Ram 1500 Earns Consumer Reports Recommendation

Ram 1500 front II

In its annual pickup truck ratings update, Consumer Reports awarded the 2013 Ram 1500 the coveted recommended label when compared to all full-size pickup trucks sold in the U.S. CR identified the new interior, updated powertrains and revised chassis as reasons why the Ram 1500 did so well.

The Ram 1500 earned 78 points out of 100, and that's due in large part to its performance during the publication's testing of a midlevel four-wheel-drive crew cab that was equipped with the 5.7-liter Hemi V-8 and new TorqueFlite eight-speed transmission. The new Ram's 78 points puts it just behind CR's longtime favorite, the Chevy Avalanche, which earned 80 points but will no longer be produced after this model year.

Other pickups CR tested are the 2013 Chevy Silverado 1500/GMC Sierra 1500 (70 points), Toyota Tundra (69 points), the Ford F-150 (68 points), with the Nissan Titan as the only truck in the full-size category that has not achieved recommended status. CR notes it hasn't fully tested the all-new 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500/GMC Sierra 1500 pickups yet.

PickupTrucks.com also found the new Ram 1500 to be a strong player in the half-ton segment in our most recent and most thoroughly tested head-to-head comparison test, the 2013 Light-Duty Challenge.

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For a look at their initial video impressions of the 2013 Ram 1500, see below.




I think the Ram is overrated. Looks over function. I mean yes it has a beautiful interior but nobody talks about the ergonomics of it. It has the least front leg room and the passenger side foot well has a big hump like a full size van. All the other trucks are more comfortable in my opinion.

Poor Ram got beat by a old Chevy Avalanche. Poor Ford they got hammer by a old Chevy Avalanche too funny

Poor Avalanche.... nobody wanted you. Good riddance.

Kudos to Ram.

Isn't it interesting to note how highly CR rated the Avalanche and the Ram considering both have coil spring rear suspension?While both are nice riding vehicles, they lack the payload that leaf springs provide, so really, is the Ram a pickup truck for hauling serious payloads or a utility vehicle? You can tell the CR tester isn't concerned with truck capability when one of his complaints was the step in height of the Ram. Come on, you're not rating a family sedan here, its supposed to be a friggin' truck with ground clearance, payload and towing capability. Okay, for those who may only occasionally tow or may need to carry some bicycles I suppose such criteria as soft compliant ride and low step in height may be important. If that's the case, maybe those folks should consider a Honda Ridgeline-hardly a serious truck but more "genteel" than "nasty 'ol trucks" and more in line with what CR obviously regards as important-oh wait, those are the same folks whom CR pandered to year after year ! Never mind!

You got it wrong. The soft and precise ride is on top of any other feature which any other truck has.
Congratulation to RAM again.

It's just CR's opinion. You pick what's important to you, disregard what's not, then come up with you're own score.

..."they lack the payload that leaf springs provide, so really, is the Ram a pickup truck for hauling serious payloads or a utility vehicle?"


Guess what the '14 Ram 2500 is getting rear coil springs.

Oh, have you checked out some of the heavy-duty military trucks used in Afghanistan? Not only do they have coil springs all around, but they also have IFS and IRS. So much for your 'coil-springs-can't-cut-the-mustard' theory...

Kudos to RAM; that 'hump' must not be much of a problem if CR gave it a Recommend.

@Vulpine - I like the flat floor in the back of my F150 but it isn't going to stop me from considering other trucks. If I end up with 2 big dogs again, it will be a more important consideration.

You know, for all that some say they want a 'real truck', they seem to feel that it has to have 4x4 and sit six feet up off the ground. All a pickup truck needs is a decent-sized load bed and enough springs to keep it from dragging its tail on the ground. Comfort is nice, but that takes away from some of its load capacity.

4x4? When the vast majority of pickup trucks rarely even see a grass track, they really don't need it. The limited slip differential is a good idea--a sight better than one-wheel drive--but that doesn't mean that 4x4 is a necessity even when you live in snow country--it's an advantage that really does nothing more than make a bad driver look good. I've driven a Chevy Camaro through a blizzard that had 4x4s lying on the ditch in both cases. Knowing how to load that bed is all it takes to make a 4x2 (with limited slip) drive as good as a 4x4 in all but the worst cases; and if you're driving when the snow is more than six inches deep on the road, then you're little more than an idiot, just begging to get stranded and killed by the weather.

CR still doesn't get it. Lower step in height on a truck is bad becaue it means less ground clearance. They have been complaining about step in height since the early 2000's because they don't understand trucks.

A heavy tailgate?

Payload and towing is totally competitive? Let's see the actual payload number. Did they tow with it?

Where is the substance?

The only thing of any substance I could find in another article via Google News is that it got 15 mpg which CR said was class leading.

But Googling "2013 F-150 Consumer Reports" shows that the F-150 also got 15 mpg.

I don't think they looked into the U-Connect nav system too well and all of the problems people are having.

Overall not very impressed with the testing by CR here.

I just cannot do a dial knob for an 8 speed transmission! Sorry....

I think the step in height is important. 90% of people don't go offroad, clearly evident considering 75% of people get their trucks with running boards or nerf bars, something that greatly impairs offroad performance.

Johnny: you mean the sorry Avalanche that doesn't even have an IIHS rating, and only has a five foot bed, and could only be had with a 5.3 with 6 speed? Put them in the same test and on the same day, lol! That old 5.3 is a joke!

Last time they did a squat test, the Chivy had a whopping 1/4" less squat then a Ram. Or was it an eigth inch? BFD!


How did the 2013 Silverado/Sierra rank higher than the F150?

CR is all messed up.

The Ram step in height with the air suspension is 21 inches. Without the air suspension it is 22.6" on a 4x4 Crewcab Big Horn.

The Silverado step in height in a 4x4 Crewcab is 22.8".

Get a clue, CR.

@BAT, like most people you feel half ton trucks should be used for heavy towing and payload, reality check, half tons are not to be used for heavy towing and payload...thats what the HD trucks are for, one day half ton truck makers will be realistic in their towing and payload numbers

They should change their name to "Consumers Retarded."

Vupline's comments are idiotic. Driving a Camaro through a blizzard is silly no matter how good the driver. Without 4x4 I would have to take weeks off of work in the winter, going through 6" of snow is a regular part of my commute in the winter.

TRX 4 Tom- sorry you didn't do your homework-while the Avalanche only has a 5.3 bed with the midgate up, it has an 8x 4ft bed with the midgate down, so it can carry full sized sheets of plywood or gyproc with the tailgate up-something no other crew cab 1500 can do. As for the engine-you also forgot you could get a 2500 version with the 6.2L v8 for more serious towing. The 5.3 L may be not as powerful as the 5.7L hemi it still has decent power and the best fuel economy of any V8. The Avalanche won because of its all round utility, but it lacks the payload of a leaf spring equipped truck.

rsholland-considering the various payload ratings of Ford, GM and Ram half tons-I'd say there's more to my "theory " than you know or understand. As far as trucks in Afghanistan are concerned- they have such setups to handle the rough terrain so that our soldiers aren't beaten to death by a rough ride before
they complete their mission-payload is secondary. Ever ridden in an old Deuce and a half? I have. Even jumped a 3ft high concrete parking lot divider in one-one tough mother of a rig, that could haul a #@%@ load of stuff, but it rode like a buckboard-guess what? No coil spring rear suspension!

Well, there should still be a reasonable payload available in any 1500 series truck.
For instance in some higher end trims such as 4x4 Longhorn CrewCab with the 6.4' bed and Rambox you are looking at less than 900lbs of payload before you add any passengers and cargo. True, the ride is great, engine is powerful and features are cool, but you can't do a whole lot with that kind of setup unless you are by yourself (and even then, it isn't anything to brag about) so what's the point of such full-size "truck"?

I do think Fiat/Chrysler have been working hard to improve the quality and image of Chrysler products.

Chrysler have had a relatively bad run since the 70s. Hopefully they get in front. I still think Fiat/Chrysler have a number of years to go before they have the same reputation as Toyota, Hyundai, Ford, etc.

In that time they have to build vehicles with little or no issues. That is a big ask, but I hope they succeed.

I noticed the Ram advertising banner going across the page on this site. It just makes you wonder how objective a site like this can be when they are accepting advertising money from one of the truck manufacturers?

Just wondering....

People's feelings are going to be hurt by this.

I would like to see pickuptrucks.com do a long-term comparison similar to edmunds long-term tests. Anybody can go test drive all the trucks and decide which one they like, which one is more powerful, smoother, etc. But what I have a hard time determining with a new truck is how reliable it is going to be. They ought to do some real torture tests with REAL carnage. When I bought my ram I thought "this is easily as nice as the ford." But I didn't realize the stitching in the seat would come apart, the radiator would have to be replaced, the ignition switch would break, the hemi tick would be so annoying, etc all within a couple years. I want to see some long-term and torture tests from pickuptrucks.com.

Yeah, I can't get excited about coil rear-springs.

The 5.7 Hemi and the 8-speed, yes, that would hold my attention, briefly. But an all-aluminum, 32-valve, DOHC, 5.7-liter V8 gets the nod and my money.

Now if Toyota would only put the old 8-speed from the Lexus in the Tundra, I'd be all set.

In Australia the Nissan Patrol pickup comes with both a coiled and leaf sprung ass end.

The coils work very well apparently. Maybe it might be the engineering by Ram.

The US is world reknown for having very soft suspension settings. This might have something to do with it. Handling and load (which is handling to a degree) will sacrifice some comfort.

But, like everything in life it's a compromise and Ram went the way of lower load capability to target the 'SUV' pickup buyer.

@ Rich,

I am over 6 feet tall and RAM trucks are very comfortable...

Furthermore,for years Dodge RAM trucks were underrated ,so its about time they get the attention they deserve !

Best average mpg,best performance,best ride,best looks,best work capability !

I am very excited with RAM rear coil spring setup. Very comfy ride, no any shakes, twists and with Firestone airride no payload and my travel trailer towing compromises. Leaf spring rear axle is cheep not precise at all and reminds me last century antic cars in museum.
Thank you RAM for constantly improving truck market.
CR is absolutely right and the Best Truck won this round.
My next truck will be probably 2500 PowerWagon with coil springs , air ride, HEMI or Ecodiesel and 8 speed trany , but I will still enjoy my 1500 Laramie for few more years for now.

Mopar #1, I'm a bit of a friek at 6'8" Tall, yea I can drive the Ram and I really wanted to get the new 2013 eight Speed Hemi but after trying one out several times its just too tight for me. I can not extend my legs at all and the drivers armrest cuts into the side of my left leg. I think I'm going to go GMC Sierra now, I have a bunch more leg room and if I spend 40G's I want to be half way comfortable. I do like the look of the Ram the best but the GMC is now growing on me.


Tell this to my buddy who just bought a 2013 Ram 1500 5.7 6 spd back in February of 13......so far 2 front window regulators (lf creaky, rf stopped working and stuck down) a new Nav/radio unit, a cam phaser to fix check engine for the VCT, trans cooler line for a leak for his 6 speed trans, a rf hub assembly, a sunroof track assembly, and an instrument cluster because it would not start and had to be twoed to Chrysler (2 tows until they found the issue) all with 7500 miles so far. He is PISSED!!!! He is jealous of the flawless track record of my 54k mile 2011 ECOBOOST. Im not making fun or hating, just stating fact. It is ashamed because that 13 Ram 1500 is sexy as hell. To bad it has been in shop way too much, esp for 7500 miles.

NOT TO MENTION a driveline vibration that they cannot figure out, and the push button start sometimes reads key not detected, both issues cannot be figured out by Chrysler. Hey I own a wonderful 12 300 3.6 8spd ZF equipped car, and I love it. I am not picking on Mopar, but just saying man If I had half the trouble with my 11 F150 Ecoboost after 54k miles or my 12 300 3.6 after 20k, I would be getting the hell out of them.

The same friend owned a 2011 Ram 1500 Hemi, and his ownership of that truck was less than desirable. % speed trans replaced at 13k miles, the rear went shortly after, numerous electrical maladies, rust in the rear quarter roof area of the cab, paint defects out to waazoo, and his Hemi had an oil leak they could not fix after valve covers, front cover gaskets, head gasket on left side, etc etc, all before 30k miles. It ended up being a buy back from Chrysler, that's how he got this "wonderful" 13. You think CR took his vote into consideration before they voted the Ram number one? I doubt it. Hey Fords have issues to but HOLY COW, his two Dodges SUCKED thus far. His 07 F-150 was great after 65k miles. He only got the Dodge because it is in fact sexy as hell, but how sexy is high maintenance?? Would you want to date Heidi Klum if she leaked all over the place and broke down on you all the time? hE DOES NOT EVEN USE HIS TRUCKS AS TRUCKS. tHEY ARE HIS FAMILY HAULERS!!!

If his 13 Ram Hemi makes it another year, he will told me he is trading it for a 15 F-150.....by the way he is here next to me telling me this stuff. He is not a computer literate person so he will not comment. I figured I would speak for him. He is sitting here SEETHING!!!!!! I feel really bad for him. Buy FORD I always told him. He said, "But the Ram is so cool looking" LOL. It is quite pretty when it is on the hook being towed to Chrysler for yet another issue they cannot find the problem for. Just saying. My Fords Never put me in this situation. Nor has any of the NUMEROUS Fords my7 family employs on our farm.

CR has always been wrong on trucks - they are political small car lovers that take a dip where they have no business. This is not a cut from me on Ram. This is a cut from me on a business that is about their buddies and friends. Most truck people could not care less what CR rotates in this year. But there is a group of buyers that might or might not look to CR before buying because they don't know better.

CR has been wrong on Trucks and Cars. They need to stick to testing toasters.

@matthewJohn, 2011 ecoboost f-150 problems,


@matthewjohn, Ecoboost problems. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=So1dq2pUYKo

@matthewjohn, Ford ecobbost problems,


About Time sombody recognize dodge work the big problem is some wannabe expert hou like to crucified some compagnie ,just look ford ex over rating for quality and performance ...

Blah Blah Blah at the Ecoboost loss of power issue!!!! I cannot tell you how many Hemi engines have failed in Chargers, 300's, Rams (esp HD Rams) etc. 100 people out of 500,000 is not a bad record. I probably have seen that many Hemi's replaced at my dealership. You love to harp on that upcoming Ford Ecoboost recall, but it is a minor thing Ford will fix. I know plenty of higher mileage Ecoboost engines that have been superb, have yet to hear anyone complain in my network of friends and associates. Our dealer also has a Ford dealer, and I can tell you with complete confidence that they have not seen many Ecoboost troubles, and they are quite a large dealer.

Poor ford people thing you have a good pickup ..not me...




Ford's turbocharged EcoBoost engine, hit by two lawsuits earlier this month alleging power losses and stalling, is now under investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for the same problems.

The federal agency says it has received 95 complaints from owners of 2011-2013 F-150 pickups equipped with the 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6. The owners say the engine cut power during hard acceleration while they were trying to pass or merge at highway speeds.

Chryslers suck. We owned a Voyager/Caravan in the 80's and it always broke down.

@NorthernMN: Maybe my comments are silly--to you, but when a Camaro is all you have, you drive it when you have to. The simple fact that I was staying on the road when all those 4x4s were sliding into the ditch clearly points out that I was the better driver, even in one of the worst vehicles possible for the conditions.

Now I own a Jeep Wrangler that I use for driving in bad weather and to be bluntly honest, my pickup truck does NOT leave its parking place in rain or snow. (That's also one reason why it's not rusted out, even though I live near the eastern end of the rust belt.)

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