Design Teams Use Tacomas to Create the Ultimate Support Vehicle

Tacoma Snow II

Those with great memories may remember the custom-built, skinned-with-Rhino Lining Toyota Tundra designed by Nate Adams, a top-level extreme sport and motocross rider, from the 2011 SEMA Show. We thought he did a pretty good job of incorporating a ton of cool features and capabilities into the truck that made it the perfect racing support pickup truck. It had hidden storage and tools, slide-out ramps, dual air compressors and flip-up side panels. DC Shoes, one of Adams' sponsors, created the truck especially for him. Now Toyota has taken this concept one step further.

As part of a triple-team Toyota Tacoma buildup project, DC Shoes has reached out to professional snowboarder likka Backstrom, professional skateboarder Matt Miller and Adams. Each heads up a design team that has been challenged to create the ultimate support vehicle — using a brand-new Tacoma as the base — that complements their respective sport. So far the trucks don't look too crazy, but there's still time. In fact, there is a Facebook page where you can look at the designs and cast your own vote for the most impressive and outrageous Tacoma project truck.

Although no announcements have been made about where Toyota will reveal the truck (we're guessing the 2013 Specialty Equipment Market Association show in November), voting runs through Aug. 31. Check out the video below, then click on the short story to find the link to record your vote.

Tacoma Skate II
Tacoma Moto II







Definitely cool, but not as cool as a level 7 zombie assault vehicle:

Also, I like my project trucks to be real.

What is up with my local Chevy dealer with only 4 or 5 of each car or truck on the lot. Are they selling that many????? What the F_ C K. ????

Wake me up if and when the taco gets a diesel.Same old taco,same old driveline,just bolt on stuff,yawnn.

TOY O TA!..............and the word support. OXYMORON!

Nice to see Tacoma Has some PR people. Thought they had all been let go. This is cute stuff, but I am still looking for some facts on the 2014.

Here is a SUPPORT vehicle.

- What does a sledder need with a snow plow and who is going to sleep in a tent in the winter?
- The white one is odd, why not just tow a mobile light generator?
- The flat green one looks like it would be the most practical.


The Ford brand has had 92 recalls since 2009, substantially higher than the next highest brands — Chevrolet, at 70, and Toyota, at 68, a search of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration database reveals. Of course, such a search doesn't take into account the severity of individual recalls or that the Ford nameplate is part of the larger Ford Motor. When recalls in its various divisions are added up, General Motors outpaces Ford on recalls overall

I have to agree with Lou.

When I was a kid, we had snowcats, but I personally never camped out while riding. Although, I remember folks with cabins doing it.

I have camped with motorcycles many times, however, so I think the green one is the best.

I'd still rather it be a Tundra cause you can fit a bike in the bed with the tailgate closed (78.7" bed). I can also fit my fourwheeler in the bed with the tailgate closed--if the bed was an inch smaller, it wouldn't close.

Yeah but over the last 5 years Toyota has had to recall more vehicles than it has sold.

I'm an idiot.

Yes you are.

Well Hemi V8, But don't forget Chrysler Group vehicles are just dressed up Mercedes and Fiat vehicles.

Chrysler's most reliable vehicles the Jeep Grand Cherokee, and Dodge Durango use Mercedes ML/GL chassis, and use two engines that use Mercedes designed heads, and Mercedes cylinder deactivation. The other is engineered by VM Motori/Fiat. The Dodge Charger, 300 were designed under Daimler supervision.

The non-Mercedes Chrysler vehicles (Compass, Patriot, Avenger) get terrible quality scores.

Mercedes didn't help Ram at all. That's why Ram has had by far the most recalls this year.

Ford, GM, Chrysler, Toyota, Nissan. THEY ALL SUCK.

Mazda Rotary is the only way to go!
Mercedes/Fiat do have less recalls!

Looking at the weight the vehicle would have it must be using oxi's suspension.

I wonder if this is the final outcome of oxi's Taco.

Whatever happened to oxi? He stopped blogging.

@ Dav - I can tell from the quality of the Rambo Motard posts that you make you are used to playing with small nobs.

I don’t like the white color on the Tacoma. Also Sterling Silver is incredibly popular; same color as my lemon SuperCrew. My son and I counted 9 other Sterling silver SuperCrews to and from his parole officer’s house one day.

I think that one reason why Toyota will kill the Tacoma regular cab is because it comes in Sterling silver. That translates to higher R&D for a small volume seller. Another reason why tacoma’s are dying is also related to rules. Most jurisdictions call for mandatory rules like: It never gets easier, you just go faster or Respect the jersey. That rules out the tent on the tacoma.

I sold my old 3/4 ton reg cab for those reasons and sold my Ranger Extended cab for the same reasons. I'd rather not own a 22 ft long truck but my good old 2001 Pontiac Aztek that gives me what I need for my family.

The snow truck is a little dumb, and the Moto-X truck would stand in the shadow of the Tundra from 2 years ago. The service truck is cool though- I like the service body, especially if it matched the cab a little better. The light tower is a cool idea, but making the basket go up and down with gear on it might be a bit much.

Why not just go with an All Pro Offroad build on the truck?

Leave it to PickupTruck to make a big deal out of silly photoshop images. To me, there's little value there in a ramp to a tent opening on top of a pickup cab. And the same can be said for the utility of a plow on a tacoma.

They don't even have enough springs and GVWR as it is now!

I snowboard at least once every winter for the last 5 years , so I consider myself to be close to a professional. I know where the likes of likka Backstrom are coming from in this article. In fact I think I could teach them a few things on the hill. But for you amateur (less experienced) snowboarders you typically skid around their turns. This occurs when the snowboard is tilted on its edge and the exposed base of the board "plows" into the snow head on. Most of you Rambo Motard’s drive the same Although the skidding can be controlled and the turn successfully executed, it ultimately results in a significant loss in speed, which can be undesirable. This occurs because the "plowing" action generates frictional resistance with the snow, by physically pushing it. This frictional resistance is significantly more than the resistance seen if the snowboard were to glide on the snow, either with the base of the snowboard flat on the snow (while moving in a straight line in the direction of the snowboard), or with the edge of the snowboard planted into the snow (while carving around a turn, to be discussed). In both these cases, the snowboard is pointed in the same direction as its velocity (which is the same as the velocity of the snowboarder). This is a necessary requirement for minimizing snow resistance, and maximizing speed.

@ken - "Leave it to PickupTruck to make a big deal out of silly photoshop images" Don't you realize that there are enough people to hate in the world already without your working so hard to give us another?

@Jersey: Mercedes did more than you think for all the Chrysler brands. Don't forget that the Pentastar engine is at least partially a German design and the Compass and other smaller Jeep SUVs came from Daimler management decisions, not Jeep itself. The simple fact that every Jeep model EXCEPT the Wrangler and the Liberty had Chrysler or RAM equivalents while even the Wrangler definitely had a Mercedes G-type equivalent at nearly twice the price.

And yes, Mercedes went out of their way to effectively ruin Chrysler, even going so far as to sell off Chrysler's electronics division to a fellow German corporate: Siemens, which has forced Chrysler to now contract to get new electronics at least until they can re-build a new division from the scraps of the old. (Yes, the division was moved, so many of their old engineers got "laid off" if they weren't willing to move with it.)

Some of those modifications look like they'd actually be useful to me. The lunch-truck-style topper and the telescoping cargo rack for instance.

@Dav - Most of the guys I know that are into sleds have heated toy haulers and HD diesels or rent a motel/cabin.
I do know some people that camp in the winter in tents but they are hardcore backcountry telemark or crosscountry skiers.
I did some survival training in Search and Rescue but couldn't get the time off work for the winter exercises. Mind you I didn't try too hard. ;)

Who do I have to sleep with for Ford and Ram to bring a mod size back to NA?

@Fake Lou. Since you are so completely puzzled and confused by what BC stands for, I'll enlighten you. I've said before that I am from British Columbia or more simply "BC".

I'm sure that you find yourself completely amusing and the very fact that I am answering one of your posts must have you firing a wad into your coloured underwear (yellow front, brown back).

Ultimately, your cowardice hurts PUTC and if you do have a problem with my presence on this site then you should have the intestinal fortitude to debate me face to face without hiding behind a false name.

This will be the last time that I will acknowledge your presence and to the rest of the bloggers, any post using "Lou" from now on was not made by me.


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