Chevy Silverado 1500 Joins the Woodward Dream Cruise Rescue Squad

Woodward dream cruise II

It's that time of year again. For those who love beautifully maintained and restored cars, the Concours d' Elegance in Pebble Beach in Carmel, Calif., is the mecca for automotive fans and collectors. But we like the more down-to-earth type of car show where fans and collectors can drive or enjoy watching their favorites cruise down one of the most famous streets in Detroit.

The Woodward Dream Cruise takes place annually in August, with the biggest portion of the dream drive happening Aug. 16 and 17. We didn't get a chance to participate last year, so we decided to go to the cruise this year to see how many classic and restored pickups we can find.

This year will explore the main drag, taking photos and bringing back as many digital images as we can shoot. We're told that with so many once-a-year-vehicles on the road, we'll need to be careful about those vehicles stranded on the side of the road or blocking the throughways altogether. And it seems Chevrolet has heard the same thing because it will provide the Dream Cruise with five appropriately dressed and prepared 2014 Silverado 1500s ready to help any stranded vehicles.

These service-ready trucks will assist any vehicle in need, paying special attention to battery issues, fluids, fuel reserves, tire repair and even extra sets of windshield wipers — just in case. This is the second year for the Service Rescue Squad, and we have several local businesses to thank for it.

If you can't make it to this granddaddy cruise week, look for a local car or truck club in your area and find out if they have a evening once a month or yearly where you can watch some old favorites drive by. Look for our event coverage at a later date.

For the full Chevrolet press release regarding the Service Rescue Squad, click here.

SilveradoRescueSquad02 II

SilveradoRescueSquad16 II

SilveradoRescueSquad17 II

SilveradoRescueSquad01 II


The taxpayer rescues Obama, Obama rescues GM, GM rescues the Silverado, the Silverado rescues... "extra sets of windshield wipers — just in case." YAY!

Taxpayers rescued Bush. His recession!

Nice truck but what's up with Motor City on the back window? That thing isn't from Motor City, it's from Mexico. It should be the official burrito-taco stand truck for the event if anything. Sellouts.

The reason they built 5 of these "rescue" trucks is so that there'll always be at least 1 of them not broken down to offer aid to the other 4.

That comment was stupid!

Detroit city needs rescue since they filed for bankruptcy.

Nah they don't need rescued. Those silly people keep voting for the liberal policies that drove businesses out of that dump. They don't need to be negatively reinforced (enabled) for it. Let them deal with the natural consequences.

Jim your a moron, the recession may have started before Bush left office 5.5 years ago and bama has kept us in the recession, look what democratic leadership has done for Detroit..... oh ya, it's bankrupt.

As for the Chevy service trucks, that was good of Chevy to donate some trucks to this event. As much as I hate GM trucks, that was a nice PR move. It would be funny if some of them broke down along the way, I doubt they will, but it would be funny if they did!

I love it when I read about who to blame for the condition the US is in.

It has taken decades for the US to be where it is now.

It seems though most do recognise the US is not in the best shape. But, I think all should look at both sides of politics.

It's the same here in Australia, it isn't just the Left or Right that is the reason we are where we are.

It's the people of the country, who want more for nothing.

The right pander to business and the left to the 'workers' (unions).

Who will vote for any government that says 'I will give you less'.

They are now building the Silverado in Roanoke IN. NOW .

The only thing i like about the silveado is the 1989 grille.

The front is way to low it seems like it can be used to plow snow without an actual blade. lol

@Big Al--Many people fall for the right and left wing crap. It is easy to blame all your problems on others. Bush Jr. didn't do our country any favors by mounting up deficits to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan and then rebuilding part of each. Then you have the left extreme wanting to give away money for wasteful projects. But getting back to the subject at hand isn't it a good thing that GM, Ford, and Chrysler are all doing better? Would you rather have the car and truck sales tank and have things get much worse? Maybe some of these critics miss 2008 when the bottom fell out of the housing and financial markets and people couldn't give their trucks away.

@JeffS - true. My province had an election last year and it was a choice between a right of centre party and a far left party. A study was done to see which side of the political spectrum was better for the economy and public debt. The results were astonishing to most pundits.
- Government debt was constant between left and right.
- Taking into consideration for global recessions and slumps, both ends of the political spectrum had similar economic results.
- Job creation was similar but the biggest difference was how they created jobs. Socualist/left governments created jobs by increrasing the size of the public sector (increase in government jobs) and Conservative governments decreased public sector jobs and increased private sector jobs.

Basically, all of the political ideology and rhetoric had a negligible effect on the overall economy.

Back on topic:
It is good to see corporations donate to public events especially non-profit ones.

They are now building the Silverado in Roanoke IN. NOW .

-Not their biggest seller the crew cabs. Every one at our dealer lot says Assembled in Mexico. I was happy when Ford pulled truck assembly out of there. No American trucks should be built in Mexico in my book unless that's where they're sold. Some low volume small throwaway cars I can see but even then, I'd rather they didn't. American parts content %'s didn't look all that impressive either. This is one area Ford and even Toyota have gotten right. More American sourced parts and built on U.S. soil. You'd actually think that title would belong to Chevy if anyone.

@Lou--Those results don't surprise me. The truth is that the United States is neither Socialist or Capitalist, if anything it has some good and bad elements of both. Getting more people back to work paying living wages is the cure for most of the USA's ills. More jobs more consumer products bought and more taxes collected along with less individual and corporate welfare. Building and repairing roads, bridges, and vital infrastructure would go a long ways toward improving the economy. Things are much better than they have been so all of us should appreciate a few extra rays of sunshine on an economy that has been cloudy for a long time.

Anytime a corporation wants to help a charitable cause should be celebrated even if they get a tax deduction and publicity, at least the public is benefiting.

Lou, well said. I'm about sick of the 2 party system myself.

One thing about building in Mexico, better to build in Mexico than China, also a few less desperate illegals coming into the USA to seek jobs. We need to view our interests as mutual and view Mexico and Canada as our allies and neighbors. I agree we need more manufacturing in the US, but if given a choice between more jobs in Mexico or China, I would choose Mexico.

Jeff, well said also. I'll add, this truck looks sharp in red and especially that white diamond color. I've seen several loaded white diamond Silverado's rolling around here and every time I see one it's almost like I gotta stare. I can see that white diamond color being popular with the High Country trim when it comes. Odd though I see very little advertisement for this truck. I've seen the first commercial only once and that one with the girl driving only once as well. Maybe they're waiting for a full range of configurations? Who knows.

@Karl, that grille isn't 89. It's more like 1983. A dead take on the square body with the stacked lights. I was always more into the single round headlights though on those. I still like this.

Jeff, I agree on the China vs Mexico thing but I firmly believe our trucks should be built here if they're sold here. Trucks as well as heritage cars like the Mustang, Camaro and so forth. We need jobs as well. I have nothing against Mexico and love to visit there but this is how I feel. And with Chevy being the Heartbeat of America and all, GM should be going all out to make sure Chevrolet's sold here are built here. In my experience most truck guys feel the same way. Like I said, Don't take away their employment, just give them something else to assemble. Move the crew trucks to Texas. Remember, the US taxpayer paid a big chunk of change to save that company. It's good to see them start to turn around but still.

@FordTrucks1--I understand and respect your viewpoint. I do see that in a global economy that it is not possible to retain all our manufacturing jobs in the US. Maybe all the pickups should be assembled in the US. I read on TTAC that GM is having so much trouble with the South Korean unions that they are going to bring more manufacturing and designing of the compact and subcompact cars to the US. I do celebrate more US job creation even Toyota that make the Tacoma and Tundra in San Antonio except the Tacoma crew cab is made in Mexico. My 2008 Isuzu I-370 crew cab was assembled in a GM plant in Shreveport, LA that is now closed.

@ "ME", in regards to the comment - "Jim your a moron.... "

The correct usage would have been "you're", not "your".

Kemo, good job of pointing out who the real moron is.

@Alex - I tend to agree. If any entity cannot stand on their own, that entity should be allowed to collapse under its own bloated weight.

I agree better Mexico then China. I did read I thought on this site that all Ram HD's are built in Mexico.

Simple to find out. If the VIN starts with 1 America, 2 Canada, 3 Mexico.

Wonder if the crew cabs will be built in the US?

@fordtrucks1 my comment is based on the grille on this link.

karl: the grill you show and tell as a 67-72, is really from 89-93, in the higher Silverado Trim of the C/K-1500 Chevy trucks.

Seems to be a shortage of interesting news stories at PickupTrucks these days.

Don't worry about the design gm make the right choice to keep almost the same chape .they have good sale ,,and don't worry they have already a new designs to replace this one..

@ Jeff S
I think that the Korean jobs going to the US is good news for US workers.

But, I hope the Korean auto workers take a leaf out of the book and see what errors the UAW has made in the US before they destroy their own jobs.

Also, there are some who must realise for the US to gain it must export. If the US exports it must import. This can be pickups, food, minerals, etc.

The US will then find out what it is better and more profitable at and make more money.

But saving companies just to keep them going for anything but good business is poor judgement.

The US isn't the most productive or profitable vehicle manufacturer in the world, but it makes great aircraft, engineered components, electronics etc.

The manufacturing sector will shift, which is great. But if we want life to be familiar and remain the same then we go backwards. We would still be using candles to read with.

Ford trucks 1, I think the "American" content is 41% I believe the Mexican part content is 51%... I was upset when i seen that number at first to be honest.. but all GM Crew Cabs have been built there since 2009.. Last Crew Cabs before that were built in Canada.. I had an 08 Denali thats how i Know.. and I now have a 2014 LTZ CC 4x4... and regaurdless of where its built.. Its a kick butt truck. All Manufacturers are building something in Mexico and something in Canada.. But hey at least they are all " North American"... I think thats part of why Chevy's slogan is now "Find new Roads" instead of "Chevy runs deep" Which was kinda of tied to "American Revolution"

Hey! Mark Williams........Where is the Ram concept vehicle from Woodward. Is it a performance Ram with a 6.4 Hemi? Or an off road truck say a Power Ram?

@HemiV8 - The reveal was cancelled. The truck can't clear Homeland Security/Border Inspection Quarantine in time for the cruise.

Just pulling your chain, sounds exciting.

Jeff S.,

Yes some Tacomas are built in Mexico, but all three cabs are built in the San Antonio plant as well.

I agree with the person that said it looks like a snow plow in front.

All good points. I do agree with Big Al that maybe the US is not the most efficient producer of autos and trucks but we as a country can still carve out a profitable niche in those markets. Neither are the Germans but they have managed quite well. We have given up our textile market and other less technical goods. As for international content of vehicle parts that has been the case for many years now. I remember when I bought my S-10 in 99 I was shocked at the amount of parts made in Mexico and elsewhere. The S-10 was assembled in Linden, NJ.

It does appear that the S Koreans are taking a page out of the UAW's playbook from the 70's. History repeats itself. I am glad to hear that all three Tacoma cab configurations are built in the San Antonio plant. I have always liked San Antonio and traveled there frequently in the late 70's when I worked for a contract drilling company. Beautiful river walk.


So were the Silverado's chosen for this duty because Silverado drivers are more accustomed to performing roadside repairs?



So were the Silverado's chosen for this duty because Silverado drivers are more accustomed to performing roadside repairs?


Posted by: Toycrusher | Aug 14, 2013 7:58:27 AM

you must be mistaken. that applies to ford trucks and their owners. aren't you familiar with the acronym found on road dead?


Taxpayers rescued Bush. His recession!

Still blaming Bush I see...You're an idiot just like that idiot in office! Bush didn't borrow 10+ trillion dollars...more than all the other presidents put together! Just wait about 10 years when this OBAMA debt bites us in our asses! If he can't blow us up he'll bankrupt us!!!

Bush is a Ford guy, and Obama is a Chrysler guy. What does that tell you?

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