GMC Trailering App Promotes Safety


Although it seems that our electronic devices have an app for just about anything (there's even one for PUTC), there are relatively few that help drivers understand the challenging art of towing their load; however, GMC is trying to change that.

GMC is offering a free iPad application that will help new pickup truck owners learn more about proper towing procedures as well as figure out what safety equipment they'll need for their towing adventures. The app explores hitches, terminology, safety equipment, pre-towing checklists and more.

Naturally, GMC does not miss the opportunity to also offer information about its pickup powertrain lineup and the fact that it offers the highest payload and towing capacities in the segment. We're told the app, available now through the iTunes store, will also be loaded with how-to video content to help customers in real time.



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Where's Chevrolet's trailering app? GM is bizarre.

I wonder if their towing app gives them the actual SAE J2807 towing specs on the truck. I mean, I think that'd be an important piece of towing safety, right? You know, to know what it can ACTUALLY tow safely? Those were supposed to be out in 2013 I thought.........

That DEF tank is great for the after-market skid plate business. Not only is it in a risky place but it is an eye sore.

Ford F-Series pickups didn't become America's favorite truck by accident. Durability and affordability have been key ingredients since Day 1, and Ford was always careful to use marketing language that let us know it. In 1948 Ford trucks were Built Stronger to Last Longer, and in 1957 the tagline was simply Ford Trucks Cost Less.

The F-Series changed dramatically during its first 60 years, but one element has remained constant -- Ford's focus on building an increasingly better truck. Each new generation has been more advanced, more capable, and of better quality than the generation it followed. Improvement to quality is what Ford truck enthusiasts expect, and the eleventh generation delivers both. The stupid neither forgive nor forget; the naïve forgive and forget; the wise forgive but do not forget.

Go drive a 2008 F150 and then hop into a 2009 model. Success in almost any field depends more on energy and drive than it does on intelligence. This explains why we have so many stupid leaders. You'll find that it’s easy to see and feel the differences. Some of the improvements come in the form of reduced noise, a smoother ride and elimination of steering wheel vibration at idle -- all things you might take for granted if you haven't driven an older model truck (of any brand).

Other 2009 advancements include the addition of a six-speed transmission, front side-impact and side curtain airbags, roll stability control with trailer sensing and a larger Crew Cab with a flat rear floor.

Creature comforts got a boost in 2009 with options like SIRIUS Travel Link, which keeps you aware of what's on the road ahead, Ford's SYNC audio system with voice activated radio and navigation, a reverse sensing system, rear vision camera, heated and cooled seats and more.

Outside, options like a retractable bedside step, tailgate step, cargo management system and retractable running boards make it easier to take advantage of the truck's cargo space. A clever wife often sleeps with a stupid husband.

High gas prices and a slow economy have created difficulties for the automotive industry, but truck sales still account for a big share of the market. It's a good time to buy, so check your dealer for incentives and specials. The only thing that ever consoles man for the stupid things he does is the praise he always gives himself for doing them.

Ram Truck Apps for iPad, iPhone, Android & Blackberry | Ram Trucks.

GMC offers highest payload and,000....dod I miss something here. Lol

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Everyone knows I love my hemi!! I just wish it was a real one. Now its just a name. Even in drag racing its just a name and has no parts shared in anyway with the old hemi. That just makes me so sad because everyone says that's a hemi powering that Ford or chevy funnycar but its just a name and nothing else. Oh well.

Gm needs to focus on building a more powerful truck. The review I saw on TFL trucks shows the Silverado struggling up the Ik Gontlet witha smaller trailer then the Ford and Toytota and it still had trouble, although it wasn't the 3.42 gear I still dont' think that would have helped enough.

Drag racers had discovered the hemi and recognised its potential early on. The only problem was the engine was excessivley heavy (a Chrysler 392 weighs in at 792 lbs.). The old problem of power to weight raised its ugly head once again. Racers found that by using alternative fuels they could bring the power levels up to a point that overcame any shortcomings due to excessive weight. This fuel was nitro-methane. Its a mixture of nitro and alcohol in varying ratios up to 98% that still power the top fuel dragsters of today. Another advantage of the hemi was its durability. Other engines were also treated to doses of nitro with often times disastrous results. The Chrysler hemi proved to be such a rugged and dependable design that the top fuelers of today are powered by aftermarket copies of the original design!

@Canadian sounds like you are a two time are canadian and you like ram/fiat crap.

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Teleblaster wrote:

Typical American thought process. Buy a magazine, read the words, spend $35K. If consumers reports printed an article that said dog crap was good to eat, the price of dogs would skyrocket. God, no wonder China now owns us. We will believe anything in print. Talk about stupid.
Remember when "War of the Worlds" aired on radio for the first time. LOL.
All the frikken morons who buy Toyotas, Hondas, Kias, etc...... Duh.
All my Chrysler products have been great. And I don't need a magazine to make a decision for me. I can think for myself..... unlike those other poor bastards that need a magazine writer to do it for them.

My son and his boyfriend purchased a new 2010 Grand Caravan and it pretty loaded up model and it has but nothing but a quality nightmare. For starters it has brakes that squeal something fierce and as of late the front windows fail to work and you call this quality? It only has 10000 miles on it and I hate so see what 20000 brings. I also forgot to mention the windshield has some sort of waviness to it and the vision is somewhat fuzzy when looking through the window. These issues will be dealt with at the dealership but it doesn't look good when a van has these sort of problems so early in its lifecycle. Pat yourself on your back all you want saying how great Chrysler is but from my point of view it aint so

Ford favorited pickup wow maybe you need to stop reading ford book ,and start to wake up,,,,Lou ....wake up...

LouBC I have taken an F-150 for a ride, and then I bought one, with an Ecobust engine, and now I have a truck that eats head gaskets, and cannot rely on at all, and cannot get a decent resale offer on it because of a little thing called CarFax, I have gone to numerous dealers since having head gaskets replaced, and now I cannot get any good $$$ back to get ride of it! I am now waiting to see the new Chevy reg cabs, and will trade the F-150 in on either a new Chevy or Ram. I will admit at first I loved the F-150, it is fast get decent mpg, and pulled my trailer better than my 2011 5.3 Chevy ext cab 5.3 Z-71, BUT now I will not travel with it anywhere! cause the left head gasket has gone byby twice now!! I do not think I will ever try another Ford again! Would you be interested in 2011 F-150 Reg cab 4x4 8' bed with Ecc0-Boost V-6 HD package, w plow package also and 3:73 lmtslp gears? I would like to get 24K for it, and it only has 39K on it! make me an offer!!!!!

Reason you're not getting a good money for it is because 1) it's a regular cab work truck and 2) you're trading in too early and will take a beating no matter what. I doubt it's due to the repair. The reason for the denial in warranty was due to K&N CAI.

"I blew a head gasket while carrying a 1800lbs load of 3/4" blue stone, the truck has been at the dealers for 3 weeks now! and on top of that I am told because I put a C.A.I. on the truck from K&N they wont honor the warranty! I am fighting this !"

Newsflash. GM doeesn't like K&N either. GM voids warranties across the board for having a K&N or any other type of oil filter. GM actually has a Technical Service Bulletin out about the oil from reusable air filters contaminating the trucks. It was because of people over oiling the filter & the extra oil and dirt getting sucked in & contaminating. Best to play by their rules if you value the warranty. The fact of the matter is the K&N provides no benefit on the new trucks.

You're asking too much at $24k. I can buy a brand new one with a warranty for only a few thousand more. And it will one that I know wasn't messed with by installing aftermarket intakes. If I wanted just a basic XL w.o HD Payload I can buy it brand new for what you are asking for 3 years old.

K&N intake has given me no problems on my 03 Hemi 4x4. 10 years this month and 86,000 trouble free miles.


Fairway Ford
2013 F-150 RC 8' bed
$27.7k MSRP
Selling for $20.8k.
I know that's a 2wd and a V6 but that's what you're up against in the RC work truck market.

I can build a 4x4 EB for low $30's and get it for around 20% off. $24k for yours used doesn't make sense.

A friend of mine's 2013 F150k stickered at 40,000 and some change... Ended up at $27k. Again it's not 4x4 but it is XLT and a SuperCrew with the Chrome Package. His local dealership Jim Bass Ford has a 2wd supercrew XLT with the chrome package 5.0 and they have it advertised at 25,900.

Hemi V8, You have an older truck. Old trucks are ok for K&N. New trucks are ill-advised.

The Ram 1500 4th gen trucks have a very efficient Air Intake. Unless you will be using a tuner to change the mappings of the engine to use more air than it was originally engineered to do, all you will get is some neat sound from the front of your truck. The horsepower gains they tell you are hog wash and whatever hp gains you may get will be unnoticeable and if you have a problem all you are doing is risking your warranty.

Now if you had an older truck with a more restrictive air intake, then I would say yes, you will have some gains, but not in the 4th gen trucks.

Woodhouse Ford RC long bed trucks:
One 4x4 is at $31k. With a typical 20% discount that brings it down to $25k. If I wanted HD Payload in a RC I would look at a F250. The 4x4 RC EcoBoost eliminates probably 95% of buyers. You buy an oddball truck you are going to have a harder time selling it for top dollar.

@Asur, With my 2014 Power Wagon, I won't need a K&N intake.
Class exclusive= The Ram Active Air intake system, triggered by the computer, draws cooler air from the front of the vehicle when it senses extreme heat; it also engages at high altitudes for superior throttle response. When conditions are wet, the system pulls air from an under-hood inlet, dry and clear of snow packing.

@ Jason.. I just bought a 2014 Silverado 1500 LTZ, asked if warrantly would be void with CAI, and they said no.. I think you are making stuff up.. Matter a fact my dad has one on his 08 Duramax and had to get the EGR repalced under warranty and there were ZERO issues.... NO one but Ford would deny a warranty because of a CAI.. they know thier motor is crap and use it as an excuse to not fix or repair it daily.. LOL

@ Sandman...Ive heard plenty of complaints about the EcoJunk.. I work in the OIlfield, and most that have bought it said they wouldnt do it again... There just is no replacement for deisplacement...

Who said no? The salesman or service manager? They will just tell you what you want to hear.

With regard to the after market intake, GM (not the dealer) may deny the claim (it has never been the dealer's option as the dealer is not paying for the repair). Ask GM Customer Service and they will flat out tell you that you may void a warranty if the mod leads in any way to a failure.

It really depends on how you ask the question. If you simply ask if a CAI will void the void that is one thing.

If you instead ask:

When GM comes out with their Turbo engine ask them if slapping on unauthorized aftermarket modifications to the powertrain hardware and/or calibration which may result in exceeding component design limits and could cause damage to the powertrain may void the factory powertrain warranty?

Ask GM if you blow a headgasket due to it detonating while on the juice, could your warranty may be voided?

Ask GM if they will be paying warranty claims on problems not caused by GM or Ford's design which results in inflated prices for the rest of us?

I doubt you will get an answer you can bank on. And at the end of the day, you will probably see zero gains without a tune to go along with the intake.

I respectfully disagree with your handling of the blown head gaskets and with your view of the potential warranty issues.

With regards to the blown gaskets, people out there like Sandman are basically trying to steal money. Fighting this is an attempt to cover up his mistake because he knew it was wrong. Modifications caused the failure; you should have paid the full amount and accept responsibility.

With regard to the after market intake, as I said beofre, GM/Ford (not the dealer) will deny the claim (it has never been the dealer's option as the dealer is not paying for the repair). There have already been Special Service Messages to dealer shops regarding modifications to the EB engine how ANY modifications will void the engine warranty.

Ford has way too much invested in the EB engine to allow high warranty claims.

He really should man up and sell it if that's what he wants to. But he is asking more than retail. KBB Private Party in good condtion is $20k and $21k excellent. Trade in value is $15k to $17k.

And if it has a "plow package" that's another one of his problems. F-150's with epass shouldn't don't come with plow packages and shouldn't be used for plowing. End of my opinion.

Blows headgasket due it to detonating while on the juice.
Wants Ford to pay for modifications that caused a failure.
Has an illegal plow package that will void the warranty as well.
Is mad because he wants to sell but wants more than trade in.
Sounds about right?

@Sandman, You're not ever going to get "good" money for it because it is used and a base model RC which attracts cheapskates!

Trade in value is supposedly $15k. You'd like to get $24k? You're overpricing.

Also, there is nothing that says a dealer has to pay what a book says....

On a base cheapskate model you will hardly ever get what it is worth. If the headgasket was fixed I don't know why you don't keep it or just sell it for a loss. You will hardly ever get what it is worth with or without the repair. I suggest that you read because you will get reamed.

@Sandman4x4 - there have been multiple false posts made under my "old" screen name "Lou". I changed to Lou_BC and if it is not linked to TypePad it most likely wasn't a post made by me.

Example - post "@Canadian sounds like you are a two time are canadian and you like ram/fiat crap.
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Posted by: Lou BC | Sep 1, 2013 12:49:42 AM

That wasn't me.

It is too bad that this site allows that sort of behavior. It seems that complaints to the site's administrators elicit a "We'll look into it" response but so far no action.

There are poster like yourself that have strong opinions but they are opinions worthy of respect. Trolls unfortunately ruin this site for those who have sound opinions.


The Regular Cab configurator is online.

Trade your Ford in for a 2014 GM RC. GM dealers will give you a good price for your Ford and awesome deal on the GM!

Sierra’s available EcoTec3 5.3L V8 engine offers the best V8 fuel economy in any fullsize pickup3 at an EPA-estimated 16 MPG City and 23 MPG highway(2WD). Rated at 355 HP and 383 lb-ft of torque, the EcoTec 5.3L V8 offers an available class-leading max trailering of 11,500 lbs4 when ordered with the available Max Trailering Package (Double cab, 4x2).

Jason you are sooo full of it!!! there is a law on the books that says if it does not alter the emissions in any way and come with a CARB rating, there is no issues with a warrantee, that and the fact that just because I have a plow package on it does not mean I plow with it, and have never said I have!! I have used K&N CAI on everything I drive, and with a good friend that has a chassis dyno, I have it on good authority that the gains on the eccobusrt is good, like another 8 hp at peak and 11 lbs ft tq so you can blow it out you a$$ and as far as being a cheapskate? and not manning up. you can all kiss my a$$ for that one! as I paid over 33K for the truck and it has only 39K on it! yes it is a reg cab so what! it has an 8' bed and it is not a taxi but a work truck, but not one I can depend on! Google is a great thing, I have found the law pertaining to aftermarket parts, it is called the Magnuson-Moss act of 1975 and in the law it says that if a CAI kit does not impede the flow of air trough the radiator the manufacture has to honor the warrantee when an issue of over heating and or head gasket failure results, look it up!! Google the law and read part 2!! I had read this before I ever used any aftermarket parts on anything I own with an engine, just to know my rights!

one more thing, FORD DID PAY TO FIX THE TRUCK it was the crummy dealer!!! and now I have been given the ok to bring it in again!! to get it fixed the second time! only this time they are going to replace the head!! and the factory rep said they would be checking the block! and told me personally on the ph I was going to be glad and satisfied and will not be afraid to take the truck anywhere, ???????!!!!!!

GMC = GovtMoCo. Always and FOREVER Now. I absolutely HATE GM-GMC. Those taxpayer stealing Cheats. NO Company NEEDS 2 Trucks!!! NOT on MY DIME. Chevrolet was Enough! Just like Ford, Dodge, Toyota and the rest!!


Jason the only one on "juice" is you!!I have nothing like that, the only thing I have done to the engine is the CAI and I run premium gas all the time!

Sandman4x4 I wish you would have updated us on that.

You were quick to blast Ford for not paying for the repair but never mentioned it was the dealer who said no and that Ford paid for the fix.

If you do have a plow package on it, it didn't come from the factory. None of the 2011's come with a plow package because it has EPASS.

Good luck to you and the GMC.

What is your VIN? I want to see the plow package on the window sticker.

I had said Ford fixed the truck, back in the beginning, and told everyone here all about it, it was only yesterday, no last night, the mail was opened from FOMOCO that said I could contact the dealer to get the head replaced at my earliest convenience! go figure better late than never, although it took about 4 1/2 weeks for them to make up their minds, but at least I will have a running truck, BUT the carfax will tell about the two fixes, but at least I will be able to prove the head was finally replaced, and maybe I will be able to finally order a new truck! but I need to wait to see if I can get new Ram Diesel in a reg cab "cheapskate" version! with all black paint and bumpers and vinyl floors, but Ram has no plow package in their 1/2t trucks, you can only get that with a Ford (never happen) and the Chevy/GMC, oh and I did get the Plow package, but I had to get the reg cab 8" bed with the HD payload package and tow package, but I will never use a plow on any truck I own, but the package is nice to have with the extra wiring and skid plates, and with the Chevy/GMC you also get the locking rear end. I will let you know when I get the truck back all, running and all, maybe then you can give me a good offer?

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