2014 Ford Tremor to Pace NASCAR Race

2014 Ford Tremors II

The new 2014 Tremor F-150 two-wheel-drive regular cab short bed will be the pace car for the Aug. 17 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series for the National Guard 200 at the Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn, Mich. The Tremor is Ford's new sport-themed option package, which will have the 365-horsepower, twin-turbo EcoBoost V-6 under the hood along with 4.10:1 gears, 20-inch balcked-out rims and Pirelli Scorpion tires.

We'll get a chance to see how well the Tremor can take some track punishment as Nationwide and Sprint Cup driver Brad Keselowski (in fact, he got his racing start in the Craftsman Truck Series) gives a few select journalists some seattime in a few preproduction Tremors. Keselowski just missed the winner's circle (he finished second) this past weekend when Kyle Busch won the NASCAR road-course race at Watkins Glen International in New York. We'll be sure to let you know what Keselowski thinks of the Tremor, and we may even get some time to talk to him about his final four races before the final 12 racers are determined for The Chase for the 2013 Sprint Cup.

The Ford Tremor is not a sport truck in the style of past heroes like the SVT Lightning or Dodge Ram SRT-10, but for those who appreciate better-handling high-performance pickup trucks, this is a step in the right direction. We'll have more information once we're able to land a production Tremor for some track testing.

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2014 Ford Tremor 2 II

2014 Ford Tremor badge II



That's the only way they can get a Furd out front is run a Pace car/truck LMAO!!

I get it but it is not for me as I would prefer a true sport truck but whoever likes these enjoy. I am not a fan of the Ram R/T or TRD Sport Edition Tundra http://touch.toyota.com/tundra/special-edition.html which it is more comparable too than a Lightning, SS, SRT10 or Supercharged Tundra (which I know big 3 fans isn't model). What I would like to know is what is the appeal of these trucks is it the fun of building your own special edition killer as I wouldn't think these would be collectors edition trucks?

Nice Truck!!!

Better than any GM, RAM, CHUBBY!

The Trolls will be hating on it, oh wait they're already are.

@Dodge RAM SRT-10 Q.C 12 second 1/4 mile ! (ecu flash,exhaust,traction bars)

Actually, the 6.4 is not 392 but 391 cc. They fudged the numbers to tie into Chysler heritage.

@Lou, Is this like Furd fudging my 5.0 Mustang that was really a 4.6 lol. The 392 is bigger cc then 391.

Ram and Tundra fans, don't complain when others talk crap about the trucks you like.

@Hemi V8. Ford did say 5.0 for a 4.9, but not for a 4.6. Mercedes also badges its 6.2 as a 6.3. Yes, it is stupid how manufacturers do this. BMW and Mercedes who traditionally used naming conventions that reflected the engine size have also since ignored this.

Eg. Mercedes S63 would have traditionally meant a 6.3L, but used a 6.2. The newest model is called S63, but now uses a 5.5L V8 turbo.

In other words this truck is fords answer to performance. just like the z71 is chevrolets answer to offroad. LOL!

@Dodge RAM SRT-10 Q.C 12 second 1/4 mile ! (ecu flash,exhaust,traction bars):

What's that you say about six-cylinder gas engines not belonging in pickups? Tell that to the Ford 300, the Chrysler Slant-6, the Chevy Straight-6...

I'm assuming you mean V6s. Then your comment has merit.

Right truck, wrong engine. Should have the 6.2 instead of the EcoBust.

This short bed truck with the ecoboost should run 0 to 60 in the low 6's if it can get hooked up.

Being the owner of an ECOBOOST 11 FX-4 Supercrew w/ 6.5 ft bed, I can attest that the power is very excellent. When pulling 10,000 pounds and up, acceleration is relaxed and it cruises easily, without excessive turbo spooling. When unloaded, it is very quick, and mpg's are consistantly over 20mpg on highway. In fact, I really have to be hard on the throttle around town to get below 15. So far with 57k miles, reliability has been flawless. If you read car and drivers publication on that red 11 FX-4 Supercrew w/ 5.5 ft bed, it did 0-60 in around 6.1 seconds. This reg cab truck has got to be at least 500 pounds lighter, so that is a good 5 tenths off that umber, which is very respectable, and on par if not better than the HEMI of the same configuration. Sure, it would have been awesome to see a supercharged 5.0 Coyote, or 6.2, but this ECOBOOST is a wise choice for this truck. I would love to see Ford enlarge Coyote to maybe 5.5-5.8 Liters, but this ECOBOOST will do just fine for it's intended crowd.

wow and another ford commercial. once a day i suppose. this site will let anyone bash another person but dont say a thing about the site itself or it gets removed............

Ecoboost + $400 SCT tuner with custom tunes = 430hp /525 lb-ft

How much money does it take for a Hemi, Ecotec, or i-Force to make that much power? My guess will be well past $3,000 and you can forget about getting anywhere near the fuel mileage of the Ecoboost once FI those engines. Even the towing tunes that are safe to tow the 11K the Ecoboost is rated to tow will get you well past 500 lb-ft of torque. So again, how much money does it take to make that much torque in these other all inspiring Ram, GM, or Tundra trucks? ......This rhetorical question because I know the answer.

@HEMI V8 - you were dumb enough to fall for it.

@ Losing Power During Acceleration - wow, what a blog name.
If that name is based on personal experience, your doctor can prescribe you something for treating ED.

Nice Truck!!!

Better than any GM, RAM, CHUBBY!

The Trolls will be hating on it, oh wait they're already are.
Posted by: Frank | Aug 12, 2013 4:55:51 PM

There's one of PUTC's top TROLLS. I figured you would have shown up sooner Frankie Troll. Keep on trollin, troll boy!


You are correct for the least amount of money the EB can deliver the most power but it does not work for everyone. Take me for example I love a V8 rumble http://tundrageeks.com/forum/showthread.php?t=9166&p=128823 and I also love the way my truck pulls 1st hard pull from idle to 3000 rpm and the 2nd from 3000 rpm on up. Each pull will try and toss you in the back seat with the seatbelt choking up on you. I have not personally tested it against a EB and I am in the process of doing my smaller pulley but I do believe the their is a major HP difference between a Supercharged Tundra with a smaller pulley, long tube headers and bigger cat-back and it will be too much for a tuned EB with intake and exhaust. We know the SRT10 guys feel the same way when compared to a Supercharged Tundra so to each his own. Before the GM guys let me have it we all know what they can do as well http://callawaysilverado.com/.

Actually Lou I picked that name after I saw a picture of your mother....I hear she had the same effect on your dad....lol

@ ALL1 The difference? Voided warranty with a tuned ecoboost vs a factory warrantied TRD supercharged Tundra or a Roush charged F-150.

And if your going to make the tuned argument, then Diesel + tuner/exhaust makes more power than the ecoboost. An 6.4 Powerstroke with Spartan tunes, 5.9 or 6.7 Cummins with EFI Live or a 6.6 duramax with EFI Live will smoke a tuned ecoboost, while still getting 20+ MPGs.

You can get a used diesel for ~25k, drop $10,000 (new trans for the Duramax and Cummins, the 6.4s Torqueshift doesn't need to be replaced) and make double the power the ecoboost will make tuned, while getting better MPGs.

This video sums up a V6 in a truck. lol


@ Losing Power During Acceleration - nice of you to say that since my mother died last year and my dad has been deceased for a long time. You sound like HemiV8, another class(less) act.

@Lou, Losing Power During Acceleration. That's how Furd gets it's MPG ratings. LMFAO!

@Lou, so what are u saying Lou...now that your parents are gone...Ford is not Losing Power During Acceleration?

That's a nice looking truck! Ford will sell quite a few of them I'm sure. This was put forth to further promote the EcoBoost.
I test drove a Lightning in the early 2000's. That had impressive power.


I bought my SCT tuner from my dealer's accessories department. I have never been hassled or denied warranty at any point when I take it in.

Also, where did I say three quarter and one ton diesels? I guess you need to reread what I said because I specifically said Hemi, Ecotec, and i-Force which are found in half tons like what this article is referring to. The quickest EB that I know of is 12.71 (http://youtu.be/0Ab9XR9R8II) in a heavy 4-door 2wd. Most others in the forums are low 13s with just tunes, exhaust, and intake. This is about the same as a S/C Tundra 4 door. Now that we finally have an EB in a RCSB, we can finally see where they lie.

Lastly, I bought my truck for towing which is what trucks are really meant for. Even with a S/C, the Tundra will not make as much low end torque for pulling and even worse you would have to here that S/C whine while pulling up the hills. That my be okay for a few miles, but would get old quick on the long towing trips up the hills. I know what a S/C Tundra or 5.0L can do, and for what I use my truck for, I and ain't impressed. It may be useful at the track, but for those that use their truck as a truck.

Sorry, here is the link to the 12.71 EB


Just wait for the vm diesel in the ram smoke the ecobust!! Y'all know diesel have more potential than a gas engine.


The reason why diesels have such huge gains largely has to do with their turbos and DI which the Ecoboost has both as well. Also, the VM diesel has a long way to go to even cover the 115hp deficit much less surpass it. It will get great fuel economy I will give it that, but don't expect it to be even as quick as the EB much less the Hemi.

That is not the fastest supercharged tundra these 2 were both faster http://www.tundratalk.net/forums/tundra-performance-modifications/153321-supercharged-tundra-battle.html and this one is in the 11's http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bb9MNYFwUFA. as for it not being able to pull most who have driven one will tell you it pulls like a "freight train" http://www.truckinweb.com/tech/engine/1301tr_toyota_tundra_eaton_tvs_supecharger/viewall.html. "The completed installation was made even more dramatic thanks to a custom cool-air intake from Airaid. Dyno numbers don't lie, and the after data was impressive. Before figures came in at 309 hp and 328 lb-ft to the tires. With the TRD supercharger, the 5.7L put down 452 hp and 508 lb-ft of torque. That's an incredible 143 rwhp increase! The Tundra was making more than 400 lb-ft of torque from 2,700 rpm all the way to redline—it pulled like a freight train." That was done without the 2nd and 3rd major power producers 2. long tubes and bigger mid pipes and 3. smaller supercharger pulley. That was just the trd supercharger with a different intake that AIRAID will not sell.


The at tuned Eco puts down 400 lb-ft in the 1,800-2,000 range and stays above until almost red line. It does not have that whine when towing like my friends does and gets freaking annoying when pulling a trailer. Again, my point it that not everyone is going to want to spend $6K on an S/C kit, and most will opt for just a tuner, intake, and exhaust. For that, the EB wins hands down in inexpensive gains. You have to spend thousands on current N/A V8 to surpass what the EB can do with less than a thousand. My friend spent thousands on his 08 Supercab 2wd while I spent less than $600 on an intake and tune on my Supercrew 4x4 to be a truck length each time we line up. Not to mention mine tows better at less RPM and no whine. Like I said, I have seen what a S/C Tundra has to offer, and I am not impressed for what I use my truck for and how much money you have to spend to be so close.

I am not trying to convince you as I don't sell them, I am just stating a EB is not for everybody as I like how a supercharged tundra pulls from idle on up and the way it sounds also. Also a supercharged Tundra with mods will more than likely smoke a EB with mods when they line up as a stock supercharged tundra smokes a stock EB as the hp difference is too much and the torque isn't http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCWiQZDor7o. Also the Tundra's numbers are rwlb ft over 400lb ft from 2700 till redline 5600 rpm to get the EB over 400rwlb ft you would have to tune it and on this dyno it did it at 3500 rpm till 5000 rpm http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpRNTy-GmAQ and on some dyno's for less rpm http://www.morepowertuning.com/2012-ecoboost-sf3 andhttp://www.stage3motorsports.com/3015-2011-2013-F150-Ecoboost-SCT-Tuner-w-3-Custom-Tunes-5-Star-Tuning.html and something that peaky can't be better for work.

A rather ugly sticker package. Can anyone tell us how many wins Ford has this year in Sprint Cup? Brad could only wish his Ford could run like last years championship winning Dodge.

Ford Tremors when it inhales the water from the intercooler. The most dangerous and unreliable truck every made. Ford still does not have a fix for this major engineering mistake!

I like it but it seriously needs to be lowered about TEN INCHES!

I find the argument over which vehcile is faster with aftermarket mods humorus, and kind of pointless to this forum, because anybody can spend a retareded ammount of money to race their trucks with supper chargers tunes, headers, exaugst, etc.


You know all dynos aren't the same right? Also, back to my original statement on the EB having more gains with just an intake, tune, and exhaust like 99% of truck owners will ONLY do. How much did that S/C cost you? How many truck owners are going to spend that amount of money to race a truck? You spend the same amount of money as an EB on basic mods that most do and see where that puts the i-Force in power. If you spent the same amount of money on mods to race as what that S/C cost you then I am sure you can make the EB have some big gains just as the 3.0L DI twin turbo Toyota Supras put down 1000hp with enough mods. If you throw enough money at it then yes you will see big power, but this was not my point. As I said in my first post, with just a $400 tuner or what 99% of truck owners are willing to spend, you can put some major gains on the EB that you cannot duplicate on a Hemi, Ecotec, or i-Force with the same amount of money. So, how much did that S/C kit cost you again?

4,10 because they have problem whit the turbo lag,they don't have to any choice,,,fast to start no good top speed??

The BS coming from the Ford bashers in here is stinking up the place.

1.The ecoboost intercooler/power loss issued has been solved with the redesigned 2013+ intercooler. Ford has over 300,000 ecoboost f150s on the road in north america, if problems were widespread we would be hearing more than just a few yahoos and a slimeball lawyer starting a frivolous lawsuit.

2.The ecoboost has zero, none, zilch "turbo lag". Stomping on the throttle will force the computer to kick in traction control and torque management. Both of which will temporarily reduce the power available until things get rolling so it doesnt turn the tires into smoke. Want to get rid of that? get a tune.

3.The torque curve of the ecoboost is better than any gas v8 available, even fords. 420 ftlbs that peaks just over 2000 and is virtually flat up past 4,000 rpm is massive compared to all the v8s who dont peak until 4k plus.

Many of you are just IDIOTS talking smack, and I bet half of you drive some stock 4-year-old Korean hatchback, or some beater truck with 100,000+ miles on it. I had a Lightning, and the gas mileage WAS HORRIBLE! I now drive an Ecoboost Supercrew, and it gets 20+ mpg on the highway (with a 3.55 diff), and although I haven't towed more than about 8000# with it, it is more than up to the task. My daughter has a V8 GMC with cylinder deactivation, and while she can get about the same highway mileage as me, she sacrifices towing due to the 3.08 gearing. So she complains about the weight when towing the same trailer.

This 3.5 is no joke. I have one in an SHO and with a few mods it makes 400/450 at the wheels, so closer to 500 flywheel. With tune and exhaust it actually sounds good for a V6 and will spin all 4 tires. At the race track I regularly take down Mustangs, Camaros, GT500s, even vettes. I have even had vettes avoid me in the staging lanes because they dont want to loose to a Taurus. This is a great engine choice in my OP. I am an old school V8 fan myself BTW.

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