New Silverado Ad Campaign Creates 'Strong' Message

Silverado Video II

If you thought the new GM spent a lot of money designing, engineering and building the all-new 2014 Chevrolet Silverado, just wait until you see how much money it spends in advertising the new half-ton.

A new advertising campaign rolls out this week with "Strong," an original song by Will Hoge, a Grammy-nominated artist from Nashville, Tenn. "Strong" will be available the 4th of July as a downloadable song and video, and, if all goes well for GM, it will be around for a long while. The 15-, 30, and 1-minute ad spots will debut July 4 throughout Texas and then be rolled out across the country throughout the rest of the year.

"The Silverado anthem was created with pickup truck drivers and their values in mind," Chevy said in a statement. "Most of the people who appear in the video are real Chevrolet owners, not professional actors. The lyrics to Hoge's song speak to the strength of hardworking, honest and dependable men and women. Also, a tone of American pride is reflected in the launch date of July 4."

Chevy trucks have a long history of being mentioned in country, rock and pop songs, but this is the first time the brand has requested a song specifically for a vehicle debut. We've posted the 1-minute version below, along with Will Hoge's long-version video.

To read the full press release, click here.

(60-second spot)


(Full-length video)


kinda sounds like they're reachin awful hard for the old "like a rock" tagline......... not feelin it.

Better hope this works! The trucks themselves sure aren't going to fly off the lots!

In some respects it is a western take of "Like a Rock" as hemilol has pointed out.
I do hope that the stupid Howie Long adds of the past are that, in the past.

It sends out a positive message without putting down anyone.

That I like.

Awesome ad just as good as Rams ads, glad they didn't up a annoying ones like these

Sure seems to work for Ford, regardless if you think they are annoying or not.

needs to use the bob sieger song like a rock again. the newer music has sucked since the 2007 silverado


So is that why they just raised the price of all the 2014 crew cabs $ pay for the ad campaign? So much for no year-over-year pricing. That lasted a whole month. They haven't even started building the double cabs or regular cabs.

I hope this go-round GM won't return to the negative advertising, where they knock the other brands. Like, for example, when they made fun of Ram's heated steering wheel. Then the next year they came out with their own heated steering wheel. When GM gets caught with its pants down it goes negative with the advertising. I have noticed over the years, no matter what the product, it's never #1 who bashes the other brands. It's always #2 and the wannabes. On many GM trucks do you see with that decal of peeing on Ford? A lot. And how many peeing on Chevy decals to you see on Ford trucks? It's rare. To me, those decals and other negative advertising just screams "second best."

johnny doe,
I'm with you on that ad. Annoying. I've seen much better ads from Ford.

'never' huh? Have you seen Fords ads lately?

"Like a rock" was the most accurate advertising campaign for any product ever. GM trucks really were like rocks... unable to move on their own power, unsophisticated, and with many flaws about them.

@ jrt,

Ford had adds bashing other trucks.Ford is number 1 in sales due to the fact they are the lowest priced truck.

And a few years ago when those decals were popular alot of Ford trucks had those,funny the lemon F-150's had alot of those (you know the $1200 spark plug stuck in head trucks from 1997-2010)

Those decals of peeing on another make are dangerous...

A person I know,beat the heck out of a guy who had a decal of that little guy peeing on a brand of vehicle he had ..

I only bash peoples cars/trucks if I know them and we do it jokingly..You dont go around to strangers and antagonise them..I know when I see those peeing pictures on my brand I get upset,and one time I was going to cut them off/beat them if need be..But when I pulled up beside the vehicle it was a woman driver...My female buddy yelled out that her brand of vehicle sucked !! Funny thing,I saw that same woman and the peeing guy was peeled off..Probably saved her life,as some other person might have not been so nice as I was ! Remember dont go around asking for trouble,you might get it..Lots of unstable people out there,and some days I just am one of those ! Especially without my morning coffee ! Now piss off !

Kinda like the guy with the name hemilol,if I saw him with a peeing sticker we would rumble ! And I dont own a Dodge..I just dislike stuck up import owners !

I really think they should just bring back the "like a rock." Even though it's easy to make fun of them as WXMAN just tried to do and ford would poke fun at it in their tv commercials. But I think Ford sort of realized you don't gain customers by making fun of the other brands and painting yourself as the bad guy. That's something chevrolet should have learned a long time before they basically called you a girl if you drive a ford or dodge because of the man step or heated steering wheels or because at times their engines weren't as powerful. People like to go for the "good guys" and chevrolet tries to take on the "bad guy" character in their own commercials. Chevrolet commercials are often offensive to me as someone who actually considers other brands. That's totally stupid and makes me want to not even consider Chevrolet. I don't want to be a part of that team.

sorry jrt didn't see your comment. I guess we're on the same page there.

THis add shows that Gm is catering to peoples emotions to move trucks they dont talk about the trucks capabilities, they say its "stong" then go look at the non cartoon ford comercials where they have the f150 coming out of the ramp of the airplane and breaking the plane, their ecoboost test, their comparison tests its much more logical. Ford is catering to more logical customer where as GM to much more emotional customers

Ford doesn't often "bash other trucks" the way that chevrolet does. Ford sometimes shows you in their commercials WHY their trucks are better like saying they are more powerful, best selling, features like the man step, ecoboost power and efficiency. THat's not bashing and isn't offensive to anybody. Chevrolet too often makes their commercials about the other guy. Doesn't show me what's to like about their trucks and doesn't make me want a chevrolet. I've seen chevrolet commercials that show a ford or dodge on the screen more than the chevy.

Remember after that superbowl commercial this year where only the people driving chevy's survived the apocalypse? And the guy made a comment about a friend that wasn't around anymore cause he drove a Ford. They said searches for Ford and f-150 skyrocketed after that. They think it helped Ford more than it helped Chevy.

I don't know I think they are promoting the thing as more of a work truck type vehicle which is fine, but it dosn't want to make me want to buy one for a personal use vehicle to tow my boat around on the weekend.

It's a good start. They still need to show the trucks capabilities more like Ford does. Even Toyota.

"I really think they should just bring back the "like a rock."

@beebe and the rest, they can't. Legally. Bob Seger was more than willing to let them use the song as long as production remained in the USA. GM in it's infinite stupidity moved high volume production to Mexico anyway. Seger basically told them to go get effed. America's Truck is no longer American and Like A Rock isn't coming back. GM and by default Chevrolet sold out.

Price increase for GM's trucks just as they start production here in the US. You see, they got away with their advertising of little or no price increase, and the media helped them push the story. Problem is they have only been building trucks in Mexico all this time. Now that the US plants are finally producing the 2014's, or will be soon, they raise the prices without the media fanfare. Shame on GM.

I have to say, the best commercials ever, about one trunk or another, was the older Ford commercials in the 70's I think, where there was a 3/4t F-250, climbing a big pile of cinderblocks, carrying a Chevy 3/4t truck, while towing a Dodge 3/4t truck up the pile!!! does anyone remember that ?

So whats new about the truck? As annoying as the Ford ads might be they tell us about the truck. The commercial is alright but it's typical GM trying to strike a deep emotional chord, but we dont know what's new about the truck. Thankfully it's not one of their brand bashing commercials where they rip on other trucks for too many options.

I think it would kind of make those that drive imports feel stupid.

I looked at the 2014 Silverado last week and I was disappointed the interior is still a let down! I'd say a 10-20% improvement over the last one, when it needed a 300-500% improvement. That improvement seems proportionate to the rest of the truck too, including the engines.

Here it is,

I like Chevy's response to it. Classic.

At seriously. ..its a 100% new interior...astronomically better than gmt900's

Chevy did not increase prices for 2014 models. They are the same as 2013 models.

I have to say after looking at the Sierra it it growing on me. I was looking at a Ram which does have a better looking interior and a bit better exterior but I felt the GM offered much more front leg room. In the Ram the passenger floor board has a big hump almost as big as a full size van and the armrests cut into the side of my leg, just not as comfortable as the GMC had a ton more leg room up front.

"Also, a tone of American pride is reflected in the launch date of July 4th." Isn't this truck assembled in Mexico? Doesn't really matter to me but seems kind of funny.

The bottom line is sales. The better truck sell more over the long haul. In any given year, any truck could theoretically take the prize for sales. But when it comes time to replace those trucks the owners will either buy another of that brand or they'll go to something they hope will be better. The result is long-term sales numbers. And we all know who has been number one for more than thirty consecutive years. Say what you want, but that record says it all.

For those wondering, I don't even own a Ford truck although I do have a Ford car. I've owned more GM in my life than any other. Ford second. And a couple of Dodges including my current 2007 Ram 3500 Cummins diesel. That truck has a bit over 100,000 miles on it now and is outstanding. When the time comes to replace it, I'll drive them all, again, just like I did before the last purchase. And I'll buy the one I like best. But the way this Ram has treated me, a new Ram is what the others will have to beat.

@ JimS--I agree with you about the little boy peeing on the brand emblem, why go around insulting people's brand of truck and looking for trouble. Many drivers are hot headed and just as soon shoot you because of an insulting sticker. Best not to antagonize anyone.

@Jason, have a look at the seats, especially the rear seat. Marginal improvement at best! Yes the dash and door trim have changed, but still unimpressive. The change was more horizontal rather than vertical (changed rather than improved).

GOOD Truck! NOT GREAT!! STILL, It's a CHEVY. THEY didn't STEAL American Taxpayer dollars!! Government Motors did ALL for their GovtMoCo Sierra trucks and Chinese Buick! THIS Video pulls more HeartStrings if THAT's what GovtMotors is after. It's ALL Chevrolet, DODGE and Ford!

I have NO PROBLEM with Chevrolet! My problem is with Government Motors and their GovtMoCo truck!!! WASTE of MY Taxpayer Dollars! NO COMPANY NEEDS TWO TRUCKS! Not on MY Dime.

GM makes GMC Trucks so the Buick dealers have trucks and SUV's to sell along side the Buicks. The only reason.

@ Hank, yes sir. Buick of China would not survive in America without Sierra trucks. Mopar Idiot is right here. Still, just like his beloved Dodge Ram's, the Silverado's should be U.S. built. Especially after all the money we gave them. Leave the Sierra's to Mexico. Hell, Leave them to China for all I care, just like Buick. I think Chevrolet and Cadillac should be United States only. GM can be global if they want and survive on everyone else's money for the rest of their ventures. This is interesting:

Nice ad. I prefer it to the Howie Long ads as well.
These trucks WILL sell well, they aren't for everyone but they are very nice, stylish and hopefully as reliable as both my 89 and 2006 Sierras.
Unlike what WXman said, the old C/Ks were probably one of the best trucks ever made...from ANY manufacturer.

Looked at but did not drive the new Silverado last week. Everything about the new truck looked better planned, better put together and better fit than the outgoing pickup. the interior was advanced in style and comfortable and exterior was much more balanced and together than before. Overall - it seems to be more equal now.
As for the ad - don't think it will move enough customers to cross shop to matter much. But if I was a Chevy guy I would be looking to trade in for new about now.

But did they fix the rust? My last Silverado was a pile of rust dust after 4 seasons. I suspect if that WSJ article is on and it probably is, GM has been getting their steel from China for quite some time which is why they are so poor quality. Edmunds is all over this.

Likewise, I'm not happy about the two truck thing. Waste of money.

Nice try. Chevrolet hasn't built a tier 1 truck since 1972 ended. Everyone knows that. They regained a ton of customers with the 1988-1998 trucks only to squander them all away once again shortly thereafter. This truck still isn't tier 1 status compared to the competition. It's the closest they've been in years but still isn't there in terms of looks or interiors. They don't even paint their frames yet. When they pick up where 1972 left off, I may care.

I want to know if the HD's will tuck up their frames like Ford and Dodge and get a SFA again. That's the way they used to be. That's what I'm interested in. 1/2 tons are lame no matter who makes it.

Nice try. Chevrolet hasn't built a tier 1 truck since 1972 ended. Everyone knows that.

@Geneh, amen. Amen.

It's a good ad campaign and is obviously influenced by one of the more successful ads out there, Ram's "Farmer" ad which launched at the Superbowl. I'm still amazed how that commercial had no video. It was just still shot photographic images set to Paul Harvey's voice. I think we are going to start seeing more of this type of marketing and advertising, where they hit home, and less of the competition advertising of the past 10 yrs, where they would boast about their ratings or HP or whatever. I like this trend.

Emotions sell products and studies have indicated that men are emotional vehicle buyers not women. Men are brought up being supposed to know trucks. Loyalty to brand is also something that is imprinted at a young age.

When I see a Ford add with that annoying Denis Leary, I don't think about the capabilities he is harping on about, I tune it out.
Since I've seen this add, I link "strong" to GMC. The logical part of my brain can push it aside but since I like the song (regardless of the GMC tie in), it has stuck.
It is no different than the Ram/Paul Harvey add. It hits an emotional chord that sticks more than a bragfest that my truck is better than your truck.

That is part and parcel of the psychology of advertising. Another part of advertising is the fact that you see the commercials over and over again. We become "familiar" with a product. Our primitive survival mechanisms respond favourably to the familiar. They also respond to the linkage of "strong" and "reliable" and "trustworthy". Again survival mechanisms.
Advertisers, at least good advertisers know how to push those buttons. A loyal fan of a rival brand will see these adds as BS, but a fence sitter will be positively affected. A loyal owner will be more likely to remain loyal.

Here is an extended version of the commercial. Love it.

Good song. Great truck. Makes you wanna go to the dealership and trade your old truck in.....(scratching halt) Wife just walked in.

That's cute!! But if they really give a crap on bringing up the past on how great their trucks used to be! Start building them in the USA where we need the jobs....not Mexico!!!!!!!!

The new truck looks awesome with small lift and mud tires.

I like the commercial but they should have used George Strait like the old days since they went the country route. The Silverado also needs wheelwell moldings like the Sierra. A work truck needs moldings for rock chip protection off road. Dumb as hell for Chevrolet not to have that stuff when everyone else does.

AmericanChevrolet, FordTrucks1, GeneH, IndyGuyfromIL. etc. etc. are all the same troll spewing the same BS. yada...yada...

@Johnny, dumb rednecks in my book. Typical GMC drivers. Hick big rig trucker types stuck in the 70's still listening to 8 tracks and saving for that Trans Am. And the black rims on that lifted Silverado look tacky. Chevrolet should be held to higher standards.

@Lou, I don't link "Strong" to GMC after watching that. That wasn't a GMC commercial. The commercial was for Chevrolet not GM. I do agree about the song though. I kind of like it myself. I like some country songs as long as they're not too twangy and ridiculous sounding. This Chevrolet Silverado looks like a million bucks compared to the old one after looking at all the different ones in the video. They needed more technical detail however. They'll also need to come up with something bigger and better for the Super Bowl like Dodge did last year in that Paul Harvey commercial.

@KeithSchuler - I don't view GMC as Sierra and Silverado as Chevy. GMC is the term I use for General Motors. I'm not hung up on 2 product lines. The only thing I don't like about GM's 2 product lines is the fact that in the USA, Silverado is the big seller and GMC does not take the necessary steps to tap into that market. Many view Sierra as an abomination. GMC needs to offer the same levels of trim in the Silverado as they do in the Sierra. That makes sense if a company is profit centred as opposed to sales centred.

I liked the looks of the Sierra and hated the looks of the Silverado if we were to talk about GMT900's. When it comes to the 2014 models, I love the looks of the Silverado and think the Sierra is okay. The Silverado separates itself from the GMT900 looks but the Sierra looks like an evolution.

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