpine, I haven't noticed an issue with the 2014 Chevy's.

The news story of lightening the GMC siblings is a few days old already and sources say that it won't happen until the next gen Sierra/Silverado.

How do these shed pounds affect the base price? I can't help but wonder if all that carbon fiber, plastics, light metals, and the engineering that goes into it makes the price increase.

I'll take a biased statement on PUTC with a grain of salt, but rippling sheet metal? Malfunctioning air bags? Is it starting already? It is yet to be seen how GM fares on the quality and recall situation, but there is still time for GM to smooth things out.

Things will be heating up when Ford unveils the 2015's in January. GM is already off to a bad start with the airbags, but if that is the only problem, then the pressure will be on Ford will have to make sure they get everything right and their launch goes smoothly.

Hopefully GM doesn't shoot itself in the foot with mismanaged inventory levels and channel stuffing.

Another problem reported on another site...
The new 2014 Silverado trucks have horrible air conditioner systems that will not cool the back seats. No rear AC vents and the cooled front seat vents blow hot air directly on the rear seat passengers. This 2014 is not the truck for people in hot climates! You will sweat your but off in the new Silverado back seats. GM missed with this truck.

I doublechecked it with GM Inside News and it turned out to be true:
They mentioned that there are no A/C vents for the rear of the Crew Cab, that won't play well in the HOT South.

It does suck there is no AC to the back, but I think that may be something I can overlook.

No rear AC suggests it is not a class leading interior despite GM's claims that it was. I hope they get the air bags fixed.

Somebody should do an unbiased review on all of the flaws and weaknesses.

The only walk around videos I can find now on the 2014 Silverado are done by dealers which is useless because they are just pro-GM and trying to sell you a truck.

Here is a discussion about it on another site.

Major design flaw found in 2014 LTZ & SLT trucks:

Had to do a little traveling today so I swung by an out of town dealer so I could check out the SLT trim level little closer. They had about 10 2014s in stock that were unsold.

The truck interior is very nice compared
to the GMT 900s. A leap forward. Loved all the power outlets and soft
dash. Wanted to check the rear seat room and that is when things went downhill
fast. Temps were in the mid 90's and the AC was set to max & cooled seats
were activated. Not much AC was getting to the rear as expected. As I sit in
the rear seat I could not figure out why it was so hot back there, just like
the heater was on. I was feeling hot air blow on me. That is when I realized
the vents on back of the drivers/passenger seats were dumping hot air onto the
rear passengers! How could GM miss this in there testing? It makes it
unbearable for the kids in the back if someone turns on the cooled seating us
front. This has never been an issue with my GMT900 Avalanche as the hot air is
dumped under the seats and the rear vents are pumping out ice cold air. GM has
to get this fixed fast. Yes this will not be a concern with the northern people
but the people in hot climates can't use the cooled seating with kids or passengers
in the rear seats. This could be dangerous if someone has a baby in a car seat
in the back. No need to cook the baby while mom & dad stay cool.

These are the rear vents that GM has to get fixed. The left side blows heated air right onto the rear passengers. Not cool at all!

Top 10 Missing-in-Action Features From 2014 Silverado/SierraPosted by Mark Williams

There still appears to be some interior and seating problems.

Any new 2014 Silverado owners having issues with their truck?
"I just bought a 2014 Silverado Z71 LTZ. Right off the bat I noticed some cuts on the hard plastic behind my driver seat. I figured it was done when the prep guy cut the plastic off the seats so I took it back. I'm waiting for that part to be delivered. Now I'm noticing the forward collision alert has stopped working. When I first got the truck the warning light on the windshield would come on and the seat would vibrate if I was approaching another vehicle to quickly and now it doesn't work. Scary thing is when I took it to the service people at my dealership they didn't make me feel like they knew much about this new truck. I guess we shall see. Anyone else having issues with the new truck?"


Well, I noticed a shallow cut on the same plastic panel. I pointed it out to the salesman and we decided to keep an eye on it for now. It isn't very noticeable.


Had my silver ado Texas Edition for a month. Driver's seat cusion is collapsing. Ticking noise from engine. Taking to service tomorrow see what happens

It well and good to be critical with fanboism.

But all manufacturers are confronted with the same challenges.

Vehicles, especially commercial vehicles have had platforms that last for a couple of decades in the past. People and manufacturers try and claim new models etc, but the underlying platform remains, ie, Datsun/Nissan 520-620-720 pickups. These went from the mid 60s until the mid 80s, then the D20/D22 went from the mid 80s until the mid 2000s.

So if any company manufacturing a pickup wants to last and produce cheap vehicles for the next couple of decades they have to project what will the regulations at that period require. How will this impact the bottom line.

The kinds of regulated changes projecting out for the next 10 years is much larger than what's occurred in the past 25 years. Pickups haven't changes much.

I think GM has sat back and tried to wait and see if the regulations would have been eased. Also the longer they waited they can see what the competitors have.

How good is the Ram platform? It already requires technology like variable suspension, shutters, 8spd etc.

If a manufacturer can build a vehicle that doesn't require these more complex systems the product is a better design. Just incorporating complex systems isn't the answer to better design. Simplicity in design will be more successful, especially if it meets future regulations.

To me the most successful platform will have the least amount of 'untraditional' technology. This platform will last longer and the company will be more successful at building pickups in the longer term.

What I have just wrote is why I think the next pickups might be the last of the full size trucks. Unless regulations change or new material technologies are developed that are cost effective.

Or pickups will become the realm of the rich.

The end is near.

Full size trucks.


In addition to losing more weight, I wish GM trucks would lose those pushrod engines in the half-tons.

Pushrods in half-tons are soooooo last century.

More than a fishing trip! Join Luke on an epic 3 day adventure off the beaten track that truly puts the Mazda BT-50 to the test...


you are very mistaken about the 14 model tundra. why is it that when Ford refreshes their trucks the people on this site hail it to be redesigned even though its the SAME CAB AND CHASSIS but when Toyota does the exact same thing everyone proclaims nothing was done? ???? LOL

Being as i have on Several different occasions spoke with Mike Swears PERSONALLY who is the chief engineer on the 14 Tundra i can most certainly tell you the engineers were VERY much involved.

Highdesertcat -

Pushrods put out more torque where it is needed vs a overhead cam. I'll keep my pushrod engines.


It would be nice if your own brainwashed biases were left at home and we dealt with actual facts here.

The biases have been confirmed on

The Tundra gets beaten down for the performance and the subjective when this stuff is on the 2014!

Tundra gets beaten down for not having a better interior, any SUSPENSION improvements, tech upgrades, and not having an ITBC!

The ALL NEW 2014 Tundra has a new interior, suspension and itbc. All new Tundras have a backup camera standard. Blind-spot monitoring system and rear cross-traffic alert on the options list. Just a reskin my a$$.

Tundra fans are sick and tired of the bias around here!


your right about pushrod engines.............errrrrrrrr. actually you WOULD be right if were talking about traditional engines. the DOHC 5.7 I-force V8 makes MUCH better torque at LOWER RPM than ALL the other pushrod V8's........ You see the advantage is the DOHC that Toyota builds can advance/retard the intake cam 30 degrees and the exhaust cam 15 degrees and they do it seperately of each other which is IMPOSSIBLE to do with an old OHV engine. because of this technology you simply are WRONG. thats why the 5.7 Tundra ran away from the Hemi because the Toyota DOHC is at full torque 700 RPM LOWER than the Hemi.

@Hemi lol. And the downside to DOHC is it uses more fuel to drive the extra camshafts and valves. The Tundra 5.7 is on par with GM's 6.2 for fuel economy. I bet the gen 5 DI 6.2 V8 will use less than the Tundra 5.7 and have better low-end torque. By your argument, you should be impressed by the Ram EcoDiesel (as any sane person should). It will have full torque at 1600 RPM LOWER than the Tundra (2000 rpm). Also the Tundra's peak torque is 350 rpm LOWER than the Hemi (3600 rpm and 3950 rpm respectively). Don't know where you are getting 700 rpm from.

This thread has turned into a GMC bashfest. It is to be expected that any NEW product will have teething problems. In many respects it is worse now due to accelerated developmental cycles and the increased complexity of a vehicle. One can run computer simulations and "Ecoboost like" torture tests but as others have pointed out, their is nothing like mother time.

I'm sure that Ford will have its share of problems with their 2015's just like some of the problems we've seen with the new Rams and with the new GMC's.

One must be aware that the internet is a vast wasteland of disinformation. A small problem can be blown totally out of proportion by a computer savvy blogger.

On the subject of problems with vehicles and recalls, this linked article mentions the political aspect of the NHTSA and the fact that the size of the recall can be due to political pressure or can be downsized by political pressure or the effective lobbying of companies.
I had read that Ford had C4 transmission problems and they were going to have to recall every one of them. Ford lobbied government and the NHTSA was neutered and Ford didn't get the recall.
Just recently, Chrysler negotiated for a smaller Cherokee "Exploder" recall.
Toyota was another example of politics getting in the way of law but to the opposite extreme. Would Toyota have been hit as hard if their name was Ford or GMC?.... I don't think so.

@ Alex

your right about the RPM. i was thinking of GM's 6.2 peak torque.

its funny you should mention the amount of fuel it must take to drive the VVT-i. its driven by oil and any parasitic drag is miniscule at best. curious as smart as you are that your drinking that same old kool-aid. Toyota doesnt overstate Fuel economy estimates like the other manufacturers and the numbers are modest that they post. ask ANYONE with a GM 6.2 and i will GUARANTEE you they say they get 10mpg. UNLOADED. Meanwhile Consumer Reports shows the 4.30 rear diff. towing package tundra 4x4 with the 5.7 averages 15 MPG which is THE EXACT SAME as a 3.55 geared Ecoboost THAT DOESNT TOW AS MUCH AS THE TUNDRA! funny how those 2 engines get the BEST fuel economy of ALL the pickup trucks consumer reports test. HHHHHMMMMM maybe the other manufacturers are stretching what mpg's they claim??? you bet ya they are trying to meet CAFE standards. Toyota is at 2017 Cafe standards already with MODEST numbers on the windows.

If you werent aware the manufacturers conduct thee EPA fuel economy tests which is why Ford and Hyundai have gotten in so much trouble about that lately.

OH PS im certain the new 6.2 wont make as good of low end torque as the tundra 5.7. not with the HP they will try to pull out of it to "one up" the other guy........ that crap has gotten out of hand!

it's even funnier to me that NOONE else has adopted J2807 methods even with "new models" LOL

I think you missed my point Hemi LOL, the GM 6.2 isn't impressive. Neither is the Tundra 5.7. Both of them fall short of the 3.0 EcoDiesel. I'm not interested in another gas V8 truck. If you're smelling Kool-Aid, you should probably wipe your chin. :)

This is not a Tundra post.

Stay on topic. We want to hear your opinions and thoughts, but please only comment about the specified topic in the blog post.

@chevyguy - comparing a Chevy engine to what the competition has is relevant. I know that the very mention of torque down low has most Chevy guys wanting to change the topic......

This is a GM weight loss topic only.

Stop ruining the post with outside ridiculousness and links to other websites!

@chevyguy101 - go to Weightwatchers for up to date weight loss information. GMC ain't doing anything to this gen of trucks. That will come with the next generation. If GMC stays true to form, that will be in 7-8 years.


Oh my gosh! No AC vents in the rear? Hot air blowing on your tootsies? You guys are ridiculous! Chevy trucks don't need AC in the rear! But we know the Ford GIRLY MEN love them and will waste money on it and buy it up like hotcakes!!! LMAO.

@chebbyguy101, yeap the Ford FOLKS will surely buy them like HOTCAKES!! That's what keeps em #1!!!!!!

Only Girly men buy Fords.

Thanks for posting that link. I was interested in purchasing the next Duramax, but that has changed. I have nothing personal against people who choose that lifestyle for themselves, but we're constantly being bombarded by the media and Hollywood Liberals how we have to agree with them and ditch our values. At the same time they call us bigots and attack our churches and our faiths. GM is choosing to actively support that. GM, you're going to go bankrupt again!

This is an interesting part of the article that @No Pride at GM left out:
"On Friday, GM said it is keeping the flag up until Saturday evening, when it will come down on schedule. The flag went up as part of a plan by the factory to fly flags representing different company groups for a week each."

Does that mean there will be protests when the "African-American" flag goes up or a "Muslim" flag?

Anyone notice that this story was from LAST YEAR?

I do agree that the liberal side has pushed agenda's upon the rest of us, I've read enough stories about Christian churches and schools that are against "gay/lesbian" relationships being forced to have openly gay people attend their churches or schools.
I personally do not have anything against those lifestyles but if we are to respect their lifestyles then a person should have their own religious beliefs respected too. That part has been lost since conservative Christian groups have been under attack for their beliefs.

"@No Pride at GM" is NOT a fighter for conservative rights but a BOTTOM FEEDING TROLL looking for something to cause animosity towards GMC.

Push those "gay" buttons and conservative male truck buyers will run fleeing the other way in mortal fear of loosing their manhood.

I don't fear losing my manhood (straw man fallacy), I just don't want to support a group who attacks my faith, calls me a bigot because of my faith and values, and attacks our church buildings. Sorry, but if you want someone to care about your cause, then do it in a way that is respectful to the person you're trying to communicate with.

I thought I'd do some extra research. It looks like most of you are going to end up walking or using public transit if you will only support companies that do not support gay rights.
Here is a list of companies supporting gay rights:
Gay-friendly automakers
The brands listed below are gay-friendly. Please consider their progressive policies towards their LGBT employees when shopping for your next vehicle. Click on a brand name for a list of reviews and articles by writers.

Aston Martin
Land Rover
Maybach (defunct)
Saab (defunct)

Non-gay-friendly automakers
The brands listed below do not protect their LGBT employees from workplace discrimination. We urge you to take their policies towards their LGBT employees into consideration when shopping for your next vehicle.

Suzuki (Defunct)

Other automakers
In some cases, we haven’t been able to get enough information to classify automakers as gay-friendly (or not). We’re still investigating five brands:


Looks like you anti-gay types are going to have to trade your trucks in on a Kia, Hyundai, or Porsche.

There was a story that Hyundai might make a truck.......... go Hyundai......go.

@Alex - I don't recall questioning your manhood but that is the message that is being sent by the troll in question.

I do agree that the liberal agenda has been forced upon us with conservative views. I see myself as conservative but I've worked with enough gays to see the impact of discrimination. I can see their point of view and I see the conservative side too.

You are the one with the Psych degree, I'm sure that you've seen trouble makers and manipulators enough times to recognize it in a blog.

All I am doing is pointing out his agenda.

"all you anti-gay types" - Lou

That's exactly the type of bigotry I am sick of!

I see, sorry I thought you were directing it at my remarks. Yes, I see it on both sides. I don't see the media, the President, celebrities, or many companies sticking up for Christians or conservatives (they are stereotyped to be the same, but they are not), and sometimes I feel the need to speak up. I really wish people would treat others with respect, regardless of their ascribed or achieved status, subordinate group, political affiliation, religious beliefs, socio-economic status.

@Alex - this is a blog, an open forum. My comment was made generically to those who started the whole "gay" thing in the first place.
The fact that you've gotten all riled up is putting a huge smile on the face of the troll that started the issue.

If one looks at the definition of bigotry, one could view my comment as such but I'm not intolerant of other views, just those who incite hate or strife.
That would be the troll who went under the name "@No Pride at GM".

If I have offended you, then I will apologize since I do respect your opinion.

Sorry Lou, I thought you were directing your discussion at me, but as you indicated you were not. My bad.

No I am not upset, yes, I think he was trolling. I later realized the event happened last year. I contacted GM about my honest concern. I'm all for diversity, but I take attacks on my faith and church seriously from these groups who do more than fight for their rights, they want to silence us in the process.

The imbalance is indicated in the fact that these companies, and celebrities would never display a large Christian symbol to satisfy diversity, nor would they label themselves as "Christian-friendly." I would never ask them to do that, but I get frustrated when they side with a group actively attacking another.

I really just wish everyone was tolerant of everyone else. That's why I am becoming more libertarian. Just let people live as they please as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else.

@Alex - A blog is unfortunately a unidimensional medium for communication. It is often hard to discern tone or intent. When one speaks face to face we can rely upon tone, facial expression, eye contact, body posture etc. to fill in the blanks.

I do agree that it has become politically correct to bash or tread upon the rights of traditional religions and conservative beliefs. I do hope that a balance is eventually met. Unfortunately the swing of a pendulum is the most appropriate metaphor for finding balance. There are unfortunate swings to the extreme before it hopefully settles in the middle.

@Lou In the auto news story they said GM will try to shave weight on the fly as they do a update to the trucks in two - three years.

"Prior to the 2019 launch of the next-generation Silverado and Sierra, GM is planning a series of rolling changes over the next few years to the trucks, which just went on sale six weeks ago as redesigned 2014 models.

GM will begin to use more lightweight materials such as aluminum and composites, in place of conventional steel, several suppliers said."


The 14 has the same physical powertrain, chassis and configurations just different shocks. The interior and exterior changes are a designer thing. Mechanically they changed the exhaust, shocks and added a TBC to the 2nd Gen Tundra and you know what I did that my 2nd gen Tundra I guess I must already have one. As for Tundra fans go I guess you have a Supercharged Tundra with headers, custom front end and interior changes like me.
As for the brainwashing comment I am guessing you must have a problem when someone uses free speech and voices a opinion different from yours which I can take but now you know why I see the 3rd gen Tundra differently than you. Their is room for more than one opinion and I am glad you voiced yours.

@hemi lol

I don't know if you have noticed but the GM guys here have talked about the Super Duty being the same for so long. The Ford guys talk about the 14 Silverado looking like an old school Chevy Silverado.

@johnny doe - thanks for the update. I had read that they were not going to do anything to shed weight until the next model.
That is good because it means that GMC will not wait 7 years to do anything new.

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