Recall Alert: 2013 Ram 1500 Pickups

Ram Longhorn action II

By Matt Schmitz

Chrysler is voluntarily recalling an estimated 712,084 vehicles in four separate actions due to problems with various safety features in several Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep and Ram products, the automaker announced this week.

Among them are about 45,900 model-year 2013 Ram 1500 pickup trucks equipped with four-wheel drive are being recalled due to a problem with electronic stability control system software that causes the warning lamp to activate, indicating that the safety feature is disabled. The condition may occur when the transfer case position is changed immediately before the ignition is turned off; software was modified to prevent ESC deactivation under such circumstances. Chrysler said it is unaware of any related injuries or accidents.

Chrysler said it will notify owners affected by each of the recalls, and dealers will correct the problems for free. Owners can call the automaker at 800-853-1403, NHTSA's vehicle-safety hotline at 888-327-4236 or go to for more info.



Chrysler/RAM must be king of recalls.

Not worth commenting on...


Gluts glory to many recalls ram lmao

Innovation comes at a price but, they'll get the bugs out of these refreshed trucks hopefully. Gm has the best reliability because they never change anything lol it's still a Gmt 800 with a new interior & exterior.


love the look of Ram trucks, but would not buy one untill they improve product quality .

@woopud. . . Actually that title goes to Ford. Toyota runs a close 2nd after the crap finally hit the fan for them a couple years ago.

Chrysler still makes the best stuff on the road. All these recalls are for piddly stuff. Very few, if any, actual problems reported by owners.


I seem to recall fire and rear axle recalls that weren't small and piddly. Yup, best stuff on the road (rolls eyes). And the recalls haven't even started yet for the active shutters and air suspension. Wait until the complaints start from that not working properly when used for any little truck work.

Wxman'' not sure because lastyear ram was recalling several trucks due to a differential bolt problem and this is not good and not safe ..... sorry but Ram is not reliable we just start the 2013 year and theres about 4 times that rams have recals .......

Software update...big deal. Nothing to see here, move on.

Recall alerts bring out the best in people. There is more bashing here than there was on the ugly truck thread.

New trucks/cars tend to have a higher level of issues. Even JD Power research bears out that fact.

May 31, 2013 at 8:49 pm
Ford issues 3 recalls, including one for 465K vehicles

Potential leaky fuel tanks, fire risks cited in largest of 3 issue

Last year Ford recalled more than 1.4 million vehicles. So far this year it has recalled more than 700,000.




How do you Ram owners like living at the dealership? Ram trucks are known for numerous problems. In other words, they are JUNK!

6th recall on the 2013 Rams. This has to be some kind of a record. And they haven't even recalled the Uconnect units yet.

Boys! Calm down. It's just a software update.
Every manufacturer has recalls. No auto manufacturer is immune to them.

My dad was just in an accident over the weekend in his 2012 Ram 1500. A car pulled out in front of him while he was doing ~45MPH and totaled the truck (he's OK as well as the other guy). The bigger question I have is why didn't the air bags deploy on his truck???

Ford is still the best truck for the money.
Despite any recalls they may have had, there just isn't a better built, more reliable truck than Ford.

You can take that to the bank.

@Greg.. Well, considering that neither of my Rams EVER went to the dealership for a single repair, I'd say it's a pretty nice life.

Silverado leased new in 2006 went to the shop 10 times in the first 12 months to have parts thrown at it, and the engine still had a pulley that was squealing when the truck was turned in.

My Fords were decent but still had repairs in the first few years.

Dodge Rams are the ONLY trucks or SUVs I've ever used that had literally ZERO trips to the dealership. Just rock solid dependable. I take care of them and they take care of them.

For our work we will stick to Ram. Y'all can bash like school children if you want, but Ram is the best truck on the road.

WXman, Sounds great but you don't have one of the newer Ram"s". This is your first Ram and it is a 2004 4.7 with horrible gas mileage. Try a larger sample size and a newer model. Yours is 10 years old, and is irrelevant to the models today.

On the Fords you said, "What's up? Been a Ford man all my life, love 'em and have never had ANY major issues out of them. But this time around I just didn't like the new F-150. Actually, it sucks. So I bought my first Dodge..ever. So far I love it (except for the horrible gas mileage). Got a Flame Red 4.7L QuadCab 4x4 with the 5-speed auto. SWEET"

You're also lying about the Ram never going in for a repair. It went in the first week...

"I bought my truck last week. Turns out, it was one of the trucks under the recall listed at the top of this page"

@TMI - Google can be your best friend or worst enemy.

People do not realize that the moment they post something on the net, it can remain their forever.

It's a pretty minor recall really, but I'm sure the haters will use this to "prove" that Ram quality isn't as good as the others.

If only the federal government would allow automakers to build simple, inexpensive vehicles that don't have all this safety stuff...imagine how much money we could save.


"unfortuanlty the market has created a situation where it is not worthwhile for ford to bring the T6 to the states"

That comment is the one I'm trying to show everyone. The US market into the near future at least will be dominated by full size trucks. I have never disputed that.

What I do dispute is the line of protectionism supported and driven by the UAW with the chicken tax and CAFE, EPA design barriers, etc. This doesn't allow our midsizers to compete.

Your market is that protected you can not grey import, like everyone else in the world does. This has nothing to do with safety as our pickups are 5 star ENCAP/ANCAP.

Imagine if you could grey import into the US, you could then make direct comparisons. Tell me if that would be accepted by a certain group or organised workers in the US.

The tariffs and barriers are creating a market to support the UAW jobs. If the UAW want to work then they have to compete like everyone else does in the US. This is why I don't like the UAW, because they don't want to compete, everyone in the US and Canada have to suffer.

Less competition means higher prices as well.

If the taxes and barriers weren't in place you would have a fantastic mix of pickups.

Also the prices you quoted would be cheaper for the US because we don't buy volume.

I paid $46 000 for my Mazda BT50GT. The recommended retail price was $51 000. With your formula how much would it cost in USD?

In Australia we can wheel and deal as well. We also have a diesel Navara D22 for about $32 000.

The BT50 is would be one level above a Ranger XLT. As you would call them high end. The BT50 is essentially a Ranger as well. All parts have FoMoCo on them.

The Ranger and Amarok are the most expensive of the midsizers we have as well. Most every other pickup is cheaper. Even Toyota now since it has competition, it dropped thousands in price.

3 Min. so close.... I did not sign the last couple papers....THANK YOU !!!!!


Wy Ford dont do a recal on the ecoboost ..wy you don't advertise ford problem the same you did whit the order...

Ram trucks are great. Nobody makes anything perfect. My friends GMC came with loose leaf springs from factory. That's bad sending truck out with loose bolts.

GUTS (it takes guts to own one...really I mean guts)
GLORY (glory me what a POS)
RAM (I’d rather RAM my head against the wall before buying one)

Hay whatsa matta for u...fix it again Tony!

a Scam

Always been poorly engineered junk. Just wait until the recall for the air ride suspension that has no business being on a pickup truck. Local dealer has a new one that is in the shop and never been sold. What a joke.

Just had my radiator replaced on my 09 ram. The fan shroud came loose, rubbed on the radiator till it ruined it. When I got the truck I LOVED it. Now that I've got 100k I realize its the worst truck I've ever bought as far as quality. The Hemi Tick sounds like a ticking time bomb to me. Drives me nuts. I'm almost afraid to drive it on long trips now. The 2015 f-150 can't come soon enough.

Hey Greg, I spent far more time at the Chevy dealership in one whole year of ownership. Vs. 3.5 years of owning a Ram. What was I at the Ram dealership for? Installing the trailer brake controller into an early 2010 build Ram, the wiring wasn't exactly ready for it. So it needed wired more directly. I bitched that tow haul keeps it in a lower gear too long after I have already crested a hill, and pedal pressure was less. I think it should upshift sooner, but that's just tow haul. It never slipped.

I did have a bad battery after 2.5 years of ownership, and mopar gave me the replacement one for $50 as part of their goodwill. Prob the same supplier alot other manufactiers have. Wow Geg, what alot of time spent!


As for my 2006 Chivy 1500 4x4 ext cab 5.3: the NEVER got the headline r right, I could always see the side of it, (poor fit and finish) the tach made a grinding noise, made them replace it, a bushing between the frame and cab went bad and made a popping noise on a right turn (while on a highway trip 1600 miles) that truck never went offroad. The transmission made a clunking sound, witch I guess they say is NORMAL.

One thing it did good, highway mileage @ 75 mph. On the flats. But then again, it had low rolling resistance Good Year STs.

Hey Greg, look, there is another recall out out for 2014 GMs! Seat belts!

Awesome 2013 Dodge Ram truck. We Love it!!! Our 3rd Ram and 5th dodge 4 outta 5 still in family all still running great, that's all the history I need :-)

I have been ford all my life,went to brand new ram 1500 4x4 other than this minor little recall i have nothing bad to say about the ram.The service i get from the dealership is great.You have to understand that it is man made,nothing is perfect.

at lease they recalled it could be like some auto makers and sweep in under the rug

I own a 1977 dodge power wagon with the 440
99,000 origianl miles very few problems with it... not bad for the age. I have a 2007 ram 1500 with 109,000 miles never had a days trouble out of it either. I now own a 2013 ram 1500 laramie and the cd player did not work when I bought it but all fixed now. Love the gas mileage,and all the new creature comforts my older ones dont have. Been a loyal dodge owner because they have stood behind all the vehicles I've owned... As someone stated earlier take care of them and they will take care of you.

GO RAM !!! or go home

My 2013 ram 1500 with the new 4.7 runs great. No problems. Great gas milage

Great truck no issues yet, and I have 42500km on it, and she's a real head turner RAM Real American Muscle

Have a 2013 longhorn 1500 , my 4th 1500 ram since 2007 and this one has had electrical problems since I got in April 2013. Also has the worst gas mileage of all the others. Have always loved my Rams but don't believe I will buy another one.

2013 Ram, 4x4, Quad cab, sport, Hemi, is my fourth Ram 4x4; 2000, 2004, 2013. The 2000 had the 360 V8, a pulling beast but very thirsty, no issues. The 2004 w/Hemi & 3.92 gears had the rack & pinion replaced twice(leaking), the limited slip rear replaced(broken clip), and the water pump replaced(leaking), in 9 years. 2013 so far, 28k+ miles, only problem is periodic gauge cluster shut down, but nothing else quits, strange. The 2013 is the best handling, best riding, most comfortable truck I've ever owned, and on the road averages 18-19 mpg. In the mountains of WV it thinks it's a Challenger ;o) Love my truck.

I have a 2016 F1 50 the fog lights are cracking from the inside out and the third brake light and cargo light the cargo light is melting the bulbs are getting too hot

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