Recall Alert: 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500

GMC Steering wheel II

General Motors announced last week that it's voluntarily recalling almost 900 2014 Chevy and GMC half-ton pickup trucks to replace the passenger airbag that might not fully inflate during an accident.

GM is contacting each owner directly because the trucks have only recently gone on sale; the company notes that less than 1% of the trucks could have the faulty sensor. There are no known crashes or injuries related to this issue.

All 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500s and GMC Sierra 1500s currently at dealerships will have the repairs made there, while others will benefit from a production change. For more information call your local dealer or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's Vehicle Safety hotline at 888-327-4236 (TTY: 1-800-424-9153), or go to



Uh oh! And it begins...the first of many I suspect.

oh geez here we go, recalls are like aholes, everyones got them

Oh boy, not GM now.

this is what happens when a company outsources their parts to the lowest bidder

Lol! The Ram guys are in danger of losing their recall crown now. Are they going to CRY about that TOO???

Oh well, to those who bash brands because of recalls, you can't like anything now. You better walk.

Good thing they caught it on time.toycrusher what are you? ProFord

@Toycrusher.. Strong words from a guy who supports a company that had frames literally rusting in half, had driveshafts blowing up, crank shafts cracking, composite beds cracking, and millions of cars recalled due to sudden acceleration risks and fires... all in the past 5-10 years.

The Ram camp could issue recalls every month for the rest of this year and they still wouldn't catch up with the Japs.

Can I act like all the immature kids on here bashing Ram and there recalls. No I wont do that. Why you ask. Because it happens to everyone. least they recall it and fix it. Good to see Ra and G.M keeping eyes on there products for there customers. When was fords last recall...o wait they don't want to make the FORD name look bad so they don't have them innless its something there trucks catching on fire. or the Eco shakes..(still haven't looked at them)

already recalling the crappy parts

This truck will be a disaster. There have already been massive complaints of trucks with build dates of less than 2 months with rusting frames from dealers. Complaints about the cheap trunk carpet matting on the insides of the wheelwell liners, complaints about the electronics, complaints on paint orange peel, complaints on windshield visibility because of the super sloped rake. On and on with this truck. I'm glad I quit selling Chevy's in the late 90's because they've been horrible since. We take their customers daily. This is what you get when car guys make trucks.

@Toycrusher.. Strong words from a guy who supports a company that had frames literally rusting in half,

-sure dude. Talk some more about rust.. Government Motors is the worst cost cutting, nickel and dime enterprise out there now. They have been for years. If it wasn't for the idiots who swear by old Chevrolet stuff, they wouldn't have any new customers. At least Toyota Replaced their faulty junk. Not so with GM. The NHTSA is all over GM when it comes to rust and frame rust.

@Toycrusher: thats why Toyota keeps building the same old truck since 2007 with very few gas pedals and carpet near gas pedals. Of course when you do change it you will have issues. Toyota cars had a crapload of recalls a half a year ago. Air bags, fires from window switches....and what do you know, their new for 2012 Camry /Prius bombed the new safety test.

So when that 2014 Tundra gets here, it will have issues as well.


I had a truck named the TOY(ota) Crusher.

Where do you get the idea I support ANY brand?

Recall threads bring out the best in a person.

New vehicles always have teething problems. That is why it is often best to wait a few years if someone isn't in a hurry to buy.

@Lou--With all these recalls I might have changed my mind about Toyota updating the Tacoma even if it is dated at least the present Tacoma has been relatively unchanged since the 2005 model year. If I decide to get one sooner then I might just buy the present model. It does seem all the manufacturers have had a lot more recalls than I can ever remember.

@Jeff, you don't want to buy a new car because the manufacturer will fix problems at no charge? That makes sense, they should have a no-recall policy. Let customers just deal with the problems on their own. That way customers won't know there's a problem, and they can think their vehicle is 100% reliable.

These recalls are for such minor things, in 99.9% of cases, they would go unnoticed. They are fixing it at no charge! Gosh people need to develop some critical thinking skills!

@Jeff S - The complexity of our vehicles make them more likely to have issues. We hear of the odd "wrong bolt" recall but most recalls seem to be related to electronics or electronically controlled devices.
Experts do say that recalls will most likely get larger due to shared components.
I went with a 2010 because I liked the fact that the 5.4 had been around a real long time and the truck didn't have more complex infotainment stuff on it. The 12k off helped too ;)

There was a link posted that some feel that the HTHSA is running out of control but I find that the biggest problem with them is the fact that they are too close to politicians. Politics affect many of their decisions and who to go after, or not go after or who to give leeway too.

The NHTSA would like to make it mandatory that all vehicles have "black boxes".

@Alex--Chill out. I just bought a new car for my wife. I was making a comment in half jest, but it does seem that there are a lot more recalls now than ever. Right after I traded my wife's 2000 Taurus I received a recall notice from Ford on it. I am well aware that the manufacturer covers recalls on new vehicles.

@Lou--You are correct the complexity of today's vehicles and the increasing safety and emmission standards. It is a wonder that the vehicles run as good as they do and have few problems. Component sharing and outsourcing of parts contributes as well. All the manufacturers are looking for ways to cut and maintain costs as are most businesses.
There is something to be said by waiting a couple of years after the release of a new model to give the manufacturer some time to work the bugs out. Many of the new Ford cars and trucks have been recalled because of shared components and most problems will get worked out in the next couple of years.

No Excuse for Recalls, it usually goes back to somebody not doing their job and poor quality. In todays age of super computers parts should be exact and correct before ever leaving the warehouse.


I think because of how you did your screen name you appear to have a Wesley Crushers type deal going on

@Jeff, there are many reasons why there could be an increase in recalls.

1. Quality control remains the same, but quality has decreased (this is what most people assume).

2. QC has increased, therefore more problems are detected and covered.

3. QC may or may not be the same, but vehicles now have more complex components and therefore, more things to go wrong.

I think it is 2 and 3, there is no way that today's vehicles are subpar to vehicles built in the 90s and 00s in terms of quality.

@AD, is it TOY-crusher or toy-CRUSHER? TBBT is a funny show.

toyota has had more recalls the last 10 yrs then ford gm dodge nissan and mazda put togeather.The toyota quality is like big foot a myth. Buy american ford and chevy.Everything else is a foreign brand and always will be no matter how many buildings they build here.

WOW 900 trucks? You fools. You sorry and pathetic fools. Half of these 900 trucks haven't even been sold yet. Yet here come the Ford and Ram losers with their recalls numbering the thouands and sometimes millions. I laugh at you trolls. I laugh very hard. Didn't Ram just recall 50,000 trucks? Didn't Ford have a rather large recall recently? Get off GM's nuts. You all are so pathetic that GM went BANKRUPT and you STILL can't outsell them? How pathetic!

@Alex--For the most part today's vehicles are well built and reliable. It is much harder to pinpoint some of the problems especially electronics. I drive less now than I did ten years ago, but it seems that there are less problems and when you do need repairs it is usually several things at the same time. I had a clutch replacement on my S-10 6 years ago, a tune up, and brakes which are not major but can add up to some real money. I went ahead and had them all done at the same time along with new coolant and new tires. I have done very little then except a new alternator and a new air conditioning compressor which for a truck that is close to 15 years old and about 100k miles is not that bad. I would rather just take care of a vehicle and keep it a while than not. Since I have a newer truck it has become my old hauler--mostly to get rid of things that are too big to put in a car or crossover.

@Zach, yes it is pathetic! I'm glad FORD has no problem outselling them all, even with a recall here and there that it seems all trucks and cars are dealing with lately FORD still takes best selling honors month after month and year after year!


UPDATED-New GM Sierra And Silverado Trucks Off To A Rough Start With Recall And Reports Of Issues


Now, what we're hearing in private...

One of the first review vehicles for the media didn't end happy. A writer from Autoblog was left STRANDED at a mall parking lot and the truck had to be towed. But you didn't read that there now did you? And you probably won't because they have big ad dollars riding on their favorable or generic opinion. Even when you read their recall article they are dancing GINGERLY around how they present it.

We just got an email from our friend Chris Paukert from Autoblog regarding this situation...

"You are correct in noting that a contributor, Jeff Ross, recently experienced a problem with a 2014 GMC Sierra loaner that resulted in the vehicle needing to be flat-bedded away. We have asked GM for more information as to what caused this problem (and what the resolution was), but we have yet to hear back. Jeff posted this on Facebook page and it will be written into his review of the vehicle when it's published, but we are still looking for context as to what caused the problem. "You didn't read that there now did you?" because the review hasn't been published yet.

This is a BIG deal. You DO NOT want this kind of stuff happening at launch.

@Greg, Wow,what happened? lol Don't even have them on the lots yet and already a serious safety recall. Are these trucks junk?

I wish u could wait two years but they seem to be new every two years with the odd exception (gm&toyota&nissan) playing catch up is tough to do in a works that used to talk at a dinner table. Not check Facebook or emails or tweets. The more gadgets the better even old people like new gizmos. Computers are no longer the thing that's out of date the quickest anymore.

The increase in the number of recalls is a great thing. A recall doesn't necessarily reduce a vehicles performance.

I had a recall on my Mazda due to a problem with the baby capsule anchor point. It might fail in an accident, not it will.

This is significant if it did fail in an accident, but the reality is it didn't affect by overall view of my vehicle.

Consumer groups as much as we dislike them have made it possible to buy a better product.

Using a system like recalls does force the manufacturer to take better care in the design of a vehicle.

The design aspect of vehicles that does affect us more than any is when major components fail 3-5 years down the track and cost big bucks to repair.

OH MY GOD!!!!! A RECALL!!!! CALL THE PRESSES>>>>we are NOT one of those dealerships that sell unneeded work.....I will fire anybody quickly who does this. In anycase fellas, get over it, recalls are here to stay, they make the world go round!!!!! I have talked to a few people with theese truck and they LOVE them!!! I am a Ford man all the way but I would not be ashamed to own any of the big three's trucks or Nissan or Toyota. They are all great trucks....none are perfect. Everyone has flaws, and recalls keep them honest!!!!

ok my post had a lot more in it but most of it got cut out.....EFF it im not retyping it all. anyways Get over it people, recalls, so what, they all have them.

@Josh, Thanks for the tip. I am going to wait 2 years for the gremlins to be worked out!

Sounds like a real blast to drive.

I posted this before but it bears repeating.

The easy way around all the problems is don't buy a first year Fiat-Ram or first year anything.

Give the 2013 Ram 3-4 years to work out the kinks.
Give the 2014 GM trucks a year.
And give the 2015 Fords a year.

@KD - I tend to agree. Ram has a new diesel coming, has come out with a new 8 speed, a new V6, air ride, and grill shutters.
They've already had recalls on the V6, and production delays. I've read of "overheat" codes on air ride Ram's and it happens with the Cherokee.
Ford - EB 3.5 issues, and MyTouch.
GMC - some posts have already been made about airbags. Maybe Ram and GMC are using "bags" from the same supplier?
Let some one else do the real world testing. I really like the new GMC siblings. Initially, I loved the looks of the Silverado but as I see more of them in the real world, I'll starting to like the Sierra more.
Baring some unforeseen circumstance, I'm hoping to get another 5 years out of my 2010.

Gm=made in china parts. They get what they deserve. All big three should be pumping out there cars and trucks in the motor city...look what they have done to America. Shame on all of them. And what do Americans do...they keep buying that crap.

HockeyNut, you are SOOOOO right man!!!! Detroit is on the verge of devastation, and yet Chrysler has commercials with my Chrysler 300 (which I do absolutely love my 300) with the moniker "Imported from Detroit".....yet they are not built in Detroit. 300's and Chargers are built in Canada!!!! Help Detroit find its roots and BUILD AMERICA!!!!! Come on, Chrysler has REALLY made some strides, but let they should make even more to resurrect this countries once striving cities and help to pay off this countries deficits!! All of the big 3 are guilty of this, just look at Pontiac, Michigan. Do the right thing big 3!!! Let's regain control of our nation and strive once again.

Yeah listen to Big Al...recalls are a good thing:

"Using a system like recalls does force the manufacturer to take better care in the design of a vehicle..."

Maybe we should encourage companies that have fewer recalls because they actually build quality products to have more recalls and build CRAP like the "American"

I also agree with "Experience" Ford does have the best products that really stand the test of time and talk to good old American craftsmanship! Way to go Ford! Besides why would anyone drive a truck in the spoils the detailing!

The Office of Defects Investigation (ODI) has received 95 reports alleging incidents of reduced engine power during hard accelerations in model year (MY) 2011 through 2013 Ford F150 trucks equipped with 3.5L gasoline turbocharged direct injection (GTDI) engines. Ford has issued three technical service bulletins related to intermittent stumble/misfire on acceleration from highway cruise in humid or damp conditions in some MY 2011 and 2012 F150 vehicles equipped with 3.5L GTDI engines.... Approximately one-third of the reports received by ODI indicate that the incidents occurred while driving in humid or rainy conditions. Many complaints allege safety concerns associated with overtaking vehicles. No related crashes have been reported to ODI to date. A Preliminary Evaluation has been opened to gather information to assess whether the subject vehicles contain a safety related defect.

Gm and dodge be proud you don't care what some people said about your recall,your a responsible compagnie ,compare to one compagnie they suppose have problem whit the turbo engine but they play the same game Toyota did to look good..

Dam, and I thought this was going to be a recall for the headlights because the public doesn't know if that's a vehicle approaching or a UFO. Seriously, I saw one of these boat anchors and they look awful.

Now the proud owner of a 2014 ltz... its a 100% better truck than my 08 Denali... I was a fan of the 07 to 13 GMC FRONT I like the CHEVY BETTER. ..To each thier own... but this 2014 is kick butt!...and on the 150mile trip home from the dealer on the turnpike averaging 75mph we got 20.2mpg. Its only going to get better! Mylink took a minute to figure out.. and apparently the traction control comes back on automatically after 35mph... but hey ill save my tires.... ive got no complaints...

I really like the look of the new GMC but am waiting for the max tow package to come out. Wish I could wait a year but need the vehicle sooner than that. I have done a lot of research on the vehicle and have to say one thing. The cookie jar isn't going to finance this one.

I own a 2014 Silverado 1500 with the all star package. These are the issues I have had. There was a paint "outty" by the ds front lower fender. There was a recall on reprogramming the computer. A screw on the drivers door was rusting. All taken care of by the dealer. Now my issue is I got rear ended by hit and run driver. My rear bumper is dented in two places. The parts dept told me it would be 6 months before I got a bumper. Isn't GM putting a new bumper on a new truck at the Mexico plant right now?

My new 2014 silverado Z71 4 door cab just encountered its first issue. With less than 1K on the meter the windshield cracked. The crack goes from one support to the other. These supports are in the rear corners of the engine compartment and they go from the fenders to the firewall. The crack runs from where the support attaches to the firewall on one side of the truck directly to the other support in the same exact location. There is not a mark or chip on the glass either inside or out. Has anyone else had this i
happen ?

hopefully GM will get their act together and fix the headlights so you can drive at night

Shink this is way late but i have 3686 miles on my 2014 Z71 Crew Cab and the windshield cracked on its own dead center of truck from very top edge down past rear view mirror and started going to driver side. Dealership is trying to say it was a rock chip when there is nothing in or outside of window that hit it

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