Spied! Semi-Naked 2015 GMC/Chevy HD Pickups


Photos by KGP Spy Photography

Our spies tell us things are heating up in the deserts as testing of GM's next-generation heavy-duty pickup trucks gets closer to finalization. Big camouflage pieces of vinyl are being dropped in favor of smaller body-wrapped graphics. That's usually a telltale sign that details and powertrains are getting sorted.

According to these images, only the front grilles are being heavily protected, but we can still see that both the Chevrolet and GMC exterior designs are going to be similar to the half-ton trucks. What the exact changes are under the skin remains to be seen; however, from these images it looks like there is nothing radical on way.

The GM HD pickups are likely to be available as 2015 models by the summer of 2014. We're hoping to get some time behind the wheel long before that.

1 Chevy.HD.2500.b01.KGP

2 Chevy.HD.3500dualie.b01.KGP

4 Chevy.HD.3500dualie.b03.KGP

3 Chevy.HD.3500dualie.b07.KGP

2 GMC.HD.2500.b04.KGP



@Big Bob
Ford Racing ZA has developed this Coyote powered Ranger.

Our previous Mazda based Ranger (not US) in 2009 Ford Racing in ZA raced the Ranger with the current 3.2 litre diesel fitted to the Ranger. This diesel was beating all of the V8s in desert racing at the time.

Google Ford Racing South Africa Ford Ranger V8, you will see it's already winning races.

I have a gut feeling we'll be getting this in Australia since Ford Australia is closing shop and we will have no Falcon V8 utes. I hope FPV get a hand on one of these and drops a supercharged 5 litre Coyote in it. It would probably give a Raptor a run for its money.

What I'm finding odd is our midsizers are slowly becoming beasts with mega torque and horsepower, so much for CAFE, EPA and the chicken tax, oh the UAW for stopping imports.

has anyone actually went and looked at the New Chevy's and GMC's... they are pretty different if you look at them, not to mention the New Interior has absolutely nothing in common with the old interior... alltough in my opinion the dash has some similarities with the Dodge... Sharp looking trucks.. I would love to buy one... My ONLY complaint is WHY KEEP THE V6???? it has like 90hp less and only manages 1mpg better HWY, yeah its a couple $K less but really who wouldnt mind paying that for Practically the same MPG and extremely better performance... Just my 2 cents...

@ummm... That is why the 5.3 has traditionally been GM's bread and butter engine. I haven't read much yet about GM's new 4.3 so I can't really comment. We don't know much about the 6.2 either. If these new GM engines turn out to be similar to the prior batch of GM engines (minus 1 entry level V8), there will be minimal reason to go with anything other than the 5.3.

The same can be said for Ram, the 5.7 was where it was at since all of their other engines offered minimal mpg benefit with poor power. Ram is now going to offer some clear choices in their product mix. The 3.6 V6 has a clear mpg advantage for those wanting a light duty vehicle. The 5.7 offers power and "hot rod" feel for those who want it, and the VM Ecodiesel will offer torque and mpg.

If we look at Ford, the 5.4 tended to be the most popular because the other engines in their lineup offered minimal mpg advantages (like Ram), but now has engines that offer clearly delineated choices.


Sure you can, they ran the same tests on the same pass using more weight in 2012. Know what, the GMC did it in less than 9 minutes towing a 19,400 lb trailer with another 1k lbs in the cab. Hmm, did dodge overshoot their numbers a little bit? I'm going to laugh when the big dodge still gets out performed by the gm & ford trucks even with their new inflated numbers. Can't wait to see the next comparison test and what gm brings to the table when they unveil their hd's soon too.

first of gm is the #1 selling truck with chevy and gmc put together and the rams have the same front end on all the trucks and the fords are only different on the f-150 and it looks gross. the new Silverado will have 3 engine choices I heard the 6.0 gas, 6.2 gas and the 6.6 diesel

@moparmadness the frames where always like that have you ever seen a hd truck in order not to see that you have to get the 6" steps

Best looking truck in the WORLD, & the best out of all 3 Chevrolet, Ford and Dodge trucks I have owned for my biz.

gm is doing good again but i wish they would bring back

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