Spied! 2015 Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon

2015 Colorado front II

Spy photography by Brenda Priddy & Company

The midsize GM pickup trucks are doing their extreme hot-weather testing in the usual places, like Death Valley, California, towing a set of good-sized trailers. Although both trucks were pretty well covered, the spy shooters did tells us they saw some unwrapped front grilles and headlight designs that looked similar to the new half-tons. Additionally, although clearly early production models, the interiors are hugely different as well.

It makes sense to us that there would be some overlap with the bigger brothers, but we're hoping GM does something special with this new truck (possibly a hybrid power train?) to give it some separation just as more people are thinking about purchasing a smallish pickup truck.

2015 Colorado DC-CC II

2015 Canyon front CC III

2015 Canyon rear side CC II

2015 Colorado rear BP&C II



I think this will hurt Silverado and Sierra sales more than they think. That size just looks to close to my comfort

Hybrid powertrain! LOL!
What? Is this motortrend?

I have to give credit where its due cause I'm no GM fanboy! At least GM is still making a Mid-size pickup where the other two being Ford & Ram are not! Good for GM!

Awesome! Can't wait for this truck to hit the ground. Toyota's reign in the compact truck segment is just about over...

Go GMfor building a midsizer. Not all people are like me who need a full size truck. This truck still looks big tho, judging by these pictures. If I didn't know any better, I would think it was a full sizer. Hopefully it will not pirate sales from it's bigger brothers. Give us a standard 4.3, and optional turbodiesel 6 cyl, and, offer 6speed auto or optional stout 6 speed manual, you will have one hell of a truck here GM.

GM recalls 843 '14 Silverado, Sierra pickups for air bag glitch


Hy hope gmc have the same front grill like the acadia 2013,,,

It's good to see the Colorado/Canyon progressing.

I hope the diesel version is there and they changed the interior.

Here in Australia the review were critical of the interiors.

But some reviewers think it is the best of our utes off road. I hope the off road ability is retained.

This will definitely be a couple of generations in front of the Tacoma.

You guys will love it.

I see the Tacoma will remain thr best-looking midsize pickup in 2015...

The Silverado 1500 might hurt in sales if the Colorado offers a fuel efficient diesel and the 1500 does not. I am still hoping GM will produce the 4.5L Duramax as a bridge between the 2.8L and 6.6L.

That's excellent! That global Coloranyon looks too goofy. I'm liking the high sides on the bed. It would make it harder for short people to see what's back there and steal it!

This truck looks BIG. I'd like to see a photo of this next to the 1/2 ton Silverado. It is too bad that these trucks are going to resemble the bigger ones. They need their own identity to minimize eating into the full sized GMC pie.

There's a 6' bed on both the extend cab and the crew (double) cab?

What is making them look big is the front fenders more or less are straight and not curved towards the centre line of the vehicle.

It also looks like they put one of those terrible pretend big truck grills on it. But it can't be any worse than the Holden Colorado grill. Izuzu so far has the nicest looking front end.

The long wheelbase model might not do to well off road.

Not much to do with the Colorado.

But here are some crazy Arabs in Qatar, hooning in the sand dunes. Geez, some look like they have worked their engines significantly, must be great when gas is less than a dollar a gallon.


I think this truck will be a hit as long as it has decent MPG and hauling numbers. Full sizers are getting to big for many people and I think if this truck does well, Ford and the rest will come back to the market.

Not much to do with the Colorado.

But here are some crazy Arabs in Qatar, hooning in the sand dunes. Geez, some look like they have worked their engines significantly, must be great when gas is less than a dollar a gallon.


Not much to do with the Colorado.

But here are some crazy Arabs in Qatar, hooning in the sand dunes. Geez, some look like they have worked their engines significantly, must be great when gas is less than a dollar a gallon.


Strangely, I'm going to disagree with some of the viewpoints yet again about this new model. Honestly, I expect Big Al is probably the only one who can give us any real dimensions, but I get the impression that the roof line is lower on this truck than on the previous Colorado/Canyon models. The way the roofline tapers towards the back window is obviously aerodynamically influenced, but also makes the bed sides look higher than they might actually be because of it.

If we assume for the moment that those are 17" wheels, then we can estimate that it has 7" ground clearance and about 36" to 40" to the bed rail and an overall height of maybe 50"-55". In other words, maybe as much as a foot lower than the previous model while still showing about a 16' length on the extended cab model. The wheels could be 18" which would raise the truck overall by maybe 3" (my estimates of all heights based on about 11" from hub to ground when the real number could be 12"-12.5" times a little more than three to the bed rail. Even if this truck reaches 6' tall at the roofline, it's still going to be lower than its predecessor.

That also means it will be more mid-sized and farther away from its full-sized brothers and as such less competition for them while offering something closer to what the compact truck buyers want. Again, maybe Big Al can give us some dimensions based on the Oz version.

Guys, look at those pictures again. Take a close look. Notice how big the guys look INSIDE those trucks! These are definitely smaller than some of you think they are!

Nice trucks! A nice alternative to way to huge full size trucks. Can't wait to test drive one!

Boys, you're looking at Silverado 1000. It will not eat into Silverado sales, it will add to it.
Good job GM for covering all bases. As a consumer, isn't that what we all want?

The trucks will be 6' 1" to the top of the roof. I think they are about 6' 2" wide. The beds are a little over 6' long.

Unlike your pickups the sides of the truck are not nearly as vertical. The pickup bed sidewalls aren't high, they sit lower than the base of the window line.

It looks like a Colorado with a new front end.

They would be Tacoma-ish in size.

As for the engines I would think there will be the 2.8 diesel and the small V6 from the new 1500. That would be my best guess. I couldn't see a V8 in the current climate.

@HEMI V8, quit grasping at straws.

You can tell it looks tougher than the current global Colorado. GM should use the 4.3L DI V6 rather than the 3.6 DOHC. Exciting! Ford will have to sell the Ranger in the US.

Not much difference to the Global Colorado in this shot.

A lot of work has been done to eliminate the rather soft look of the current global S10/Colorado trucks, for a macho look more in keeping with the typical American pickup. All they need to do now is change the name.

@Big Al From Oz, Robert Ryan - It does look like they make the USA version more boxy like the full sized trucks. I do think they need brand separation. GMC may be falling back into old habits where they fixate on being #1 in sales and loose site of profits. Maybe profits don't matter now that they are socialist ;)
I like the 2014 Silverado's but now that I'm seeing more and more of them, the look has lost some of its appeal to me. There is that risk when one goes retro (1987). The "look" might fade fast. The 2014 Sierra didn't look as good at first mostly because of psychological tie in to nostalgia of the '80's.

I saw a Sierra today in a slightly darker charcoal gray than my F150 and it had a black grill. It was a sharp looking truck. The 2014 Sierra is a brawnier version of the 2013. It is readily apparent when one goes to the dealer lot and sees a '13 next to a '14 Sierra. The same evolutionary tie in doesn't hit me when I see a Silverado of '13 vintage next to a '14. A guy has a very nice '87 Chevy 4x4 in my neighbourhood. That is what I think of each time I see a '14 Silverado.
I liked my 1990 F250 but I don't want a reminder of it each time I climb into my current pickup.

"Looks Tougher" is a matter of opinion. Front fascia is squarer than the Global Colorado the rest is pretty similar. I do not think will bring in the Ranger, but a much lighter version of the F150 will be produced.

I was just doing a comparison between the US version of the Colorado and the Holden Colorado and the Izuzu Dmax (link below).

They all appear to have different wheel arches. I think the Dmax is the nicest looking of the 3 variants so far. The only body panels that are the same might be the door and cabin.


Mid-Size trucks are dead, they steal sales from their own, just like Dakota did to the fulls size Ram. GM obviously doesn't pay attention to the market. Compact pickups are what people want, with price being most important. Why would anybody pay for a mid size truck when they can get a full size for roughly the same?

"Why would anybody pay for a mid size truck when they can get a full size for roughly the same?"

I see people say this all the time, but I've priced out midsize and full size trucks. The comparable midsize is always significantly cheaper.

You have factor in the discounts, do not just compare MSRP to MSRP.

I look forward to seeing this truck when it is introduced. I do think a diesel and small V8 should be offered as an option.

I'd like to see how this truck plays out in to end, and from looking at the pic's with the trailer, it not that much bigger, looks to be a 6x10.

Considering GM designers' recent track records they might want to consider selling them still wrapped like that. Sure would look better than what they've been churning out in recent years.

@ big al

Unfortunately GM has stated they will not use the new 4.3L ecotec V6 in these small trucks. Really stupid decision on their part since it would be the perfect gasoline engine to put in a truck this size. I'd love to see a small diesel too but won't hold my breathe for GM to get the powerplants for these trucks right.

What is the curb weight of your similar trucks in Australia? I really hope that these "mid size" trucks do not exceed 4500 lbs even in their top trim / weight levels. That alone would help them do better with fuel economy.

i like the size of these midsize pickups, don't need a fullsize, want max mpg! if gm offers a diesel version with 7-7.5k towing they can take my order now.

Awesome .. I like the size

"You have factor in the discounts, do not just compare MSRP to MSRP."

And if they have to discount the full size by that much then it obviously shows the demand is more for smaller than larger, no? That much discount is 'manufacturing' demand, not acknowledging it. The more popular a vehicle is, the less they're going to discount it--as evidenced by the popularity of the different full-sized trucks and the discounts offered.

@Robert Ryan, I wouldn't minimize subjectivity. If a scientific poll showed a fairly even distribution, your point would stand (in every poll that relies on subjectivity), but I am betting in many cases, the result would be easier to predict. Never studied design, so I can only guess this to be the case. But psychology definitely plays a major role in this prediction. Eg. Put a picture of a Ferrari 458 against a Pontiac Aztec, we could predict what design people will prefer. Even if it were two cars that people never heard of to eliminate bias. Anyway, I think most people will find the new GM midsize twins to look bolder and tougher than its global counterpart. I bet this was GM's goal for the US market. The goal for the global market was unlikely to prioritize boldness and toughness. Looking at its current design, I would suggest the goal was to make it nice, car-like, and unobtrusive.

Also, I agree with you on the US Ranger replacement, given the spy pics already posted on here. I assume it will be called the F-100 to count as F-series sales.

@Big Al, RobertRyan: Ok, I can accept those sizes because it's clear that they're still not the seven-foot-tall monsters now known as full-sized trucks. In fact, it's still a lower roofline than even my 1990 full-sized truck, so by comparison it's almost acceptable to me (I will be giving my truck to my father-in-law when I buy my next vehicle).

The wife insists she wants a truck in the family and I agree there's a small need, mostly due to her charity work. I, personally, don't want a Toyota and this recent light truck challenge definitely turned me off of Nissan (though I didn't want one of those, either) so either the Chevy or GMC (assuming a certain GM person I spoke to was lying (which is certainly possible)) that there will be both a Colorado and a Canyon. Then it will be a matter of which one looks better, as I'll very likely never stress its load or towing capacities.

Ford? Even if they bring back the Ranger, I'm not to likely to buy. While I understand the trucks are more reliable than the cars, everyone *I* talk to who owns one either loves it or hates it; very few are ambivalent about it. When it's a fleet truck, it seems most of the drivers around here are at best unhappy about it.

RAM? I'd really love to see them bring in a new mid-size or compact truck. I prefer the looks of the RAM over any other brand, followed closely by the GMC. I've also never really had issues with any Chrysler product I've owned that hasn't been fairly dealt with. I could deal with a semi cab-over design similar to the Fiat Big Al linked the other day, but I'm sure RAM isn't going to be satisfied with that as their "mid-sized" offering.

It looks like I'll take one of whatever is available, when I do finally buy.

I like it-a decent size bed with sidewalls you can actually lean over. That makes accessing material/tools in the bed much easier. Not everyone uses their truck for towing only.

Now if they market a work truck version w/o carpeting or the "free" Onstar that adds almost $300 to the vehicle's price-and if the 2 wheel drive delivers 25 or more highway mgg I am in.

Oddly, I understand they apparently plan to do that now-but only on GMC, while Chevy is only high end or street truck oriented-the opposite of the marketing of the Silverado/Sierra.

Anybody have any idea why they reversed marketing? Do the GMC dealers badly want a work truck?

hopefully the fuel consumption is better than the last generation, there was really no point in buying a canyon/colorado when you compared the MPG to a full size truck

It depends on what you think is SIGNIFICANTLY less. To one person a few thousand is significantly less. Another person it's significantly overpriced. Another is Chrysler’s Dakota, which Cheng says is more expensive on a total cost of ownership basis than its larger Ram counterpart because the smaller truck depreciates in value more quickly than the full-size model.

You need a minimum $5,000 to $10,000 pricing gap and you need a fuel economy gap of at least 5 miles per gallon.

If the mid-size is $28k and the full-size is $31k and the full-sizes get more fuel efficient, not many are going for the mid-size. Mid-size sales have been slow. You really can’t argue with the sales numbers.

The relevancy of small pickups has died off as the full-size ones get better and better and more fuel efficient.

Colorados don't hold thier value very well and their reliability is poor which both add to the cost compared to a full-size.

Chevrolet Colorado
Segment: Pickup Truck
CR Predicted Reliability Score: Poor
CR Value Score: Not rated among the worst in overall value
CR Safety Score: Rated among the worst in overall safety performance
CR Overall Score: 41 out of 100
J.D. Power Dependability Score: 2 out of 5 Power Circles

Colorado is junk and too much $$$ for what you get.

Silverado is a better and smarter buy.

This blog post can be closed now.

I think these are about the same weight as my Mazda BT50, or about 4 600lbs as a dual cab 4x4.


As for the people talking FE and pay back even if these are cheaper.

The reality is if they are cheaper to buy, even by a few grand and get better FE and it does the job you want.

Then its a cheaper to buy and cheaper to run against a full size that will do exactly the same thing you are using your vehicle for.

Our Colorado's are towing a bit under 8 000lbs and the FE is about 28mpg average, not highway, thats the dual cab 4x4.

I should and would expect your Colorado if it comes as a diesel to get the same.

I would think to only other real choice for a V6 gas engine is one of the Alloy-Tec V6s with SIDI that are fitted to the Holden Commodore or the Comaro.

The engine could be tuned differently for a commercial vehicle.

I would prefer the diesel, especially for towing.

the constant fussing over fuel economy is a 1970s issue that people cannot seem to forget. There is no fuel shortage, people!

Create one if you want but the world is covered with crude oil, coal, natural gas, and alternative choices continue to grow.

The only reason at this point in my life that I'd select a smaller truck than a modern half ton would be parking, and nimble handling.

In almost every other respect a half ton pickup or SUV of the Expedition/Grand Cherokee/Suburban sort is exactly what most families want. The carmakers have a challenger here because half ton trucks are profitable and popular. If their compact trucks become too attractive it will cause them to cannibalize on the half ton market.

I presently have two "cars." A 2011 Subaru Outback 3.6 and a 2009 Silverado V8/auto. The Chevy is the best most trouble free car or truck I've ever owned. The Subie is my wife's daily driver. Each are enjoyable but I bought my truck for HALF of what she paid for her Subaru. The Chevy is our Go To car.

The subie has 10k miles on the clock, the truck has 50k. I cannot find fault with either.

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