GM Truck Homecoming Slated for Sept. 14

Fort wayne GMC II

To celebrate the new 2014 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra being produced at the Fort Wayne, Ind., assembly plant, GM and the Northern Indiana/Ohio Dealers Association are sponsoring a daylong special homecoming for any and all who own or are fans of GM pickup trucks. It will take place Sept. 14 in Fort Wayne's Allen County Memorial Coliseum parking lot and include a huge parade of GM trucks along with games and prizes.

We're told as many as 1,500 pickups could show up with more than 500 folks attending the parade at the north end of town. That means the event has a shot at a world-record pickup truck parade, but it looks like the homecoming will be without a Guinness World Record representative, so organizers may have to settle for an unofficial world record if more than 386 trucks (within 10 feet of each other and with an open bed) show up.

Additionally, we're recommending that residents of Indiana and Ohio be diligent about locking vehicles and setting alarms. According to a recent study released by the National Insurance Crime Bureau, the Chevy Silverado is the new No. 1 stolen vehicle in both states, dethroning the Dodge Caravan in Ohio (where it was the reigning four-year champion). According to the same report, Ford and Chevy pickup trucks are in the top five most-stolen vehicles across the county, with more than 50,000 total trucks reported stolen in 2012.

For more information about the GM homecoming, click here.

Fort Wayne plant II



Best built vehicle I ever owned, 2011 Chevrolet Silverado LT was built at Fort Wayne, paint perfect, zero defects, no rattles, rivaled my 40k Audi.

Now when are they going to move crew cab production out of Mexico and back to the USA? Or will they have a Mexican parade too. Will they put the Chevrolet Silverado out front? Or are they gonna put the GovtMoCo Sierra model first in the parade to say thanks to Obama? Maybe a little Denali bling bling for the chief?

This will be a great way to celebrate the new Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierras and thank GM pickup truck owners for their loyalty. To be in the truck parade, please register at There are still spots available!

I guess if I get a GMC it will be the double cab since its built in IN and not in Mexico like the crew cab.

GMC is the best looking truck out there right now hands down!

Not much of a Fort Wayne homecoming when the crew cab models account for 60 percent of Silverado and Sierra sales and they are made in Mexico.

I was very critical of the GMT 900's because of how they were designed, not where they were built! Down here in my neck of the woods everybody looks for that Ft. Wayne sticker on the inside of the doors! I've owned 5 from there and everyone was flawless! Can't wait to buy my new 2014 Sierra SLT assembled there!
Wish I would have known about the homecoming sooner! Think this could turn into a yearly show? Anybody in?

IndyRob 2009 called and wants their GovtMoCo joke back! Look... I didn't vote for Obama in either election but something clearly had to be done. Lets not forget that Bush started the ball rolling and Obama made it official. Should it have been done different?.... Probably but it is what it is and it's time to get over it. Many forget that Ford still owes the government billions itself. Yes it's a different type of loan than GM and Chrysler received but a loan none the less. The bottom-line is something had to be done or all of the big 3 would have gone down. Lets just be glad we even have new trucks being produced to argue about!

It's a different type of loan?

I don't know why you are trying to associate loans that Ford/Toyota/Honda/BMW took out and payed back with interest, with GM and Chrysler taking government money, and using the power of the government to screw the bond holders to pay off the UAW. Ford didn't take your money, they borrowed it, and paid it back with interest. Bailouts? That's GM and Chrysler. Loans? What's wrong with loans, provided you can pay them back?

If GM wants to get over the bailout they can start paying back every penny they took in the bailout. Bailout is not a loan. If you want to call it a different kind of loan they have to repay.

Said gm took what was left of the money and built 50 new dealerships in china. Screw us in the USA. They were supposed to give the remainder back to obummer but they chose to take it to china, sharp truck but they will never be a customer of mine.

Jake, get your facts straight. It was a not loan for all auto companies. It was a loan for Chrysler who paid back the money, Ford took no government bail out assistance, GM was purchased by the government and the government lost 50% of the investment, $25 billion.

The GM bail out was not good for the economy and the US. The GM bail out represents what is wrong with the US today. It amounted to rewarding incompetence.

Because if you're right that the government purchasing failing companies and losing 50% of the investment is good for the US, then the no company should ever fail, we should have the government simply buy all failed companies. But you are wrong, all the GM bail out did was increase the federal debt.

@GM guy, yup, my 2009 Silverado has a Ft Wayne stick and it's the best truck I've ever owned. Smooth, quiet--no leaks or smoke. Gas, oil, tires is all it's ever asked for.

GM fans always confuse loans with massive govern't bailouts.

Jay you need to do your research if you think Ford has already paid its government loan back with interest. (read the link from Johnny) No its not part of the bail out and yes they are supposed to repay it by 2022 but my point was simple... Ford has also received assistance from the government.

Wow, put a blue oval on the front and change the wheel arches and you have a Ford clone.

Mark you say I need to get my facts straight but you need to do do some fact checking yourself... You said the government lost 25 billion on GM when in fact they have to date recovered 30.7 billion of the 49.5 with stocks yet to sell... true they will most likely lose money but not the amount you suggest. Also I didn't say I agreed with the way it was handled, I simply said something had to be done or all of the big 3 would have gone down.

My 03 Dodge Ram 5.7 Hemi magnum V8 was doing circles around Ford's 5.4 and Chevy's 5.3 V8. 6.4" bed for my two quads. Quad cab for two kids. Ford 5.4"bed chevy 5.4" bed. After 10 years and 86,0000 trouble free miles on road, off road, towing my 24' toy hauler. It's been the best vehicle I have ever owned. My first Dodge and not my last. Can't wait for my new Power Wagon with the 6.4 Hemi. ;)



The $15.9 million to Ford were short term, commercial paper, loans Ford Credit took from the Fed (not taxpayer money) and ALL of this has since been repaid to the government with interest.

It was no secret that Ford Credit got a loan from the Fed. At the time, it was well known that the Fed was giving virtually every financial institution in America free access to the Fed discount window. That was how they were funneling money into the economy. The credit markets were completely shut down, and no one could borrow anything. They were eager to fund businesses which were still operating, and Ford, unlike the rest of the auto cos, was still selling cars, so the Fed made money available to them so that they could do auto financing.

The GM fanbois are anxious to make it sound like the govn't bailed out Ford. Remember when Michigan Bob stated that Ford got a secret bail out? They love it when folks make it sound like the capitalist system would have collapsed but for them. In reality, none of these companies would have needed a bail out but for the federal government messing up the housing industry and causing the collapse of the banking industry.

Ford Credit was not in the home lending business. They just made auto loans. The reason the Fed made money available to them was that there was no other way to fund automobile purchases without it since the banking system had collapsed.

Do you GM lovers know the difference between a Loan and a Bankruptcy? I guess not and it goes to show the IQ level when you talk about a company Ford taking out a big loan to a GM Bankruptcy and Bailout. A loan is something everyone has taken out to buy something be it a car or a house. In a business you take out loans to do business.

In a bankruptcy you screw a lot of people out of their money. At no time did Ford hurt anyone when they took out a loan. GM's bankruptcy screwed the Stock holders and the Bond holders who got nothing for the money they invested. Some of those Stock holders and Bond holders where the average Joe’s who invested their life savings and future retirement money in GM.

A friend at my work was a bond holder in GM to the tune of 47,000 dollars. So what do you think his bonds are worth now a big Zero? What did GM give him for his money investment big fat ZERO. Ford did the honorable thing by not taking the easy road by not filling a bankruptcy. The government meaning us did not lose any money by giving a Loan to Ford which it is paying back in cash.

GM’s loans will never be paid back to the tune of around $25 billion. The US people will lose $25 billion dollars on GM. The US people lost a big fat ZERO on Fords loans. In fact, they made money. So the next time someone likes to compare a loan to a Bankruptsy think about it, a loan hurts nobody and Bankruptcies hurt everyone involved with that person or company.

Back in the old days you went to debtor’s prison for not meeting your obligations. It’s called a Loan Guys and Gals which means it paid back and that’s something that will never happen in a Bankruptcy and those are the facts. It just gets old hearing about all these loan talks that try to twist things around like Ford did something wrong it was GM who screwed allot of people out of their money not Ford. Remember Loans are paid back and a BAILOUT is the money is never paid back its gone forever. A loan is not a bailout.

PS Chrysler paying everything back is another lie.

PS Chrysler paying everything back IN FULL is another lie.

"Despite its $3.5 billion investment, the Treasury sold its 40 percent ownership of Chrysler Financial to Cerberus Capital Management – the former owner of Chrysler and Chrysler Financial — for just $1.9 billion in May 2010 – representing a loss of $1.6 billion on the deal. Cerberus sold Chrysler Financial to TD Bank in December 2010 for $6.3 billion."

This means that the government (tax payers) really lost from $1.3 billion up to $6.3 Billion in loans to the “Old Chrsyler”

"My 03 Dodge Ram 5.7 Hemi magnum V8 was doing circles around Ford's 5.4 and Chevy's 5.3 V8. 6.4" bed for my two quads. Quad cab for two kids. Ford 5.4"bed chevy 5.4" bed. After 10 years and 86,0000 trouble free miles on road, off road, towing my 24' toy hauler. It's been the best vehicle I have ever owned. My first Dodge and not my last. Can't wait for my new Power Wagon with the 6.4 Hemi."

86000? Lol that's cute!

My 03 Dodge Ram 5.7 Hemi magnum V8 was doing circles around Ford's 5.4 and Chevy's 5.3 V8. 6.4" bed for my two quads. Quad cab for two kids. Ford 5.4"bed chevy 5.4" bed. After 10 years and 86,0000 trouble free miles on road, off road, towing my 24' toy hauler. It's been the best vehicle I have ever owned. My first Dodge and not my last. Can't wait for my new Power Wagon with the 6.4 Hemi.

86000? Lol that's cute!

One needs to understand what bailout is, if it helps maintain the nations welfare and some of it's security I try not to judge no matter who needs help, even if I don't like it.
The overview is good reading.

Hay Jay,


The GM Bailout: Paid Back in Full and ahead of schedule!

Take that, Ford and Toyota girly men!

GM Repaid Government Loan Ahead of Schedule

General Motors Company Chairman and CEO Ed Whitacre today announced that GM has made its final payment of $5.8 billion to the U.S. Treasury and Export Development Canada, paying back its government loans in full, ahead of schedule.

The announcement came at a ceremony to highlight an investment of $257 million at GMs Fairfax, Kansas, and Detroit Hamtramck assembly centers. The investment will prepare Fairfax to build the next generation of Chevrolets award-winning Malibu, and make Detroit Hamtramck a second source for Malibu, ensuring that Chevrolet can meet market demand for this popular mid-size sedan.

GM is able to repay the taxpayers in full, with interest, ahead of schedule, because more customers are buying vehicles like the Chevrolet Malibu and Buick LaCrosse we build here in Fairfax, said Whitacre. We are now building some of the best cars, trucks, and crossovers we have ever built, and customers are taking note. Our dealers are increasing their sales, we are investing in our plants, and we are restoring and creating jobs.

The U.S., Canadian, and Ontario governments, as part of the launch of the new GM, provided loans of $8.4 billion and took equity stakes in the new company. Todays payment of $5.8 billion ($4.7 billion to the U.S. Treasury and $C1.1 billion to Export Development Canada) completes the payback of these loans.

GMs ability to pay back the loans ahead of schedule is a sign that our plan is working, and that we are on the right track. It is also an important first step toward allowing our stockholders to reduce their equity investments in GM, said Whitacre. We still have much hard work ahead of us, but we are making progress toward our vision of designing, building and selling the worlds best vehicles.

We appreciate the support the taxpayers have given GM, and our great new products are tangible results of that support.

Yes ! my 2011 Z-71 Ext cab is running flawless and I bet will for some time still! pulls my 7500lbs trailer like nothing and has not had any problems in 48K still on original brakes and tires, all I have done is a K&N CAI , that is all, besides reg maint. this will not be the last Chevy I own!! this truck rides great and handles great also, plus the mpg is fine, and has never used any oil between 6K changes with full synthetic oil. Like I have posted before, this is not the last Chevy I buy! On one trip we had 1100lbs of Harleys in the back, 2 couples and all our gear for a 2 week vacation to Fla from N.E. with the Airstream, truck ran great got 14mpg on average and had a great time! now if I can get away for the week of Sept 18th, huh?

@sandman4x4, lol, My Dodge still had new car smell after two years. With the industries best warranty with 7 years 70,000 mile warranty. I towed my 9,000lb trailer up the Cajon pass on cruise control @70 MPH with no worries. Mpg out the window.

P.S. Love that Hemi power. :)

I think I hear a lot of jealousy from the Ford and Dodge boys.

@Greg, Ya, I am jealous. lol. What does furd or cheby have to match the mighty Power Wagon? The original 4x4 truck since 1946. That's my next truck.

Let the bash fest begin. Let's knock each others brands and give others who are disgusted with this nonsense motivation to buy anything besides Ford, GM, and Chrysler. Instead of acting like a bunch of immature fan boys you should be glad that Ford, GM, and Chrysler are doing better. Grow up!


Both my 09 and 2011 Fort Wayne Chevy's have done me well, just normal stuff oil/brakes/tires. The only thing not normal was leaf springs which both my Fords and Chevys break around every 50,000-65,000 miles, which is in normally in cold winter time. I hope that's something they fix.

P.S I am on ruff dirt roads 85% of the time the truck is drove with some type of pipe fittings/4wheeler/fire wood, and all kinds of tools in the bed plus the back of the cab stuff with other crap I can't get wet.

If I bought a new Chevrolet again (and I'd think about it if they fixed their looks), it would be built on US soil. Not Mexican. It's shameful to build our trucks in Mexico. Dodge is not immune to criticism here either but I don't care about them. As for the bailout, that too was shameful. Every penny should be repaid period. If stock selloffs don't cover it (and they won't), GM should write a check to the treasury for the rest. GM will always stand for Govt Motors now no matter what right or wrong. It is what it is. Once this mess is over, they'd be better off changing their name instead of dragging that mess forward as GM 2.0. I look at a Sierra and like many, all I see is the same GovtMoCo thing with the badge. It's something that once you see or think, it never goes away. I never understood the two truck thing anyway but whatever. I'd still like to attend a Chevrolet parade. I have an 87 4x4, 454 super sport and 67 4x4 restored that would look nice on display out there.

@Hemi and Ford took money,

Will you two numb nuts stop calling it a chrysler hemi, I have already shown you enough times it isn't, here...

It is so losely based on a Chrysler hemi it only shares a few bolt holes. It is so far off NHRA even took the Chrysler out of any credit.

Please stop trying to gain credit for something it is not. It wasn't because it was the best either, if someone can remember what engine it was I believe Ford has a cammer motor that was kicking the hemi's but bad that after a short time they outlawed the engine. I posted a link a while ago but can't find it, so it isn't even the best motor.

Also hemi, stop posting bullshit. There is no way your underpowered fake hemi pulled a 9k lb trailer (guessing more with gear, fluids, people and other misc.) up a 6% grade with cruise at 70. You are probably over your weight limit and gvwr which is stupid especially up a pass like that. The better towing vehicle than yours (even though I hate to praise it) tundra couldn't keep 60 with a 7k lb trailer in this test up a 5-7% grade.

Quit lying to make your truck brand sound better when it is complete BS.

Wow, put a blue oval on the front and change the wheel arches, flatten the grill surround, poke out the grill bars, make the rectangle shape of the lights into a polygon, round out the multi-faceted bumper and make it narrower, change the fog lamp hole to round, slope the hood up to the windshield, square up the slope above the headlamp, reverse the back door, and you have a Ford clone.

I see what you mean BigAl. Spittin' image.

good for them, get people out..spending money.. good for any city now and days..

@Tyler, School time! Watch this video and learn! Pay very close attention to 4:15 and 4:28. The engine is based off of the Mighty Chrysler Hemi. What engine was used in top fuel in the 1950's
1960's and 1970's before Chrysler stopped production? (Hint) the Chrysler Hemi. 331, 392, 426 Hemi.

im·i·ta·tion [im-i-tey-shuhn] Show IPA
a result or product of imitating.
the act of imitating.
a counterfeit; copy.
a literary composition that imitates the manner or subject of another author or work.



Drag racers had discovered the hemi and recognised its potential early on. The only problem was the engine was excessivley heavy (a Chrysler 392 weighs in at 792 lbs.). The old problem of poor to weight raised its ugly head once again. Racers found that by using alternative fuels they could bring the power levels up to a point that overcame any shortcomngs due to excessive weight. This fuel was nitromethane. Its a mixture of nitro and alcohol in varying ratios up to 98% that still power the top fuel dragsters of today. Another advantage of the hemi was its durability. Other engines were also treated to doses of nitro wih often times disaserous results. The Chrysler hemi proved to be such a rugged and depenable design that the top fuelers of today are powered by aftermarket copies of the origional design!

*****BACK ON TOPIC*********

How does an attendance of "500 folks" drive "1,500 pickups"


it's called "Ford Math".... don't change anything to your existing truck...and it can magically pull/haul more than the others.....

@JeffS - agreed.
I'm not a fan of the bailout and as someone else pointed out, it would of happened regardless of whom was in power. Obama and the Dems traditionally get a large amount of support from unions so it makes sense that the bailout would be union friendly. If the Repubs would of got in, the bailout would of favoured big business.
Which poison do you prefer?
Feeding greedy unions or feeding greedy corporations?
The result would of been the same, taxpayer funded welfare on a massive scale.

Back on topic, nice to see GMC rewarding their faithful with a party. Hopefully another sign of improving economic times.



Do the newer hemi motors still have that horrible ticking sound at idle?


The Ford brand has had 92 recalls since 2009, substantially higher than the next highest brands — Chevrolet, at 70, and Toyota, at 68, a search of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration database reveals. Of course, such a search doesn't take into account the severity of individual recalls or that the Ford nameplate is part of the larger Ford Motor. When recalls in its various divisions are added up, General Motors outpaces Ford on recalls overall.

Bob - GM has NOT repaid their bailout in full as you noted. GM has received a total of $52 billion in U.S. government aid, with the $6.7 billion considered a loan. Yes, they have paid back the "loan" portion of the bailout but the US taxpayers have not recovered the bailout money as you indicated. Furthermore they used a lower interest loan from the DOE to repay their bailout 'Loan". Nothing more than accounting slight of hand and the taxpayers are still out billions on both the GM and Chrysler Bailouts. Fact.

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