2015 Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon Sneak Peek

Colorado-Canyon-Preview 2 II

GM has release this teaser photo of the front grilles of its small pickup trucks, the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon, which are not due to start production until later next year. Earlier reports suggested there might be a name change but that doesn't seem to be the case.  

The two midsize pickups are part of GM's overall small/medium/large truck strategy (Colorado/Silverado 1500/Silverado Heavy Duty), where the smallest of the group will offer the best fuel-efficient choices. Although no specifics have been released about powertrain options, we expect there to be a turbo-diesel and multiple EcoTec3 choices. 

By the time these smaller options reach the marketplace, GM will have the newest and most comprehensive lineup of pickups in the industry. Production for the 2015 Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon is scheduled to start in 2014 at GM’s Wentzville, Mo., assembly center.



I wonder what engines they will decide to go with?
2.0-2.8 Turbo Diesel,
2.5 I4,
2.0T Gas,
4.3 V6,
3.6 V6?
What you guys think?

People will criticize, but I applaud GM for having the guts to bring these trucks to the States.

If Ford won't bring the Ranger over, what's the point of the One Ford strategy (or New World Order)? Yes, I'm still ticked off over their Australian and UK screw jobs.

Ram, where's the Dakota replacement, or will there ever be one? And if they're not going to build one, then why do they keep stopping Jeep from building one?

VW, please give us an Amarok as well.

A 2.0L turbo diesel with ~170 hp and 350 ft-lbs of torque would be a perfect "small truck engine." 25mpg City/32 Hwy should be the target for a high option, 4x4, Crew Cab.

Before anyone says that's not enough power....
the original 1987 Cummins 5.9L had 160hp and 400 ft-lbs in a 3/4 ton chassis. The engine ALONE weighted 1100 lbs!!!

If they put a diesel in them, they will sell a bunch! They do look better than the 2014 Silverado! Lookout Ford ! It's time to be a bit more pro-active!

Ford will have a smaller truck possibly called the F-100 in about a year or so, just wait and see.

I would love have one with a 4.3, but for some reason I doubt they will use it on this application. One can dream though because it could be my next truck.

Engine options, if GMC goes for a Denali version of the Canyon, or if it would be called that by launch time based on sources from GM wanting to change the trucks name, I would say the 4.3 liter V6 or maybe a V8 if it's on the table for this platform, we know the 6 speed tranny will be a part of the package but I'm sure this truck would get much higher EPA numbers once the 8 speed is ready across the board.
GM overall does make a good point, there are a lot of people who love Pick Up Trucks, but not everyone is crazy about Full Sized virants, at the end of the day it's all about choices, big and small. Ford and RAM lets get on board with this!

Good for GM for not only staying in the game but making a significant investment in these trucks; while Ford and Fiat run from the competition like little girls. I think the article is absolutely right “…GM will have the newest and most
comprehensive lineup of pickups in the industry”.

What do I care about what Ford sells globally…if they don’t sell it here, what good does it do me. On the other hand if I had to buy a foreign vehicle I certainly wouldn’t buy a Fiat Dakota (if it ever comes back, recalls and all)…I would most likely go for a Japanese mid-size truck.

For those reasons alone I will take a good long look at these when they come out.

I agree-it shows guts to do this. Ford, where are you? Ram??

The fact is, a smaller truck is all a lot of people need. I miss the days when I could reach down into a load bed and get something. I miss the overall size of the old trucks-take a look at an earlier 1990's F150 or C1500 and you will see what I mean.

And guys did a lot of work with those trucks...

It will probably be the corporate engines right now, so the current diesel from overseas is on the table, along with the 2.0L Turbo and maybe the 3.6L V6. I have a feeling the reason we are seeing the wait for 2015 is the 10 speed transmisison GM has been working on with Ford. That transmission is likely not due for pickups from the get go, considering it was designed for GM's cars and to improve fleet fuel economy as dramatically as possible.

While the larger trucks won't get it immediately, the smaller Colorado and Canyon could make due with the car engines like the 2.0LT and 3.6L V6, given their light duty usage. So, pairing those and the 10 speed together would make a really high mileage truck for GM to meet new CAFE requirements.

The 3.6 V6 out of the Cadillac ATS is one rumoured engine. The 2.8 litre "Duramax" will be the most likely diesel as it is also rumoured to be a choice for the Cadillac ATS.
Basically, the Cadillac line up looks like the most probable source of engines for these trucks.
IIRC, the 1/2 ton 4.3 will not be shared with their smaller siblings.

Very interested in how these things turn out. The front end at least looks like a very good start. Just wish they would get here already!... I have been back in the US for almost 2 years now and have been missing the Ranger's and Hilux's I got to drive in latin america.

Unfortunately these probably wont be as hard as their European counterparts, largely in part to the fact that in their global form they outperform some of the V6 half ton's already sold.

I imagine they will be on par with the Tacoma vs Hilux. The Hilux is a whole lot stouter than the Tacoma. In actual experience the payload of the Hilux was nearly double, and the ride suffered accordingly but they were designed to be the truck for a working family in places where 4x4 is a must and they did exceptionally at that. The Tacoma is designed for an entirely different group of buyers. These Global GM's will be almost certainly de-rated in the same fashion.

Here's to hoping that they arent though.

smaller trucks suck period, this wont fly, may be nice for some, but the market is way to small to support mass production, hopefully Ford and RAM STAY AWAY FROM THE SMALL TRUCK MARKET

Nitro, let me guess... your list of modifications when you buy your big truck are truck nutz, a skyhigh lift with some semi wheels and spikey lugnuts, a train horn, and an 18" drop hitch to give your truck at least the appearance that you could still pull a trailer with it... please try and make it a little harder to stereotype before spouting garbage about how people only want "big" trucks.

The DI 2.5 I4 would make a decent entry level price leader. The 2L turbo could be set up to deliver enough power as an upgraded gas engine.
If they decide to offer a V6, the 4.3 actually makes more sense than the 3.6- both make similar HP, while the 4.3 has better low end torque. Despite its larger displacement, it packages smaller. Both are aluminum block and heads.
The Caddy ATS using the 2.8 liter seems unlikely. It's a truck engine. Maybe a twin-turbo version of the 2.0l or the 3L v6.

Great! =) Big, stupid, ugly plastichrome grilles! Can't get that on any other truck!

...wait, what?

@devilsadvocate - true

@Jason H - true

i still like small trucks how they use to be instead of today, instead of bringing global trucks and combinations just bring back the s10 and sonoma, see they all wonder why they small trucks arent sellling well and its because they are over priced and they are not really small any more and people get more value by just going to a half ton or older used truck

I'm betting the 3.6 from the CTS/Impala is the motor they go with, its a bit more frugal then the 4.3 and should serve this truck well.


Competition in the mid size segment can only be a good thing. Bring it on...

1)one 2 /4 mode hybrid power train ( 2.0 is possible )
2) 2.8L 4cyl duramax diesel
3) 2.5 I4,
4) 2.0T Gas,
5) 3.6 V6

This will make sure no overlap with Silverado/Sierra.

I'd buy a plug in if they offered one with 4WD. Other than that, a small truck wouldn't interest me.

The Colorado got a major work over, and has erased most of the Thailand truck's styling.

But I believe a midsize truck is a vehicle without a home.

A small wheel barrow truck (S-10, Ranger, etc) is for people who don't really need a truck badly but want a little better fuel mileage.

A full size truck is for people who need a truck for hauling, towing or work, or for appearance buyers who want to be seen in a "real" truck.

A midsized truck uses almost as much gas, costs almost as much but doesn't have the image or capacity of a "real" truck.

Here in the mountains in the sticks, the small trucks and vans are used for delivery of auto parts and similar things and full size trucks are used by everyone else. Very few midsized are available, needed, or wanted.

I pick up frozen food in the same industrial park the GM Wentzville plant is located. I'll ask around and see if I can get any additional info from the locals that has a friend or two that work their.
I would love to see a small diesel with a manual transmission option that exceeds 30mpg. It would put a fire under the other manufactures to move including the Japanese. As of this post, diesel fuel in Missouri is $3.59 a gallon.

I've got a fleet of big boy's water toys but I don't like big trucks. I currently have an Escape V6 AWD and am looking for more towing capacity and better fuel economy.

If GM includes the 2.8l diesel 4x4 with close to 30mpg combined and 6500+ lbs towing for same price or less than an equivalently equipped Silverado V6, then I'll be all over it.

Otherwise, the formula won't be convincing.

Looks like a couple pieces of crap to me. What else would be expected from a taxpayer bailed out company that's owned by Obama. They'll flop just as all of their junk vehicles do.

Here in Australia the Colorado is rated as one of the better off road pickups........with the 2.8 diesel.

Our Colorado's have been criticised for a poor interior, including materials and design. I really hope you guys have fixed that up.

But from what I've read GM have had a hard time as of late designing and developing quality interiors, even my mother's Ford Focus has a crappy quality interior and that's made in Michigan.

The 2.8 diesel if it's mechanicals are the same as ours could even give a V8 a run for it's money towing. But not in acceleration.

@Tom Lemon,
When in the US I don't see to many 1/2 ton pickups towing or even with a scratch in the bed, generally with only a driver in the vehicle.

The Colorado diesel would be a great full size dual cab alternative, especially if you have kids to strap in the back and you want to tow a 7 000lb boat or camper for a weekend away.

I can't quite see enough of the Chevy's lights to form a strong opinon but I think I prefer the GMC for what I can see. For the full sizers I am flipped the other way around.

As far as engines are concerned this would be a great time to introduce the 2.8 diesel but it will have to be tuned up for the american market. I can also see the 4.3 since there is virtually no way GM went to the expense of creating a motor for only one application. I expect to see it used more in the truck line/body on frame models.

Since they haven't been shy about stating the turbo's suck too much gas under load I can't see the 2.0T. I bet the base motor is some version of the 2.5 I4, the mid level being the 4.3 (maybe under a slightly different tune) and the top end being the diesel.

@Tom Lemon
The Colorado is actually Brazilian, not Thai. If you aren't familiar with the world they are opposite each other on the globe (around the other side).

These turds ain't going to sell. You'll see.

G'day mate! Sorry, I hope you had a great time with your family.

Did you go to Nando's?

BAFO, Your arrogance is showing again. In case you did not know, the work on the 2nd gen Colorado spanned 5 continents and the bulk of the work was done in Thailand which is where it was unveiled - Thailand. Go crawl back under the rock you came from.

Hate these now look like their bigger cousins....I liked the global body style much better. And before truck heads jump all over me...you have your big trucks with the flat grill and what not...some of us liked the hybrid sloped front, Avalanche bed bar/bed cover. If I wanted a truck truck I'd get a F 150 or a Silverado....I wanted something that had a truck function with a car look/style (which the global possessed in aces)

From what I've read some testing was done in Thailand, Australia and Sth Africa.

The vehicle is designed in Brazil. That was were the design team was headquartered.

Unfortuneately my arrogance is based on facts, not some half cocked or distroted version of truth.

I'm hoping that they use the 2.8 Diesel in these trucks and if so they've sold one already as long as I can get it in a trim for around the $35,000 mark.

That being said whatever engines they use better get above the 30 MPG mark since the Ram 1500 is expected to get that number (in 2wd configuration) and tow 9800 lbs. If this ends up being the case, as many folks and I have stated before, a mid-size truck what gets 30 MPG (2wd) and tows aprox. 6500 lbs. and costs the same price as said Ram it has no hope of selling.

Otherwise, since fuel economy is as important as capabilities, at least with Gen X buyers like myself, then these trucks have a good chance of selling well or at the very least shaking up the market.

@big bob form oz

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Big Al, my comments about the Colorado were related the inevitable dumbing down of a all Global vehicles that happens when they come here. People who buy midsize's just dont work them as hard so we get a soft sprung gasoline V6 truck that is mostly for play and hauling toys around with. I sincerely wish they wont do this with the Colorado, I remember it was quoted as having towing capabilities of 7k+ which again is unfortunately very close if not better than some of the V6 half tons and unless this thing opens up the midsize segment will hurt fullsize sales.

So again we are probably going to get some watered down version of the global truck. As I did earlier I reference the Tacoma and the Hilux. Even when they had an identical interior/ exterior and shared some chassis components the frame and suspension was completely different. The Hilux had torsion bar front suspension and the rear spring packs had twice as many leafs as the tacoma. The Global trucks are designed to be able to work as hard as the lower end domestic fullsizers but in places where the roads dont allow a fullsize or people need more efficient trucks due to expense of fuel, or live in areas that require heavy 4x4 use but still need to carry a heavy load. Look at the LC70's, great trucks but completely unnecessary here because you can fit a 3/4ton and 1ton truck anywhere you would need to go when working and they are wayyyyyy more comfortable than those 70 series pigs (by the way I still absolutely love them in spite of that).

If the imported Colorado turns out to be as tough as the Global truck it was born out of, I will be right therein line to get one, you can bet big money on that, but call me only cautiously optimistic.

@Ken - Big Al is correct. The Global Colorado was designed by Brazilian Engineers and was tested and built in Thailand. GMC dumped some huge cash into Thailand to build a factory there.

@Big Al from Oz - we didn't have time. It was a fun vacation but a ton of driving. If we didn't have 2 ferries to catch to get up and down the Sunshine Coast, we would of stopped.

You American always want a midsize diesel
but you will never going to get them.
because they don't won't cannibalize the fullsize trucks sales.

@Lou - You're right. Tom Lemon is also right.

If you want to get techincal, the Colorado was: developed in Thailand, designed in Brazil, launched in Thailand and built by the people of Thailand. (GM source at link)

Lemon never stated where the engineers where from or where it was designed. Brazilian members lived in Thailand during the Colorado's development.

The 2nd gen Colorado is commonly refered to as the Thai Colorado due to where it was launched and developed.

If Al wanted to say it was designed by a team in Brazil he could stated so without trying to demean anyone. The deameaning of others and trying to be a "teacher" (in case you didn't know it's on the opposite side of the...) is why he is disliked by the majority of bloggers here.


Just so I don't have to hear from anymore "teachers" again. I also know it is also assembled in Brazil. But these ones here are North American, not global vehicles, although they do share components with their counterparts sold in Brazil, Thailand and other international markets.

As an aside, vehicles made in Brazil are assembled differently and are less safe which is one of the reasons GM is making a US/Canada spec model.

AP IMPACT: Cars made in Brazil are deadly

"The culprits are the cars themselves, produced with weaker welds, scant safety features and inferior materials compared to similar models manufactured for U.S. and European consumers, say experts and engineers inside the industry."

Nando's?? Did you come this way?

No specifics about the changes to the US spec model have been revealed, but areas that will be covered are: new engines, design based on the Chevy Silverado, interior, safety, suspension, durability, and corrosion protection. As PickupTrucks.com is reporting, production for the 2015 Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon is scheduled to start in 2014 at GM’s Wentzville, Mo., assembly center.

The towing capability of US Pickups tends to fall off a cliff when they get to Australia, so it is hard to compare. I know early 2002 F250's with the old 7.3 Engine were rated as 7,200lb. They Ford upgraded that to 9,900lb for the 2005? version.
Big Al's BT50 is as big as a 2000 Ford F150 Lariat.I saw both on a car park roof and it was easy to compare.

It pisses be off that GMC so brazenly copies Ford's bar grille, and now they've taken it one step further with the tapered edges. GM has not shame.

I think the midsize truck market will see a revolution in the next few years, people are hungry for smaller trucks and their hasn't been anything in this market worth buying, the Tacoma and Frontier are decent trucks but the gas mileage is no better then a full size, if they can make these things get high twenties on the highway and low twenties around town I think they will do well.


i agree with you they need to keep the smallest possible engines in these trucklets. to make sence and buy one of this over the silverado or sierra. The big 3 need to stpp playing BigRig and focuse on mpgs for these trucklets. which is what we need out of midsize trucks. not to be able to tow 7000+pounds. "are you listening dodge dakota. werever you are gas hog"

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