Ram Pits the 2013 Black Express Against the Ford Tremor

2013 Ram 1500 Black Express 1 II
In an attempt to fire back at Ford's Tremor sport truck, Ram Truck has announced it will offer the Ram 1500 Black Express, starting at $28,050 (including destination). Offered in three different cab configurations, the Ram Black Express has body-colored, blacked-out front and rear bumpers, 20-inch rims, and will come standard with the 5.7L Hemi V-8 (395 hp / 410 lb.-ft. of torque). Additionally, there will not be badging on the body sides.

The package has a unique look and is specifically designed to offer the price-sensitive truck buyer a sporty alternative. Other details include halogen projector headlamps with blacked-out bezels, LED lighting in the front and rear turn signal lights, and a unique blackened grille.

According to the material at www.ramtrucks.com, the maximum tow rating for the Black Express will be 10,350 pounds (when properly equipped) and have a maximum payload rating of 1,660 pounds. 

Look for the Ram 1500 Black Express to start rolling into dealerships by the end of this month.

2013 Ram Black Express front II

2013 Ram 1500 Black Express 5 II


I hope they offer this as a Reg. cab. Sounds like they will.

So cool. Or hot if you leave parked in the sun too long.

Love it! Want it.

This package was available and hitting dealer lots before Ford even released the Tremor...

"Black Express." Sounds like a racial slur, but yea, keep trying RAM.


So, everything that has the word black in it is automatically racial?


Can I get the "Black Express" in white color?

Not a dodge fan.. but thats a nice truck... 'As GM sits Idly By'
Getting Really sick and tired of the lack of initiative that GM is taking... they Could have had the 4.5 Duramax.. They could have had the camaro out 2yrs before it was... they could have had the GMC All Terrain HD... they could be putting duramax's in Tahoes and Suburbans.. or atleast 3/4 Ton suburbans... They could be doing a lot of EASY stuff that they arent.. and most of all they could actually be marketing thier stuff.. instead of emotionaly based wanna be marketing. that works for 1% of truck buyers.... C'Mon GM.. your loosing me...

@ Frank... if it was white express... now then good ole Barry would have giben Ram a call.... and we cant have that can we...

Save your money, buy a black one with the V6 & 5spd. , drop it 4" in the front, 5" in the rear, put on a set of 22" wheels . I'm a huge Dodge fan but got the money, do the mods yourself & don't forget a straight razor & some vinegar to get the glue off when you de-badge it.

@ ummm...

Nah, I think Ram will call good ole Barry for another Bailout.

One area it may fall short is the black on black color. Some people down South don't like black on black trucks due to the heat and others becaue black cannot stay clean.

Is their anything Chrysler can do to get 400hp/410lb ft? The 395hp/410lb ft Hemi is nice and it is only a 5hp gain but it just seems like a more round number. I don't know why it bothers me because their isn't to much you can do with 400hp that you can't do with 395hp but it just seems like if you came out with 395hp why not just find away to squeeze the last 5hp to get to 400.

I'm not buying a black truck.

I think it looks nice, black doesn't get any dirtier then any other color, its just a myth that black gets dirtier, its not like the paint has a chemical in it to attract dirt that the others don't

Oooh wait, I need a Mullett.

New take on the Night Runner trucks they had a few years ago..

And Dodge cars have a Black Top edition,that can come all blacked out.

All black is the trend today for some ,and no badging.I prefer,chrome but hey,its nice to have choice.

Great job Chrysler !


You are sick...It is not racist,people like you are discusting when every thought is about race.

I guess to you the Dodge LiL Red Express was racist..Dodge's Yellow Fever was racist...You are truly sick..Remember White Trucks were called White Super Power !

@ Jim,

I have a black truck and a silver truck and they both get dirty the same..Darker spots show up on the silver truck where the black truck hides them.

Furthermore,I am not a fat lazy pos,so I clean,wax,polish my vehicles all the time,clean them every 2 days,and even the silver one gets just as dusty as the black.

Black doesn't attract more dirt, but shows dirt and all imperfections. Wash it and it looks good. One trip down a gravel driveway or dirt road and it is dirty again. If you have dirt and gravel roads or mud or tree branches to worry about you should probably consider a less vulnerable color. If I lived in a big city in SoCal it'd be a breeze to own a black truck. Except in 120F weather.

We bought a black vehicle last year and it will be our last. I can wash it every day, but soon as it hits our road it is covered in dirt again. Our friend has a silver truck and it looks nice even when dirty. Our next one will also be a shade of silver.

Black does show up dust and dirt worse than other colours. Red is bad too. Silver and tan colours tend to be the best.

Too bad they had to go with Wrangler SR-A's on a sport truck. It won't be too long before you'll be visiting the tire shop.

Those tires are terrible. Poor choice by Fiat-Ram.

@Lou: I think they can stand more tire options, the 1500s only have 4 tire choices, these with 33s on 20" rims, the standard 265/70 r17 s, the Outdoorsman offroad LTs, and the RT TIRES.

Uhh Ram, you already had the R/T, don't get your panties in a bunch. It looks pretty cool though.

Looks VERYY cheap o me.... NOT.

Will NOT buy a Dodge.

Sorry dodge boys but the single cab ford with the ecoboost is Gona leave you're dodge behind and see there tailites ford rules

I think I've just seen a full-sized truck that gets my interest.

I've had black, silver, and red. Red is the best, black is the worst. My next truck will be red.

@Tim - Wrangler SR-A's are standard on many Fords and all of the 2014 GMC siblings I've seen also have them as O/E tires. The PUTC 1/2 ton challenge had all of the big 3 trucks on SR-A's.

They shouldn't have used them on a special sport truck. They are ok and I only mean ok, but they are horrible at 20k miles. Look like cr@p too.

Black is the worst colour for a vehicle.

My Jeep Cherokee was in Jeep bright red, stone chips show up easily when waxing.

My Kia Sorento was a maroon colour, again dark, again stone chips show up.

My BT50 is called silver, but its more a ligth mica grey colour. Seems a better colour than my white D20 Navara.

Black is a terrible colour if you are meticulous about keeping it clean, BUT it does look sweet when it is clean.

A tip to keep that freshly washed look longer is a good coat of wax. California car duster when it is dusty and it comes right off. For touch ups use a spray wax.

Your only boxed if it rains. Then youll likely be washing it unless you can dry it right away.

Had a black truck for 11 years and it looked just as good on year 11 as it did on year one. Dodge Dakota!

@Tim - agreed. I have 275/65/18 SR-A's on my truck and they are almost bald at 30,000 miles.

Mean while at GM "zzzzZZZzzzzzZZZZZzzzzzz"

I love to look and naked men.......and I cannot lie!! Lou and Dave are so hot and sexy.

395hp hemi with a 30 plus advantage and 2 more gears than both ford drive lines and they can't even beat them. Pathetic.

GM needs to put the new GDI 6.2 liter 425hp/450tq into a shortbed, 2wd. It would be a fitting resurrection of the old 454 SS.

@Lou: It appears you confuse Ram's tire needs with Ford's needs. Ram has plenty of TOW RATING, but not as much PAYLOAD. The Ram tires are just fine for towing. The tires don't make the TOW RATING, but they damn sure are needed for heavy PAYLOADS.

Ford is the one who installs tiny weak tires for mpg! Rams' SA tires will go places the Fords would get a flat because again Ford installs tiny/weak tires in the name of MPG!

Funny thing is you gets Fords with so-called AT tires called Hangooks! They get stuck with gravel!

A friend of mine says to buy Ram because they are better deals and for the tires!

I think that's a gorgeous truck, gonna trade my POS Tremor in on that!!!

Ford has something for this truck its called the FX2 model. now yes its more expensive but same truck no less

Will this have upgraded sporty suspension? Will 3.92 gears be an option? Is this a real sport truck or just a cosmetic package?

One of these in regular cab, 4x2, with 3.92s in the pumpkin would be a really fun and still somewhat useful vehicle and would be lightyears ahead of Ford's Tremor.

No interior upgrades means no Tremor competitor. No 4.10 gears either. It's just a trim package.

i think ALL manufacturers should send in their best/fastest/street legal pickups, equipped with only manufacturer available options (that are available to Joe Public), and have a shoot-out. No price limit. So, FOR EXAMPLE, Ford to send in a factory spec'd Ecoboost or 6.2L, Ram to send in a factory spec'd Black Express, Toyota to send in a supercharged 5.7L, GM twins to send in.....well....(cricket, cricket)....whatever they can....jk....

I think a white express with the "blacked" out parts mentioned in the article would look good as well. I'm a fan of blacked out trucks, nice to see companies starting to offer these trucks right off the show room floor. Saves trips to the dealerships parts counter asking for the black grill, headlights, and etc.

First off, I've owned a black vehicle and it's no harder than any other color to keep clean. Sure, it shows up dust and mud more readily, but it doesn't take anything special to keep it looking good. A regular wash and keep it waxed will have it looking good for years.

As for tires, I personally use the Bridgestone Dueller Revo-2 and really like it. They're listed as light truck tires and are made for higher tire pressure than what I see typically (even higher pressure than what the tires on my F-150 are rated) and carry a 50,000 mile warranty. Mine have 20K on them now and still look nearly new.

One thing I like about the Black Express is the simple fact that it is NOT A GHOST! I'm sick of seeing all these white, silver and grey cars that simply disappear at dusk, dawn and in bad weather (snow, rain, fog, etc...), especially when the driver forgets or refuses to turn on their lights. Too many wrecks have happened because, "I didn't see that car coming!" Sure, highly polished black disappears at night, but then you have your lights on just to see, which means you are easily visible yourself.

And finally, of course stone chips will show up on any color except grey/silver--that's the color of the primer beneath it! Most owners--most owners who really care about their vehicles, anyway--won't just stand their complaining, they'll touch it up simply to protect the metal beneath from rust. (Sheesh what a bunch of babies!)

Where's Chevrolet in all of this? MIA again? That Dodge is a sharp truck.

I am a die hard Ford truck man, currently owning an 11 Supercrew Ecoboost FX-4, that I absolutely love since it has exceeded all of my expectations and then some. But this is a damn good looking truck. Dodge has some VERY nice designs going on in the truck department. I still cannot see myself buying a Dodge, tho I said the same thing when buying a car, and went with a 12 Chrysler 300 3.6 w/ ZF 8 spd as my daily driver, and I am IN LOVE with that fantasticly beautiful machine. Theese RAMS are pretty damn sexy, better looking than the Ford, but I love the stats of the Ford, and the abilities Fords ensue are just awesome, so I will continue buying Fords, but secretly will be eyeing up the Dodge each time I see one.

Had a wonderful time over the 4th of July weekend with a buddy that has an '11 Ford F-150 EcoBoost. We were pulling a camper/toy hauler to the mtns when the engine quit. Long story short, the engine is being replaced. Only had 23k miles on it. Dealer said that they've had a couple of ecoboost engine replacements. My buddy loves his truck, however. He said there was not one single problem until the motor went tits up.

What is with the GM bashing the new gen just started and maybe they felt the last gen powertrain or chassis and suspension wasn't right for a special edition package. I would say give them a year and then bash if you don't see anything or hear rumors. Correct me if I am wrong but doesn't only the regular trims appear in the first year of production on new gen trucks?

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