New Silverado Ad Campaign Creates 'Strong' Message

Silverado Video II

If you thought the new GM spent a lot of money designing, engineering and building the all-new 2014 Chevrolet Silverado, just wait until you see how much money it spends in advertising the new half-ton.

A new advertising campaign rolls out this week with "Strong," an original song by Will Hoge, a Grammy-nominated artist from Nashville, Tenn. "Strong" will be available the 4th of July as a downloadable song and video, and, if all goes well for GM, it will be around for a long while. The 15-, 30, and 1-minute ad spots will debut July 4 throughout Texas and then be rolled out across the country throughout the rest of the year.

"The Silverado anthem was created with pickup truck drivers and their values in mind," Chevy said in a statement. "Most of the people who appear in the video are real Chevrolet owners, not professional actors. The lyrics to Hoge's song speak to the strength of hardworking, honest and dependable men and women. Also, a tone of American pride is reflected in the launch date of July 4."

Chevy trucks have a long history of being mentioned in country, rock and pop songs, but this is the first time the brand has requested a song specifically for a vehicle debut. We've posted the 1-minute version below, along with Will Hoge's long-version video.

To read the full press release, click here.

(60-second spot)


(Full-length video)


- look at all of the trolls , you're incorrect there guy. I've made one comment in this thread. This will be my second and last. I just finished my shift barely an hour ago. I stated I liked the commercial for one and two that the truck needs wheelwell moldings which it does. My 06 Silverado has them, I'd expect this new truck to have them too. There was no trolling and no spewing BS as you called it in my comment. None. I'm really unsure as to what your issue was with what I said. I'll number my two comments and break the entire thing down for your apparent lack of reading comprehension.

1) I Like the commercial (Nothing bad there)

2) The new 2014 truck should have wheelwell moldings for rockchip protection like my 2006 does as do all other truck brands. Optional is fine. My 06 isn't even a top trim. Heck, my 97 even had moldings even though they were chrome. (Nothing bad said there either, I'm just stating a fact)

I've said nothing negative whatsoever and surely will own one of these new Chevy trucks after the first model year is out. I love the looks of this new truck. Chill out there.

I must agree with look at all of the trolls. When FordTrucks1 shows up with all of his cronies here comes American Chevrolet and all of the other little trolls. OOpps, I almost left out that KeithShuler guy. I wonder where BrianHawn is hiding at and TerryHoath?

The 2014 GMC siblings do come with wheel well liners. I'm not sure how that became a hot topic? The three I saw on the car lot all had liners.
Does that make anyone feel better?

@Lou I think they are talking bout them ugly looking pieces of plastic on the outter lip of the GMC's fenders.

Yea, I saw they had the fabric liners which cuts down on noise.

@Keith, in Lou's defense, he has always interchanged those terms. The regulars know that.

@Mr.Lookatthetrolls, you don't know that you're talking about. I've been a regular here for years and this is my name. If I have something to say, I say it. I'll add to that, I'm about one of the few Ford guys here who generally backs Chevrolet. I've mentioned several times I'd like that new SBC 5 under the hood of my 150. I've also been very positive for the most part about this new truck. I think it's a huge improvement and have even mentioned I'd like to drive one. My comment on Bob Seger isn't trolling. It's the truth. That's why the song can't be used now. What I said is the exact story behind it.

I don't watch TV and skip Web adverts, so I'll miss this hooplah.

Have to say, despite my distaste for GMC product, that the new Silverado is a great-looking truck with the modest-but-tough appearance I love in trucks.

Too expensive new, but I'll be waiting for a $15K vehicle down the road in a few years.

The new Chevy ad is not bad. The song is something a lot of truck buyers can relate to and the Silverado is shown throughout the commercial. The ad does what it is suppose to without bashing the competition.

@Sierra89.. I'm going to call B S on that one.

I had a 1988 K1500. Biggest piece of garbage ever made. Front axle actuators kept going out, they finally changed the design. Fuel pumps kept going out. Tail light circuit boards kept frying. Body mounts wore out and gave the truck a hunched down in the center look. Manual transmissions were a joke. Paint flaked off the body. Heater cores would die and leak all over the floorboards. I could go on all day. Those were the biggest piles of crap I've ever seen. Stuff like that is THE reason GM almost went under.

My buddy had a 1993 K1500 that his grandfather bought brand new and gave to him at 36,000 miles. At 95,000 miles the engine blew up in it (350).

Unfortunately, my 2006 Silverado was just as poor and proved to me that GM will always be the junk brand.

Just look at the facts, GM trucks outlast either Ford or Ram trucks and has less repairs so they cost less to own. They have a better warranty then Ford. Become a man you Ford and Ram boys, just try driving the best pickup available today.

Chrysler had the longest warranty because they needed it to get people to buy their sub quality vehicles. Same with GM now. Anybody who thinks GM trucks outlast the competition hasn't owned one newer than 199x. Thinnest metal, cheapest plastic etc..... All you gotta do is ask someone who owns one and is honest.

It has never been easier to make up your mind about a new half ton pickup. If you want a base model six cylinder half ton, get a new Silverado or Sierra.

If you want a new half ton with a V8 get a Ram 1500 with the base 5.7 V8 and the base 6 speed trans.

Simple. For most half ton truckers who don't plan to do a lot of heavy hauling/towing the 4.3 GM truck may be enough to deliver solid value. For those who do, the Hemi is adequate for even the heavy stuff.

I have preached for a long while that V8 is the way to go in half ton trucks but the 4.3 looks like a game changer. It is a purpose built alternative to V8 engines that might change my mind. For now, it still looks like my next truck is a Ram V8.

Regarding the advertising, who watches TV anyway?

@PapaJim - one shouldn't jump on the 4.3 bandwagon until it has some mileage under its belt. I'll say the same for the Ram 3.6 V8 or any recent engine.
There are those that would also differ on your opinion of the 5.7 Ram. I'm more inclined to like the 2014 5.3 Ecotec as it was in the hunt in the 1/2 ton challenge, it should get better mpg than the Ram, and if it continues in the tradition of Chevy SBC's, it will be reliable.

Don't any of you publik skewl runts find this advertising stuff even a little insulting?

Most truck ads are ridiculous, it almost embarrassing to watch them and then go drive my truck. And who drives a crewcab city truck to a muddy work place, at least use work truck for the work place.

lol it's another good boy, good sport, 2nd place, hopeless emotional self loathing mediocre Chevy truck commercial. I'll continue to be the bad boy underdog, driving my ram 1500 any day! Good luck selling a boring pickup with a crapy refreshed exterior & cheesy interior. I'm sooo glad I divorced Gm from my life, the Gm I loved is long gone from modern America but, I still reminisce about the good ol days...

they spend billions trying to get the retards to buy their stuff because it works. public school and tv are designed to create retards and sell them stuff using retarded ads.

Why is it that GM still has the 60's look COLUMN SHIFTER,and the little 26 gallon gas tank!!! Definately a deal breaker for alot ot of would be buyers!

What ever gives you that idea, Rick Irvin? It's not like every pickup driver lives out on a 1,000 square-mile ranch after all. In some eyes, the slightly smaller tank offers a perceived savings on a per-fill-up basis by tens of dollars (after all, six gallons now costs more than $20) and the old mechanical technology tends to still be more reliable than a lot of today's electronic technology.

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