Save the Date: July 20 Is Ugly Truck Day

Ugly Truck 2 II

Although no one seems to be able to tell us how this holiday began, we like the idea. Why shouldn't ugly pickup trucks get just as much attention as the shiny, new trucks get? Sure, "ugly" is a subjective term, but for our purposes let's just say anything that's more than 20 years old is likely to qualify (although we've seen a few newer models, especially in the SUV segment, that clearly qualify).

We'd like to see your favorite ugly trucks. Walk your neighborhood. Stop along the roadside. Or just dig through your own yard, but take pictures of your favorite ugly trucks to share. We should note that we happen to love ugly trucks and don't truly think they're ugly at all. In fact, from what we've seen at several big car shows, the "patina" categories are growing faster than just about any other.

Regardless, visit's Facebook page and post your favorites and if want to give us a few details, we'd apprciate it. You don't even have to wait until July 20. Happy Ugly Truck Day. 

Ugly truck 1 II



Fitting that the first ugly truck shown is a GMC

This is going to be a HUGE bash-fest.

I'll snag some pics of the 80's and 90's import trucks in my area, as they are usually rotted out (if I can still find them driving about).

I love the old survivors in their natural patina and daily driven. Extra points for 'Three on the Tree".

I have no respect for the high dollar, full resto jobs. They just scream of "Hey look at how much $$$,$$$ I spent... I tow it to all the shows in an enclosed trailer for fear of bugs hitting it..."

Those two trucks could use a little restoration but I don't think they are ugly at all. Try a jeep pickup.

@ Denver|||Mike ,

I have a fully restored old vehicle...I drive it all the time,engine compartment looks new,underside ect..I spend alot of time detailing it every week after many burnouts,low 12 second 1/4 mile times going sideways with my 275/60/15's street tires peeling out (would run low 11's with better street slicks)....Dont take it to car shows,just the odd Friday night drags and (used cough,cough) to go to illegal drags on Fri-Sat...I just cant sit and watch dolts come up and touch,drool over my ride ! I drove this beast 55,000 miles in 2 years,and I have another classic I have 30,000 on..They both are high dollar resto jobs (done by myself) and many people are jealous of me..I can tell by the look they give and reading blogs of what people think of restored/nice vehicles.I buy/drive them not to show off,but for myself..Its a stress release,nice calming feeling,to sit at idle and the car has a nice rumble,you cant get that in any new car !

People who trailer a old vehicle to car shows usually travel a very long distance,so it makes sense to trailer it.If you want to avoid,theft,vandalism,breakdown,bad weather,many areas have golf ball sized hail at any given time or even rock chips ,car accidents ect..Or if you unfortunately have a fat messy family that will destroy your old ride for a 2000 mile trip !

Yes it costs money to fix an old ride,but its worth it...Sounds like you are jealous,too bad living your life being jealous !

Furthermore,the people who talk about "Natural Patina" are con artists..

They are selling a warn out beaten item for a huge price ! When something is beaten it should go for less then a fully mint one.Would you buy a 1 year old truck with "Natural Patina" if it was driven hard in a gravel road,full of chips,then in a hailstorm full of dents...And the price is as much as a new one ? Hey its natural patina ! It survived time and elements !

Example,I know people who restore vehicles for a living,and they love the new idea of "Natural Patina" they just get a old beater that needs $20,000 in body work,they just get it running,new wheels/tires and sell it for the price of a fully restored one..Instead of them spending $20,000 on it,they spend $3000 and make a ton more cash ! LOL ! So,the trend today is 'natural patina" I wish I would have kept the 40 odd vehicles I restored in "natural patina",I would have saved time and made more money !!

The only old vehicles that are worth more money not restored are old survivors,ones that are all original,paint ect..and look new ! Not warn out ect...

Also,I am tired of the term "barn find" Today it meens any beat up vehicle found in a barn..Long time ago it was meant by a barn find,was a mint old vehicle found in a barn,just wash it off and it looks like new...Today a barn find is any beat up dilapidated vehicle found in a barn...Times have changed !!! Oh Lord !!

Hey mike, just curious- do you have any idea at all what is under the hood of that old GMC? It ain't no small block.....

I have seen a few of that model GMC driving around Sydney in a "au naturale" state.


Ugly, nope. They are really beautiful for the hard work, service and friendship these pickups gave their owners over the years. Trucks like these truly built our country in the last century.
And when they go by, you just can't look away.

Fitting that the first ugly truck shown is a GMC

@Mike, LOLOL!!!! THIS! GovtMoCo.

@Big Block Mopar - You get extra points for driving it and dare I say, street racing... And lots of points for restoring it yourself, of course. Too many go straight to the show circuit and never hit the pavement. I enjoy seeing all old cars on the road. And being enjoyed. Too many vintage and muscle cars go to speculators/hoarders and never see the light of day.

I did have a blast as a kid, tracking down the impromptu street racing on Saturday nights.

I consider any classic a "barn find" if it's locked in time, even if it's far from perfect. I just bought a '69 Cougar XR7 that had been stored since the late '70s. So it's got some dings and needs a headliner and has a worn drivers seat, but the cleanest survivor I've seen. Bone stock including smog pump.

My friend bought a '80 Camaro Berlinetta (305/auto) from a storage facility (auction). It had dust on it like you wouldn't believe and had been in the same locker since '86. Extremely clean as you might expect and a real time-capsule. Mostly because no one has ever or will ever fully restore one.

Spoiler Alert!

Honda Ridgeline takes 1st place as the ugliest truck ever!

@BigBob - gold Mack bulldog on the hood means a Mack engine ;)

'Built this nation', maybe you should be in the marketing business as an adverstisement guru.

People build nations, with money and tools. I do love the old pickups, anything mechanical, but, wow a bit of an overkill.

I love to look at the styling and engineering behind any vehicle.

The funny thing is you will find that a higher proportion of old vehicles we see today would have been looked after and maintained better than the average.

@DeverMike/Paul/Tom Lemon/Greg Baird/TRX4Tom/Dave/Tom Terrific/sandman 4x4/lautenslager/zveria/Bob/US Truck Driver/Glenn or whoeover you want to call yourself.

Quit the crap, really.

It's getting long in the tooth.

You want to debate, but it has to be on your terms.

Learn to debate with good information, then we might be able to have a decent debate.

Opinions are good, but if they are only your view to support the UAW, then how good are they. Look at what you guys have done to Detroit.

Terror tactics (union tactics) don't work on me.

If PUTC wants the UAW or whatever to control this site I suppose it's their decision.

It's not kids like I've been told by PUTC.

They don't seem to care. So this will go on.

The Small Pickup Alliance will be meeting on this website everytime there is a small truck post.

Big Al from Oz has been nominated President of the SPA.

Our goal will be to keep the small pickup market alive and demand new and better products for small trucks and that will be good for everyone and hopefully these postings will accomplish this.

@BAFO - We were having a perfect conversation on vintage trucks and then YOU come along...

Oh well, TROLLS happen!!!

The thing is, OEMs aren't stupid. They know small pickup buyers are cheapskates and are actually looking for and even DEMANDING better selection and choices.. in USED small pickups.

Yeah they're all talk. When it comes to paying for NEW trucks, suddenly their hands can't reach their wallets...

It's call T-Rex Syndrome, I believe.

Attack. Attack. We are under attack.

@Members of the Small Truck Alliance
Bring in reinforcements.

This not a drill!

@Denver Mike--You are found guilty of the overuse of the word "cheapskate". I guess anyone who pays less than 40k for a new vehicle could be a cheapskate. The days of any new vehicle being cheap are mostly over. I buy what I want and keep it for several years. My wife's CRV listed at 31k but it has heated leather seats, sunroof, Bluetooth, GPS, backup camera, heated mirrors, and etc. which is the top trim level. The Taurus we had was load had the 24 overhead valve V6, leather power seats both front electric, side airbags (optional for 2000), premium stereo, and many other extras. My Isuzu which you have derided not only has 4 wheel drive but fog lights, heated leather seats, tow package with hitch, auto dim mirror and a few other extras which make it far from a fleet vehicle. What kind of truck do you drive? Did you buy a new truck or a left over fleet truck?

As for old trucks, I had a 63 IH which I loved and regret selling. I do not find any old pickup ugly. I enjoy old trucks and wish that PUTC had more articles about them, but I realize that this site is supported by the manufacturers.

To bring this back on topic, one of the ugliest trucks that I've ever seen...

Let's try this again...

To bring this back on topic, one of the ugliest trucks that I've ever seen...

@kemo--That Dodge is not really ugly. It might not be my favorite but it is very much like the Fords and Chevys of the mid 60s. Too me the measurement of ugly is Pontiac Aztec and Nissan Cube.

JeffS.: I would say a cheapskate is someone who want a lux vehicle, and then goes out an buys a import with leather interior lux. wanabe, instead of something with a V-8, and full chassis, and for you to say 40K+, all that is relevant to their yrly income, for someone who's income is 400K? yes to by anything for 40K is being cheep, but when someone make 40K a yr.? that is being wise!

My vote goes for the 03-06 slant eyed china man Silverado. Always hated that truck. The current one isn't much better but still.

Happy 4TH, Everyone! You too BAFO

@Jeff S - When it comes to vintage cars and trucks, uglier is definitely better. Probably why the natural patina, survivor look is getting so popular. Then there's the Rat Rod movement.

For F-550s, I have to buy new as the used ones are always abused. Both are '06 XLT diesels and have too few miles to trade.

My personal truck in an '04 F-150 STX Super cab 4X4 I bought new and my shop truck is its exact twin. It prefer the STX for their basic options/upgrades with a monochromatic look. Both have low miles.

My multi millionaire friend holds on to his basic '02 Frontier King cab. And he'll be the 1st to admit he's a cheapskate. I'm a cheapskate too and don't see the term as derogatory in the least.

Regardless, there seems to be tremendous demand for mid-size trucks, however, actual buyers are in short supply. I picture them staking out the dealer, waiting for someone else to buy one and trade it in. Could this be why Tacomas have such high resale value?

Obviously there's zero demand for a luxury, high end, King Ranch, Limited or Longhorn level of mid-size trucks. Having those does offset all the cheapskates and bottom feeders at the other end. And mid-size trucks are currently the lowest common denominator of trucks. Bargain hunters of all description and demographics can't do any better and still own a truck.

You can continue to reject my logical explanation for why mid-size trucks largely went away, or consolidated to 2 or 3 brands, but you have yet to come up an explanation of your own.

If one needs to post pics of "ugly" trucks or speak their mind, I'll list what I consider "ugly" or unappealing trucks. Obviously, these are my personal choices.

Chevrolet - '99 - 07 and '07 - '13. I've never been a fan of the GMT800 and 900 Silverado. Those big flat sided fenders and 3 piece bumpers - yuck.
I like the Sierra much better over those 2 generations. The Sierra grill seemed to make the "slant eyed" crouching tiger look more appealing. The GMT900 Sierra looked much more muscular and proportioned. I found that truck to be good looking.

Dodge Ram (back when the 2 names were attached) - '81 - '93. They looked old and outdated even when they first came out. During the '70's and '80's, the Dodge/Chrysler dealer had gone bankrupt several times in my town. No one drove a Dodge. One of my logging contractor buddies joked that he liked Dodge as a fleet truck. They were so ugly that abuse and damage didn't make them look much worse. Letting his guys take them home wasn't a worry because they were too embarrassed to drive around in them. It was a funny story.

Ford - '80 - 86. I never liked the looks of that truck. I didn't like the interiors and Ford tried a "lightened" frame at the start of that generation to save weight and were crappy.

To all of my fellow bloggers from the USA:

Have a great 4th of July commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776.

or just have a ton of fun with friends and family ;)

237 years.

Happy 4th to you too Denver Mike. You are the man! Keep telling it like it is.

The Ugly Truck award goes to the current F-150 in my mind. Eww
(This is only my opinion)

The most annoying truck fanboy award goes to RAM fanboys who constantly post the RAM slogan everywhere.
(This is proven fact!)



Ugly. How about all Fords from about '98? (Except the Ranger). How about all Ram from about '98 through '08? How about all GM (including Chevy) from about '98 through '13? Let's include the imports for those years too, since they all took on some form of Big Rig wannabe big grill? That work?

I can't really call any truck older than that "ugly" by comparison, though some are quite 'unique'.

Oh! Hey, DM? It seems that mid-sized trucks in Pennsylvania farm country are in huge demand. If an S-10 or Ranger goes up for sale, it commands high dollar over full-sized trucks, even newer ones. Owners simply are not letting them go.

In case you're interested, PA's motor vehicle inspection standards are among the highest in the nation, so those trucks have to be kept in good condition.

Preach it brother Denver Mike!

@DM--Maybe your millionaire friend with an 02 Frontier might be considered a cheapskate by some but if he likes his truck then that is all that matters. Sam Walton use to drive around in an old red F-150 because that is what he liked. Just because someone has money does not mean that they need to buy a new vehicle all the time. I do not keep my S-10 because I am cheap, I keep it because I like it and there is nothing wrong with it. I have kept the maintenance up and it looks and drives like new. If I spend some money to keep the body and mechanics in order then I am doing that for myself and not to be cheap or impress someone. I really don't care if I buy a vehicle that is the sales leader and if there are only 2 manufacturers that make a midsize truck then I will choose what I like best from those 2.

@sandman--I let my wife choose the vehicle she wanted. I don't know if you are married or not but if you want a harmonious relationship you do not dictate to your significant other what to drive. My wife is 5'3" and she has a preference for smaller vehicles but wants all the bells and whistles. When I met her she had a 77 Honda Accord hatchback which she really liked. The CRV was the closest thing to the old Accord with 4 doors and all wheel drive. She drove her Accord for 17 years and was one of the best vehicles she ever had. Buying a CRV was a no brainer for us.

@vulpine--I really like my S-10, but if I decide to ever sell it maybe I will sell it to a Pennsylvania farmer. The Ranger and S-10 are not too big and relatively inexpensive to maintain.

@Lou--I like the 99 to 02 Silverado, but the slanted lights on the 03 thru 06 Silverado deserve honorable mention as an ugly truck. I don't know what they were thinking when they came up with those lights.

@sandman--The CRV was imported from East Liberty, OH to Florence, KY. It was less than 2 weeks old from the time it was produced to the time we purchased it.

I haven't seen any ugly pickups/utes yet. Some look awkward of ungainly, but not ugly.

My step brother here in Australia bought a Ssangyong Stavic that is in the link.

Now this is an ugly ass vehicle, the interior is worse. It's worse than a Aztec.

@Jeff S
There is no cheapskate buyers of any vehicles, anywhere. Some can afford to spend more on a vehicle, but I won't.

There are a lot of dreamers who wish they can have more. But will never get there. Some probably blog on this site and make up illusionary stories about their experiences and what they have.

What is good about these sites, these people are found out by their blogs and stories. They are nothings.

I think if you want product X and it suits you, buy it. Who cares.

i vote for the 97-03 ford f-150. that was one ugly and feminine looking truck.

@Big All--The front of that car is not bad and even the tail lights are Mercedes like, but that roof and back glass redefines what is ugly. It does make the Aztec look like a thing of beauty. As for vehicle choice, the CRV was just a good fit for us and makes a perfect retirement vehicle. A decent interior, respectable mpgs, and the closest vehicle to meet our needs. Also having owned a Honda before they are extremely reliable. I could afford a much more expensive vehicle, but the CRV is just a better fit. When I was in my 20s and early 30s I was more interested in 2 door coupes and sporty cars and a pickup or wagon like vehicle would not have been my choice. As I have gotten older I want a more versatile vehicle with some of the luxuries. Not really into impressing anyone.

JeffS. Yes I am married, and my wife drove a 81 Civic when I met her, but now? she is the one who drives the Silverado around, not much lately cause of shoulder surgery, but she would not be caught dead in anything imported, either made here or there, just as long as an American co. made the profits off it, that is all that counts, same goes for me, even if built in Mexico, (our last truck the Avalanche) was made there, but that does not mater, as fact, if the good folks down there have a good job, (and that is a very good job in Mexico), there is no reason for the folks to come up here, so it's a win win! and do I recall you saying your S-10 was actualy an Hombre? same truck, buy the profits goes to Japan, then whatever is left over stays here with GM so that is not so bad either, if that is the case, my brother and his wife have CRV's, and they love them, but when ever they need something moved? who do they call? me and my wife, we have 3 trucks, but obviously can only drive two between us at a time, but I let my brother drive one of them, as he once owned a couple of F-150's 4x4 reg cab, but now he says he does not need a truck? and he loves my Eco-Boost F-150! but I now what is going on there, and it has to do with a whip, ball and chain......we have 3 trucks an old Corvair Conv. and 2 HD's, and a Buell.

@sandman--No the S-10 is a totally GM product, they made the Hombre for Isuzu. The 08 Isuzu I-370 was made In Lafayette, LA in a GM plant but was a jointly designed vehicle between Isuzu and GM which the GM vehicles were the Colorado and Canyon. Honda and Toyota are big employers in my region with Honda in Ohio and Indiana and Toyota in Kentucky and Indiana. Both Honda and Toyota have actually revived the auto industry in Ohio which has lost many GM and Ford plants. Jobs in Mexico still help the US economy and to criticize any vehicle made in Mexico particularly when many of the components are made in the US and Canada is very short sighted. We live in a global economy and as a result we need to be more open minded.

Here is a pickup that redefines pickup, I would have to say its the ultimate pickup, globally. It's no cheapskate vehicle either. I would love to have one. If it wasn't for the Australian Army the concept wouldn't exist, just like Wrangler's with WWII Jeeps.

Not one country has an equivalent pickup today. Hopefully in the future.

I think higher end vehicles from outside of the US are in demand around the world and in the US. Most vehicle manufacturing countries produce high end vehicles, not prestige or luxury.

Even my pickup is high end, but it isn't a prestige or luxury vehicle. Prestige and luxury vehicles are designed to be that from the onset, not start out as a simple commercial vehicle. That is what differentiates the G Wagen from other pickups, it's initial design application.

@Big Al--This would be a perfect vehicle for Arnold. This is one tough vehicle.

Awesome!!! Everyone driving a GM or Dodge Ram will have something to celebrate!!!

I always thought if some of these old trucks could speak they would have some interesting stories to tell. Yes they are merely machines but with a little imagination you could create some great stories.

BAFDU: I thought the MB was nice looking, until I saw the double axel in the rear! and to only hold 750Kilos in the rear? even with the double axel ? that make no sense at all to me, unless that is like all Military Service vehicles, where the ratings are for all terrain, then maybe, but wow what a difference another axel can make in the looks of this thing!

It is a tie between the 2013 Ford and Ram pickup.

Know which truck I'd like to see? The Powell Sport Wagon.

Not quite ugly, but not quite pretty, either.

And just think of the concept: a one-piece body (both pickup and wagon), with pull-out drawers at the rear for storing gear; built on a salvaged 1942 Plymouth sedan chassis, with an engine from the same era; assembled in Southern California; and sold largely in the western US from 1955 to 1956. Production stopped when the supply of available Plymouths ran dry.

Second place? Mahindra TR240 Scorpio. The pickup we never got.

Ugly truck day?

Should be an easy victory for the Toyota Tundra stepside of the prior generation. Ugliest truck ever made. The current Tundra is a close second.

I just googled more information of the Australian Army variant of the 6x6 G Wagen. A photo I haven't seen before on the bottom of the link gives an indication of some of the 8 types the Army will receive.

It seems there will be an ambulance, recon (electronics, etc) and a tray back in both single and double cabs.

The Army is using an old Jeep Grand Cherokee Mercedes 3.0 litre V6 diesel. The power and the torque is not as high as the Grand Cherokee had. This suggests the engine's characteristics have been altered to make it more 'trucklike'.

The Canadians and a host of other nations are running G Wagens as well. So the only 'indigenous' Australian variant is the 6x6. From what I have read the G Wagen (don't know if its 4x4 or 6x6) has a payload of 1 500kg and with armour it drops to 500kg.

It seems other countries are interested in the 6x6 as well.

@Big Al--It is interesting that Australia and Canada are both using the G wagon and not a Humvee or Jeep product. That to me says lots about US vehicles in an international market.

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