Ram 1500 Earns Consumer Reports Recommendation

Ram 1500 front II

In its annual pickup truck ratings update, Consumer Reports awarded the 2013 Ram 1500 the coveted recommended label when compared to all full-size pickup trucks sold in the U.S. CR identified the new interior, updated powertrains and revised chassis as reasons why the Ram 1500 did so well.

The Ram 1500 earned 78 points out of 100, and that's due in large part to its performance during the publication's testing of a midlevel four-wheel-drive crew cab that was equipped with the 5.7-liter Hemi V-8 and new TorqueFlite eight-speed transmission. The new Ram's 78 points puts it just behind CR's longtime favorite, the Chevy Avalanche, which earned 80 points but will no longer be produced after this model year.

Other pickups CR tested are the 2013 Chevy Silverado 1500/GMC Sierra 1500 (70 points), Toyota Tundra (69 points), the Ford F-150 (68 points), with the Nissan Titan as the only truck in the full-size category that has not achieved recommended status. CR notes it hasn't fully tested the all-new 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500/GMC Sierra 1500 pickups yet.

PickupTrucks.com also found the new Ram 1500 to be a strong player in the half-ton segment in our most recent and most thoroughly tested head-to-head comparison test, the 2013 Light-Duty Challenge.

For the full press release, click here.

For a look at their initial video impressions of the 2013 Ram 1500, see below.




@Someone and all those who think a half-ton should have a "reasonable payload":

Hey guys, a "reasonable payload for a half-ton truck is--a half ton; 1,000 pounds. That's why they call it a half-ton truck. The tag of "1500" or "150" meant that it was designed to carry a total of 1500 pounds *including driver and passengers*. A half-ton truck has always been considered a "Light Truck", not a heavy hauler. The fact that the RAM and others are only rated around 1800 pounds plus or minus now means they've given some leeway for heavier passengers more than any unusual load in the bed. The vast majority of half-ton pickup trucks on the road for the last century rarely carried extra heavy loads. Maybe some of you drivers should read "T-Model Tommy", a story about a young man who wanted to be a "real truck driver".

@Matthew John you reek of another troll in the forum. You made what, 4 straight posts complaining about Ram and some absurd situation your friend is in? Really? If your friend's truck has had that many problems he should have already lemon lawed it and be done with it. I can't imagine anyone with that many problems being stupid enough to keep something and "hoping" it makes it another year. You obviously made up that entire ridiculous story.

Please enlighten us with "how many Hemi engines have failed in Chargers, 300's, Rams (esp HD Rams) etc".

I would be very interested to know this. The ecoboost problems have been well publicized. Any similar hemi problems have certainly not been. Where is your data to justify your comment?

Many Ford dealers were still commenting in here after hours. Go home Matthew to your kids and wife already.
I have never heard or experienced any HEMI or Chrysler 545RFE trany failure.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O34NPZUaSJw hemi jackass

@BAT: maybe I haul car stuff, and I don't want heavy dirty stuff in the back of my cab? Would you want a shortblock v-8 rolling into you? Or maybe slamming into you during a wrevk or quivk stop?

Maybe you didn't do your homework? Are we all supposed to haul plywood? I guess I am behind then, because I owned a Ram for 3.5 years and never hauled plywood. Besides, if I needed to I could have. So it might have gotten wet? Well damn, the home inprovement/lumber place is is less then 10 min away, so if I needed to I can get it one day or the other if it's rainy. Aint like I live in somewhere wet like Seattle. So screw the mid-gate you can barely move a fridge with the stupid Avalanche.

As far as high step in get an air system Ram and it lowers it, or raise it for offroad.

My Hemi hauls more then plywood. It hauls @$$!

What a JOKE! On the same day Consumer Reports picks the Ram another 46,000 of these JUNK pickups get recalled. The Ram spends more time in the dealership then on the road.

@cory, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QcsNIDcqII

Ford cruise-control switch suspected in another fatal fire.


I agree about the legroom in the Ram, the flow through console is ridiculously wide, hard plastic with a sharp edge so you can't stretch out to the side to make up for it. I much prefer a bench seat in any truck but the Ram is especially bad.

The IRS is great and 90% of the people who say otherwise will change their mind when Ford puts one in too.

@Greg, What year and model G.M. do you drive?

@vulpine, You won't get too far in your camero in the snow in California without snow tires and chains. California highway patrol and caltrans have roadblocks to prevent it. Sometimes only allowing 4x4 with chains to go up the mountain.

@zviera - I do hope that they will put the Ecodiesel in the Power Wagon but I distinctly remember you saying diesels were a bad idea for frequent stop/starts in Alberta's cold north.

People have to remember that this CR pick was a road test score not a durability score.
I'm not sure how they can go out and test an Avalanche in isolation and come up with a rating and then on a totally separate occasion test another truck like the Ram and then compare scores. Temperature, atmospheric conditions, ground temperature etc. all will affect results.

Yes, you are absolutely right about what I said.
I will buy ecodiesel only when I stop driving short distances very often and start driving longer distances less often. ( Retirement Mode )

@zviera -thanks. I appreciate the clarification.

@HemiV8 - depends on rules. I looked at California law and they have 3 road criteria for chains, mud and snow tires and 4x4.
I suspect that even at the worst of times it doesn't get really cold in the mountains of California. They have a requirement for Mud and snow tires but not for winter tires.

In BC it is not against the law to run all seasons or mud and snow tires in the winter with the exception of certain highways. Those highways require chains or winter tires. Winter tires are different than mud and snows. Once one gets below 7 C or 45 F, all seasons or mud and snows get stiffer and actually provide less traction.

I do agree with Vulpine that often 4x4 drivers (SUV, car, pickup) often count on 4x4 and end up in the ditch. Most single vehicle roll over MVC's are statistically proven to involve SUV's the most. I use 4x4 only when things get bad. I do agree that if road conditions are bad enough, one needs to stay home.
My dad was a commercial trucker and we went to our share of funerals involving fatal MVC's of his friends who were skilled and experienced drivers who died in bad weather.

Yep, we have that here with 4x4 drivers. Many who have never owned one think they are invincible.

I think Fiat/Ram has about 20-30 years to go before they have the same reputation as Toyota or Ford.

The EU is becoming the next USSR which is good.

Russia cannot be described in words, for words are too weak. It is such a beautiful country, just, amazing.

Anyone from Russia who reads this, you belong to a great heritage and nation. Long live Russia!

For any American who disagrees, think how you should fix your country before you can judge others.

I love when Americans say "We love freedom and liberty for all!" And just this week let a man get away with mudering a teenager.

Justice for Trayvon!

Fugitive US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden has applied for temporary asylum in Russia, officials say.

@Big Al from Ozyorsk
Yep, Mr Putin has not yet responded to the asylum request, and that the decision on whether it would be granted was not his to make.

Sorry to hear that, Consumer Reports is the most unreliable poorly ran rag on the market. Not what Ram needed, it is as bad as being endorsed by Rush Limbag as he pops his pills.

As the owner of one of these trucks (V6 quad), I think maybe some thoughts from an owner might be somewhat helpful (or not).

* The rotary dial: Surprisingly, it has only taken me a short time to get use to it. I still forget to turn it to park on occasions when turning off the truck, this makes the truck automatically take a few extra seconds and put it in park for me. In three point maneuvers, it still feels strange. But overall I think folks will get use to it. It's just different. Kind of reminds me of how BMW motorrad is now switching to a single turn signal button on their bikes. For years we've had a left and right turn signal and that took getting use to, now it's a single unit like other bike manufacturers.

* Towing: I think people here forget that while a lot of people buy trucks for towing, there are other reasons people buy trucks. I needed a vehicle to haul wood, dirt, and dirt bikes around in. 95% of the time I'm not trailering or putting anything heavy in the truck. I see a majority of trucks I pass on my way to and from work being used more as light duty 'to and from office work' more than hauling horses, heavy equipment, or hay. Here in Texas trucks are simply a substitute for cars because they are much more versatile. It's not always about hauling.

* Electric steering: This is probably my favorite feature. Having tested a slew of other trucks prior to purchasing the RAM, I can say without a doubt this should be standard in every truck. The steering is so much easier than the older hydraulic systems used by other companies.

Everybody has their own needs, but for those who aren't hellbent on hauling the maximum loads will find most of the features on the 2013 RAM perform quite nicely. The biggest bonus for me is that the 2013 v6 exceeds the fuel economy I was getting on a midsize I5 truck I use to own (by quite a bit), and I'm getting better than what RAM claims on their EPA ratings. That feature is important since fuel prices don't seem like they will ever fall below $3 USD a gallon again.

You dumb rednecks. You come on here and defend your brand by piling on the others. Chevy boys seem to be the most guilty (I say "boys" because I'm assuming most of you are an average age of 15). Your dumb redneckness is such a highlight of my day. Keep up the good work.

@Dave: maybe you don't understand maintanance? Maybe you are hard on vehicles? My dad and step ma had dodge minvans since they first came out in the mid 80s. They had no issues except the last one which was a 2002 or so, trans went at about 75,000 miles. That was the only problem in over 20 years. And where they live is no cakewalk on vehicles, rough and very hilly road. Tru that trans shoulda lasted longer, but they definetly weren't in the shop alot. Maybe because my dad owned a body shop he knew cars? He drove all types, prefferably those made in the states.

Ol Mathew John probably got fired from Chrysler is my guess? When he types pull your feet up cause the $#!@s getting deep!

@ Stalinist Al from Oz :) What reputation. You mean Ford Fire recalls, roll overs, spitting spark plugs? Or Toyota for run away cars and trucks, cover ups, rotting frames, cracked half shafts.
I am glad Ram does not have their reputation or i would not have bought one. :))

Dave and Greg.. once again showing up with the most stupid, childish, and ignorant posts in the entire thread.

You had a Chrysler van in the 1980s and that relates to a Ram pickup truck THREE DECADES later how exactly?? Moron.

And 46,000 Rams recalled means they're junk? The recall was for software flash to correct a bug with the stability control...something that's not even used 99% of the time. Moron.

Ram makes the best truck on the road. Those who say otherwise are A) ignorant or B) Haven't owned one.

HEMI V8 = Buy American or say buy to America

You started off good now your just trolling.

Funny how millions of people don't know the truth and history of that kid Trayvon. It was a fair trial. Blame the jurors, not the system. Idiots.

It relates to one person saying that Fords suck because he owned one (Mustang in the 1980's). I can say the same of Chryslers in the 80's. I'm following your own logic. Try to read all of the posts, not just those you want to read.


Posted by: HEMI V8 | Jul 16, 2013 6:38:53 PM

Chryslers suck. We owned a Voyager/Caravan in the 80's and it always broke down.

Posted by: Dave | Jul 16, 2013 6:56:10 PM

See the post above mine. Notice you never say anything about that. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

@ TRX4, nope still happily managing the service department of my dealership, making great money. Job security is a blessing. Come to think of it, I have never been fired from a job in my 32 year life. @Phillyguy....nope all my statements are in fact true. And my friend is currently going thru his second arbitration with Chrysler. They are just dragging their feet putting him thru the ringer, I guess hoping he will back down, but he is not backing down. He loves his Dodges but they have not been serving him well. Hey as stated I own a Chrysler 300 as well as my Ecoboost, so I love Chrysler, well at least this one. I got it new as a leftover and full 8yr 120k warranty for an awesome price, and I am over the moon happy with it. If any of my vehicles gave me trouble I would be on here complaining, but the fact is, both my 300 and Ecoboosted Ford have been great. And hey, I do not call it trolling, I call it loyal reading and stating my lifes experiences, as we all are doing. As for Hemi issues, I can pull up at least 15 different repair orders showing Hemi engine replacements or major fixes at my dealership, but I cannot post them because that would be illegal.

@Dave, I will take a broke down Dodge any day of the week and twice on sunday over a FLAMMING FORD!

Largest U.S. vehicle recalls
Rank # of vehicles Model year Model Problem
1 21 million 1970-1980 Ford cars & trucks Transmissions that fail to engage Park
2 15 million 1992-2003 Ford cars & trucks Cruise control deactivation switch fires.

@hemi: If you're going to spam recalls, at least make sure the date of the article is NOT IN THE LINK! Come ON now! A 2005 recall? That news is so old that half those models aren't even on the road any more! (Ok, I'm exaggerating. They all went to Mexico according to Denver Mike.)


Chrysler suffered extensive quality problems throughout the 1980s and 90s, the most notorious being the switchover to low-quality "uniprime" 2-coat paint in 1985, which peeled off in sheets. Defective transmissions and poorly applied trim pieces were also a problem.

With the Daimler takeover, the quality of Chrysler vehicles improved dramatically, but unfortunately the reputation has not. To this day, many people still see Chrysler vehicles as those POS throwaway cars that fall apart in 5 years.

Now with Chrysler/Ram under Fiat controll, it is questionable as many first year quality problems and recalls arise on new models.

@Big Al Leftnic from Ozyorsk-
What do you know about Trayvon or Freedom or Liberty or Trial by Jury? In our country we have the right to defend ourselves even if it means killing to do it, at least in most states.
What do you know about Rednecks? Redneck is a term for a man that works hard all day to make a living and has a red ring around his neck to show for it. It beats sitting on your sofa on your fat ass waiting for the government check, like I suspect you do.
Oh, and CR still sucks.

@Hemi V8,

2013: Recall Alert: More Than 214,000 Chrysler, Dodge, Ram and Jeep Vehicles Heading Back for Repairs

Earlier today Chrysler Group LLC announced a recall of approximately 9,300 2013 Ram 1500 pickup trucks, most of which are still in dealer hands, to inspect parking brakes and reset them according to the appropriate specifications. Also on the list of recalls is the Ram 3500 for an engine cover that could overheat and lead to a fire under the hood.

2013: Fire Risk Leads to Recall of More Than 6,100 Dodge Ram Trucks

Chrysler is recalling 6,143 model year 2013 Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 trucks. The engine cover may trap an excessive amount of heat under the cover.

The excessive heat under the engine cover may result in an under hood fire.

The Dodge Ram trucks included in this recall were manufactured from January 7, 2013 through March 6, 2013.

2013: Chrysler agrees to recall of Jeeps at risk of fire

The recall covers 2.7 million Jeep Grand Cherokees from model years 1993 through 2004 and Jeep Libertys from 2002 through 2007.

2012: We Hear: Chrysler Pentastar V-6 Could Experience Malfunctioning Cylinder Heads

Chrysler’s new 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 engine need to have their cylinder heads replaced with a new design due to a malfunction.

@Frank: On your "Blame the jurors" argument, it really was the system that failed; regretfully, the jurors were not allowed to hear all the evidence because the Judge blocked a fair portion of it and based on existing law in that state, apparently Zimmerman did NOT break any law--though he went against 911 advice to NOT confront Martin. It was a breakdown in the laws themselves that let him get away with murder.

@Keith: On your mention of Chrysler recalls, the vast majority of those are for very minor things which take no more than a software update to fix--hardly an issue like the Eco-Boost losing power under specific weather conditions.

U.S. safety agency may expand GM car recall

July 9, 2013 |

U.S. safety regulators may add nearly 5,000 cars to a recall of the Chevrolet Malibu Eco, Buick LaCrosse and Buick Regal sedans.

In May, General Motors announced that it would recall more than 38,000 of the 2012 and 2013 cars because a defective generator control module could stall the engine or cause a fire. The cars have GM's eAssist gas-electric hybrid system.

Unsold vehicles were not part of the recall, and GM said it would test them to make sure they were OK. But the government says there was a fire in a car that had been tested.

The agency says the fire raises questions about whether the recall should be expanded to nearly 43,000 cars.

GM says the recall is continuing and it's cooperating in the investigation.

OK. Ford people started trolling, I am in.
Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro LLP, has filed a proposed class action lawsuit whose presupposition is that MyFord Touch is defective.


@Keith: I'm going to follow this up:

FIVE times you mention one, single recall, as if it makes that recall of a mere 6100 trucks multiply in numbers. It doesn't

You mention the Jeep Cherokee recall--which affected maybe 60 individual vehicles out of over 2 million produced -- to be fixed by installing a trailer hitch.

The 2012 Pentastar recall was a factory-only recall which replaced the heads and again affected very few vehicles or customers--that was a one-time only event. Worse, like the engine cover argument above, you think repeating it more than once makes it affect more vehicles. It doesn't.

Compare that to Ford's record over the last 10 years where engine fires were practically COMMON from more than just one cause. Compare that to Toyota's record over the last several years where a single stuck-throttle recall affected nearly every model they make--a life-threatening malfunction for any driver at any time!

By comparison, the recalls you are crying so loudly about are nothing! Yes, trapped heat MIGHT cause a fire; well I'll tell you, leaking fuel WILL cause a fire! Open sparks on top of the carburetor WILL cause a fire! It's a matter of scale and quite honestly your scale is severely off balance.

Wow, this is all truly pathetic. The Ram 1500 gets praise from CR and the rival fans say it is a bogus test.
Ford wins a PUTC shootout and all of the Ram, GMC, and Tundra fans say the results are bogus.

It is what it is.

Buy the truck you feel is the best and STFU.

Input is valuable but not bitch, moan, whine.

So if a Black guy attacks me, I can't defend myself because that's racist? It's so stupid that so many people are fooled by the mainstream media, rather than looking at the facts and the evidence. It's funny the people with all the rage just carry the rage from one story to the next. What's the next big thing to get angry about Liberals?


None of those recalls call for software updates. Reading Is Fundamental. Recalls link to fires, and for cylinder heads is not minor in my book.

You're lying about the Zimmerman case or you don't know.

Google the tape. Did you even listen to it? It wasn't 911. Zimmerman called a non-emergency 311 number. The question on the tape was: Are you following him? Zimmerman said yes. The dispatcher said you don't have to do that. Zimmerman said ok. The end.

It was not 911. It wasn't the police. They didn't tell him don't. They said he didn't have to. They didn't tell him when he was in the car. They said it when he was already following after the dispatcher egged him to get out to find out what was going on.

He was told: Are you following him? You don't need to do that. Zimmerman said: ok.

That's not the issue because up until the issue of the fight that Martin started, Zimmerman did nothing wrong. You are either lying about the case or misinformed.

Vulpine, Five of the same? You can't count either.

Those are 3 different issues. The 2nd listing added the 2500's to the fire recall. The Pentastar wasn't a recall but was an issue with the new engines on the Jeeps. The Jeep fire issue is self-explanitory.

Spin it any way you want, but for all the fire spam the bro's post, Ram was the only one to have a fire recall for their trucks this year and have had the most recalls overall.

The point is, Keith, that he chose to CONFRONT his victim rather than letting the police do their job. Whether it was 311 or 911, he went AGAINST their suggestion and ended up killing somebody that didn't need to die. And a shot to the heart is hardly a panicked "my life depended on me shooting" hit; when you're panicked, you're lucky to even hit your target at all and even at point blank range you still have to bring the weapon up to the other's chest--when a gut shot is so much faster and easier.
No, Zimmerman at a minimum should have ended up guilty of something like "involuntary manslaughter"--but it was all voluntary. "Stand Your Ground" is intended for an individual to protect themselves from an active attack where your life is threatened. Based on everything that came out in that trial, his life was never threatened, mostly because his victim was completely unarmed. Don't you think that if Martin had a weapon he would have used it when he knocked Zimmerman down? No, Zimmerman wanted to shoot because he was afraid of repercussions if he didn't. He was afraid Martin might "bring down his gang"--a gang that didn't exist.


"considering the various payload ratings of Ford, GM and Ram half tons-I'd say there's more to my "theory " than you know or understand."


If RAM feels that coils are good enough for their '14 2500 models, that's enough proof for me that coils can handle a high payload.


"As far as trucks in Afghanistan are concerned- they have such setups to handle the rough terrain so that our soldiers aren't beaten to death by a rough ride before
they complete their mission-payload is secondary."


Actually the military went with IFS/IRS/coil spring setups because the solid-axle trucks were breaking their axles. Comfort was a secondary consideration.

Some of those trucks in Afghanistan with coil springs would be considered Class 8 trucks if they were civilian trucks, which is as heavy duty as you can get and still be road-legal here in the States. So we're talking about vehicles with GVWs well over 32K, probably closer to 60K or more. Point is coil springs can take plenty of abuse if engineered properly. If coils can handle military duty, coils can certainly handle civilian duty.


"Ever ridden in an old Deuce and a half? I have. Even jumped a 3ft high concrete parking lot divider in one-one tough mother of a rig, that could haul a #@%@ load of stuff, but it rode like a buckboard-guess what? No coil spring rear suspension!"


I never said old trucks weren't tough, but there are newer and better ways of doing things. It's called technology.

Vulpine asked for issues with dates. I posted on 3 issues. Vulpine lied about them being all the same issue and just software related.

1) 2013 Rams: The engine cover may trap an excessive amount of heat under the cover, which could result in an under hood fire.

Chrysler will notify owners, and dealers will replace the existing engine cover with one that is a different design, free of charge.

Engine cover = software?

2) Chrysler repairing Pentastar V6 engines with revised cylinder head after reports of malfunction.

Revised clyinder is software?

3) Jeep fires. Software? Come on. Try gas tank.

Not one of the issues was software related.

Giving his misinformation on the Zimmerman case I can see why Vulpine or DWFields or whoever he wants to call himself today gets confused about trucks. He just doesn't know or follow what is going on.

I also heard Ram had another recall yesterday. I am still waiting on the one for the wiring harness/nav units that are causing fires and causing the trucks to die.

CR says their nav is the best in the business? I think not. The Uconnect devices are the only navs that I know of that send the trucks back to the dealer on a tow truck. I bet CR did not research into that or how many are on back order.

Just touch the screen = best in the business? What a test.

Ford Recalls 2011 F-Series After Two fires.
Continuing its proud history of vehicle fires, Ford is recalling the 2011 F-Series and the Ford Edge/Lincoln MKX crossover after two 2011 Ford F-150s caught fire at the Dearborn Assembly Plant. Built Ford flammable?

The detail Keith left off is the dispatcher asking which way was Martin running and to tell him what he was doing next. It was brought up in the case that it was reasonable for Zimmerman to follow Martin after these requests from dispatch. The police dispatcher said, "Are you following him?" Zimmerman says yes, and dispatch replies, "OK, we don't need you to do that." Zimmerman said OK and then stopped. He did nothing wrong.

When you are neighborhood watch - you are supposed to follow suspicous people walking around in the rain in circles who look like they are going to rob the neighborhood. In any event, when police said you don't have to follow, George said ok and stopped.

In the 4 minutes from when Zimmerman stopped, Trayvon could have went home. But Trayvon stayed to make an attack on George. Trayvon threw the first punch. In this country when you're being pummeled in the face and your head is being slammed into the concrete and being told "you're going to die tonight" you have the right to defend yourself with deadly force.

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