2013 Woodward Dream Cruise: It's All About the Classics

9 Ford II

We've had a chance to walk around and observe one of the biggest automotive cruise events you'll find anywhere in the world, and we thought you'd like to see some photos of the classic and just plain amazing pickup trucks that have shown up in Detroit. This is just a sampling and doesn't come close to conveying what it's like being curbside for the parade of metal and madness that is the Woodward Dream Cruise.

If you like old or new cars and trucks, you have to attend the parade — which takes place every August — at least once in your lifetime. For more information, click here.

We'll have a deeper selection of photos on our Facebook page as soon as well sort through the hundreds of images, and probably another photo gallery here from our final day of The Cruise.  

1 Chevy II

6  Ford II

3 Dodge II

4 Chevy II

2 International II

7 Ford II

10 Dodge PW II

5 Chevy II



Neat old trucks. I am partial to the old IH having owned one.

I bet they didnt hooked up those pipes on the ram truck. lame.

Power Wagon<3

@kark if one looks at the grill, it has huge bars in it, it really turns me on. I hope not as I think that all of that plastic chrome is ugly.

Sure is one long truck, yeah, ummmm makes me hot!

Those pipes came on the Lil' Red wagon so they should work.

More fake posting..... This site's lip service to improving the troll commentary is a farce.

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