Spied! Semi-Naked 2015 GMC/Chevy HD Pickups


Photos by KGP Spy Photography

Our spies tell us things are heating up in the deserts as testing of GM's next-generation heavy-duty pickup trucks gets closer to finalization. Big camouflage pieces of vinyl are being dropped in favor of smaller body-wrapped graphics. That's usually a telltale sign that details and powertrains are getting sorted.

According to these images, only the front grilles are being heavily protected, but we can still see that both the Chevrolet and GMC exterior designs are going to be similar to the half-ton trucks. What the exact changes are under the skin remains to be seen; however, from these images it looks like there is nothing radical on way.

The GM HD pickups are likely to be available as 2015 models by the summer of 2014. We're hoping to get some time behind the wheel long before that.

1 Chevy.HD.2500.b01.KGP

2 Chevy.HD.3500dualie.b01.KGP

4 Chevy.HD.3500dualie.b03.KGP

3 Chevy.HD.3500dualie.b07.KGP

2 GMC.HD.2500.b04.KGP



Hopefully they don't all come with that big antenna

The true tell tale sign of these trucks will come when we find out if towing numbers are anywhere near those of Ram.

GM the BEST TRUCKS . That's all.

Wow....that rear looks 2 or 3 times my last 10 GM TRUCKS !!

Come on haters. Complain about the low frames. :)

General Motors once more is Kicking Ass!!!

Where's the FORD Girls and who cares for Sludge Rammie... Specially all the Canadian Ram Girls who received Recall Notices from Fiat lol

Not really Durastrokins, tow ratings are bull, the true tell-tale signs are who can haul and tow a heavy load confidently, and reliably, and not be a total slug.

@: AllAmerican - You have an odd name for a person who supports a socialist company. Does the "C" in GMC stand for 'C'omrade? The UAW prefers the term "brothers and sisters" but HEY, whatever floats your boat.

God I wish GM would do something different/original with the way their HD trucks look. Is it really that hard to tell that they are going to look exactly like the 1/2 tons? Are the engineers really that lazy/stupid to not be able to come up with something original for the front end of these trucks? I don't like Fords, but at least they distinguish their HD's from their 1/2 tons pretty well. And the same old stupid taillights from 2007 to now 2015? Wow. All-new design doesn't mean keep using the same old parts from previous models! I'm a big GM fan, but for the life of them, they can't get the simple details right, ever! Go hire the Ram designers/engineers who really pay close attention to detail and have made their new trucks look really good, inside and out.

GM is going to keep selling trucks and continue to come in 2nd place as long as they're too stupid for their own good. My 2002 Silverado Super Cab had A/C vents for the back seat, but guess what, my 2007 Crew Cab doesn't. Makes no sense! My 2007 Silverado Crew Cab has a separate radio with headphone jacks for back seat passengers, the 2014's don't have $hit. My 2002 Silverado had 4 wheel disc brakes and they made a big deal about it in their brochures and advertising. Guess what, my 2007 Silverado had drum brakes in the back. These are just examples of the annoying stupidity that GM still suffers from. A bunch of retards over there making really stupid decisions when it comes to their trucks!

@LouLou Canadian Pal lol

Here we go with more Opinions, let's stick with the Facts GM Kick Ass and plus your Canadian what do you know about trucks... Yeah Go Sludge Rammie Right...

agreed chris. At least chevy still has a good powertrain which they have improved. Only thing going for them in my opinion. But I am a Ford guy. Nothing about the new chevy trucks is exciting to me at all. No diesel half ton. Boring designs. Nothing radical. Mediocre all around other than having arguably the best overall HD powertrain (which is the most important thing but not everything and not a lot better than ford if at all). The rams look nice but long term reliability is questionable to say the least especially with all the new features. Ford has a lot going for them right now and have a lot of excitement building up for the 2015 f150. I wanted to like the new chevy trucks I really did, but they give me no choice but to remain a ford fan.

Man look at that low slung frame! That thing starts to rust and it will really make this truck look even worse, if that's possible.

@johnny doe
Ha. If you look closely side by side you can see a very slight difference. I saw a 2014 the other day. Probably 95 percent of people wouldn't know they were even redesigned just glancing at them. I don't think the 2014 chevy will sell much better no matter how improved it is because people can hardly tell it is redesigned unless they really follow truck news or have the opportunity to drive newer trucks all the time. Ford doesn't do a lot more than change the headlights and grille, but they do a good job of making it look different and much improved with the simple changes they make. Changes that the average joe will notice and might even convince them to take a test drive. Even a chevy owner (chris) couldn't even tell the tail lights were changed.

Man those standard mirrors are too small for a 3/4 ton truck. I know they have the towing mirrors but the standard mirrors should be bigger, I mean my 2014 Impala has mirrors that size maybe even bigger.

@ beebe Ha yeah okay you can believe that, but anyone that doesn't need glasses or a eye doctor can tell The Chevy there is new body lines/different doors/lights/grills/tailgate/bumpers/roof line/totally new inside. Ford new head lights grill and tailgate other then that same body lines and inside as a 2004 with hardly and notice able change.

I have just seen 2014 Silverado on dealers lot, The one thing that really bothers me about the new design and these photos show it is the great big wheel openings that are getting squarer with each redesign. I think both Ford and Ram are spending a little bit more on There design studios. Or maybe its time GM went away from having Chev and GMC and went to one truck make.

@ Cameron Carlile. You only said that because you don't want people to talk about it. Forget the reverse psychology, we should discuss what we like and don't like about it and stop pretending that one truck is perfect and the rest are crap.

@allgovernment/unionowned - I got nothing against the new GMC siblings. They've fixed pretty much everything I didn't like with the GMT900's. Your BS is too thick. So thick...... Even the new 30k Ram HD can't haul it.

BTW....GMC is blaming the release of the 2014 trucks for decreased profits amount other things.
The more things change the more they stay the same............ At least for GMC management and the '87 Silverado...oops.... I meant '14 Silverado.

@Lou, look up Fast Lane Truck on YouTube. They used a 13 Ram 3500 Cummins/Aisin 385/850 to haul a 17K lb 5th wheel up the I70, and they said it struggled enough with that, let alone 30K lbs.

Big F-Series news is coming this week.

@Dave, Stop trying to steal GM's thunder! This is a GM post!

@Greg - Thunder?
As you know.......... Lightning always comes before Thunder ;)
or are you mistaking flatulence for thunder?

LOLOL!!!!! Nice FRAME on the GovtMoCo Sierra. It'll Look CLASSY all drooped Down like that when the CHEAP WAX comes Off and it RUSTS within a Year! LOL..... LOW SLUNG, NO Ground Clearance, EYESORE! Bet the Urea tank is the SAME WAY.

@Dave... pertaining to next Super Duty or F150?

@Alex - Ram said the Ram 3500 can tow 30,000 lb but they never mentioned how fast ;)

My hunch is Super Duty because Mike would have said big F-150 news if it was just F-150.


Sweet! High expectations now! :)

I think this HD looks okay. It would be good to see some work orientated vehicles on this site instead of the usual SUV inspired pickups, especially in the HD range.

Another good idea would be for any of the Big 3 to introduce a 4 litre class diesel into the HDs. Sort of an entry level engine.

I do know Cummins has a 3.8 litre diesel of 170hp and 450ftlb of torque which could be tuned a little differently to give over 200hp and 500ftlb of torque.

It would give superior FE also, with the added advantage of a great work engine. The drivetrain could also be light and basically use the V8 gas drivetrain.

An engine of this power and torque would suit many small businesses and shouldn't cost more than a V8 because these new diesels are 4 cylinder engines.

Izuzu also make a smaller diesel of about 5 litres. Izuzu are reknown for fuel efficient, clean diesels.

@big al

I agree way to many trucks on here are loaded to hills !

How about a half ton regular cab 8ft bed shoot out - call it the best 1/2 ton ( for work not play )

At least GM recognizes that in order to make a better truck they need to out-source the two main components; engine and transmission. Admitting that they can't design those components themselves is the first step towards recovery, but it makes you wonder why they don't hire better engineers.

UNder the skin there will be minimal changes- from GMT400 to 800, and again from GMT800 to 900, GM largely carried over their chassis, introducing the new frame mid cycle.
@Big Al- The 3l V6 in the Ram would be plenty for a 3/4 ton. The one offering close to that in our market will be the Transit CC with the 3.2L Powerstroke (Duratorque). I will bet that those will be a favorite among the high-mile fleet operators.
@Gpz85- they did just that a few years ago. It will be interesting to revisit that now, since the GM and RAM trucks have a modern drive train now.

On the Duellies, I wish they would just make the whole truck as wide as the back fenders, the truck would have a ton of room in the cab with room for four across easily.

Looks like Carbon Copy of the 1/2 ton at least as far as the body goes, why do the even bother putting tape over the steps on the bumper?

Is there anywere in this site a shootout for the 1988- 1998 Chevrolet. Ford and Dodge trucks? or can that not be done?

@Big Al From Oz.

I agree. it be good if the any of the big three offered a small 4LITRE DIESEL Or even smaller for the 3/4 ton trucks. Then i would assume that the price would be way less than thw big diesels they currently use on the 3/4 and 1 tons. but they should keep 2 diesrl options for the 3/4 tons. and only use the big diesel for the 1 ton.

its going to be a toss up to witch one of these trucks [tundra vs chevy] will have the ugliest truck this coming yr.I diden't think anything could get as ugly as a bass faced tundra now with it wonder bra front end but damn gm you're getting close!


Maybe GM should be some rubber fairings down the sides of the truck to hike the frame like you see hanning off the bottom of semi trucks.

The Lightning model went away some time ago--are you now calling a little Tremblor the Thunder?

Remember, Thunder doesn't always follow the Lightning.

Back on topic, if you need an HD then go for it; my complaint is that for all the yapping I've read in this thread, the vast majority of commenters won't be buying one and maybe only of few of those who do will really NEED all that capability.

As a lifetime GM owner, I am mixed on the look of these "new" trucks. The new engines are really the only selling point because the exterior looks too much like the past truck. The dashboard looks like a 2010 Ford Super Duty and the octagon looking center console seems odd. I have to give Ford credit and say that their commercial trucks look beefy and strong. Ram 1500 is a looker inside and out, so were does that leave GM/Chevy? The second place brand looking to keep it's customers interested. Competition isn't worried here, but GM should be. If they make the sheet metal any thinner to reduce weight, just go plastic like the old Saturns and be done with it. Railroad trestle strength frames surrounded by tinfoil bodies. I hope the 2014 Silverado/Sierra grow on me, but I never really warmed up to the 2013 trucks either.

Did someone really say something about the GM 1/2y trucks looking like the HD's, and then mention Ram, and they way they design a truck and make them look different? come on! can you even see? the Rams have the very same differences as the GM HD's do, at least the GM have bigger tail lights and rear bumpers, where as on the Ram, it is only the grill and front bumpers that are diff.

When we were working in Vegas last year I had a twin cab Powerstroke SuperDuty. It was great and powerful.

The only problem was parking it. As we generally found ourselves on the Strip for a feed or sightseeing.

But once on the highway it was okay.

I wouldn't own a HD in the States unless I really needed one. That would mean to earn a living.

The worst vehicle we had was a Chrysler Town and Country van/people mover thing, terrible vehicle. Powerless and handled like a soggy biscuit.


Understand who in The Fast Lane "Truck" videos is saying bad things about the Ram. Roman Mica is a car enthusiast at heart and expects 0-60 times in the sub 8 second range for ANY vehicle. Roman and Nathan are knowledgable about stats and specs, but as far opinions on truck performance, have little credibility in my book (Nathan seems to get what the qualities of good trucks are better than Roman).

As far as the video of them climbing the Ike Gauntlet as they call it, the Ram never dropped below 55 MPH towing the 16.980-lb trailer up a 7% grade. While the ambient temperatures were only in the 80's, the engine coolant and transmission oil temperature never had an indication of overheating. I don't know if I would consider towing 16,980 lbs up a 7% grade at 55MPH "struggling"...

Man, this place is falling behind for news. Ford just announced today that they are campaigning two V8 powered Rangers in the 2014 Dakar. We'll see if they can give Toyota a run for their money in the pickups!

There must be some kind of displacement/class limit/requirements on engines. Last year, the Tundras ran a smaller V8 instead of the 5.7L; I would have guessed that Ford would have run a bigger V8 (6.2L) given the choice too.

Two V-8 powered Rangers in the Dakar rally? That's the big Ford news? A truck we can't buy here with an engine that doesn't come in it entered into a race on another continent? That would only be news if they won, and even then it isn't a headline.

Gm beat ford in power ,pulling.and the rest witch part ford still don't understand ..is funny every time for years gm beat ford on hd,but people get a ford not because is a good pickup to pull etc,etc because they have the illusion they have a powerful pickup,but evrybody no is only a illusion......

Watch the new dmax ,,numbers hp and torque ....:)

@Dav - most Americans and Canadians for that matter have no idea what the Dakar is. The first story I ever saw on this site was when Sue Mead ran a Raptor.
Big Al did mention a while back a "global" Ranger racing with a V8.
I get the impression that most of the news that hits this site isn't done by any true journalism but by rewriting and regurgitating press releases from the PR divisions of the auto companies.
There needs to be more work put into news gathering because I've seen it and others have commented on it, a news story pops up on another site and a few days later it shows up here (if at all).
The trolling has lessened but still needs work.

Regarding my previous post, I just watched The Fast Lane Truck's Ram 3500 Ike Gauntlet - Episode #3 video one more time and have two corrections.

The ambient temperatures was 72 and the slowest speed was down to 46 MPH, not 55 MPH. Total length covered was 8 miles in 10:12. That's still pretty impressive for a run between 9,000 feet and 11,000 feet of elevation.

Until they run the same test with the Ford F-350 and Chevy/GMC 3500, we'll have nothing to compare it to...

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