2014 Ram ProMaster Full-Size Coming Soon

ProMaster II

Ram Commercial began production of the 2014 Ram ProMaster full-size van last month, and it will likely arrive in dealerships by next month. The vans are being made at the Saltillo Assembly Plant in Coahuila, Mexico, adjacent to the Ram Truck plant that produces Ram 1500 regular cabs and all the Ram heavy-duty pickups.

We'll have a chance to drive a few versions of the new van later next month in Southern California and will be able to let you know how it stacks up against the competition; even against the Fiat Ducato (the platform from Europe on which it is based), which has been around in one form or another for 30 years. The ProMaster will directly compete in both looks and size with the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Ford Transit vans.

The ProMaster vans will start at $27,025 for the outfitters option 3500 Cutaway Chassis Cab but will climb though dozens of itertions to the top-level 3500 long-wheelbase high-roof cargo van which has a base price of $37,145. 

ProMaster 3 II

ProMaster 2 II



The small size shown in he photo.. In Europe and here in Australia these go to 27ft.
Winnebago has just finished making a Class B on the short chassis called the Trend.

Many motorhomes are going to be based on this van.

i thought this was midsize considering the fwd with diesel I4 or gas V6.

Man this thing is UGLY!!!

A real American vehicle made in Coahuila, Mexico by Fiat....lol

It will likely arrive in dealerships by next month....I day before the first recall.

I find it funny that they say it will compete in both looks and size. Size maybe but looks? This makes the Transit and Sprinter look like Sports Illustrated cover models.

Unidad #1 needs a paper bag over its head. LOL

They could of made it better looking but like most of them will be used as a tool not your show rig , for that u can get the best looking trucks and cars in market from Chrysler!

I think I like it more than the sprinter van. Looks like it comes with rear wheel drive which is necessary for a reasonably sized motorhome.

I don't care how functional it is. I don't want that to represent my business. Looks terrible. Ill stick with the American made Transit.

I would rather have a Nissan over this fugly van. Hope G.M. does not stop making their full size van.

fugly (ˈfʌɡlɪ)

— adj , -lier , -liest
offensive chiefly ( US ), ( Austral ) extremely ugly

[C20: phucking + ugly ]

I already miss ford e series. They look pretty good compared to this new euro trend happening

@HEMI V8 - welcome to your future. A Eurovan coming to a HVAC company near you.

I hope they hold up better to rust than the Sprinter. I see rusted out Sprinters up and down the highway.

It looks a lot better as a Motorhome, unbalanced without the Luton peak

The next question in relation to the European Ducato is "how would you like to be stuck behind this doing 45mph up a hill!"
Actually they are somewhat quicker than that.
Here is one doing 125mph on a Highway.

How do they handle ice and snow? Remember has Mountains and plenty of snow
Climbing Hills and a Mountain

A team and this euro van ? I Miss American style with this van

@Ken- nope, this is FWD only. There's a French company that does AWD conversions though. Traction really shouln't be an issue for most RV applications. Sure, those who tow a good sized trailer with their RV will need to look elsewhere, but this offers a lot of benefits- fuel efficiency, lower CG and step-in height, just to name a few.

@Souther IL Man
Hearing the corrosion issues with your Sprinters I decided to research a little. We and the Europeans don't appear to have the issues you guys are having.

It appears your Sprinters are made by Freightliner, because the Chicken Tax won't allow for the import of the better Euro Sprinters we are getting on our shores.

It seems that Chrysler lost the contract to knock up the Sprinter 'kits' in 2010 because of poor workmanship. I think this may have something to do with the quality and corrosion issues I have read about.

The US spec'd Sprinter also doesn't have the features that available on the Euro and Australian models.

The US built Sprinter kit is a legacy of the Mercedes Benz connection and Chrysler was building them.

Are the 'newer' Sprinter exhibiting the same quality and corrosion issues?

Maybe importing the Eurovans might improve the poorer quality of the US constructed vans.

Are we really complaining about the looks of a van?
The next good looking van (including minivans) will be the very first one. My wife (a swimmer mom) drives a Toyota Sienna, and we have owned a Honda Odyssey. Both are ugly but practical vehicles. We looked at a Mercedes R-Class and it's even uglier. Let's face it, there is no good looking van. That's why SUV's became so popular to begin with.

I would rather have a Nissan over this fugly van. Hope G.M. does not stop making their full size van.

@Hemi, me too. Our Nissan commercial dealer told me not only is Chevrolet re-badging their small van but they're going to re-badge their large one too. I don't know who Chevy thinks they're fooling. I drive an Express but if the real Express van goes away, I'll just buy the Nissan next time. I don't like the Transit and I definitely don't like this. Nissan just opened a new plant in the US for their vans too. I'd rather support local jobs. And after seeing the new NV up close, it's extremely nice and high quality.

The Nissan is the better looking of all these Euro Vans, it looks American with the big pickup front end and it has a fully boxed frame for tough work.

the front definately looks better fully painted than the grey plastic. I think it is optional to have this done and makes it not stand out nearly as much.

It is a tried and true platform and we should all be thankful that the competitors are all following suit and offering diverse options. I have zero need for a van at all but I can see how these would come in handy. I have started to see a lot more of the smaller transit connects for business and I think with their redesign this year I'll see even more. These platforms just seem to offer exactly what is needed without the weight and mpg penalty of the old vans.

Certainly for some there is a need to be able to tow as well as haul and I think there will still be decent options for this too.

That's one ugly van.

@Big Al- the Sprinter was initially sold under Freightliner, because MB dealerships were not equipped to sell a commercial vehicle. later it replaced the Dodge B-van, while Daimler owned Chrysler. They stopped selling them as Dodges after they sold Chrysler to the Canadians. Build quality was never the issue- all of it happened in-house and under DTNA control. The problem is that our roads just have more salt on them. The knock-down process may make the vans more susceptible as well. The second generation trucks seem to be doing better.

The price that a Domestic Automaker pays when curruption and mismanagement forces Chrysler to nearly File for Bankruptcy and FIAT steps in to save the day with a design based on what they think an American-made Van should look like, a hard lesson learned. Time may never be reversed for Dodge to design their own Full Sized Van, and RAM may have to step in and design an alternative to this Oddball here.

@raymondj - Ford is using a European van and so is Ram. Ram is owned by Fiat so indirectly one can argue that they ARE using their own design. GMC is the only one going outside of their own corporpate world by rebadging a Nissan.

@NLP - the reason why people are saying it is ugly because it is and secondly, the Rambo Motard Tribe has a habit of saying everyone elses product is ugly. Tit for tat.

I know its a van so its not supposed to look good, but good lord this thing is hideous. Ram makes a sharp looking truck, but the vans are horrible to look at.

@raymondj - "Time may never be reversed for Dodge to design their own Full Sized Van, and RAM may have to step in and design an alternative to this Oddball here"

Great thinking there Ray....let's look back to the good old days when RAM was building those rust bucket RAM vans. When quality was just hopeful thinking for those high paid union workers. Those were the days. Maybe selling crap product was the reason for the bankruptcy. I always enjoy people like Ray looking back with rose colored glass...they went Bankrupt for a reason Ray!

These trucks are meant for fleet buyers...RAM could care less how they look (none of them look "good" anyway). It's about price and moving units...that's all.

@NLP - the reason why people are saying it is ugly because it is and secondly, the Rambo Motard Tribe has a habit of saying everyone elses product is ugly. Tit for tat.

Posted by: Lou | Aug 13, 2013 5:04:22 PM


I remember growing up, my parents bought a 1984 Passenger Ram Van brand new, that thing was the bomb and great for family vacations, As I remember it was pretty reliable.

Saying this van is ugly, is a compliment.

Looks like they took the wheels off a 1989 Toyota Tercel.

@Robert S
Do not expect anymore US styled vans for quite a while.

GM has been testing these.

@Fix Or Repair Daily

Of all the points made on the Vans styling, though I'm not a fan of Ford, they will be the only ones in both the Personal and Business Fleet Markets that may have an attractive alternative to RAM, Nissan and even the Upcoming Chevy City Express; having to soley relying on Foriegn Automakers to set the example on how to build one, makes you wonder if anyone in the Domestic Auto Industry is educated enough to build one not just on Powertrain Specs but overall exetrior design as well, your right about one thing, learning from what I examined on those Vans of the Mid Eighties and early Nineties growing up, maybe it's best not to reverse that clock.
Overall it's fustrating to me to see this trend continue; all due in part to the near Bankruptcy they faced.

nv200 nissan I prefer the design is much nicer

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I think shes beautiful.

Dr Dan Batchelor
Roswell, GA

Chrysler didn't build the Sprinter. It was built at a US plant by Daimler. It was sold as a Dodge and a Freightliner and a M-B and maybe a Sterling. Still built today in a Daimler plant and no Chrysler employees work there No Dodge version. This comment is directed to anyone that doesn't follow the US auto industry. This plant was operated independent of the Daimler-Chrysler merger. I belive it's in one of the seaboard states like Virginia or North Carolina.

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