Aftermarket Ramps Up for 2014 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra

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Back in July, sport truck performance package maker Callaway Cars announced it was the first aftermarket company to offer a supercharger kit for the new 2014 5.3-liter V-8 L83 EcoTec3 direct-injection engine offered in the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and 2014 GMC Sierra 1500. We're guessing it was no small feat to make that happen given the sophistication and complexity of the new engines and their computer software.

But we noticed Callaway hasn't provided any details about its performance gains and only showed photos of the kit sitting on top of a new Silverado engine. Sure, it released the package price — it's well north of $15,000. We'll assume that means the kit includes quite a few extras.

We've also just learned that a competitor to Callaway, Lingenfelter Performance Engineering, also has a performance kit for the new Silverado and Sierra half-tons; it just released its testing data and it looks impressive. The dyno numbers show the performance package will net an extra 100 horsepower at the rear wheels and more than 85 pounds-feet of torque.

In fact, Lingenfelter even gave us the time slip from the track where the truck tested after the install; it ran a 13.89-second time on 93-octane Unleaded fuel with 3.08:1 gears in the quarter mile. For comparison purposes, although we ran our test trucks at a different time, the 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500 Crew Cab 4x4 (with 3.42:1 gears running on 87-octane fuel) in our 2013 Light-Duty Challenge ran the quarter-mile in 15.93 seconds (the fastest in that test was the Ram 1500 at 15.40 seconds). We're told pricing for the Lingenfelter kit will mostly likely be under $10,000. Of note, the full kit will offer a two-year warranty on parts and labor and is specifically designed for all-around performance--meaning, they've done quite a bit testing empty and with heavy trailers. 

To see the dyno run results, click here.

To see the Lingenfelter time slip, click here.

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Chevy really needs this performance upgrade.

What is the size of the Supercharger anybody know?

10-15K for 13.89? I'd rather buy a Hayabusa or ZX12 and run high nines and low 10's all day long.

Why would you spend 10 grand boosting the 5.3 instead of buying the 6.2 in the first place?

@Dan, I wouldn't bank on many dealers having a 6.2 on the lot.
Seems like they are planning on the 5.3 to be the mainstay.
10-15K seems like alot to have a high 13 second truck.
I say use that money to buy a 13 second car & trailer.
I would then use the truck to tow it with. LOL

@ devo340 is correct. Even in the outgoing model, there were never any 6.2's in stock; dealers told me they were to order.

Usually GM trucks are poorly tuned (very conservative), and have tons of torque management that limits them. A good cam, tune, and headers really make these trucks move. I’m impressed how well a N/A SBC can run with just these mods.

On the flipside, for 10 grand, I could do the following to my 5.7 Tundra and run low 12s all day long:
TRD supercharger (factory warranty)
4.88 gears
Full exhaust with long tube headers

Why spend that much money to improve a half-ton gasser?
Buy a diesel 1-ton and spend $800 on an H&S MiniMax!

I get that 6.2 availability is probably going to suck, it certainly sucked on the GMT900s. (Although there were just enough of them that the magazines never had to settle for the 5.3)

But you could still order a 6.2 or have one shipped from another dealer. Dealers won't bargain much when it hasn't sat on their lot and the 6.2 was an expensive option in and of itself but it was still a heck of a lot cheaper than this blower.

On paper the 5.3 has great power. It's every bit the equal of the 6.0 Vortec Max from a couple years ago. Yet the trucks are 16 second dogs. Either GM is lying about paper power or else, more likely, they're torque managing the life out of it. In that case a $500 tune would go a long way towards giving the truck its balls back without having to spend another five figures.

What a RIP OFF!!!


They don't even make ZX12s anymore; a ZX14R is the way to go. I seriously considered one before I bought my new Concours 14. But being completely honest with myself, I realized the novelty of "the fastest bike in the world" (along with the insurance to go with it) would fade pretty quickly. The C14 is plenty fast and is my favorite bike I've owned.

BFD! Who'd buy that? What a waste of money.

I'm still waiting for some useful pickup news.

@Dav - thanks, I forgot. Still, for 10-15K, I'd rather something for my whole family. I used to drag race a YZ490 mx bike with wheelie bars, lowered suspension and street tires. It was good for 13.34 at 101 mph. It cost me 1,500 used and the mods cost next to nothing. My buddy's KX500 with wheelie bars ran 11.8 at IIRC 114 mph. Mind you, I was 60 lb bigger than he was. It was fun pissing of the Harley "ego" types on their 40K bikes.

This is why gasoline performance trucks don't make sense. Why spend $15k on that when you could have a Powerstroke, Duramax, or Cummins that will run 12's get 23 mpg and still be able to tow 15,000lbs for half the cost. Ill stick with the my diesels thank you very much.

@Freedom - Show me a 12 second diesel that gets 23 MPG. You're talking highly modded, black cloud chooch'n, 3/4 tons. And they ain't sporty by any means. They can't stop or turn worth $H!T. The turbo lag is frustrating if you're used to gas V8s. And no one is seriously considering a $15K blower kit.

The 5.3 and 6.2 run too much compression ratio to allow much boost. Having to run 93 octane would get expensive and it's not sold everywhere. $10,000+ is crazy, even if it includes the engine rebuilt to 8:1 compression with all forged internals.

I'd just go with 4.27 gears, at least (on stock tires), and I don't mind pumping a little more regular unleaded (with lots of hwy use). You get added engine braking for towing while the engine remains stock.

If you do a lot of driving and want the best of both worlds, auxiliary overdrive units are 3 to $4,000 installed, for zero penalty at the pump, depending on how aggressive the gear swap is. 12 forward gears would be a bonus when pulling heavy loads.


I bet that was a hoot! Yeah, $10-15K for a bike is a lot of money for a family man, but that is pretty much what most go for nowadays.

I could somewhat justify my C14 as my "commuter car" as it has lots of storage and wind protection, as well as heated grips. It doesn't hurt to have a good job.

I have kicked around the idea of a supercharger for my Tundra. But honestly, what is the point of such a huge fast pickup. No large pickups brake or handle worth a damn. I have had guys pace me (not let me pass) on the interstate in modified diesels while either driving my turbo Subaru or my wife's G8 GT. I get a huge kick out of that--especially when we are both doing well over 100+ and a corner comes up. They start slowing down REALLY fast while I actually accelerate harder.

@Denver They are thousands of Powerstrokes, Duramaxs, and Cummins engines out there that will run 12's and push 20's all day long that have no more than a good tune and exhaust. Take the 6.4. With spartan tuning this is very easy come by. Don't believe me look it up on YouTube.

@Freedom - We were talking new 1/2 tons for daily use, but would you "tune" a brand new 3/4 ton with an $8,000 engine option, to do the 1/4 mile in 12 seconds? I see guys do it to older, high mileage trucks, but you're also talking about deleting emissions, spewing a big cloud of black nasty soot and voiding the warranty. And you're still talking 1,000s of dollars in mods. That's some extreme pressures and heat too. So what are you 'bullet proofing' to keep from blowing the head gaskets? Aftermarket head bolts and gaskets? O-ringed heads? How much does that cost?

Older, pre 2010 diesels did get up to 20 MPG, hwy, but what about today's?

My name is Frank and I wear panties. I wish I had an awesome RAM truck in my driveway or even a Silverado or Sierra instead of my POS spark plug spitting truck. It sucks to be me. :(


Really? So what does the Hemi need to even get close to the new 6.2 because the new hemi can't even compete with the old 6.2. What a joke man that new 8 speed is behind the hemi. Real world numbers are getting 17-18 highway on allpar and a few other Dodge forums and just a hair under 7 for 0-60, impressive (not).

I bet the new 5.3 silverado with 3.73's are as fast or very very close to the new hemi, they are going to be scared of the 6.2...

@Denver, actually 2006-2010 seems to be the worst in diesel fuel economy. 2011 Ford and GM improved substantially. Cummins was horrible from 2007.5-2012, only marginally improved for 2013.

As for mods, you don't need to spend that much to make a diesel put out power. $500-800 for a programmer will get you 600 hp on hot tune. Adding a cold air intake for a few hundred will help too, and if you have the money to do the exhaust, then great. Peanuts compared to the $15,000 for this Callaway crap.
Ford's 6R140 is the toughest transmission to take the mods, I have read max torque 1400 lb-ft, but I think it's 1400Nm. Still more than the Allison 1000's max torque.

If you don't have to have a brand new truck, you can get 1000 HP out of a 12 valve Cummins, which a friend of mine has done.

They need all the help they can get! (Just like 350 s and 327s!)

I agree with Lou.

Tyler, you are full of crap! The old 6.2 barely had a power advantage on a hemi, and the inefective old 545 held it back, Too much smoking whatever it is you smoke.

Totally unnecessary mods. I'd much prefer some cosmetic mods that cleans up that front end.

Hands TRX 4 Tom a joint so he calms down.


"Really? So what does the Hemi need to even get close to the new 6.2."

The 6.4 Hemi.

@Dav - I'd spend 15 K on a bike before 15K on engine mods. Actually, I'd spend 15K on almost anything BUT that. A nice camper trailer can be had for that. Each to there own. I look at it the same way I looked at bikes. If a 600 isn't powerful enough get a 750 and if that ain't enough get a litre class bike. If that ain't enough get your head examined or turn pro ;)
I used to have a '96 YZF1000 Yamaha. Lots of guys were spending money on mods for their 600's and 750's. Some were even modding their litre class bikes. Mine was stock and I still could beat all of them. One friend had a CBR900 and he couldn't beat mine in a race. He piped it and I beat him worse because he hadn't changed the jetting. I told him that I'd probably still beat him with those mods because he'd loose a lot of bottom end on a bike that was already weak down low. He wrecked the bike the same weekend I beat him in a drag race. I think he was still fixated on out-riding me. Luckily all he hurt was his ego.

WHAT, $10-$15K? That is a lot of money for very little gains and being that slow in the 1/4. I only spent $400 on my SCT tuner with custom tunes for my Ecoboost and got an extra 65hp and over 100 lb-ft at the rear wheels bringing it to roughly 420hp and 520 lb-ft at the crank. Not bad for just $400 on a gaser V6. I know diesels will get better gains, but I don't have a care in the world to spend the thousands in extra money just to say I own one with nor need of one.

410/429 un-impressive for a 6.4 in a heavier truck. Try again hemi/trx. Also in the half ton shootout the hemi was 3 mph behind the 6.2, if you know anything about drag racing in a truck that is a pretty large speed difference with those bricks. Nice try kids, enjoy your falling behind fake hemi motor...


Because of trx/hemi's comments which are always predictable. Something random out of left field trying to advertise their car suspension truck or bashing another brand about something when dodge is behind in said category they are bashing. I just enjoy correcting them with a little of their own medicine, makes the day go by faster.

Their was a reason I asked what is the size of the supercharger as the TRD Supercharger is a 1.9L TVS like what is used on the CTS-V and ZL1. The dyno shows 397rwhp and 425rwlb ft which is about what the tuned EB guys rave about A set of long tube headers and the 5.3L is easily 420rwhp and 440rwlb ft which is not bad and would be even better if you get the 5.3L with 3.42 axle ratio. If you do a 3rd gear dyno on a stock Supercharged Tundra with tow package 4.3 axle ratio it is about 420rwhp and 440rwlb ft and does a 1/4 in 13.0 sec @ 106mph according to motor trend I think what hurts this trucks aftermarket forced induction is the direct injection and high compression ratio which the aftermarket will eventually catch up on. As long as this is a 1.9L TVS supercharger and the price is under $7,000.00 the gains for this kit at the present time are probably alright. Now with that said I wouldn't trade my truck for one nor would I spend the money on this package if I had a 14 5.3L as I would wait.


You really need to stop getting your misinformation from places you know nothing about. MPT is a joke in the forums and nobody uses them unless they don't know anything. If you are going post number then how about you do it from a reputable company that people actually use like SOCAL (

Sorry, I posted the wrong thing.


The EB tuned dyno numbers I showed aren't from motor trend that is a $400.00 SCT tuner like what you were talking about the best in class torque same horsepower better tune you just posted was not from a $400.00 tuner like you said bust a custom tune on a truck with more than $400.00 worth of mods read the guys signature.

@Alex - What diesel tuner gets you 600 total HP? Most get you around 150 extra HP at the wheels. And can the drivetrain withstand it? What about the cloud of black soot that other drivers can't see through? What cop won't pull you over?

Still. you're bypassing and or deleting emissions. And how much of this will the PCM remember, no matter what you do to wipe it? There goes your warranty. If it was a GM with ONSTAR, it would call the OEM and probably to the Fed and CARB too...

Just because one company offers a $15,000 blower kit, doesn't mean you have anywhere near that much of a budget.

Why a "1,000 HP" from an old 12 valve Cummins and not a new 24 valve. And how much to rebuild a destroyed 2013 Cummins?

6.2 would be nice..

Waiting for the new ZO6 Corvette with direct injection 427 LS7.
Chevy needs to come out with iron block truck version, and with cylinder deactivation and 9 speed transmission, to get 20+ mpg
on 87 octane with solid 500 hp.

He's Strong

Makes me happy to know my truck can take a beating and keep on ticking

You mean a truck you don't own.

Why would you buy a GM/Chevy with an AFTERMARKET supercharger where conflicts could arise between the aftermarket S/C manufacturer and GM/Chevy if something happened, when you can buy a fully factory warrantied TRD supercharger on a Tundra?

10-15K to make a truck go faster, I like power in my truck but not worth 10-15K. If I'm going to drop that kind of money I would just spend a little more and get a second sports car thats built for speed in the first place.


Those were the only dyno numbers I could find for SOCAL. Mine were 354hp/472 lb-ft at the wheels on just a the tune, but I dont have a way to post my sheet.

Scott: just so you can see that the SC Tundra is not the last word, read the new Truckin Mag. and see the throwdown contest, the winner is a reg cab Chevy with a built 62. w850hp and runs in the 10's


I believe you are telling the truth as I believe the EB aftermarket performance is the most bag for your buck of any 1/2 ton. Which is what this article says The thing is not everybody wants bang for your buck some what a truck with around tuned EB performance ex. your numbers 354hp/472 lb-ft and they want it to sound like a powerful V8 which the new 5.3L could with this package 397rwhp and 425rwlb ft and a set of ARH Headers when they come out and 420rwhp and 440rwlb ft is achievable like I said earlier. The reason I have asked for the size of the supercharger is for 1.9L it's okay at this time but GM guys unlike Toyota guys have not always been limited to a 1.9L TVS supercharger. They always had the ability for the larger 2.3L TVS and twin screws like the Ford guys and Headers like the Ford guys with dyno tuning like the Ford guys One would think if they wait they can have a Supercharged EcoTec 5.3L with mods and a tune around 440-470hp/470-500lb ft that sounds like a V8. The Supercharged Tundra guys are hoping that the 1st possible tuning option for the Tundra is real and includes the TRD Supercharger Toyota tunes the Tundra very rich since the factory ECU can handle 4psi from a Turbo and the TRD supercharged fuel map can handle an extra 2psi from a smaller pulley with the factory ECU as it runs rich as well I can do all that and still have it sound like a V8. All I am saying is a tuned EB is great bang for your buck but it does not work for everybody and I am glad it works for you and the other Ford guys who have done it.

Lol at freedom and the other diesel smoking Neanderthals trolling a gasser half ton supercharger thread. You'd blow the whole 15k just getting a diesel optioned 1ton unless you want to drive around a work truck with vinyl seats and plastic floors, but thats not the point.
Then you start talking about how you gonna make it a 12second truck, whoch you still would have a har time doing for 15k if you did everything properly and wanted a truck that was anywhere close to reliable. so yeah could be done but not without voiding warranties, risking potential drivetrain meltdowns, and breaking just about every federal and local law pertaining to emissions and street legality that is on the books.
Then we get into the fact of how stupid you would look driving around in a bran new truck that smokes and rattles like a peterbilt gravel truck from the '80s. As well as inbred probably being te first adjective any normal person thinks of when they see you tooling around town.

Just get a Dodge Ram turbo SRT10 and be done with it. lol

Why???? The old stuff will still work!!!!!!!!!!

i would never buy a gm to start with. before i spend 40k on a 1/2 truck. and another 10 on top of that. i would buy a diesel and do the big 3 to it and out pull, out hual and get 10 times the mpg with it. have 6.4 stroker and its 22.5 high way 16 city. mpg when way up after the big 3. and thats a 325 tune, 5" ext. and afe intake. 3.73 gears

Lol, Tyler. You are talking about 2008? If you knew anything about trucks, you would know gearing can also keep you from having a higher MPH, DUH! As for the 6.4 Hemi, it is detuned some for 3/4 ton duty, as is the Ford 6.2, as is the 5.7. Because they will have a heavier load in/behind them. So tell me, smarty pants, how come Chevy hasn't put the 6.2 in a 3/4 ton? It would need detuned! As it is they have people like you saying it's ok to run 87 in what they recommend premium. As it is, GM's 6.0 is the weakest engine, and bigger then a 5.7. Has GM even released OFFICIAL 6.2 numbers? If it sees use in a 2500, you can bet it will be detuned! But then, you Chevy guys tend to believe is all sorts of CRAP that GM tells you. Like towing ratings, lol!

@johnny doe: thanks, but no thanks. That could loose me two jobs, and any potencial future job, if I came up hot on a piss test. Besides, it might lead to poor decision making, and me believing in Tylers crap. Or worse yet, buying a another GM truck!

Lol, Tyler said Ram is behind. He should pull his head out of his ass! Only behind in US sales, and that's changing! Look at Canada! Not so many GM trucks selling there!

And Toyotas in Canada? Ha ha ha!

Spend whatever you want to play with your 5500 plus pound trucks, if I spent an additional 10-15 thousand on a car, I can run 10 second quarter miles, and tow with the truck.

These folks running diesels (the ones that purposely blow black smoke) are only making it worse for themselves. In hick voice "we just smoked all those people, uh huh, uh huh, uh huh! This is so cool!"

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